Mary Murphy on 'SYTYCD': Sometimes it pays to be daring; sometimes not.


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The finale is here !!!! Wooohooooooooo!!!! Talk about a season going FAST! I feel like the auditions were just yesterday. Read the full post.

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  • Kim

    I am really, REALLY unhappy with EW’s comments in the TV week section of the current print magazine. The writer referred to this season’s SYTYCD as the worst season ever. What show are YOU watching? No matter who your favorite (or least favorite) dancer is, I just don’t see how you can make that comment. It’s unfair and somewhat cruel.

  • Heather

    Mary is an inspiration and a lovely woman! I truly enjoyed Christina Applegate in all ways. I was able to completely relate to all of her comments and criticism, as I cannot always do with guest judges. She is also very lovely.. and that never hurts to see! :) I am honestly very, very pleased to see more of Sonya’s work this season… and *prepares to duck and hide* fewer from Mia. I feel Sonya’s work very deeply… and I admire her greatly. In previous seasons, that niche seemed to be filled by Mia Michaels, although a very kind and lovely woman – I just do not relate to everything she does. Sometimes they were just a bit too complicated in steps, instead of getting me completely lost in the story. Oh yes, and Go Melanie!! You are one of the most amazing dancers I have ever seen – including professionals who have been noted for their dancing throughout their entire lives! Again, Mary is always a joy to listen to.. and watch – I would also do almost anything to have her wardrobe. *drool*

  • Kiyo

    I am no dancer but I enjoy this show very much. As a professional artist, a photographer, I feel the struggles you are going through from the deep core of yourselves. Good Luck to you all. I will keep watching you!

  • Susan Moreau

    Love the show, will always watch. Dancing is my favorite thing. Love you and Nigel, even the special judges. Your clothes are amazing. Are they made for you by the person that does the dancer’s clothes?

  • BJohnson

    I had some controversy with the broadway piece with Tadd not getting his full credit because of the gushing over Melanie. YES Melanie will win, YES her solo was AMAZING, but please judges remember when they are dancing together to try to even out their critique because I thought Tadd was SO good last night. Mary and Cristina were the ones who remembered Tadd when they came to their critique to both of them and made sure Tadd got high praises and not just and afterthought.
    Sonya’s piece is the kind of work that appeals to a certain audience, me included and like someone else on the board said, the really emotional ones will tend to blur together. If I came up to you and said remember the dance with the chandelier, I will immediately remember that.
    Love the show, I can’t wait until next week!

  • Becky

    SYTYCD is one of the best shows ever; I love how it teaches and challenges already good dancers to become great. This season is a little off for me (miss some of Mia Michael’s choreography), but I think Mandy Moore has filled in the loss nicely especially. I think the judges this year have been too easy on all the dancers, though few dancers have needed much criticism, they were so good this year. Melanie is by far the best dancer and the most mature; I hope her # 1 position won’t poison the audience into voting for an inferior dancer. I hate how dancers try to use their “terrible past” to win sympathy votes (Sasha this time, others prior) and wish it wouldn’t influence voters, but I know it does. I have thought the guest judges were all a lot of fun this year and some amazed me with their insights into dance (GaGa esp.). Tadd has been the best street dancer ever on the show, as he has risen to every challenge, but I agree the judges should give him more than just “great for a B-boy” kind of comments which don’t help at all. It’s telling, though, when the best moments of this season have been when past stars have returned: Kent, Lauren, Twitch, in particular. Their years were truly exciting!

  • Daisy

    First of all, I really liked the waacking number. I think it would have been awesome if they really got into it, like what lil C said. I think they were a little tentative while doing it, understandably. But I really enjoyed it and would love to see them do it again after they’ve gotten used to it.

    I agree that this season has been the hardest for me to really connect with the contestants. The earlier seasons, I felt like I really knew the contestants in an honest way. I feel a lot the dancers have been “packaged” for us this season.

    I love Melanie, but I have to agree that she hasn’t been challenged much in terms of learning other styles. She’s not a perfect dancer, nobody is, but the judges have decided not to critique her at all. They’ve never done that in seasons past with really incredible dancers (Danny, Allison, Travis, Brandon, Jeanine, LoFro). Because of the way they’ve dealt with Melanie, there’s no Melanie coming out the other side and seeing a different shade. We got to see growth in many many amazing dancers in past seasons. I think that’s why I’ve been neutral about her. Obviously, she is an amazing talent, but the judges have not been honest and critiqued in areas that she could improve. The argentinian tango was blah to me. Yes, the ending pose was nice, but that’s it. I didn’t like the hip hop with Twitch. A part from those two pieces, I can’t think of any other piece she’s gotten that wasn’t some how lyrical.

    Sasha has been given a lot of different styles, as did Clarice and even Caitlynn. But all in all, this season has been the least diverse in terms of styles AND choreography.

    One thing I wish they’d change is the need to lose one guy and one girl every week after top ten. Especially when there are all stars available to partner. The girls this season were incredible and I would have loved to have seen more of them for longer. Some of the guys were just ehh.

    I don’t mind who wins. All dancers are great. There is a certain element that is missing from this season. I do miss Mia too. She was able to push even the best dancers to a new level of excellence. I believe the show became so popular because of what Mia did for the dancers. It created more depth and artistry, not just yah yah, entertainment. And we were able to witness it and participate by voting.

    • Landra

      I think Melanie grew. When I watch her solo from last Wednesday night, I see a lot of growth. She has learned how to do choreography. That solo was totally different from anything she had done on her own. She has been learning from the choreographers. Perhaps her technique and stage presence were already at a high standard, but I think her stage presence grew. In that solo, she pulled herself up and gave a look to the camera drew me into the dance and would not let me go until it was over.

      I miss Mia and Wade and some of the other choreographers. But I am glad for them that they have earned so much recognition from the show that they are busy doing other things now.

    • Squishmar

      Daisy… I totally agree about the gender parity. It sucks. Get read of the weakest dancers… period.

    • Jen

      I really like Melanie but I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said here.

  • Cindy

    I missed some of the past strong choreographers like Mia …. felt some of the new ones this year were a bit “weak”. Also felt most of the guest judges were pretty unqualified to judge. The dancers this year, though, were incredible. Best ever!

  • Gloria

    No All-Stars on tour? I am so disappointed! (I was so hoping Pasha would be there). This was a great season of dancers. Much of the guest entertainment was not so good but each one of the contestants was outstanding!

  • PJ

    I LOVED the Waaking!! Very fun to watch! Say good-bye to the Bollywood for me… I appreciate the culture of that dance, but it does not show the dance skills we want to see. It’s more like watching an aerobics routine to me. Jus sayin! Can’t wait to see the tour in NEW ORLEANS on Oct 19!!! Love love love this show… and sure miss Mia Michaels.

    • Squishmar

      You have to admit that Clarice and Robert’s was one of the best Bollywood routines ever. I loved it!

    • Squishmar

      And I’m jealous you’re in New Orleans (or will be). I visited there just once in 1989 during Christmas and I fell in love with the city.

  • Marilyn1

    I applaud the dancers this season as I think all of them are talented individuals. I have to say that watching Melanie dance in any style she does is a delight. I loved her performances this week and even thought she did hip hop well. It was a delight to see Kent again as he was my favorite from last season. I was hoping he would be paired to dance with Melanie, but he did a lovely job of partnering Sasha. While it was a beautifully choreographed dance, Sasha’s unrefined dance style ruined several of the moments for me. She also seemed unable to relate to Kent … she did relate to the piece, but not very well to her partner. I thought the Wacking was fun. And I thought they did a good job with it. Tadd amazes me and Marko delights me. I think both those men will have amazing careers in show biz. Not to forget Caitlynn who did a lovely job with her dances this week. In fact, I think I liked her dance with Marko as much as I did the one with Kent.

  • tamara wood

    i have to thank you and all the judges and dancers for a wounderful and breath season. this has been for me the best ever season. i must add , with such a great season i have gotten so much knitting done for xmas presents watching every week faithfully, that i am half way done making all my xmas presents. i would also like to add that i’m also a great fan of your canadian show and currently watching both during the week. i always new us canadians have the best dancers. could i also suggest a dance off the canadians vs the ammericans. i know we’ll win for sure. again thanks.

    • D

      You certainly won’t be winning any spelling or grammar competitions.

  • Lillian Hamilton

    I agree with you Mary and I am so happy you are back this season… I have read about your hardships and applaud you for being a fighter and a survivor.. You are one gorgous gal and sweet too.

  • rie

    I agree with those of you who feel disconnected. I enjoy watching the dancing but yes the judges should judge and keep their bias opinions to themselves. Also enough with the contemporary! Please bring back Adam as a judge. He offered constructive criticism in a caring manner. People don’t grow if everything is “I loved it”. NPH was right in saying that Jess mugged and CA was right in saying that Ricky needed be in the moment. That is why Sasha is so great, she lives the moment. I appreciate the greatness of Melanie however as Nigel said she dances with soul.

    • D

      He said *Sasha* dances with soul.

  • Jamie P.

    I have to agree with the comment regarding this season as the worst as of yet. I come to this conclusion only after much thought and I, myself, danced competitively for nearly 30 years and I’m 35 years old! I agree that the judges favorite two dancers were picked in the very beginning being Melanie and Marko. I feel that would have been fine as long as they both had to work with lesser dancers (by saying lesser I’m only talking technically because they are all awesome in their own styles), but that is not how it worked. Luck played a terrible toll on all the other dancers regarding the two best technically efficient dancers partnering together. And that doesn’t even take into account the luck of the draw of dances. Melanie did get the most contemporary dances this season so all the judges ever had to day was complimentary. I almost demand that every dancer be required to do the same twelve or however many styles and the dancers get to decide when they want to do them in the season. Possibly, they could take into account all the top 20 couples’ styles and every dancer has to do every style that the others are known for and then the choreographers get to choose the other styles that should be added to make enough styles to last throughout the whole season. And then when contemplating the judging styles, I feel that each judge should be a professional dancer, but not one of the choreographers because they may focus on who was the easiest to work wit. And down to each judges comments, they should be allowed only to comment on their technicality and showmanship of their routine. They will be able to give comments of ways to improve also, but NEVER allowed to say you are/have been my favorite dancer. At the end of the night they can each say what their favorite dance of the night was and then leave it at that. Knowing that not only dancers watch the show, it is admittingly known that the votes will sometimes be based solely on each dancer’s personality and therefore each dancer should be given the same amount of unbiased showtime to let their personality be known to America. So during the flashbacks of the last week, the primary focus should be less about the choreographers and more about the dancer showing their personality and training styles. I truly believe with these changes being made, the show would improve tenfold thus encouraging more people to watch it and not get frustrated that their favorite dancer is not getting as much air-time as so and so. In the end this way America will truly feel that THEIR favorite dancer has won. All comments appreciated.

    • Squishmar

      You’re living in a dream world if you believe that any changes made would result in “America” feeling that “their” dancer has won. No matter what you do, people will always disagree and you will never be able to satisfy everyone. Also, while you made some fine suggestions, I think they are far too prohibitive. There would be absolutely no room for spontaneity on a live show and that would be deadly.

      • D

        Nigel talking about who his favorite from moment to moment is annoying though.

      • Squishmar

        I think it’s kind of cute. He’s obviously half serious/half joking… and you can blame EW’s own Adam B. Vary for encouraging it…. have you watched that video interview with Nigel?

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