Mila Kunis IS attending the Marine Corps Ball after all. National crisis averted.


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Everybody, relax, we can all go back to having our crushes on Mila Kunis! Despite a report from Access Hollywood which claimed that the Friends with Benefits star wouldn’t be able to attend the Marine Corps Ball with Sgt. Scott Moore — who asked her to go as his date via a request on YouTube — her manager confirmed to EW that Kunis is, in fact, still going with him and nothing has changed since she accepted the invitation. Awesomeness? Affirmative.

Your move, Timberlake!

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  • Mr. Come and Get It

    lucky ba$tard

    • Chris

      Will this hooker please make up her mind!

      • Honestly

        Poor you..Maybe if you try really hard, someday a girl will talk to you, too! It’s ok..we ALL understand how insecure this makes you feel.

      • Ben

        Wow, that’s a stupid thing to say. Even for online commenting

      • stan

        I didn’t know she played rugby…maybe Chris knows something we don’t? Like what a tool he is?

      • jack

        sounds like chris is a little jelous. what, a girl like that never went out with you? wow. she never changed her mind if you actaully read the article. or perhaps you cant.

      • Lil Jo

        UHHH Good one Stan!

    • LOL

      I guess someone must have texted a pic of their privies to Miss Thing, who was approving.

    • Roger

      Mila was with McCauley Culkin for three years! She has no taste in men!

      • Squishmar

        Actually, I think she was with him for like 8 years…. so they were probably very in love for awhile. Love is blind (and really, Mac’s not *that* bad).

    • Loyalty

      Of course she’s going -the fame ho’s wouldn’t pass up the chance to be in the news and the center of attention.

  • me

    This is such a great story. Hope Timberlake decides to go to. Yay Mila!

    • Chris

      That “girl” that asked out Timberlake does not seem like she would really want to go with a guy. I think she should have asked out Melissa Etheridge.

      • Jason

        I’m assuming you put “girl” in quotation marks because she’s a woman, not a girl, right? And at what point in her video did you conclude she is a lesbian? Halfway through, or did it take you the full 15 seconds? Let us know how a straight, female Marine is supposed to “seem.”

        Also, Chris, Mila Kunis is an actress, not a hooker. FYI.

      • Ian

        either way, nobody asked Chris to go to anything, so he (or she, since it’s a girl’s name too), is a bit jealous of all involved.

      • Sammi

        I think what Chris said was actually quite offensive. Hey, have you heard of “Don’t ask don’t tell?” Well, it sure as hell is still in effect. I, being a female servicemember, will not tolerate such ignorance from someone lacking knowledge like yourself. I am a girl, straight, serving, and in a relationship with a guy! By the way, I don’t think the other women fighting for your freedom (so your sorry butt won’t get drafted) don’t appreciate the nerve that you have to talk trash about any service woman like that.

      • Squishmar

        Sammi, you’re the one skating the thin line here. Just how is implying someone may be gay “talking trash” about them? Now while I think “Chris” messed up putting the word “girl” in quotation marks (her gender is not up for debate…. and certainly being gay wouldn’t make her any less of a female) your comment is almost as prejudiced sounding in your defense of said servicewoman… unless you were solely referring to his lame use of quotation marks around the word “girl” and then I apologize to you. My cousin is in Afghanistan fixing helicopters. On a side note, wasn’t there a whole issue about repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy? I thought there could be openly-gay soldiers now… or has that not taken effect yet?

      • Haley

        not all female marines are lesbians what an immature assumption. the girl who invited timberlake looked like she was recording from a sandbox, but even if she wasn’t there are rules and regs about uniforms, hair style, etc…and IF deployed or out in the field or desert for training, no one (male or female) looks sexy in 120 degree heat wearing boots and utilities. it has nothing to do w/ sexual orientation.

  • jon

    Haha…someone was feeling a little backlash

    • Cat


    • Skip182

      Yup, from D-Bags upset that they weren’t as awesome and loved as her.

    • wino

      or EW was to quick to report on a rumour heard by Access Hollywood without cking w. Mila or her rep.

      • smith

        Ding!Ding!Ding! We have the winning comment.

        Obviously EW (and other outlets) did ZERO fact checking on this story and simply reported whatever douchebag Billy Bush said as gospel.

        Glad to hear she’s going.

    • Sara

      Or maybe the movies she was tied to, decided it was better PR for them if they let her go that night.

  • Mike O

    The nation is saved!

  • DTO

    Attagirl, Mila! Enjoy your time in Greenville, NC!

  • Clete

    A media organization not checking the facts before broadcasting. What a rare, unusual thing to happen.

  • abadstroller

    A grateful nation awaits pictures….

  • Al

    The celebrities that I stalk always ignore me. I’m joining the marines.

    • laura


    • abadstroller

      “The Few. The Proud. The Marines.”

  • Rolo Tomasi

    It’s official. I am now sick of this story.

    • abadstroller

      No wait! Don’t go! There’ll be pictures! And don’t forget about the pre-Ball and post-Ball interviews! And post-Ball-recap-analysis! You can’t quit now!

      • Tljs1256

        LOL! So true!

      • Diane

        Maybe EW can live blog the ball

      • Sara

        “pre-ball” and “post-ball”…hee hee.

      • Squishmar

        Sara, shouldn’t you have used the name “Beavis” instead for that post?

  • Rolo Tomasi

    She didn’t want to go, she was bullied into by Timberlake.

  • crispy

    So the moral of the story is… Billy Bush should be killed.

    • Mr. Holloway

      But we already knew that.

    • wino

      is there a sign up sheet for volunteers?

    • Alan

      He’s George W. Bush’s first cousin. That was ALREADY reason enough.

    • Lindsay

      Yup, bet he’s eating a whole plate of crow right now.

      • janelle

        Sadly Billy Bush is sticking to his story and still claims on his twitter account that she’s not going to ball and that his information is correct.

        Obviously he doesn’t want to admit that he was wrong and that he’s a liar.

  • Trey

    What about the girl Marine who asked out JT in response?

    • abadstroller

      I’m thinkin’ “double date”….

      • Vlh

        Her is a different ball in washington so no double date.

  • J

    There is something called fact checking, try it. I like Mila, but please stop reporting on this gossip.

  • Kate

    Seriously it’s one night of her entire life. It’s the least she could do. I think it’s pretty awesome of her.

    • Brett

      Even if the guy asking her looks and sounds like a complete tool. Besides, her movie with Timberlake should be out on DVD by then so she can promote its release.

    • Chris

      The least she could do is not go. Why do celebrities have to go on dates with every dbag that asks them out on Youtube?

      • Honestly

        Jealous much?

    • rebecca

      The least she could do? She is under no obligation to a stranger.

  • David

    At least ONE member of young hollywood has class and grace.Good for her!For fun she should wear a nametag that says “Meg Griffin”.

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