'Friends' with benefits: Study records how often the sitcom's characters scored. (Sorry, Chandler.)


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While the majority of young men and women fudge the numbers on their own sexual scorecards (“The rule of three” or otherwise), if you’re on TV, you’re pretty much, ahem, screwed, as anyone can keep tabs on your bedroom conquests.

So the gang from Friends better have no shame: SplitSider.com just conducted a study that tracked all of their action from all ten seasons. In one decade, all six friends collectively racked up 85 sexual partners (with 57 in the first four seasons alone, proving once and for all, if you dress like it’s 1994, you are going to score)! While the final results for each character were not at all surprising — Joey scored the most, Chandler the least — the numbers were. Not taking into account all the women he bedded off-screen, in ten years, Joey was not doin’ so well, only getting it on with 17 ladies (fellow NYC man whore HIMYM‘s Barney Stinson truly puts him to shame, no?)

The final tally found Joey with 17, Ross (really?!) and Phoebe following not far behind with 16, Rachel with 14, Monica with 13, and lastly, Chandler with 9. (Characters that multiple members of the Friends clan slept with — Kathy, Charlie, Janice, Chip — are counted twice.) The study also notes that Rachel is categorically the least promiscuous of the bunch (even if she does inadvertently wear lingerie out to dinner with Josh-shwa and his parents one night), as more than 70 percent of her partners were men with whom she was in a committed relationship.

While it’s pretty scientific (they’ve got a chart and everything), some points are rather debatable: We’re not sure how far Rachel went when she hooked up with college pal Melissa (guest star Winona Ryder) and does Roger (Monica’s bizarro world boyfriend) even count if he’s not technically real? If that’s the case we should have two tallies for Chandler: One for him and the other for Ms. Chanandler Bong.

Are you surprised by these results, PopWatchers? Did you think Joey was getting way more action, too? Which other shows would you love to find out the sexual stats for? Sex and the City? True Blood? Golden Girls? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll consider doing some tallying.

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  • Annie

    Always thought Rachel had the least amount of romantic partners because she was always in some sort of relationship with Ross.

  • Dani

    Waaaaait a minute. Monica didn’t “score” with Roger in the bizarro alternative friendiverse. According to what she said to Rachel in that episode, she was still a virgin, so let’s start by defining “scoreing”

    • JKL

      Ah…a true fan…

      • Dani

        And a proud one ;-)

    • Kelly

      Monica didn’t sleep with Chip either, right?

      • lettergirl

        i don’t think she did…rachel did, but i think after their disasterous date, monica didn’t ‘go all the way’ with him.

    • Sarah

      This chart totally blows. It’s so inaccurate.

  • Lindsay

    It’s sad that I know this, but they didn’t include the writer from “Soap Opera Digest” that Joey slept with, to keep his quote about not watching soap operas out of the magazine. Not sure what season that was in. Didn’t Joey also sleep with 2 girls who were roommates?

    • Nik E

      I think you are right on both. I thought he slept with the Soap Opera Digest girl too. And the roommates-he thought the one didn’t remember him but he remembered having sex there, there, not there (cactus).

  • crispy

    They also count Joey’s porno. If I recall correctly, Joey didn’t have sex with anyone in the porno… he just came in to fix the copier. It doesn’t seem like they did their research very well.

    • Karate Pants

      Right. He comes to fix the copier…and just watch them have sex. lol

    • Ashleigh

      “There I am.” “There I am. “There I am.”

      • Mike


  • Lindsay

    Also, it’s pretty obvious that Phoebe has the same amount as Joey. If they can’t count, at least look at the rows.

  • bobgrins

    “Rachel with 14…the study notes Rachel is the least promiscuous, as more than 70 percent of her partners were men with whom she was in a committed relationship.”

    How does 14 men over 10 years count as committed relationships? It’s more than 1 man per year! That’s like saying Elizabeth Taylor was committed to marriage.

  • Angela

    Seems to me that in a flashback scene, Rachel scored with one of the boys back when Central Perk was a bar, not a coffee shop. I don’t see that score listed.

    • Mike

      That was actually a dream that she was kissing Chandler in the “bar” flashback. But we did find out that Chandler kissed Rachel back at a college party when she was drunk. And Ross kissed Monica “You were my first kiss with Rachel?” “you were my first kiss…EVER!?!?!” Ahhh…continuity issues aside…GOOD TIMES LOL

  • Ms. Chanandler Bong

    I am calling to question Joey’s actual total. The writers alluded to having a lot of sex with a lot of nameless, faceless, woman. I always assumed, at least in the beginning, that if Joey wasn’t at Monica’s, he was out sleeping with someone since he barely worked.

    • Lindsay

      Gee, and I thought you would defend your own low total :-)

  • Ken Adams

    No, no, no. This list counts a lot of people the Friends dated casually over the years but not necessarily slept with. Monica never slept with Richard’s son. When they kissed, she was disgusted that he reminded her of Richard. There’s no way they slept together after that.

    • European girl

      Is that THE Ken Adams who backpacks around Western Europe?

      • Mike

        Hiking in the foothills of Mount Tibidabo, perhaps?

    • tracy bluth

      And Richard’s son said Monica reminded him of his mom!

  • cam

    This list was put together by monkeys. And not monkeys who knew Marcel. They are making assumptions here, and not very good ones.

  • Ashleigh

    Monica never slept with Michael Vartan, aka the other Dr. Burke, aka Richard’s son. They kissed on Thanksgiving, but then it was too weird. They didn’t want Mon to be able to say “that’s not how your father does that.” (or something to that extent.

    Not very good research, for sure.

    • Ashleigh

      Or, what Mr. Ken Adams said two posts above mine. Sorry, didn’t see it when I posted.

  • Gwen

    And didn’t Joey and Rachel hook up? After Jamaica? weren’t they a couple for a little while?

    • Nik E

      They tried to “power through” but kept messing it up. It wasn’t easy for them like it was for Monica and Chandler.

    • tracy bluth

      They couldn’t make out without Rachel cracking up though.

      • Mike

        Tracy, Rachel actually laughed with Ross the first time. She kept slapping Joey away (and rightfully so!) Oooh, that Rachel/Joey stuff really still skeeves me out! Season 8 was fine. Season 9 went too far! 10 course-corrected!

      • tracy bluth

        I totally agree, Mike. It was kind of cute when Joey had a crush on Rachel, but actually having them date? That was just wrong to me.

  • Ace

    Unfortunately they didn’t count the times they all ended up having sex with themselves. (As was talked about in many episodes) I bet Chandler and Phoebe would have won that contest. But I digress to the question asked. As far as Friends dealt with heterosexuality for the most part why not take a look at Queer as Folk and The L Word to see how much of a difference the industry still gives homosexuality a bad name by portraying very promiscuous main characters. Brian Kinney and Barney Stinson are extremes and the fact that Barney (Neil) is gay and gets to play such a womanizer successfully does show that we as a Country have come a long way. But off of my soapbox, lets look at QAF and The L Word and than compare the results to some heterosexual shows with groups of friends.

  • Esox

    19 posts and no one’s has written the oxy-mornic “who cares” on this item? Amaaaaaazing.

    • Esox

      Oxy-moronic…you know what I meant,even if I can’t spell it. Who cares, right?

      • Mike

        Oh right, you’re the same guy that can’t stand when a LOST column is posted either. This must be killing you! Please excuse my eyes. They just tend to roll that way.

      • Esox

        Phew! Almost went a whole day without seeing a Lost mention on the EW website. Thanks Mike! You saved the day!!!!

      • Mike

        Glad I could oblige. I’ll do it every day if it helps you cope.

  • Larilyn

    I don’t recall Ross actually sleeping with Jill (Rachel’s sister) either. Yes, I’m a geek.

    • Mike

      We all are don’t worry, and you’re absolutely right lol

    • Amy

      He didn’t.

    • Channing

      Correct. He even tells Rachel that he didn’t because he knew that if something happened between them (Ross and Jill), nothing could ever happen again between Ross and Rachel.

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