Emmy noms: Who do YOU think got snubbed?


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The 63rd annual Emmy Award nominations are out, and while it’s easy to be happy for all of The Chosen, it’s even easier to launch into full-on HOW DARE THEY mode when some of your favorite shows and stars get snubbed. Among this year’s oversights: NBC’s hilarious Community for best comedy series, AMC’s The Walking Dead for best drama, and Fringe‘s John Noble for best supporting actor.

Lynette Rice and James Hibberd’s grouse list is here, but we want to know which shows and stars YOU think got snubbed this year. Your feedback will help guide us as we roll out this summer’s EW.com Snubby Awards for the 10 top categories, listed below. Keep in mind that Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter tweeted Wednesday, “If we get any Emmy noms I’ll tattoo EMMYS RULE on my a**.” Perhaps he made an egregious typo and really meant “If we win any EW.com Snubbies.” I’m sure that is what happened.

My most overwhelming personal nominations for Snubbies are for the supporting actor categories: Busy Philipps for Cougar Town (“LAUGH!”) and Nick Offerman for Parks and Recreation. Maybe it’s because Laurie Keller and Ron Swanson serve as my two role models, but it’s also because they’re damn fine actors and damn succulent pieces of meat. Want them to win a Snubby? Nominate ‘em below. If Nick somehow DOESN’T win his category, someone else can “receive the rarest jewel of all, a victory over me, Ron Swanson.”

Also, just… how cute/awesome is this, between Modern Family‘s Steve Levitan and Community creator Dan Harmon:


Best drama series: Boardwalk Empire, Friday Night Lights, Dexter, Game of Thrones, The Good Wife, Mad Men.

Best comedy series: Modern Family, 30 Rock, Glee, The Office, The Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation.

Drama actress: Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife; Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men; Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: SVU; Kathy Bates, Harry’s Law; Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights and Mireille Enos, The Killing.

Comedy actor: Steve Carell, The Office; Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock; Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory;  Matt LeBlanc, Episodes, Louis C.K., Louie; Johnny Galecki, Big Bang Theory. 

Drama actor: Jon Hamm, Mad Men; Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire; Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights; Michael C. Hall, Dexter; Hugh Laurie, House; Timothy Olyphant, Justified.

Comedy actress: Tina Fey, 30 Rock; Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie; Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation; Laura Linney, The Big C; Martha Plimpton, Raising Hope; Melissa McCarthy, Mike & Molly.

Supporting drama actor: Andre Braugher, Men of a Certain Age; John Slattery, Mad Men; Alan Cumming, The Good Wife; Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones; Josh Charles, The Good Wife; Walton Goggins, Justified.

Supporting comedy actor: Ty Burrell, Modern Family; Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family; Ed O’Neill, Modern Family; Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family; Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men; Chris Colfer, Glee.

Supporting comedy actress: Julie Bowen, Modern Family; Sofia Vergara, Modern Family; Jane Lynch, Glee; Betty White, Hot in Cleveland; Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live; Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock.

Supporting drama actress: Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife; Kelly Macdonald, Boardwalk Empire; Christine Baranski, The Good Wife; Michelle Forbes, The Killing; Margo Martindale, Justified; Christina Hendricks, Mad Men.

(See more Emmy noms here.)

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  • Babaloo

    Where the hell is John Noble?

    • Jay

      Agreed!!! Even though he is mentioned in the article, he deserves a shout-out in the comments also. Even if you dont like the show, you have to admit his performances are as good as can be

      • alex

        I agree,but I have a feeling this year will be the one for Friday Night Lights

    • kate middleton

      Agreed. John Noble, Cougar Town, Nick Offerman are the worst snubs, IMO. Also Sean Bean.

      • Matt

        Wow, I didn’t even think of Nick Offerman. Good call.

      • Lee

        Cougar Town? Hawaii Five-0 should’ve gotten nominated over CT.

      • SaveFerris

        I agree — Nick Offerman deserved a nomination, at the very least!

      • Marco

        Glee and Chris Colfer in the comedy noms? Don’t get me wrong, CC did great and important work this season, but it was hardly comedic at all, more on the dramatic side… Those comedy slots should’ve gone to either: Community/Joel McHale or CT/Nick Offerman imho….

      • Sam

        Danny Pudi and Nick Offerman were robbed!

      • kate middleton

        Lee – Hawaii Five-0 and Cougar Town aren’t exactly competing with each other. Totally different categories.

        Marco – agree with you. Glee has not been good this season in my opinion. But Chris Colfer’s performances sure don’t fit into a Comedy category.

    • laylagalise

      Yes, I was really hoping since they asked Joshua Jackson to present Noble would be nominated or at least Fringe would be nominated in one of the major categories.

      • Becca

        Same thing happened to Joel McHale last year.

      • Gigi


    • Angelo

      3 years straight he was snubbed. As someone else said, it is like he is teaching a Master Class on every episode.

    • Gigi


    • Karen

      Yes, John Noble the most robbed actor of three years (but this year in particular). But I would have also loved to see Jason Segel, Simon Baker, Busy Phillips, The Mentalist, Fringe and Cougar Town up there…

    • Carol

      John Noble is brilliant. Fringe is brilliant. The Emmy Awards are a joke.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Ummm Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel?!!! How on earth did either of them NOT even get nominated? I’m rather irked the HIMYM didn’t get any noms actually.

  • Kari

    ALL OF FRINGE and COMMUNITY!!!!!!!! The best shows on TV with the greatest actors ever!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Audrey

      Fo shizz.

    • commentor


    • Dave

      Totally agree. Both shows should have had multiple nominations. And some of the supporting cast of Parks and Rec should have been nominated (did four actors from Modern Family really need to be nominated? They couldn’t make room for Nick Offerman or Chris Pratt?). And a Best Drama nomination for Justified as well.

      • Michelle

        I haven’t watched Fringe except a couple of eps but I think John Noble is an amazing actor and stole the show everytime he was on screen.

      • Matt

        I agree for Fringe, but not for Community. I enjoy the show, but the jokes aren’t always that funny (especially in the first season), and recycles a lot of current sitcom tropes (guy who says un-pc/racist things, etc.). It is very cool that they play with the structure of episodes (fake flashback, homage episodes, etc.), but I don’t think the actual jokes and charactrers are great. It does deserve a long life (5-7 seasons), though!

    • Terry

      So true!

      Fringe, John Noble & Anna Torv ROBBED!!

      Community, Danny Pudi ROBBED!!

      Total BS that 30 Rock & Glee took 2 of the Comedy spots. Infuriating!!

      And why does Alec Baldwin keep getting nominated? Didn’t he win a dozen times already? How about recognizing other comedic genius for crying out loud? Danny Pudi & Nick Offerman ROBBED ROBBED ROBBED!!!

      Emmy nominations piss me off every year. I don’t know why I hold out hope that the morons would actually make thoughtful nominations for a change.

      • yuck

        When will the Mad(ness)Men end?!?! MOST overrated show ever!

      • commentor

        @yuck – Sorry Two and Half Men got no love?

    • Elizabeth

      You are the winner Kari…

    • Gigi


    • Lisa London

      Fringe and Community were both robbed for writing and acting noms. They should create a Best Ensemble Cast category and place Glee and co (Big C, Nurse Jackie…) into a new “Dramedy” category so the really funny shows (Community, Parks and Recs and so on) can get finally recognition.

      • Chowfie

        Also add Shameless to this list.


      The Emmy voters are ‘stupid and ugly, they smell like a fart, pooh pooh in their pants and pooh pooh in their heart’.

      • Sam

        Yeah! We’re getting rid of the Emmys… getting rid of the E. (They’re a no good B!)

      • The Emmys

        Uh, hey, everybody! I’m a stupid moron with an ugly face, and a big butt, and my butt smells, and I like to kiss my own butt.

    • passing

      Anna Torv, she is the one who should win the Emmy. Anna Torv is really robbed, she carried season 3 completely.

    • Communications &Legal Studies Librarian

      Ditto, you called it.

      • Carol


  • Aprilcot26

    Denis O’Hare. His Russell Edgington on True Blood was plain genious.

    • Laura

      You’re so right, I agree 100% but you know, it’s really difficult for supernatural show to get any kind of recognition. True Blood is an exception to that rule, because Alan Ball’s name is attached to the show. Denis O’Hara was incredible and should have been recognized. Problem is, not everyone on the committee is watching every single show on television.

    • Xtine

      I agree. Denis should have been nominated.

  • Kevin

    Cougar Town is worthy alongside the comedy series nominated, but the continuous snub of Courtney Cox is getting almost infuriating!
    Parenthood has quietly become the best drama on TV, and its cast is impeccable.

    • Paul

      I couldn’t agree more about Parenthood. Amazing show with an ideal cast.

    • the_girl

      I definitely agree that Cougar Town and Courteney were snubbed. So was Busy. Nominate them for EW Snubbies!!

    • oliviersansau

      i completely agree with EVERYTHING Cougar Town related. Everything on that show is as sharp as can be: directing, writing and acting.

  • erninlow

    John Noble for Fringe, Courtney Cox and Busy Phillips for Cougar Town, Community for best comedy, Fringe for best drama, Justified for best drama

    • Bobby’s Robot

      I’d add Anna Torv and Christopher Lloyd (guest), and Cougar Town and Raising Hope for best comedy. Glee had a dreadful season and should not have been nominated.

    • Gigi


    • Lisa London

      Yes to all that!

  • valerie

    I am sad that Bob Newhard failed to snag a nomination for his poignant turn on NCIS. (Of course, I’d love for NCIS to receive any kind of Emmy love.)

    Fringe. Anna Torv and John Noble deserve awards – not simply nominations. Anna must be exhausted after playing all those characters last season. And John Noble is just brilliant in everything!

    • valerie

      Bob Newhart. Sorry for the typo.

  • Jen

    Cougartown! Snubs all around! :(

  • kozmikg

    Fringe, Anna Torv, John Noble and Denia O’Hare

  • Shama


    Best comedy series- Community

    Comedy actor-Joel McHale (Community)

    Supporting Comedy Actor-Dani Pudi (Community) and Nick Offerman (Parks and Rec)

    Supporting Comedy Actress- Busy Phillips (Cougar Town) and Alison Brie (Community) and Gillian Jacobs (Community)

    Drama Actor – Sean Bean (Game of Thrones)

    Supporting Actor Drama- John Noble (Fringe)

    Writing Comedy- Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (Community) and Paradigms of Human Memories (Community)

    Directing- Fistfull of Paintballs (Community)

    Modern Family‘s Steve Levitan was right…Community got robbed!

    • Adam

      The fact that Pudi and Offerman got overlooked this year p*sses me off! Those two are a million times more talented and funny than Jon Cryer!

      Community should have been nominated for Best comedy too. The Office hasn’t been funny for a long time now and Glee has had a wishy washy season…hardly deserving of a nomination.

    • KB

      I agree! Nick Offerman and Dani Pudi should have been included. I also thought Alison Brie was AMAZING this year! I would add Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire) into the supporting actor in a drama category.

    • SKR

      Agree all around, with the biggest being Danny Pudi and Sean Bean.
      Pudi takes a character that could easily be to wierd to understand let alone like and makes him loveable.
      And Sean Bean stood out on a seires filled with rich characters (Peter Dinklage, who at least got a nod, being the one who maybe a cut above)

    • Tenney

      Shama… I agree with all of yours! The fact that Community or Cougartown gets no Emmy love but the non-funny Glee does completely baffles me. John Cryer instead of Nick Offerman or Dani Pudi? Jane Krakowski instead of Busy Phillips Really????
      I don’t watch Fringe but based on how many people are outraged that it and John Noble were not nominated, I’ll cast my vote that way too.

    • jewels

      I agree. No Nick Offerman, no Alison Brie, no Community for Best Comedy? You screwed up, Emmy nominators.

    • jk

      You’re forgetting Supporting Comedy Actor: Chevy Chase and Ken Jeong
      Supporting Comedy Actress: Yvette Nicole Brown
      By the way to the producers of Community now is the time to lock up Sean Bean for next years finale: “Game of Paintballs”

    • Lil Jo

      you need to watch more shows then just Community. Sorry happen to think its one of the worst shows, tough not as bad as 30 Rock (nothing is as bad as that piece of garbage)

      • Ipecac

        Well, your completely unreliable opinion is obviously right. (Insert allegation that “Lil Jo” is a fan of any number of mediocre CBS sitcoms.)

  • Audrey

    NO COMMUNITY???? This makes me Chang-ry. :/

    • iggy

      good one!

  • becs

    Fringe, fringe, fringe, fringe and uh, fringe…

  • Lisa

    JOHN NOBLE!!!! What does this man have to do to get some Emmy love??

  • Alex

    Jason Segel for HIMYM. honestly, this was his year! And NPH too for that matter!!

    • Cecily

      PREACH IT! Jason Segel. And honestly, Josh Radnor gets better every year.

    • Lisap

      I think HIMYM was completely snubbed in many ways. Pretty much every character had significant growth, the series is changing gears and getting ready to start tying up loose ends and is doing it really, really well. And they went into completely new territory with Marshall’s dad and absolutely blew it out of the water(seriously, the 3-4 episodes directly dealing with it are possibly the best single episodes of any show I have seen).

      Jason Segel definitely earned a nomination, NHP did as well. Honestly I think Alyson Hannigan did too. Pretty disappointed a veteran series can go so outside of their mould and absolutely kill it and still get no recognition.

      I agree with what many have said, there should be an ensemble category but even that would not make up for Jason Segel not being nominated.

  • Splshmntn

    Neil Patrick Harris

  • Megan

    80 million votes for Nick Offerman. Really, the entire cast of Parks and Rec should be on there.

    • Paul

      The Killing should have been nominated as Best Drama and supporting nods for Joel Kinnaman and Brent Sexton are a big snub.

      • Jessica

        I agree, especially about Joel. He’s been fantastic all season. Total snub.

    • laylagalise

      Agreed! Offerman (with Ansari and Pratt) are the only characters on TV who make my laugh out loud week after week.

    • jk

      I wish the Emmys did Best Ensembles awards, because then Parks and Rec, Community, How I Met Your Mother, and Cougar Town would have more of a chance. Actually, they probably would still lose in favor of Modern Family and Glee even though the latter two had really crappy second seasons. A lot of these nominees just seem like the ones people think should get nominated (4 Modern Family guys in the Best Supporting Actor Category?!). My snubs:

      1. The entire Supporting Actor (Comedy) category was pretty messed up. I would give it to:
      Danny Pudi
      jason Segel
      Chris Pratt
      Adam Scott

      2. Best Comedy – I would take out everything but Parks and Rec and Big Bang Theory (I don’t watch it so I don’t think it’s fair to take it out – I watch every other show nominated in this category) and add: Cougar Town, How I Met Your Mother, Community, and Raising Hope (so happy Martha Plimpton got nominated though! Was really pleasantly surprised by that).
      3. Busy Phillips. And I would have been happy to see anyone else from Cougar Town get nominated because I think they’re great and maybe the best ensemble out of a lot of great ensemble shows).

      • Ashley J

        That is my dream list exactly!!

      • Lisa London

        Could not agree more.

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