E! will air Kim Kardashian wedding extravaganza for FOUR HOURS

Oh GOD. E! is already planning a two-night primetime gala, and they haven’t even promised that the telecast will include the actual wedding! Check out this save-the-date, which is quite proper and ladylike save for the big E, erect and ready for action:

On the bright side, it turns out we are all invited. The chances?!

Here’s a list just off the top of my head for what you can do to better spend four hours.

1. Anything

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  • Josh

    I wish people would remember she only became famous because of a sex tape.

    • Gracie

      You guys just want to tap that armo pooty

      • KC

        I wish people would turn off their TV’s in droves when this comes on to send E! a message.

    • Brett

      They could probably rake in some extra cash if they broadcast the honeymoon night on pay-per-view.

    • abadstroller

      For Hedda Hoppers’ sake, E!: Must you? WHY?????!!!!! Will E! be along for the honeymoon and video the marital mashing for a full-circle sex tape moment? Then, will E! be there for the announcement of the ensuing pregnancy and monthly reports illustrated with live-action ultrasounds? And then be present for the full-frontal delivery, complete with post-birth placental play-by-play? OMG, when will ALL of YOU (and I’m looking at you too, EW…) STOP with the KARDASIAN KOVERAGE???!!!

      • gigi

        Agreed. I don’t understand why EW reports on this KRAP. I have faith it will all stop when E!somehow fails to cover Kim’s divorce.

    • Olivya

      And I ask the question we all should be asking about this wedding:

      Why should we care?

      • real fan

        Who is watching this c r a p?

    • Blonde South

      If you go to the E website they seem to think that this is America’s version of the royal wedding. Sigh.

      • Jane

        Haha. Im glad I live in Canada where we have the real deal with royalty & not in the US where there is just a bunch of wannabes. For those that may not know- (& I know you’re out there because you’ve asked before) Canada is part of the British Commonwealth which means that Queen Elizabeth 2 is our queen & Prince William & the Duchess of Cambridge are also our Duke & Duchess.

      • tinaalaan

        Oh Jane. Spare me your condescension. I think it’s pitiful you’re crowing about being Canadian so you can claim ownership of the British royalty. Don’t even suggest that Americans are a bunch of British “wannabes”. Despite what the BBC would like you to think, we’re not all CRAZY about your precious royal couple. And by the way, you’re patronizing an American website.

    • Common Wealth and Proud

      @tinaalaan Jane never said Canadians claimed owner ship over the royal family. But the royal family does have a special relationship with us we are there commonwealth. Not to mention how our soldiers aided and gave our lives in ww1/2. Not to mention how we honor Queen Victoria and her children, naming various places after them and celebrating her birthday. Not to mention how we gave sanctuary to her majesties relations the Danish royal family during the war and the last Russian Czars mother after she escaped the revolutionaries. Sorry of devotion and patriotism annoys you but Canada has a very special relationship with the British. You say America couldn’t care less about the royals but your media made way more of a fuss out of the wedding than both the Brits and the Canadians. You focused on the brides fashion and silliness. Our media focused on the future of the monarchy and our future reigning monarchs. America has an obession with royalty even going as far as name the Kenndey’s “American Royality”. How that works in a democratic republic I would not know. Not to mention the countless articles I read about this Madonna being related to Camilla and Diana who are both related to Mary Stuart. And who can forget the obsession with Diana. The only royalty your country has is Princess Grace. Although that Nazi sympathizer Wallis Simpson did try to gain her way in. Thank god the British stopped her.

      • Common Wealth and Proud

        Also many Canadians have married into the house of Windsor as far back as the 70’s the latest being Autumn Kelly a French Canadian who married Peter Phillips the queens eldest grand child. They just had a daughter the Queens first great grand child. Also Canada refers to hose who are related to they royal houses in not only Britain but all across Europe as being apart of the Canadian Royal family. Our government gives the people within this group the protection of her majesties armed forces. Queen Victoria’s Father Prince Edward, Duke of Kent having lived in Canada between 1791-1800 is the ancestor this group of people within Canada. The Queens Cousin Princess Alexandra was giving the title of “Canadian Princess”. Not to mention the many Canadians who have held royal titles and dukedoms. So you before you go getting all high and and mighty about Canada’s faux monarchy you should research. The British and Canadians refer to any royal making a visit to Canada as apart of the Canadian royal family. It is out of respect and acknowledgement of Canada’s long history/ intermarriage with the royals.

      • @ CommonWealth and Proud

        …blah,blah ,blah…

      • Emily

        ITA – blah…blah…blah!

      • tinaalaan

        Our media made a big deal..yeah. Ask actual human beings from the U.S. if they gave a damn. Answer: Not really.

        And you do mention. ALOT.

    • Jezoebel

      Amen, Josh! this family is a disgrace to society and to entertainment. I have other plans.

    • Cygnus

      As if EW wouldnt do the same thing as E! , if it had its own TV network.

    • JESS

      I dont think ppl have forgotten LOL

    • Anne Marie

      You are so right!!! Is it just me.. Kim and Kris are not a match made in heaven.. there is NO chemistry between them..

  • Beauty

    That’s just ridiculous!

    • EW the hypocrit

      EW has links to Kim Kardashian at the bottom of its front webpage Every. Single. Day. Yeah, Gee, I wonder why people want so much of KK’s ass.

      • Cygnus

        I agree. They mock KK, but are the first to report anything new about her. I guess they’re just staying on the cutting edge of Pop culture by doing what everyone else does with KK, mock her.

  • fl prov

    Kim has no talent whatsoever. I have these two divorced within 2 years. Like most basketball wives she will be cheated on as Chris goes on the road for games.

    • Blonde South

      2 years might be aiming a little high there. I’m going with 6 months. Unless she gets pregnant… then maybe 2 years.

  • Dave

    This is so unnecessary.

    • Gracie

      It’s like the musical hair minus the music and completely bent over in front of national tv. Sounds awesome!

  • Tii

    So true-and the whole family has made a business from it.

    • Gracie

      Armenians are great at recycling.

  • Dee Jones

    TRASH TRASH TRASH TRASH! I can`t stand this family. NO ONE SHOULD WATCH! When are there 15 minutes up!!

  • Rolo Tomasi

    EW, now you know how us readers feel with your obsessive coverage of Twilight and Glee.

    • tracy bluth

      *High fives*

      • Cygnus


  • K

    I get better enjoyment out of masturbating, than watchin this.

    • Dominic

      Well I hope so!

  • duh

    i get better enjoyment out of masturbating than i do most things. your point is?

  • Amy

    This is her 2nd wedding!

  • rhonda

    Andy Warhol cursed us all when he said in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.

  • Deb

    E! must be reeking with desperation for ratings to have that jackass on for 4 hours. what a waste of time.

  • Annie

    FOUR HOURS!!! It is not like it is the Royal Wedding. That is just sad!

    • Regina George

      What are they even supposed to do?

  • nick

    that’s more time than she has been engaged for

    • Blonde South

      It’s also approximately the amount of time they will stay married.

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Honeymoon sex tape coming soon.

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