'Project Runway': Are you in or out for season 9?


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Remember last October, when Gretchen won Project Runway season 8 over Mondo, and everything you believed in — fashion-forwardness, justice, big-ass polka dots — just disintegrated into a sad heap of burlap? Plenty of Runway fans, outraged that Nina Garcia and Michael Kors somehow got their way even though everyone watching on TV thought Gretchen’s clothes were terrible, may have written off the Lifetime series.

Not me. For one thing, I’ll be recapping season 9 on this here EW.com. So I have to watch it! But get this: I volunteered. Gretchen was infuriating, but she’s gone. Wiped off the face of the planet! There are plenty of Project Runway mainstays that’ll forever keep me coming back. The stilted product placement! The Hells Kitchen-esque knife sounds as Tim Gunn enters the Parsons workroom and the overworked zombies jerk up in terror! Tim in general! And oh, what range and power there is in a Michael Kors’ giggle! How the earth shakes under the force field of a single Nina Garcia’s disapproving facial expression? Lo, is that Heidi Klum mangling another English idiom (“They’ll be selling like bagels”)? That bitch is always reminding me about all of the different carbs. And I love it!

Not to mention, it’s the middle of summer, so duh. I’m watching Runway.

Can you forgive Michael and Nina? Better yet: Are you going to let Gretchen’s granny panties be the boss of you?

You. You are the boss of you.

If you tune in, come back here later on to read my Project Runway recap. If you don’t, read it anyway. There will be pictures. No words, guys. Ya gotta see it.

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  • lettergirl

    well, since it conflicts with BURN NOTICE, my answer will be….i’ll catch it on the repeats. HOWEVER, if they pull this “granny panties are the NEW HOT THING” mess again, i will be saying ‘auf you’ to the whole crew.

    • angie

      Exactly. Will probably watch because it’s summer and there’s nothing on. But come on, let’s face it, almost no one from this show is ever heard from again or goes on to have any kind of substantial career in fashioin. Granted, in Gretchen and Posion Ivy’s case, that’s a good thing. And my friends and I still laugh at that egotistical EMO blond chick who thought everyone was dying to wear her black grannie panties!

      • @angie

        Chris March is on Housewives of NYC from time to time – usually looking embarrassed to be there…

      • Katie

        That style is actually really in…you have a cold heart to laugh at someone like that…someone you don’t even know. And seriously, emo in all caps? Sure, I’m not totally fond of the trend, but it doesn’t mean that they deserved to be laughed at or reflect on who they are as an indivudal. What a horrible, unhappy person you must be! And FYI, there was a reason Gretchen won…her collection was better, more realistic, and I’m pretty sure that an insanely sucssesful designer and a woman who has run fashion magazines for practically forever know fashion better than a bunch of fools who are distracted by Mondos bright colors and Heidi who really has no buissness being a judge.

      • Laurel

        @ @angie – yes! Poor Chris March – he looked absolutely horrified when Sonia brought out all those “barely there/tacky/costumey” outfits. A woman of a certain age should cover up a little more – I should know, as I am also a “woman of a certain age.”

      • Mo

        I watched All on the Line on the Sundance channel and I found it fascinating as a companion piece to PR. They even had Kara Janx on it! All this time watching Project Runway I never had any idea of what it takes for a designer to put out their own line and sell it to stores, but what I got from this is that it takes a lot of work and tons of money to even just sell a few items to a store. I may be wrong, but it looks like it’s a lot harder than it would seem just from watching Project Runway.

      • kp

        To Katie, okay, you can stop cbampioning your daughter, Gretche’s Mom.

      • kp

        Sorry about the typoes. I meant “championing” and “Gretchen’s”

      • Angie

        Katie, we’re all looking forward to the link to photos from your Flickr account showing all the times you and your friends went out in public wearing sour & oh-so-tragic April’s black satin granny panties or better yet, Gretchen’s saggy, grayish knit diaper-quilted granny panties complete with zazzy leather jacket. And yeah, they totally deserved to be laughed at because, well, they were completely laughable.

      • Catherine

        I took a look at Gretchen’s latest “collection” at her website. it’s just more of the same shapeless, baggy, puke-colored mess that she won with. There is exactly one decent dress in the whole thing. The fit for most is just awful, and what she does in the shoulder, bodice and chest area is just beyond bizarre.


      • HartfordWoman

        @Catherine – thanks (I think) for the link – the model looks like a “Sheena of the SS” paper doll – ugh! Gretchen’s work is still horrible!

  • TQB

    No, sorry – gave this up long ago and never regretted it.

    • LOL

      EW should put Annie to better use. She’s way too good for this crappy show.

      • Jenks

        Like what? What else is on this summer that will give Annie so much material for her particularly entertaining brand of humor?

    • real fan

      I am out, ALL OUT!

  • Kaiulani

    I am on the fence about this season’s PR. I broke up with Idol after Simon left and 2 bland winners and didn’t regret it. However, I did set the dvr last night for PR since I will be on a plane when it airs, but still not sure if I am going watch. Gretchen winning really left a bad taste, especially the way Nina and Michael bullied everyone into picking her. The only saving grace for me at this point is Tim! Love him!

    • jane

      I swore off Idol too and set PR to DVR just last night. Only thing is, I caught a repeat episode from last season and thought “Oh there’s Mondo! But wait, who won again? I can’t remember.” I had wiped Gretchen’s win from my memory apparently. Guess that means I’m good to go for this season.

    • Mo

      I’m in, because I want to see Kors and Nina squirm and try to make up for their horrible mistake. They’d BETTER squirm and try to make up for their horrible mistake!!! Anyway, PR is still very entertaining TV, and I’ll always stay as long as Tim Gunn sticks around.

  • plusM

    I want to watch it. But I also want to stay loyal to Mondo and NOT watch. Of course no one will know either way. This is going to be a tough decision…

    • Nick

      Mondo has a friend on this season, Fallene Wells. So, I am sure he’d want you to support her, like he is via doing, at least via Facebook.

      • HartfordWoman

        I like Fallene – so far – and noticed that Mondo was involved in the contestant picking – so that was cool. Also saw Seth Aaron was basically in-charge of picking contestants and I really like him.

  • Trixie

    Man, I swore it off after Mondo lost…………….. but I want to watch it to see if they can redeem themselves! (kinda)

  • Lily

    No. Never again, unless there are new judges.
    I still don’t understand how Michael and Nina could look over Mondo’s amazing designs and choose clothes that resemble ‘Middle-age Jedi Arabian Nights’ as the best of the season.
    I refuse to again set my sights on a serious, promising designer only to have his/her deserved win go to someone else via Michael and Nina.

    • elr

      Lily: Those are my thoughts exactly. I love Heidi and Tim, but I can’t stomach watching Michael and especially that B*I*T*C*H Nina. I won’t be back until there are new judges.

      • Redcatlady

        I STILL want Chris March to judge!

      • oliviersansau

        i feel differently. ill take Nina over Michael IN A HEARTBEAT!!! he is the reason behind Mondo’s loss: “its time we reward a sportswear designer”. stop pushing your own agenda. i hate that some1 like Gretchen won. Period. Marie-Claire must have been like “damage control! damage control!”

      • Katie

        There was a reason Gretchen won…her collection was better, more realistic, and I’m pretty sure that an insanely sucssesful designer and a woman who has run fashion magazines for practically forever know fashion better than a bunch of fools who are distracted by Mondos bright colors and Heidi who really has no buissness being a judge, who is also a complete b****, no offense. I mean, you people…you’re such followers! So what, Mondo had a cute collection, but how many people do you actually think would WEAR that? Only a small age range, and no one would wear half of the eccentric thigns he puts out. Sure, he’s talented, and I enjoyed his show, but as far as choosing, Gretchen’s clothing is going to be what the modern woman is going to be wearing. What self respecting woman would wear fifty patterns that are bubblegum pink and eletric blue (80’s anyone?)? Get a grip and get out of your fantasy worlds, think outside of your narrow box, and you’ll see where Michael and Nina are coming from!

      • SAM

        Katie, are you just going to keep posting that Gretchen’s collection was better? I must respectfully disagree. I found it boring and/or appalling, depending upon the piece. The creativity that you are deriding in Mondo is actually the start for what you see when it goes mainstream. As a modern woman, I wouldn’t be caught dead in Gretchen’s clothes and while there are a number of items by Mondo that I would not wear, I understand where he is coming from and a number of his pieces were stunning. To answer the question of the columnist, NO, I will not be wasting my time on this season.

      • kp

        Katie, you must be high and on zillions of drugs, there is no other explanations for your delusions.

      • dinana

        Katie…aka Gwitchen…you are so wrong. You were not in the same realm as Mondo!

      • Annette

        I said I was out after the Gretchen debacle and guess what, I’m out.

  • claudenorth

    I’ll be watching. I like PR because I enjoy watching creative people being creative, seeing how they respond to challenges, and watching as the hierarchy of talent emerges. For me, it’s about the process rather than the results.

    • Jenks

      I agree. I’ve watched enough of these competition shows to know that my favorite is rarely, if ever, going to win. So I watch the challenges and the contestants and Tim and mute the judges. I find this to be the optimal viewing strategy for these shows.

    • DavidJ

      Yeah same here. As much as I can’t stand the judges and their crazy, contradictory decisions, to me the show is MAINLY about watching the contestants do their thing, and seeing the final results on the runway.

    • Poppy

      Absolutely the journey for me is the reason to watch PR. I’m definitely sorry Mondo didn’t win last season. I guess the judges were looking at the bottom line for sales and that’s why they picked Gretchen. Frankly, I have never seen any winner’s clothing in the stores I shop in. Hopefully just being on PR is enough to get some of these talented designers some real work.

  • TV Junkie

    I believe in clean slates. Yes, they made a HUGE mistake last year, but I’m going to give them a chance to redeem themselves.

    • Susan

      I agree, I think they will learn from their huge mistake.

      • Bobby’s Robot

        I also hope they realize that we’re not stupid, and we realize when winners are picked for reasons other than their designs.

      • robin bobbin

        Yikes, Bobby’s Robot, I could very well be one of those stupid people…what other reasons? Seriously?

      • Bobby’s Robot

        Like every other reality competition, the producers want “good TV”, so the villains and the crazies and the cheaters remain regardless of their talent, at the expense of more talented contestants. Gretchen’s win, Santino and Emilio staying after having some of the most hideous outfits ever on the runway, Alison leaving for a mediocre look instead of others who deserved it…

  • J

    All I can say about last season is this: even my husband assumed that Gretchen was not even a contender. And he knows NOTHING about fashion. Or even matching his clothes.

    • Cinders

      I just LOL’d at that one

      • chris

        i shall not watch micheal korrs and nina garcia lost all credibilty

      • pat

        Tired of Micheal and Nina would love to see some other people on the show and some african-americans make to fashion week and maybe win wow its been nine years. it took a little more than a year for blacks to ride in the front of the bus.

  • Pam

    Not watching. After the joke that was last year’s finale, Nina and Michael are dead to me. I will read recaps but as of now, I just can’t feed their Nielson.

    • jill

      You won’t affect ratings unless you have a nielson box attached to your tv. Otherwise, watch all the PR, kardashian, jersery shore you want!

  • Here & There

    Watching. However, Michael & Nina are stale and dragging down the show. Gretchen as top designer was abominable. With a new crew of designers I hope to forget Gretchen, Michael & Nina. Gretchen’s designed are commissioned to the Deep Six.

    • Here & There

      Oops. Make that Gretchen’s designs should be commissioned to the Deep Six.

  • Shaun

    Well I swore off PR after 3 questionable season and I’m sticking to it. As much as I love this show….I’ll pass.

    They gave a win for Grethen for the EXACT same reason they said Emilio lost. Hypocrites No Nina and Michael for me. I will miss my Tim Gunn though.

  • Sheasgirl

    I am watching, but only because my love of Tim Gunn and fashion outweighs the complete disappointment of Gretchen-Gate.

  • Katrina

    Yes I will be watching. Been a fan all these years, I am not going to let one season ending monstrosity chase me away. The show is fun, plain and simple. I love it.

    • Carla Houston

      Agreed, I can’t say no to this show! Love Tim, love watching designers turn rags (and sometimes trash, groceries, etc.) into great designer duds, and love watching people get “aufed” by Heidi. The whole fiasco with Gretchen left a bad taste in my mouth, but my favorites almost never win anyway, so I’m used to not getting my way. I don’t know how to quit this show!

  • Marcy

    I am in for PR tonight. :) Even though Gretchen did win last season I still love the show. Bring on the Fashion Drama. :)

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