Miley Cyrus gets inked for the gays, starts a Twitter war


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Miley Cyrus has gone on record in support of gay rights in the past, but this time she went with a decidedly more permanent statement. Last Friday, the singer tweeted a photo of her new tattoo, an equal sign on her right ringer finger, with the caption “All LOVE is equal.” In a year where the “It Gets Better” videos have served as a very formal, very scripted (and, yes, very powerful) beacon of the gay rights landscape, Cyrus’s subtle nod is a quirky (and dare I even say refreshing?) political affirmation. If nothing else, she is, in her own way, breathing new life into the debate with the kind of nonchalance that only an 18-year-old can. Unfortunately for Miss Miley, announcing her new art didn’t turn out to be all peace, love, and rainbows. 

Shortly after Cyrus showed off her ink, one of her followers, named @MileyCyrusLuver, tried to engage the pop star in a theology debate by citing Bible verses against homosexuality. Cyrus kept her rebuttal short: “Where does it say in the bible to judge others? Oh right. It doesn’t. GOD is the only judge honey.” Alas, the same can’t be said of her strong-minded fans. Over the weekend, a full-scale Twitter battle erupted between her fans, who reportedly went so far as to Tweet death threats against @MileyCyrusLuver. Eventually, Cyrus had to intervene in support of her antagonist, “Dude everyone lay off @MileyCyrusLuver Love u! Everyone is entitled 2 opinions! ‘if u don’t stand 4 something you’ll fall for anything.'”

So, Popwatchers, was Miley being brave in taking this stand, or was she foolish to open up Pandora’s box? Do you respect her for expressing her politics in such an unusual way, or do you think celebrities are best seen and not heard?

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  • Dan Daoust

    Holy crap that dress is awesome.

    • sPaceRobot

      Thank you !

      • Donnie Bremen

        Oh Miley you are a damn idiot… do you have nobody else to screw around with….. Who cares about the gays… they are in the fringe of society… No straight person wants to have anything to do with them…

      • Mariah Cosgrove

        @Donnie Bremen Homophobe, much? Those statements are kind of selfish.

      • Kevin

        Donnie Bremen – There are a lot of straight people that have alot to do with gay people. Gay people mostly have straight parents, siblings and friends. There are many who care about the gay, hence gay rights are comming more and more evident. We dont have to agree with everythign but you do have to cope with a society regardless. Have a blessed day my friend. =)

      • GayInMN

        Straight people don’t want to have anything to do with me? I’m on the fringe of society? Hmm. I should probably inform my straight parents, straight brother, straight friends, straight co-workers, straight pastor…well I guess every straight person in my life who loves me for me. I’m sure they would like to know that they don’t want anything to do with me. I would likely guess that with such an ignorant view of the world – many in your life want nothing to do with you.

      • Joseph McNeilson

        Donnie Bremen is gay. I know him. Intimately. He’s just joking around. He’s my sweet pool boy. mmmMMMMMmmmm come here Donnie…

      • Nikki

        Donnie, I am straight and I love gay people. I have gay friends, and I think they should be allowed to get married, adopt, or have kids. They are people too and deserve the same rights as everyone else.

      • George

        She looks very hot so what ever she does is OK (as long as she doesn’t kill anyone like Casey Anthony)

      • Donnie Bremen

        @Joseph McNeilson: You are the only who saw the sarcasm. You are right, I to to suk cok

      • Troll-Fu

        Well done Donnie. You hooked a couple. 7/10.

      • Donnie Bremen

        Sorry for the typo. I meant to say: I love to suk cok

      • aj

        @ Donnie Bremen

        That is prolly the single most ignorant post ive ever seen!! I really hope your just playing dumb.

      • Craboo

        I am a straight married man and I say Good Work Miley, everyone deserves to live in a free world. The bases of this country.

    • Mr. Abhorant Language

      She got the tattoo for publicity, nothing more. She is an attention wh0re who lacks any type of talent. She really needs to take a leap off a bridge and die already…oh and if possible she needs to take that moron billy cyrus with her. don’t tell my heart.

      • brenda

        wow… you sound like a really cool, level-headed, and not at all ignorant or crazy kinda guy. peace!

      • Jack

        Your an Ignorant idiot aren’t you. She’s rich your poor, she has done nothing to you yet you chastise her. Go ;look at the word up BTW i know you have no idea what it means. Moron

      • oleoleo

        What a charmer you must be.

      • Kat

        @Jack, before you call someone a moron you should check your spelling because you’re a moron.

      • Adam

        I agree in that I think she did do it for publicity.

      • Anne

        You need to include appalling spelling skills in your name as well…

      • MC

        “Your an Ignorant idiot aren’t you.”


      • Dusty

        Ha ha… you idiots arguing on a message board is worse than the idiots having a “Twitter war”. Do you not see what you’re doing? Arguing on the internet is a lot like the special olympics – even when you win, you’re retarded.

      • Cameron J

        Oh, if only she weren’t 18. Then people’d take her seriously. Ageists.

      • Squishmar

        What a strange spelling of your first name, Mr. Language. It’s usually spelled “Abhorrent.” Your parents must have been some real rebels.

      • ted 409

        IF MILey has no talent why is she worth millions of dollars and done tv series on disney hanna montana
        Miley Cyrus has a net worth of $120 million dollars
        with that kinda change she could retire tomorrow

      • sHANNON

        yo she is the ish so stop hatin jus cuz u aint doin it big lik her lol hater

      • Amanda

        what an ignorant statment. For somebody to wish anybody dead, you must have no heart. and to bring her father into it. they both did nothing to you. I guess this means you are going to hell. Wishing somebody dead

    • Yep

      I’d definitely holla at her!

    • thecdar

      I just want to know when is she gonna do the s-e-x tape…..

    • TheToad

      Well, maybe she can’t sing so well, but she has a nice-looking rack.

      • sHANNON

        sayin stuff lik dat jus makes u look n sound stupid

      • Kahta

        @sHANNON I think writing/spelling the English language the way you do makes you look and sound stupid.

    • Nunya

      Minus the face though please :/

    • Troy

      I agree, WOW!! What a dress! And I think what she is doing is great. Way to take a stand.

    • Clif


  • Regina George

    Oh, the never ending Twitter wars.

    • Mr. Come and GetIt Ladies

      Right! Stupid as all hell.

    • Ashley Hebert’s Bangs

      Not as bad as the war taking place on the blog of a megalomaniac who likes to start fights and has a thing for coloring their hair. My computer was smoking from all of the trash talk, mostly from morons who lack critical thinking skills.

      • @Bangs

        So I have to ask, why are you spending time on said blog?

  • Karate Pants

    As much as I despise the fact that this was likely more a publicity stunt, a desperate attempt to somehow stay relevant and keep her name in the media despite her “career” being over, it’s impossible to deny that lots of little girls follow her and will undoubtedly be influenced by her stand for equality, which is great.
    All the same, I could have gone a day without seeing a picture of Miley blinding me with her ridiculous veneers and sad “little girl lost” cleavage.

    • Anthony Noonan

      Those who aren’t thinking say it’s about equality. It is not. There is nothing “equal” about (1) a man marrying a man and (2) a man marrying a woman. I object to gay marriage on moral and biological grounds. I respect those who disagree about the morality but how can anyone disagree with biology. Gay couples are incapable of reproducing and that is significant when it comes to endorsing marriage. No children means no future. How can that be good?
      If “all love is equal” does that mean a brother should be allowed to marry his sister? Or a parent should be allowed to marry his or her child? There are many perverse combinations and if you are ok with some you should be ok with all of them. As I said at the outset, many people aren’t thinking of the broader implications of this issue. They are just going along with the cool crowd like a bunch of sheep thinking it’s about equality.

      • Mocha

        I respect your opinion; you’re perfectly entitled to it. However, I look at your biology point from a different angle. Our world is severely overpopulated, and there are far too many children without parents for it to be a bad thing that some couples cannot reproduce. Indeed, there are many heterosexual couples who choose not to have children, or who adopt; gay couples adopt as well, which improves the lives of many children. I should think there are *plenty* of reproducing couples to keep our species alive. Additionally, it’s been proven that there are naturally occurring gay animals in nearly every species; banning gay marriage isn’t going to stop gay people from being gay. They’re born that way, and it has something to do with an androgen rush while in the fetus, but I can’t really remember the specifics. Anyway, you’re probably not going to change your opinion, but suffice it to say that I’m not for gay marriage because it’s what the “cool crowd” thinks.

      • andrew

        I’m not sure I understand your statement that if you are okay with some types of love you should be okay with all types of love. I assume you are okay with heterosexual love, so why couldn’t you see that other people can be okay with (hetero- and homosexual love) but not okay with incest or pedophilia–both of which are psychologically damaging (homosexuality is not). Thanks for your post, I hope to understand your opinion better.

      • AHanson

        @Noonan – So if a man and woman marry if she’s incapable of bearing children, that isn’t a marriage? Love is love and if a man loves another man, they should have all the perks that go with a man and woman marrying, and the same with two women. Marriage is a commitment to live one’s life with another. Why are you so afraid of this concept? @Mocha, no one has found the reason for “gayness”, btw

      • DION JAMES


      • Steve

        Maybe you should oppose hugs and kisses because they don’t make babies either. Why not mind your own business about what other people do? They aren’t hurting you, and if God has something to say about homosexuality, or your intolerance, he/she will deal with it. Live and let live.

      • Michael

        The fact that gays exist in many species of the animal kingdom represents that it does not go against biology. It seems to only go aginst your morals.
        The reason people are not allowed to marry their family is not only because of morals. It has more to do with the psychological and often physical harm inflicted on those that partake in the relations as well as the diseases that occur in children of incest. Case in point are the Ashkenazi Jews.

      • twocentsworth

        Oh, Anthony. Same old senseless argument. So any couples who don’t want children, can’t have children, or are too old to have children should not be allowed to marry then, right?

      • gunterjaeger


      • sammie

        What about those of us who are unable to have any kid because of health problems? I had to have a hysterectomy at a young age and can not have children. So that means I can’t get married since I can’t reproduce?! Jerk….

      • TRL

        Waoooooo well said

      • Jim

        @Anthonu Noonan,
        My wife can’t have children due to a genetic condition. Does that mean I shouldn’t have married her? You are so dumb it’s not even funny. People should be free to marry whomever they love, in spite of biggots who don’t know anything at all about the world, but believe that because they are “Christian” they have the right to dictate to others what is right.

      • Mel

        I disagree with your stand on biology. We don’t need more people, we have too many. I think this is a natural defense against our over population. Not only do they not re-populate (unless you consider surrogates or IV for lesbians), but they adopt the many many children us straight people are having and dumping off. By your logic, birth control is biologically wrong too, because it doesn’t allow us to procreate. They fit perfectly into our society, if only we’d let them.

      • Derek

        Funny, I know quite a few gay couples, and they all have kids. I know more straight couples without kids.

        Surrogacy, IVF, adoption, they all result in children. You don’t need a man and a woman.

      • Greybirdk

        I am a 61 year-old woman. Nature has passed me by on child-bearing. Does that mean I can’t re-marry? Marriage equality has nothing to do with reproduction and everything to do with legal rights that married couples enjoy. Unless you are worried your wife will leave you for another woman if same sex marriage becomes legal in your state, it’s hard to imagine why you object to consenting adults being allowed to marry. The biggest challenges to “traditional marriage” are not gay people wanting to share in your wedded bliss.

      • Dante

        Finally, a post with logical thinking, Anthony Noonan.

    • Anthony Noonan

      No one is saying you can ban “gayness”. I just don’t think we should be giving gay marriage the same status as traditional marriage. I don’t agree with the argument that we should endorse gay marriage so they can adopt children. First there are far more couples trying to adopt in the US than there are children available for adoption. Second, a single person, gay or straight can apply to adopt a child. Allowing gays to marry is not a prerequisite for adoption. Third, this argument can be used to support “close kin” marriages just as easily as it can be used to support gay marriages. The argument that allowing gay marriage will help combat overpopulation is quite clearly incorrect because gays do not reproduce whether they marry or not. And finally, the argument that we should endorse gay marriage because not everyone is gay (and therefore the endorsement poses no threat to our species survival) misses the point. When the state sanctions behavior it should do so because it wants everyone to emulate that behavior. The argument that we can safely endorse behavior because we know many people will not follow our endorsement, is a strong point against the endorsement, not for it.

      • Otterpop

        How about this? Gay people that wish to form committed relationships should have the right to marry. Or better yet, lets just take marriage out of it. Lets confer all the legal rights and protections of marriage into a new legal form: a civil union. And not just for gay people. Straight people, too. That way no one gets married unless they want to call it that or have a ceremony or whatever the hell is so precious about straight marriage. The point being, everything you are arguing means that gay people should not have the same rights as other couples, and no matter how you dress it up, you are discriminating.

      • ChristineLA

        I’ll give you credit for being very well spoken for someone with such outdated and inflammatory views, but that is where I draw the line. Are you seriously suggesting that gay marriage shouldn’t be allowed because it will clear the way for “close kin” marriages? In fact, each and every one of your bullet points is so far away from the ACTUAL point of gay marriage, which is equality. Who in the hell is going around saying that the “argument that we should endorse gay marriage because not everyone is gay…misses the point” (except for you)? What point is it missing, other than the one in your head?

        What does the number of children that are available for adoption have to do with this? Furthermore, where do you live that people are actually using the argument that allowing gay marriage will combat overpopulation?

        Seriously, all you have done is put forth many specious arguments that have nothing to do with the fact that not supporting gay marriage is an endorsement of the separate but equal ideology which has plagued this country for too long.

      • Courtney

        I’m just curious about your statement that there are more couples trying to adopt than children available for adoption. Maybe you have access to different information than I, but to my knowledge – that is blatantly untrue. There are thousands upon thousands of children waiting to be adopted in orphanages, children’s homes, and foster care.

      • James

        Marriage is an unparalleled stable environment for children. To take that away from children is terrible. It is not up to you or anyone else to decide whether minorities should be treated equally under the law. That has already been decided and chiseled into the granite above the Supreme Court building: EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW. So long as there are marriage laws, they must be applied equally, without discrimination based on inherent traits such as sexual orientation. Close-kin relationships do not have any basis in inherent characteristics, and they do actual, tangible harm to a non-consenting third party: the diseased and disordered children. Incarcerated felons have the right to marry. Surely, gay people do too.

      • justworking

        Yes, there are a lot of couples trying to adopt children in the U.S. Unforntunately, most of them want babies. That leaves thousands of other children still waiting for homes. From what I have seen, most gay couples will happily adopt a child that is considered in the “unadoptable” ages, simply because the want to have a complete family. And as far as marriage being about biology to reproduce more children, my husband and I married (I’m a woman), and we have no plans to have any children. I’m hopeing to be able to have surgery soon to ever prevent that from happening. There are way to many children in the world who need good homes, so why add more if we don’t need to.

      • emily

        @noonan, you’re wrong. there are many, many more children eligible for adoption in the united states than there are couples to adopt them. part of the reason for this is that many states do not allow gay couples to adopt children. how is that fair?

      • Michael

        You are clearly no lawyer or biologist. Laws are often made in an effort to stabilize or equalize society. Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment and welfare is not meant for every citizen to partake. Incest is banned due to incest related disease, psychologic consequences and severe physical harm that often occurs. It is due to the above reasons and not solely morals that incest is outlawed. The above reasons does not necessarily apply to homosexuals.

      • TerriLyn

        @Noonan – Really? Gays don’t reproduce? Using the term “gay” as an umbrella term for any member of the LGBT community, as many people do….

        I have a 7 month old son. I am married to the boy’s father (no, not just because it’s easy… 15 years this month). However, I’m a Kinsey 2.5-4 (look it up). That would land me in the category of “gay”, yet I managed to reproduce.

        Further, if something should happen to my husband… I would rather be able to next marry the person I fell in love with, be it male or female.

        And you say there’s nothing “equal” about two people of the same gender marrying each other? What about the thousands of years of history where the male was/is superior to the female in the relationship. That even happens today. Where is that “equal”?

      • Christina

        The state doesn’t need a reason to sanction behavior. The state needs a reason to ban it. You seem to be confused. Furthermore, the state doesn’t sanction behavior because it want people to emulate it; the state doesn’t ban certain things because doing so would infringe on the people’s rights as humans and citizens.

      • WildSparks

        Could you (Anthony Noonan) perhaps include more misinformation, half-truths, and fallacious arguments in your comments?

        Single people can apply for adoption, but rarely are they deemed suitable for adoption.

        Procreation has never been a requirement for marriage or any monogamous relationship.

        The old “if you’re for gay marriage, you must be in favor of polygamy and incest” argument has been thoroughly analyzed, critiqued, laughed at, and finally deemed fallacious.

      • Al

        Antony Noonan – two possibilities 1. you are just a moron 2. just trolling. Regardless you lack intelligence.

      • Helena o ke kai

        “First there are far more couples trying to adopt in the US than there are children available for adoption.” You couldn’t be more wrong, Anthony! There are tens of thousands of children hoping to be adopted, but most couples want an infant, a blue eyed, blonde hair infant. So if a child has AIDS or any developmental or physical disability or is older than 6 months, they have little to no chance of getting adopted. So these kids bounce from foster home to foster home…especially the children of drug addicts who have their own special set of problems.
        Anthony don’t lecture us if you don’t know what you are talking about. You have no right to tell other people what is okay in their personal life.

    • MSB

      Spoken like a true prevert!

  • Mark

    Not a fan of Miley per se but I commend her for taking a stand on the correct side. Thanks Miley!

    • Templar

      Right there with you. Not a fan, but good for her.

    • @Sym

      Agreed. She really bugs me but I have to give her props for trying to get out messages of love and tolerance to her young fans. Now if she would just cover up and mature a bit, I might consider her a good role model.

      • greg

        Ditto. I’m hardly her audience, but good for her. Every little bit helps.

      • Squishmar

        Actually, I think she showed a great deal of maturity in her tweets calling off her rabid fans who were ready to lynch the first fan that disagreed with her. That is what really impressed me.

    • StarHunter7

      at Mark: By the ‘correct side’, do you mean ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ the anus?

      • Bay O’Nett

        No, he said what he meant, the correct side. The only one inside the anus would be you. Up yours, so to speak.

      • Ashly

        You are a very closed minded person. And the way i see it people like you need to grow up and learn some respect.

    • gayh8r

      She is on the wrong side and only taking a stand cause she knows that only the queers like her anymore. No one else that is sane and normal can stand her.

      • Your sane and normal?

        The one who isn’t sane or “normal” (there is no such thing by the way) is you. If you’re only about hate then you’re the one with the questionable sanity.

    • ChristineLA

      I totally agree with you. I am not a fan, but after reading some of these comments, it is clear to me that having someone who is high profile in that generation make a stand is critical.

    • Steve

      Yes, brave girl. She just unleashed a whole lot of cranks and hatemongers against her to make a loving gesture.

  • Stark

    Why should someone – in this case, Miley Cyrus – be considered “brave” (or “foolish”) for standing up for human rights?
    Shouldn’t someone be considered a coward if they don’t?

    • Karate Pants

      Of course they should.
      But consider her background, with her family rooted deeply in country music and Christianity. There’s still considerable fear and intolerance among those groups regarding gay marriage. Much of her young audience has been taught similarly, to believe that being gay is a sin and marriage is only between a man and woman.
      For someone they admire who shares the same religious background to express something else is a positive thing.

      • Achy Breaky

        Her family is rooted deeply in publicity and fame whoring. Their use of “Christianity” is simply a gimmick.

      • Karate Pants

        Sure they are.
        But my point remains the same, her comments may influence some of her “Christian” fans.

      • Abigail Barker

        Why is it a “gimmick”? You don’t love your neighbors? I think..and don’t know for sure that they may be really true Christians..JMO. Accepting of others and non judgmental..

    • Steve

      Because unlike me and you, she’s in the public eye, and her principled tattooed statement will result in her suffering alot of abuse for countless years. That’s brave.

  • Fran

    I am sickened by ignorant people trying to claim God says not to judge people. If that were so, & we followed that, we’d have no police, no courts, no prisons, just chaos, mayhem, murder, a frightening world. God does expect us to keep order & to protect ourselves & each other, which necessitates JUDGING other people. Miss Cyrus needs to read the Biblical Book of JUDGES.

    • Templar

      @Fran To quote Alan Harper: “Blow it out your a$$!”

    • @Fran

      Something makes me think you originally explored this to give yourself license to judge others, Fran.
      “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” – Luke 6

      • Steve

        Exactly, Jesus’ words of love override Deuteronomy etc. Otherwise, we’d all be wearing head-veils, eating complusory foods, avoiding pork and having religiously constructed toilets, like the Old Testament commands. We do not have laws for Christian reasons. Augustus Caesar had laws, inclusing ones regarding the raising of taxes, and Jesus said to give unto Caesar what is Caesars. Atheists and religious folk alike need laws, but only Jesus turned his other cheek to invite punishment on himself to spare others judgement.

      • justme

        It is amazing how stupid and ignorant some people are of the word of God. Steve and Fran you two are two of the dumbest I come across in the awhile. So does this mean we should not judge murders, child molesters or people who twist the Bible to fit their own person demons? I suggest you shut up and take a Bible class at a church and learn something and stop misinterpreting the Bible.

      • Steve

        justme, we don’t need the Bible to make laws against any of those things. Humans already had laws against all those things before the Bible was written. Like I said, Jesus implied that secular laws should be respected and obeyed. And if you don’t think the Old Testament was overriden by Jesus, then do you eat pork? Do you eat kosher? Do you have a special system for going to the bathroom? Do you demand head-veils on women? I don’t mind if you do, but if you don’t, then you are not being consistent, and are singling out “men lying with men is an abomination” the only Old Testament law you choose to fetishise.

      • piper

        Here is an easy solution – if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t marry someone of your own sex. Also, if you don’t want me to force my religious & moral beliefs down your throat, don’t try to force yours down mine

      • Squishmar

        justme… Steve has it absolutely correct. I’ve never seen a more astute post regarding laws and the Bible.

    • Gawd

      Hey Fran, enjoy your fantasy world, but many of us couldn’t give a mouse’s behind about whatever delusional man-made drivel you believe in. God is a myth created by those who seek to control others through fear and intimidation. Maybe someday you’ll understand the difference between belief and fact.

      • Cellihead


      • Helena o ke kai

        Gawd! Thank you! If I saw one more person quoting the bible I was going to vomit!
        Progressive countries such as Sweden are now 95% atheist. America is quickly becoming atheist. People in the USA are not familiar with death. Our family members die in hospitals not at home. So death terrifies many Americans. Other more civilized and intelligent countries realize that there simply is no afterlife. Besides just which god do you believe in? India has over 115 gods. Are you saying that Americans are superior to the Hindu population? They certainly have been around a lot longer than USA citizens have been! The same with Buddhism. I have a lot of trouble believing in some “higher power” that football players pray to..So your god must like your team better than another team. It is so ludicrous to believe in a god! There is not one fact to back up a god’s existence. Yet people use “god” to deny people things such as marriage. Do you think a god who created a universe, who created gay people would give a rat’s ass if gay people wanted to get married? HA!
        It will be a great day when America finally quits believing in a bible and a god, and becomes a nation of rational thinkers!

    • Captain

      In society it is very neccessary to judge others under certain circumstances. But judge the murderers, the rapists, the terrorists, not what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home.

    • ryna12

      @Fran: There is a huge difference between ‘consequences’ and ‘condemnation.’
      To answer EW’s question, I don’t believe Miley is brave OR foolish. Talented? Yes. Young? Yes. Entitled to share her feelings and beliefs with others? Yes. When she does something with gay youth or to raise awareness of teen suicide rates, something that takes more than 140 characters….then we’ll talk.

    • oleoleo

      and i judge you are a self righteous cretin

    • feelmeyet

      I agree with you. Christ also said to take the speck out of our own eye so that we can see clearly to take the speck out of our neighbors eye. He also said any teacher of the law will pull out old and new treasures. Clearly the Old Testament is there for us to use. After all, He came to fulfill the law not to change it. Lastly, Jesus came not to condemn the world but to save the world through Him. Anyone who is in Christ is no longer condemned but anyone who is not in Christ stands condemned already. Does that sound judgmental? I love you all enough to pass it on! God Bless!

      • Sad4GenerationY

        I agree that her followers, a.k.a. young’uns, are going to see this as something we should accept for everyone. As a Christian, that is a huge blow. She is incredibly popular with young people, who, are easily influenced, especially by celebrities. Heterosexual marriages will become something of passe, and that just shows how depraved our world is becoming. Gay marriage is wrong, and God did not create all LOVE equal; he created all HUMANS equal. There is a giant, cannot-be-ignored, difference. Love is a feeling God gave us to have toward another person as He loves the bride, a.k.a. the church. Society today has taken the very purpose of love and distorted it almost beyond recognition.

      • Not as delusional as Sad4GenerationY

        “Love is a feeling God gave us to have toward another person”

        Yep, how’s that contradiction working out for you? By your description, love between a man and a woman, or two men and two women, is not different at all.

      • Mr Planeman

        @Sad: Heterosexuals are the ones making heterosexual marriage passe, with a divorce rate of ~50%, women marrying rich and then taking the poor fool they married for everything they can get, the divorce lawyers that encourage that behavior… Yet somehow you think that gay marriage is the “straw that breaks the camel’s back?”

        I remember reading an article written by a rabbi and marriage counselor, and he made a point that everyone should hear, “in my 20 years as a marriage counselor, I never once heard a marriage was breaking up because of gays.” (I’m not sure if that quote is word for word, but that was a point he made).

      • Sad4GenerationY

        If you would read the rest of the sentence, you would understand the heterosexual context.

      • Otterpop

        Thanks for the Christian sentiments. But equality is required by LAW according to the Constitution. So is separation of church and state. And while you have the right to believe whatever you like, you do not have the right to impose that belief on others. And I am not anti-Christian, in fact this the most respectful Christian discourse on gay marriage I have seen in a long time.

      • KP in AR

        @Otterpop. I agree with your point, however, I must point out that “separation of church and state” is not in the Constitution. In fact, if you look at any Founding Fathers’ opinion on the subject, they would vehemetly disagree with the principle of “separation of church and state” as pandered around today.. Sorry if it isn’t pertinent to the larger subject, but it is a pet peeve of mine. Guess that’s what I get for being a history buff.

      • Melly

        @KP in AR, you may want to re-read some of your history. Even though the words “separation of church and state” are not in the Constitution literally, the Supreme Court, whose job it is to interpret the Constitution and apply it to our practical, every day life, has interpreted it and has ruled that the first amendment grants us a separation of church and state. And you’re incorrect about the founding fathers as well. Some of them were all for separation of church and state, including Jefferson, who coined the phrase, as well as James Madison.

      • Squishmar

        @Sad… you say, “Society today has taken the very purpose of love and distorted it almost beyond recognition.” I’d say organized religion has done far more to distort love beyond all recognition. And what, exactly, is the *purpose* of love? Love just IS.

      • Squishmar

        And Melly, you are 100% correct. The First Amendment absolutely equals separation of Church and State.

    • mandatay0806

      God says to obey the law of the land. Maybe you need to read the Bible.

      • Squishmar

        “God” doesn’t say anything. God cannot speak. God is not a “Who” it is a “What.” The Bible was written over centuries by many different people and altered as necessary to fit the needs of the times. It is by no means the “Word of God.”

      • Dante

        Squishmar@ people tend to mock what they don’t understand, insult when making a point is unnecessary and shows a weak constitution. So, the bible written years ago, doesn’t make it any less of the truth. It is a guide, and the context is very relevant of today’s events, even predicts it. Read it with an open mind without cynicism. Human behavior has not changed in all that time and history repeats itself. I don’t find it at all a coincidence the further society strays the more historical disasters this world sees, blinding themselves to selfish human desires and the weak flock to each other not wanting to be alone, yet relevant.

      • Squishmar

        Believe me Dante, I know more about the Bible than you ever will. I am a student of comparative religion and have read the Bible, the Koran, Rig Veda, Upanishads, Zend Avesta, Hesiod’s Theogony, Popol Vuh, the Talmud, Enuma Elish, Egyptian Book of the Dead, and many other incredible, sacred books. Almost all of these were written BEFORE the Bible… with the Enuma Elish being the source document for the Book of Genesis. So I certainly don’t discount the Bible because it was written, as you say, “years ago”. Far from it. I understand them all… And they all say the same thing about what’s important. Because the dogma–the differences– are the wholly unimportant parts of all of these. It’s the similarities that matter. The only things that do matter. Wouldn’t that make sense?

      • Squishmar

        And I read these all with “an open mind and without cynicism.” Of course I would… what would be the point otherwise? I searched for The Truth. I was in no way insulting or mocking mandatay with my original response and I certainly do not have a weak constitution.

  • anom

    dont agree in gays think its unnatural .. … if we where all gay the population would suffer for a start… also as a catholic god says gays are wrong and shouldnt b acted on..!

    • Tonic

      1. Gays are completely natural: documented in over 1,500 species including human.
      2. At a world population close to 7 billion, the population could stand to suffer. Not to mention, many gays have children and/or adopt children and raise them for whomever had them but can’t/won’t do so themselves.
      3. Whoever your god is may very well say that, but my god has no problem with gays or else he/she wouldn’t have created them.

      • Dante

        It’s abnormal behavior in nature. Such as those born with defects, this is no different no matter how people try to convince themselves it’s normal. It isn’t

    • Newsflash

      Overpopulation is a worldwide problem. Gays adopt unwanted children and give them a family to belong to. Crunch the numbers and try to catch up. Religion is responsible for many of the world’s problems including overpopulation, religious wars, brainwashing, and prejudice.

      • Its Me

        Well said!!

      • Sad4GenerationY

        Straight people adopt children just as often as gay people do. The statistics are disproportionate because the fact that they cannot have their own children and the only other option is a surrogate is not factored in. Differences in religion and sin, yes, are responsible for problems but I cannot agree with brainwashing

      • JackofBlades

        If you really think religion causes wars,brainwashing, and predudice then you are wrong..All those things are acts that man has created and used.People should understand is that religion is a teaching and interpretation of the bible.It is not who attends it or their acts that makes up religion.

      • idiotsgoaway

        Jack, who do you think created religion? It was MAN. If God did, there would only be one belief system

    • MCS

      #worst effort at trolling ever

      • Anna


    • @ruta

      Don’t you mean what an old racist man in a funny hat tells you what god says? I would comment on your second sentence, but I don’t understand moron.

    • greg

      Of all the arguments against gay rights, the “population” argument is probably the silliest. If there’s one thing that history proves, it’s that no power on Earth can stop the human race from making babies. The world population is nearly seven billon now and exploding at an alarming rate. Does anyone really think that UNDERpopulation is something we need to worry about?

      • Anthony Noonan

        Dear Greg,

        Before the government sanctions behavior it should ask itself if it would be good if everyone engaged in that behavior. The wisdom of the endorsement should not be based on WHETHER everyone will follow it. Rather you should ask “Is it good IF everyone follows it”. If you are counting on the fact that not everyone will go along with what you are endorsing then why endorse it? If I want the government to pass a law encouraging everyone to get drunk everyday, and the only reason I can give for wanting that law is that not everyone will do it, then you would rightly question the wisdom in risking such a law. If the best argument you can give in favor of a gay marriage endorsement is the low risk that everyone will follow that endorsement, then why would you endorse it at all?

      • Mocha

        @Anthony, I’m not quite sure I understand your logic. Gay marriage is now legal in New York. Does that mean everyone in New York is now deciding to be gay? Um, no. Equating homosexuality to getting drunk is fallacious, since being gay, unlike drinking, is not a choice. If you think it *is* a choice, then it should go the other way, and you and I should be able to pinpoint the exact date when we chose to be straight.

      • Michael

        Are Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment and welfare sanctions by the government everyone should partake in?

      • Dante

        @Mocha I think he’s saying it’s shouldn’t be normalized, because then as something that was once considered taboo is now acceptable it opens the door to other groups out there with the same argument. Such as pedophile groups or incest, or paligamist, etc:

      • Dante


    • cameobrooch

      Homosexuality is a naturally-occurring variation that exists to control the human population. People need to get over their idiotic prejudices and deal with it.

    • Cheeseburger in Paradise

      Anom: Moron. Catholic. Yeah, if there weren’t any children Catholic priests would be SOOL.

    • Ashly

      why is it so bad? If you opened your eyes you would know love is love no matter what.

  • katy

    holy crap me and miley agree on something ::looks outside for flying pigs and asteroids::

  • Tiffany

    As I was reading this I was thinking about how gay marriage is not a human right. Gays are expected to be law abiding citizens and pay their taxes just like hetrosexuals, so why should they not have this right. If it is passed tomorrow that gays will be allowed to marry will my world shatter, no it will continue to spin. This is a human rights matter that you would think as humans we can empathize with something like this happening. so kudos Miley for sticking with this.

    • Anthony Noonan

      The same arguments can be used to allow a brother to marry his sister, or a parent to marry his or her child? So are you fine with those marriages also? If not, on what grounds are you opposed to such unions? And why do those objections not also apply to gays? If you are for all such unions then I can’t really help you.

      • Lynn

        Yep, so many millions siblings want to marry. *sarcasm* Kin already have most of the rights that marrieds do, so not necessary to marry.

      • Steve

        The laws against incest are to prevent inbreeding which results in genetic flaws multiplying. Gay people don’t breed with each other, so there is no comparison, whether you are opposed to inbreeding or not.

      • Michael

        Again, gay marriage is not incest. It does not have the same repercussions of it. It is banned due to incest related disease and psychologic harm inflicted on those that partake.

      • Lisa

        Dear Anthony,
        One of the reasons, I assume, that gay people want to marry, is to celebrate the love they have for eachother. Now, most scientist have agreed that you are born gay and when a gay man/woman find another gay man/woman that they love and are attracted to they want to get married… Now for your sibling marriage comment, how many people do you think are born with those types of incestious feelings? Not many I am sure. So the comparison doesn’t really fly in my opionion. (I hope I made sense in my effort to stay calm and reasonable…)

  • Rolo Tomasi

    EW, why are you so far behind on reporting stories I’ve read elsewhere two days ago?

  • Mike

    The Bible does NOT tell people not to judge. It only warns that if you judge harshly or irresponsibly then you will also be judged harshly. That’s all. So Miley is wrong on that issue. However, she is courageous for standing up for gay marriage. And on that issue she is right. Stark: There are more ignorant liberals than there are ignorant conservatives. Most liberals are slack jawed morons that watch MTV all day and dropped out of school. Miley rocks, gay marriage is ok and almost all Obama supporters are morons. Enuff Said. I’m out of here.

    • Mike

      Oh yeah, one other thing. That dress she has on is awesome.

      • Squishmar

        It is “pretty cool.” LOL

    • Mer

      Try reading Luke sometime.

    • Gretchen

      Hey Mike, I’m not only a college grad, but have my J.D. too. So yeah, your stereotype #failed.

      • Karate Pants

        Gretchen, if only you hadn’t gone and brought a hashtag into this.

      • Ashley Hebert’s Bangs

        Mike said “most”, not all. Miley lacks critical thinking skills and I doubt is grown up enough to make an informed decision. She’s hoping on the gay rights band wagon because it’s cool. I’m for gay rights but the last person I want support from is Miley. She can’t articulate a debate on the topic.

    • carolyn

      Wow- Mike- you must know alot of liberals if you are an authority on what “most” liberals do all day- most of my friends and family are liberals and we don’t watch MTV at all… hmmm.. wonder how you’re statement is going to hold up?

    • Liana

      Wow Mike you are clearly so well informed yourself. So I guess my liberal father who is a physician at the VA in my hometown just sits at home and watches MTV and clearly dropped out of school. I myself going to medical school dropped out of school to get there. If you are gonna make a statement trying to make yourself look intelligent please do so with correct statements and do not overgeneralize. My boyfriend is conservative and I am liberal and I know he would tell you that I am not ignorant and do not sit at home all day watching MTV. You sir are the ignorant one!!!

    • oleoleo

      Mike, you silly girl.

    • oleoleo

      Mike, I don’t believe all Republicans are cretins, just some, you being one.

      • Mike

        Oh, I guess you are offended because you do realize that most liberals are morons. It is just scientific fact. Most spend their days eating their own boogers and then every four years they go and vote for another moron, Obama. It is as simple as that. You are only offended because truth hurts, That’s all.

  • Lindsay

    Standing up for human rights is an admirable thing to do.Having the courage of your convictions in todays world which is so filled with hate and intolerance sets you above the rest ! Kudos to Miley and all those who fight for the plight of others !

  • Christina

    I respect miley immensely for speaking out for what she believes in! I agree with her but of course there are some who don’t agree and that’s okay! Everyones allowed to have their own opinions and miley is expressing hers! Go miles!

    • bob

      actually its not okay to have an irrational hate for a whole group of people because a 2,000 year old human telephone line told you to

      • Anthony Noonan

        Where is it written that if you oppose gay marriage you hate gay people? I don’t hate anyone but I don’t think we should encourage gay marriage. I don’t think we should allow brothers to marry their sisters, and I certainly don’t hate brothers and sisters?

      • Straight Morons need to STFU

        @Antohony Noonan, I know it is hard for youtop imagine, but when someone is preventing you fromhaving full legal rights (seperate from religious) it communicates one point: HATE. How is denying someone legal rights to inheritance, custody, conservatorship and equal rights NOT hate????

  • Rolo Tomasi

    and next will most of you will be back here calling her a tramp and a disgrace to her young fans, like all the other articles about her.

    • Ashley Hebert’s Bangs

      Just hop on over to the blog that’s run by a bully who has a thing oddly colored hair. There’s plenty of straight bashing taking place over there. Even if you’re for gay rights. No breeders!

  • Irwin

    Great going,Miley! I have a new respect for you!

    • Liz Lemon

      I know, right? Who knew Miley Cyrus was capable of doing/saying something important? I’m shocked. She’s growing up. I applaud her and I hope she sticks to it.

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