Diva-tastic Paris Hilton storms out of ABC News interview

Guys… it’s time to start taking Paris Hilton seriously.

But actually.

This morning, ABC News aired footage of Hilton from a taped interview with reporter Dan Harris, in which Hilton talked openly about her show, her $1-billion product empire, and her personal life. In a bizarre, bipolar moment, however, Hilton revealed her touchy side: When asked on-camera about her reality show’s ratings compared with those of her onetime celebutante protégée Kim Kardashian’s, the hard-partying heiress walked off the set. Watch it below.“Do you worry at times that the people who have followed in your footsteps — like Kim Kardashian — are overshadowing you?” Harris asked. “Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?”

The World According To Paris star hesitated for a moment, gave a short, disbelieving laugh, then got up from her seat and walked off-camera.

After a meeting between the ABC production team and Hilton’s publicist, however, things got back on track. Hilton eventually returned to the set and the two finished the interview on considerably better terms — she even hugged the reporter onscreen at the end of the interview.

Aside from the Kardashian-fueled flare-up, Hilton treated viewers to a surprisingly graceful and level-headed interview. She even gave an articulate explanation for her groan-inducing TV antics: According to the star, the whispery-voiced, baby-cooing “Paris Hilton” is a character expertly engineered and brought to life by the real Paris Hilton.

“It’s a character I developed for the Simple Life. They wanted someone who was an airhead, and kind of had the baby voice. So that’s a character that I had to do and continue to do for five seasons,” Hilton told Harris. “Sometimes when I’m on camera I’ll revert back to it, just because I’m so used to it.”

What do you think, PopWatchers? Can we take Paris seriously now that we know she’s just acting? And Paris certainly isn’t the first celebrity to sabotage an interview (see: Marc Anthony, Russell Crowe, Julian Assange). Can a star’s credibility recover after an onscreen blow-up?

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  • Jo

    Nothing really needs to be said except she needs to grow up and get a grip!

    • Sue

      Wow – can she go away now? Please?

      • Kira J

        I really just want her to go away. She has a billion-dollar empire. Go spend your money.

      • Mr. So & So

        Want her to go away? Stop watching this “entertainment news” crap…I got no need to complain about her needing to go away because it’s not like I watch “news” on these unimportant people

    • Nick T

      What a shockingly manipulative title.

    • Cygnus

      I’m pretty sure she walked off set when they asked a question that was not pre-screened.

    • Stan

      Washed up, disease-carrying hoochie!!!!!!

    • Ben

      yes, she showed herself to be an immature idiot. It was a legitimate question and she should have been able to handle it. Also – if she grew up in Beverly Hills and Manhattan, why does she sound like a Valley Girl, even when she is not ‘in character’?

  • lettergirl

    no one’s that good an actor. even meryl streep couldn’t pull it off for this long.

    • anya

      So if she has been acting all along, why can’t she act in those movies she’s in? Is that part of the act? I don’t get it. UNLESS…she’s full of it. THEN I get it.

    • avenger

      She’s trying to “reinvent” herself now as someone with a brain. She wants to model herself after Ivanka Trump I think, but she has been and always will be a giant, talentless doofus who has annoyed the cr*p out of most people who have ever had the misfortune of seeing her

      • LAJackie

        Wasn’t she going to reinvent herself after being in prison? I seem to remember her saying that we were going to see a different Paris Hilton then. Personally I’d prefer to see no Paris Hilton.

  • Bobby F

    Character. Ha. That’s a good one. Just like that pot in her purse wasn’t really hers. Or she thought it was gum. Was that the character “Paris Hilton” also? Not the real Paris?

  • harry

    Diva-tastic totally!!!

  • jess

    WHY are they even interviewing her in the first place?

    • ana lee

      Because she’s Paris f*****g Hilton that’s why.

  • Lacy

    They make it sound like she “stormed” out and was upset when all it really was was her publicist.

    • Dee

      I agree, those damn sensationalized headlines. The interviewer implied her star power was waning in three consecutive questions, and she got a little curt with him by the third time, unsurprisingly. Not really a big deal…

      • Fog cue

        You know Entertainment Weekly, known to write “credible” stuff that often has typos in their online articles.

      • KSG

        I love it when these “journalists” get tough with someone that no one really likes. I’ve seen ABC news ask these types of questions to Paris and Danny Bonaduce. Way to get tough ABC! I’d love to see them ask these questions to Robert Downey Jr. (about being in rehab time after time like Barbara Walters did to Danny) and about recent project failures to Julia Roberts like they did to Paris. They just want to make themselves seem like they are asking the “tough” questions when they are really just attacking someone that is unpopular anyway. Then when they get a big celeb on a show they fawn all over them.

  • Anne

    “Can a star’s credibility recover after an onscreen blow-up?”

    Except she’s barely a star and has never had a modicum of credibility.

    • Ryan

      Thank you Anne, I was coming in here just to say a STARS credibility can recover from something like this, but that requires being a star and having credibility in the first place.

      This is some rich bimbo who’s only claim to fame is a night vision home made porno video, which I might I add she didn’t preform very well there either….lol.

  • Jenn

    I blame this wretched tramp for spawning the likes of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Nicole, etc. Talentless hacks who couldn’t survive in the real world. Also, the fine folks at US, People, and, yes, even EW who continue to feed their egos.

    • Stevex

      Don’t blame her, blame all the viewers who watch her. Ignore her and her evil spawn, and they will all go away.

    • Ana

      Paris was the only one doing nothing as far as I know. The Kardashians actually had jobs. Anyway, it’s not the media’s fault. The ratings for their shows have been consistently excellent. US, EW, etc. are only reporting on them because people are interested.

    • ms. universe

      As long as there is a “Snooki” or “The Situation,” I do not mind Paris Hilton receiving attention.

  • Magi

    Is it really her billion dollar empire or her grandfather’s?

    • Mr. Holloway

      You mean the crazy old guy from “Mad Men”?

      • the original erin


  • mark

    I’d much rather paris than the Kardashians. The original is always better.

    • Bobby F

      at least the Kardashians are sympathetic. Paris and her sister, plus that other girl Nicole Richie, are all brats. I still can’t believe how horrible they acted on that reality show of theirs. I only watched one episode before throwing up regarding their behavior in a small town.

      • CB

        Yeah, the Kardashians are so sympathetic. Right.

        Except for the fact that Kim is beautiful, they are all talentless mud people.

      • etm

        The Kardashians are far more likeable than Paris. Paris treats people like $h!t.

      • ana lee

        I like both. I loved the Simple Life…they need to do another season!

      • Mick

        Nicole Richie managed to clean herself up and hasn’t been on reality television for years. I can admire anyone who seeks treatment for their addiction and maintains sobriety.

      • Maire Therese

        Nicole richie actualyl grew and no longer associates with paris. she actually focuses on her kids and her husband now.

  • Jay

    Does she really expect anyone to believe that her airhead persona was all just an act for the show?
    We all know she’s an idiot with no talen that is simple famous for being famous.

    I’d give her more respect if she just owned up to it. But this lying bullsh!t makes it even worse

  • Kevin

    She is more of a joke because she is a drunk and addict, what does she have to say about that?

    • Fog cue

      She’d probably just walk out of the room again.

  • renny3

    The LAST thing I want to do is defend Paris Hilton, especially in an EW article (I love you EW!) but the title of this article is totally misleading and untrue. If you watch the clip, she just sort of stares at the interviewer and it’s her publicist who kinda acts like a moron, calling her off set and then probably telling her off-camera how to respond to the question. That is what the article should be about…why on earth this grown woman can’t answer an interesting, and kind of true question without her people overreacting.

  • wakeforce

    The interviewer hit a sore spot! This isn’t the first time this year. Paris looked like she wanted to slap Barbara Walters when she asked her another “close to home” question.

  • Daily

    I thought Paris disappearing was the best and then came Kim Kardishian with all of her family.

    Please make them all go away!

    • black or white

      I prefer the likes of Paris or Kim K. than the juice bags from the Jersey Shore. Just Sayin’

      • Stan

        The lesser of two evils is still evil.

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