When did you stop watching 'Desperate Housewives'? And will you come back?


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The news yesterday that Desperate Housewives impending eighth season would be its last was greeted by my brain with a small but pungent whooshing sound. Like: Pffffffshhhhhh. I think it was the sound of my synapses struggling not to care, and failing.*

Because the fact of the matter is that while I abandoned this show during the George W. Bush administration, I still hold Susan, Bree, Lynette, and Gabrielle in a messily designed but still rather plush corner of my heart. It remains an all too rare event when a television show revolves around that many (relatively) fully realized female characters and becomes a true cultural phenomenon. (The others: Sex and the City, Golden Girls, and, um…) Also, and this is probably more important, the show at its best was fun, a confection of soapy, sappy, silly, and sassy that felt unlike anything else on TV.

And then the second season began, with its deadly Betty Applewhite, locked-my-son-in-chains-in-the-basement storyline, and the air began to leak out of the balloon. I stuck through that entire, dreadful season, waiting for it to jump into gear, waiting for Alfre Woodard to be given something interesting to do, but nothing ever really worked. By the time the third season began, my enthusiasm, unfortunately, was gone. I watched a few episodes, saw Laurie Metcalf kill Tom Scavo’s annoying baby mama, and then drifted away. Sure, I’d check in now and again — wait, Carlos is blind now? And they’ve jumped how many years ahead? Hey look, gay people! And Wilhelmina! — but I’d never settle in for more than an episode. I’ve long since lost count of how many husbands Bree has had, let alone how many “mysteries” have overstayed their welcome, or how many times Mary Alice ended the episode’s narration by saying, “Yes.”

Yes — given Housewives‘ steady (and at times steep) decline in viewership over the last seven years, I’d say a fair number of you have charted a similar journey with the show. But now that these ladies are officially heading for the sunset, I may just need to start watching again, to see them off properly.

So tell me, when did you stop regularly tuning into Desperate Housewives? And will you come back to the show now that it’s over? Vote in the polls below!

*Annie Barrett just pointed out to me that this is the same sound as when you break a York Peppermint Patty right next to your ear, which I didn’t realize was even a thing until I did it in her office earlier this week. So I guess when you eat a Peppermint Patty, you’re biting into your own existential struggle with the desire to sink into ennui? And now I’m thinking about Charlie Brown, for some reason. This PopWatch post just got really out of hand. Bree would not approve.

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  • Not a fan

    When did you stop watching ‘Desperate Housewives’?

    I never started, really. The show is terrible. I could hardly sit through an episode.

    • LOL

      I gave up on it shortly after it jumped ahead in time. Gabby’s kids were terrible. Lanette’s teenage sons sucked. They ruined the show.

      • qonc

        Yep! When Alfre Woodard was carted off and they jumped ahead in time – it was all too much for me

    • ~~~~

      I bailed when they made Katherine start acting like an insane woman after Mike left her. They dated briefly, and him going back to his wife and child is supposed to have turned this woman into a raving lunatic? It just didn’t make sense, even for a show like Desperate Housewives. The first season was amazing, it was hit and miss after that, but still good. I also never liked Lynette, I could usually fast forward through her crap storylines, but they started becoming more intertwined with the others, and that was a problem. They should have killed off her character and replaced her with Katherine Mayfair, or a new character. Ly;nette just flat sucked.

      • Barb

        Lynette is my favorite character.

      • sue

        Lynette was the most real character on the show, hence I found her story lines more believable. And her marriage is a hoot.

    • Charlotte

      I somehow never watched one episode of this show, even though I have loved Felicity Huffman in a lot of other work she’s done. It just had absolutely no appeal to me.

    • Chae


    • Barb

      I have never watched the show while it was on and have been streaming it from Netflix. I love it and saddened to hear the news of its demise.

    • Prof

      Helz YEAH!

      Season 2 was BAD but still had the great feel of Season 1
      Season 3 turned into a soap but still great until the beginning of Season 6
      Crazy-Katherine and Suddenly-Lesbian-Katherine really did it for most viewers
      Season 7 was good
      Alll in all, season 2, 3 , and 6 were the worst
      Plus, the on-again off-again schedulingcaused the dramatic drops in the ratings

  • Amit

    Only watched one episode when I had contractions and couldn’t sleep.

    • jody

      Their big mistake was killing off Carl. He and Bree made a much more interesting couple than her and Orson. I tuned out after that.

      • Linda

        This is true!

  • Damian

    YaY! It’s so much fun being snide and/or snarky! Where would my life be without the Internet chat boards so I can respond about a tv show and say something like “wait, that show is still on? ” or ” when did I stop? More like, I never got started?” I love being so clever

  • Seon

    well Ionly watch now because Wilhelmina! (Vanessa Delicious Williams) is on it…sucks they didn;t do much with her character. She could have bitched that show back relevancy

  • Alan Carver

    I think that this show lost it’s steamed after the second season, and by the time the third season was unfolding, we were dealing with too many characters with too many side plots,
    – Bree/Orson, Orson & ex wife, issues surrounding her death, the crazy mother of Orson … too many people to deal with, Bree pregnant with ‘daughters’ baby (really???), when Marcia Cross was pregnant in real life … she went on trip with Orson for honeymoon, etc to explain her absence.
    – Susan/Mike, Susan and Brit Dude, Will they or won’t they, Susans daughter going to college
    – Lynette/Tom/Mistress of Tom with his daughter, the 4 kids, Lynettes impending doom of cancer, the death of the mistress by Laurie Metcalf
    – Gabrielle/Carlos, separated, seeing new people (ie Zack), the mayor, the wedding, still seeing each other on the side, Carlos goes blind, and then Gabrielle loses her looks, that was a 3 night storyline. It was STUPID! And the others on the block, and then of course the horrible hurricane or storm that killed the mayor, and trapped people in Bree’s house, Edie and Susan the bathtub together, I mean it just got ridiculous, and lost its momentum and while people were intrigued to begin with, it just lost something as it went on. The Christmas airplane crash was even sillier and by then the WRITING was on the wall!

    The ending of DH is not a new thing and while some (like myself) are sad to see it go, it doesn’t come as any shock, it has been on the cusp these past TWO seasons, with impending doom always in sight … now that is has been confirmed, I think that with B&S getting the ax, once again ABC can kill this production team, divert those monies and salaries to new fresh talent, and a exciting new show for about half as many seasons, since we all know how NOTORIOUS ABC is for investing in new shows and then just two seasons in, kills them off for no reason other than … small viewership. ABC had a decent ratings boon with 11.3M viewers each week, I dare-say those numbers are gone unless they get something great to replace it on Sunday’s in 2012. I dare-day that time slot has been killed for awhile, esp., if all we are going to see are people flying around in the air on Pan AM at 10pm aftter DH this season! What a mess! Bye DH!

  • Julie

    I still watch, although the duration of the past two seasons ranged from mildly entertaining to painful to sit through. Although the second season’s mystery was famously bad, I did genuinely like seasons 1-5. I loved the show’s group dynamic and the fact that these women, who are all so different, are fully realized and faithful friends to each other. I’m attached and feel obligated to see this through to the end. I hope Marc Cherry and co. give the show a good send off, even if it’s for no other reason than to make up for Gaby’s doll-pampering this past season.

    • Dee

      Thank you, Julie. I feel the same way. The people who decry the characters or viewers as “bimbos” or worse do not get it. And, yeah, the doll thing was really weird.

  • Erica

    I watched the first two episodes, then let the next six sit in my dvr unwatched. I canceled my season pass and deleted those six cause I just couldn’t watch the show anymore.

  • Tegan Jovanka

    The “fast forward” was it for me. When Susan and Mike were “off” again, I couldn’t take it anymore.

  • Sharlin

    When Katherine was underused and kicked off the show. I stopped watching then.

  • Bluei

    Oh the shock and surprise image ABC canceling a soap, night time soap, daytime soap not for ABC. Just one more reason not to watch ABC. Of course they need the space to put on high class shows like Bachelor Pad, 101 Way to Leave a game Show and of course that tired out favorite Dancing with the Stars. The only new show worth watching on ABC is Combat Hospital.

  • Mindy

    The 1st season was really fun! A perfect primetime soap. Second season was dreary. I tried out the 3rd, hoping what I loved would come back. Alas, no. I stopped sometime during season 3. Won’t go back now. Too much other tv to watch.

    • candacetx


  • Brad

    Stopped watching after like 5 episodes last season. I guess I might as well go back and finish the season and watch next season since it’s the last.

    • mccliza

      Your willingness to keep watching for one more whole season, despite your terribly lukewarm enthusiasm, says a lot about the mediocrity of television choices these days. Either that, or you need some other interests and hobbies!

  • piscesguy

    i hope Marc Cherry pulls out all the stops for the last season; i’m thinking it’s going to be a blast ! I just wish we could have Edie take over as the narrator for a couple of episodes . ..

    • Flip

      He’s not the showrunner anymore.

  • xavier

    Eva has to start appearing in bra and panties again for me to start watching again.

  • chelsey

    I stopped watching after they fast forwarded…watched a few episodes…too boring.

    • LOL

      This ^^^^^

    • Betsy

      The fast forward didn’t really bother me, but they never really handled it well. Like Tom didn’t get a job because he had never heard of twitter. It’s supposed to be five years in the future, how could he not have heard of twitter? Besides, twitter would be old hat by then, something else would have taken its place. The recession is still going on, which, I guess looks like might have been accurate, unfortunately.

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