Watch Sean Bean die...21 times!!! (Warning: Contains 21 spoilers.)

Some actors are great at singing. Some are just super at dancing. But Sean Bean is awesome at dying.

As the Sean Bean Death Reel YouTube clip below demonstrates, there’s always a good chance the Brit actor is going to buy the farm. So sit back and “enjoy” the sight of the Beanster getting smothered, shot, impaled, blown up, torn apart by horses, beheaded, hung, bayoneted, and, most ignominiously, pushed off a cliff by cows.

Oh, the humanity!!!

What’s your favorite Bean demise? Or film in which he actually survives until the end credits (I’m assuming there must be some).

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  • Elizabeth

    they must hire him because they knowing he is going to die at some point.

  • isembard

    Love Sean Bean, but I know, every time he’s in something, he won’t be there long. Rather annoying.

    • tracy bluth

      Seriously! Every time I hear he’s been cast in something my first thought is “Well, his character is going to die”.

      • IrishSharon

        He doesn’t die in National Treasure

      • Doris

        He doesn’t die in Troy–after all, he IS Odysseus!

    • Elaine Bennes

      just like Michelle Rodriguez

      • Noob

        She doesnt die in Battle Los Angeles

      • the dude

        also michael biehn he hardly ever makes it.

      • JD

        She lived in Machete too!

      • DumDum

        Apparently not in fast and Furious either judging by the end of Fast Five!!!!!!!!1

    • akl

      Savvy, actually.
      1. By “dying”, he frees himself up to do multiple, short-term projects.
      2. By “dying” in such gruesome manners, audiences tend to remember him.
      3. By “dying” so often, he creates job security as “the man who dies in nasty ways”.

  • mud

    How did he die in Ronin?

    • mud

      nevermind. he didn’t die.

    • Mateo

      It’s kinda funny that he gets fired in Ronin for being too amateur. He would have had a great death had he made if further in Ronin.

    • Grace

      Love that the clip starts with Equilibrium, awesome movie.

      • Me

        YES! Equilibrium is a fabulous movie!!! But not too many people have heard about it.

      • mattdvs

        No, it’s not.

      • wiseguy

        Nah, it’s another Matrix wanna-be.

      • Kosmogonia

        Agreed. A lot more compelling and thought-provoking than the Matrix – with all of its flashy, overwrought pseudo-intellectual nonsense.

      • Skullcapcomix

        Equilibrium is a Matrix Wannabe? Funny, as matrix was just a Dark City wannabe.

      • Michelle

        @wiseguy: Equilibrium and The Matrix had 1 thing in common – they were set in the future. Nothing about the stories are remotely similar but, of course, if you’d actually SEEN Equilibrium, you’d know that.

    • comixchick

      Yeah, that’s why I like Ronin. No blood on my darling Bean.

  • filmgirl

    F-U EW for the huge spoiler of a show I was waiting to watch on DVD!

    • Charlotte

      Did you read the title at all? Are you that stupid that you would click on something that said in big honking letters SPOILERS?

    • AB

      Like you honestly couldn’t figure it out from the photo and the huge heading that read “SPOILER”.
      Seriously, stop complaining just to complain and get a life.

    • MCS

      You deserved that one buddy.

    • Johnification

      The only way you’d know that he died in that specific thing that you’re waiting to watch would be if you foolishly watched the video and/or clicked through here…because a) he’s died plenty in other stuff to warrant the reel, and b) he occasionally lives. So dude, it’s your own damn fault.

    • Lucy

      And even if EW didn’t warn of spoilers, the video itself did. You were warned twice so you have no one but yourself to blame.

      • topazbean

        …Or the commenter is joking.

    • James

      Pretty sure that was a joke…

      • Stash

        I’m gonna call it a joke just so I can be less negative and jaded about humanity at large.

  • Vilya

    I can’t lie, I teared up at Boromir’s death here, even though I have seen the film 27,000 times. Also bought the music on iTunes – very pretty!

    • HM

      My favorite? Definitely the Death of Boromir.

      Despite his human weakness, he finally died a hero. Sean Bean portrayed both sides extremely well.

    • AMM

      Boromir is definitely my fav. as well, but he played Eddard Stark just as well, a man full of honor, challenged by death. very touching.

      Ned’s death scene is part of pop culture now. You cannot avoid “the spoil.”

    • Grace

      I always lose it when I see Pip and Merry’s reaction to Boromir dying, especially Pip, *sniff*

    • Liz Lemon

      Boromir’s death is sad. :(

    • Di

      Mine’s Equilibrium. Quoting Yeats to Christian Bale and Bale’s quiet “don’t” before he cocks his gun always gets to me.

  • Chad

    I’m not usually one to cry about spoilers, but seriously EW. F*** your life!

    • DUH

      i’m crying about your inability to READ

      • reel_deal

        this ^

      • Chad

        DUH, for sure, seriously…it came up through the RSS feeds on my iGoogle homepage. I didn’t even have a chance to avert my eyes before I was already spoiled! No matter how you slice that’s some bull!

    • AB

      For sure. You can’t figure it out before running th reel??

    • Teller

      Seriously, even if “spoilers” wasn’t written there, you could probably guess that some movie you have seen will be spoiled by watching a clip of 21 movie deaths.

  • aj

    haha, the man knows how to pull off a death scene. amazing.

  • Vita

    My favorite death of Sean’s character is from Lord of the rings ! I thought it was beautifully shot and he was so heroic at the end ! Actually I start liking Sean after that movie ! Didn’t before ! I guess he was playing bad guys quite convincely

  • anon

    which part of the “contains 21 spoilers” didn’t you understand?

    • Leithen

      Apparently the part that requires reading….Then again, I was recently spoiled on the ending of a novel by reading a biography of the author on Wikipedia.

      • Mo

        The worst spoiler ever was the freaking review of The Road in The New York Times, which basically was a rundown of the novel from beginning to end, leaving absolutely no part of the ending out. I read it thinking “there must be something else, they wouldn’t just tell you how it ends!”, but they did!

  • Chris O.

    Anyone who is upset about the spoliers is an idiot…THE FRICKIN TITLE SAYS IT CONTAINS 21 SPOILERS!

    • filmgirl

      They edited it. The first few lines of the article before you clicked on it said “anyone surprised by Sean Bean dying in Game of Thrones, shouldn’t have been…

      • Leithen

        Although, given EW’s tendency to do that, one might learn to not come to this site if you’re sensitive to spoilers.

        Personally, I’d just be happy if there was evidence there was an editor on hand, or even a grasp of the spellcheck function.

      • topazbean

        But really, how long do they have to keep writing spoiler alert. I watched the Sopranos years after it finished, and it was a shame that I knew about the infamous “fade to black” but it’s a huge part of pop culture history now. I couldn’t have expected years of warnings before it was mentioned in any article that talked about the show. Dear God, it’d be like someone complaining a month after a football match if someone mentioned the score because they hadn’t watched it yet.

      • Incredulous

        I can sympathize a bit about people having Game of Thrones spoiled, but the first book (with the scene in question) came out 15 years ago. It’s not like they’re guarding the security of an unreleased property.

      • bjg

        I have no sympathy if you actually started reading the article after seeing SPOILER in big print in the headline.

        I also have no sympathy for you clicking on an atrictle about a show you were waiting to watch “on DVD.” Sorry, but then you shouldn’t be clicking on any articles about she show.

        no sympathy.

      • Hannah

        Will it annoy you if I tell you that Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense is dead? Oops, spoiler

  • tracy bluth

    Yeah, I’m still mad about his Emmy snub.

    • B

      Me too.

  • a person

    best game of thrones! i hated his death in Lord of the Rings, it just dragged on and on and on!

  • SC

    In what movie was he stampeded off a cliff by cows?

    • AB

      It was a Irish indi. I saw it because I was learning the accent, LOL. I forgot the name of it though. Very old movie.

      • Channing

        ‘The Field,’ from 1990.

      • Enan

        The Field is actually a loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear.

    • Zoe

      That clip made me laugh hysterically. Especially when the cow comes hurtling down after him!

    • Dominique

      The Dark, from 2005. Horrid, horrid film.

  • Kevin

    Poor Sean Bean. Lol!

  • strato

    he survived in silent hill!!! yay!!!

    • abadstroller

      Didn’t he survive “Flightplan” (I think that’s the name) with Jodie Foster? He was the pilot on her airplane….

      • Jon

        Yes, he survived in Flightplan.

      • topazbean

        Yeah, but that’s only because he got out-bastarded by Peter Saarsgard. I bet he was livid when he found out they’d been cast in the same movie.

    • znachki

      He survives in ALL of the Sharpe’s adventures. Pretty much everyone else dies though.

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