'SYTYCD': Mary Murphy on the Top 14 week's new choreographers and new judges


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Due to some technical difficulties, Mary Murphy’s blog entry for last week’s Top 14 episodes of So You Think You Can Dance was unfortunately delayed. Better late than never, here are her full insights and observations about what went down on Wednesday night’s performance episode and Thursday night’s results.

Last Wednesday’s episode was an exciting night with new choreographers and new judges!

Yes, some new choreographers came in with a big splash, while others, not so much. I’m happy to report I loved the work that Justin Giles did with the seven guys — it was interesting and kept my attention the entire time. His other number also hit big, a contemporary piece starring Jess and Clarice, who in my opinion are coming on stronger every week. It will be interesting to see what happens when this partnership is broken up.

The choreographer in the hot seat is Shaun Evaristo, who choreographed Alexander and Sasha. I felt really bad that such a dynamic couple were not given choreography that played to their strengths. I hope that the public got the gist of that when I told the dancers that they brought tears to my eyes just two weeks ago doing a hip hop number by Tabitha and Napoleon. But that is part of the show: the luck of the draw, the luck of the right music, the luck of the right choreographer, the luck of which partner you receive. Destiny is often out of our control. All of these dancers have done their homework. After eight seasons they know what is expected of them. Their fate now lies in the stars as to their journey on this show.

If you think the choreographers have it easy, you’re wrong. Even the best of choreographers that have been on this show know how difficult a task it is to take two dancers and turn in a performance at a professional level at under seven hours. They often make it look too easy. Some of the dancers look like they have been dancing together for years. As nerve wrecking as it is for the dancers, the choreographers usually get no sleep until the contestants have done their work respectably. And when the verdict comes in with the judges comments, the cameras flash to their face with either delight or anger over how the judges criticized their piece.

Now to the new choreographers. Chucky Klapow was another one who was a hit last night; he choreographed a jazz number and zombie piece that scared us all just a little with a strong character driven performance by Ryan and Ricky. Ray Leeper, another choreographer new to me, did an outstanding job not only with Melanie and Marko’s jazz number, but I so enjoyed the top 7 girls performance he put together as well.


Image Credit: Adam Rose/Fox

But the real star routine Wednesday night was by one of our long term resident choreographers, Mandy Moore, with a piece starring Caitlynn and Mitchell. What made matters more interesting was the fact that Mitchell had an injured ankle and was not going to be performing, but  he stepped up to the plate and gave a performance of a lifetime that I will never forget on season eight of SYTYCD.

Now, on to the new judges. It’s always exciting to me to have new guest judges sitting beside me. Carmen Electra looked as spectacular in person as I’ve seen in the magazines. Did she bring a new dimension to the judging table? I don’t think so. But I found her to be a lot of fun and she loves the dancers and that’s what I most care about.

I was particularly proud of Travis Wall. I’ve choreographed for him myself, and have a deep admiration and love for him. Any choreographer develops this connection with the contestant; mine was season 2, choreographing a paso doble with Travis and Heidi. I was impressed with his determination and focus, which he also brought to the judging table. I thought his comments were insightful, even though rather speedy at times, but that is common with first-time judging. The only way if this night could have been better was if Travis was sitting right next to me.

So now the results. It was no surprise that Chris and Ashley fell into the bottom three. But what was a surprise was Ryan and Ricky, and Tadd and Jordan landing there again. I wish I knew why America isn’t connecting with these two couples; I think they are fantastic. But let’s not forget about Ashley and Chris. They left Thursday night as celebrated dancers. I will always remember their “Please, Mr. Jailer” number that put them on my hot tamale train. And even though their salsa number was not as hot, I never took them off the train.

Stepping off for now,

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  • NayNay

    Mary, the reason Ryan and Ricky and Jordan and Tadd were in the bottom 3 is because of Ryan and Jordan. I know the judges act like Ryan is the be all end all, the fans do not think that at all. We don’t like her, we will never like her. Ricky and Tadd are two of the best dancers on the show, but their partners are bringing them down. And tell Nigel to quit blaming it on Ricky, it is all Ryan’s fault.

    • dbfjkl

      I disagree. I think Ryan is fab and she looked gorgeous. She is brilliant and a hard worker (America is lazy, that’s probably why they are not connecting with her)
      I’m sure now she has mentally prepared herself to go.
      Same thing happened last year with Robert, he was in the bottom 3 pretty much all the time but the judges saved him till the finale.

      • Sugar

        @ dbfjki – It’s true, the same thing happened with Robert last year. But the funny thing is, when he showed up this year to help with Vegas week, everyone on this board seemed thrilled to see him – so…? But, lots of women post here and women are notoriously harder on other women than men – Ryan doesn’t have a chance.

      • Marissa

        @dbfjkl – “America is lazy” is a brilliant observation. It’s always a good idea to grossly generalize an entire society and blame one person’s failure on that generalization. I figured America was just jealous of Ryan’s better-than-average-but-not-stellar dancing ability, but now I see the truth.

      • Riley

        “America is lazy”… that’s your excuse?!? LOL I don’t think you’ll see anyone here say Ryan, along with every other contestant this season, is not a hard worker. Some people just don’t connect with her.

        Personally, I find her dancing heavy and sometimes clunky. I have yet to see her do an entire routine without a wobble or falling out of her turns (like last week). Yet the judges have said nothing, except for the weird smile she had during her first routine, while nit picking some of the other contestants.

        I would say SYTYCD fans are frustrated by the clear favoritism shown Ryan because she was an assistant to Mia Michaels. Being Mia’s assistant, I’m surprised she hasn’t had a flawless routine to date. I know Mia would call her out for it if She was a judge on the show!

    • Dezimarie

      I totally agree with you. Jordan and Ryan just turn me off. It is the personality. It is hard for me to vote for a couple when I only like one of the dancers as opposed to a couple where I enjoy both dancers. I absolutely love Ricky and was so upset with Nigel when he said Ricky was not connecting. No Ryan the one not connecting!

      • Lisa

        I love Ricky but simply cannot vote for Ryan. I don’t know why Nigel insists on blaming Ricky for their poor showings. Hopefully someone can clue him in on the reality.

      • Adella

        It really is! I have been trying to put my finger on it, and I think it does just come down to for whatever reason, I don’t really gel with Ryan’s personality and it makes it really hard to watch without that bias. And because dance performance is centered on connection, that element is unavoidable. But maybe her energy is just fundamentally different in person than on television? Agree with others that I’m sad to see judges eliminating by couple.

    • Lydia

      Totally agree! They are making Ryan out to be someone she is not. She is not that great of a dancer…nothing special. And Jordan IS a turn off. She thinks she is all that and more. Her dancing is pretty good, I just don’t like her. Ricky and Tadd are awesome and I can’t wait for them to get new partners.

    • sara

      the judges are over-praising Ryan because she is a pretty blonde, and is therefore Nigel’s pet. As for the idiotic comment that it is because she is “a hard worker”, I rather doubt anyone who dances at the level of any of these contestants is not a hard worker.

      • drea

        The judges are over praising Ryan because she worked with Mia Micheals.

      • psyche

        I honestly have no idea who some of you Ryan “haters” are watching. I very rarely comment on these boards because its so negative. Over the years, every year, it seems to me that people are pre-disposed to dislike certain dancers because of perceived judging bias and then try to justify it to themselves by saying that dancers that are absolutely stupendous are really below average and you are the “ones that really see it” over the judges “hidden agenda”.

        Kayla was a beautiful dancer despite hitting the bottom every week her year, as was Robert last year. The “bus” coming for Evan was no reason to vote him in over Ade, who was legit awesome. The judges like certain people: get over it. They are human too.

        Ryan is ridiculously expressive in her movement. Watch Sonya’s Geisha routine again (or the one with the ribbons), she really nails the nuances of choreography.

      • sara

        to psyche – I have no idea what you’re watching, but it isn’t her dancing. Flailing her arms around aimlessly does not equate to “ridiculously expressive.” Ryan is a mediocre dancer who just happens to have a pretty face.

      • kyrjar

        Is the Ryan hating over the top? Probably, as she isn’t a terrible dancer and the comments seem mean.
        But people are not unexpectedly reacting to the fact that she is being over-praised and saved when we would prefer Miranda, Iveta, Missy, and Ashley to have stuck around. It is good for people to be invested or they stop watching/voting. This is still my fave reality show.

      • Blame Leno

        I don’t understand the expression “over praised”. If someone loves another person’s performance and praises it, is it “over praised” because it does not fit your perception? Dance is subjective. The judges may truly love her dancing….period. I know I know inconcievable right? I think Ryan is a beautiful dancer. I know several people who agree. when I tell them about all the hate on the boards they can’t seem to understand it. I don’t get it either. I wonder if people did not know about her Mia connection or if she didn’t have a Mia connection would people dislike her as much? I agree with psyche. Some say she’s over praised by the judges but I think she’s over criticized by the boards. It’s all opinion at the end of the day.

      • Squishmar

        To psyche: I agree. I like Ryan. She had me with “Addicted to Love”… she was incredible in that.

        To sara: I don’t know what *you’re* watching, but I’m sorry, Ryan does not have a pretty face. I don’t mean to sound mean, but it’s not her looks that are keeping her there. She has a huge neck and no jawline… her face just runs into her neck as one. Maybe something translates in person more than over the airwaves… but I don’t get the negativity towards her personality… or Jordan’s. I love Jordan’s personality.

      • Squishmar

        And I agree with Blame Leno (can we?): I do think she’s over-criticized on the boards and I don’t get it. I loved Miranda and wish she had not been booted off, but personally, I didn’t care for Iveta and was glad Ryan got saved that week.

    • TV_Pete

      I think Jordan tries to hard to be sexy. Lauren from last season did a great job of being sexy in her audition, but then showed us so much more the rest of the season. I love Jordan’s look (a little softer/not so cut).

      I have yet to see Ryan and Ricki connect to each other. Ryan never even TRIES to look at her partner, although both of their dancing is fine. Travis, Melanie and Marko all can fake it (Katherine is my favorite for connecting performance/acting).

      • D

        I have a similar look, except I am in my 40s and sedentary. Good to know that it is an attractive look!

    • Jenny Jay

      I could not agree more! So well said. Thank you! I can’t wait until America gets to vote for singles so the judges, (hello, NIGEL) can see that we don’t care for Ryan like they do. I hope Ricky and Tadd are still there. Miranda should still be there, that was a shame…much better than Ryan or Jordan.

    • Kelli

      I absolutely agree! I can’t stand how the judges act like Ryan walks on water. She’s always a featured dancer in group numbers. She’s always right up in the camera. I find her irritating and unlikeable. Her personality (and frankly her dancing) is dull and flat. Can’t wait for her to go!

  • Lee

    Have to agree with NayNay for the most part. You guys shoved Ryan down our throats during Vegas week and now we’re sick of her. Jordan does the same damn moves every single week and takes the “sexy” thing way too far.

  • Shirley

    It’s too bad that she didn’t acknowledge the farce of this “luck of the draw” concept, when some couples have clearly been more consistently “lucky” than others, but I guess that’s what they call a “streak.” *sarcasm*
    And it’s also a shame she didn’t further elaborate on the supposed shortcomings of both Ashley and Chris, where Ashley could have flourished had her ability been complemented with the partnerships and routines of say… Melanie, or Ryan.
    I saw a stellar dancer I’ve had to notice be joyously gifted in the back of group routines, and get one sub-par routine after another, on too steady a basis to be believably random, for what? What do the judges and producers really get from positioning certain dancers, rather than let America do it’s thing. We’ll get the ones WE want to see more of through the weeks, thus the contestant’s popularity and the show’s appeal grows. It’s ultimately only our viewership that matters.

    • Tarc

      To be flatly honest, the correct couple went home, and both on their mertits as a dancer (rather than their styles and routines). Ashley nneded another year before she was ready for the Big Show, And Chris? His solo was *amazing*, but I don’t think he will ever be suited for this particular forum. And what’s up with the unfounded conspiracy theory? We SEE the contestants pick randomly from the box, and surely you understabd that choreographers are booked weeks ahead. Finally, the choreographers chose the dancer’s positions in their numbers, with poor/underperformers going in the back and middle. If someone was there, they were not doing as well at the time of the decision-making.

      • Ian

        But YOU’RE making all the assumptions Tarc. Who are you to dictate the with certainty that Ashley neede another year? From what I saw, she was clearly one of the best girls who fell victim to some awful bad luck.
        And were you a fly on the wall in every rehearsal studio when these group routine choreographers were always putting favorited dancers in the front, and the rest behind? Every choreographer is subject to their own opinions of whose weaker and stronger, and thus it becomes all the more obvious a specific few were being politically positionted. By nature of being top 20, they ALL deserved chances to be spotlighted in the group numbers.
        Random hat choices on camera are edited and unless we as an audience can be sure from the broken-dow presentation of the hat, we don’t know what was in the hat at the time of each dancer’s picking. We’re only being told it’s fair, and not even seeing them pick their genres every week either. Rather we’re just being told what they got.
        And it’s a well-figured and largely-agreed upon idea that conspiratorial elements and influences are happening backstage.
        Your argument is invalid because it falls apart. Try again if you want, but any logical person goes with what makes the most sense, so why be so adamant all is right and fair in the competition? What’s in it for you?

      • kyrjar

        I disagree about Ashley — either Ryan or Jordan should have gone. Ashley has had to dance outsider her comfort more and with a weaker partner. Tadd and Ricky are better than Chris and I’d like to have seen it mixed up. The partnerships this year have been a big fail.

      • TexT

        I don’t know what y’all have been watching, but I haven’t seen ANYBODY draw anything out of a hat this season. I love dance, and do love this show, but I think the analogy of Kayla and Ryan is a good one. I don’t like either one of them, and the judges praise the heck out of them. Can somebody please give Ryan ballroom? Can somebody please give ANYBODY ballroom?! We fall in love with somebody like Travis or Josh or Russell because they do ballroom well, as well as bring it in their own styles. Ryan has yet to be out of her comfort zone. Robert wasn’t liked last season because he didn’t dance strongly enough – and then Travis broke through to him, and he did. And now we like him!

    • TV_Pete

      I’m fine with any of the people at risk going home or Alexander who “should” have been in the bottom three. (and we assume is the 3rd best contemporary dancer of the remaining 6 guys – 3 contemporary, 2 hip hop, 1 jazz/broadway)

      Really, the only ones I haven’t been fine sending home:

      Nick (best in group numbers)
      Jess (on the cusp – can we just keep him from the shoulders down?)

      • Ann

        Hah! I’m with you on Jess! His dancing is at least “fine”–but he’s pretty annoying to watch!

      • Kelli

        OMG, we’ve said the SAME THING. Jess is a really good dancer….but it’s just SO hard to watch/listen to him. The eyebrows! The open mouth! The pulling of the face. Please, someone tell him to tone it down.

  • Joanna

    It has nothing to do with hard work; I’ve been training as a dancer for over 30 years now and I can’t stand Ryan. I think she’s still too immature for this show as she’s always grinning throughout her pieces. This week was the first week that we didn’t have to put up with that, for the most part (although I had to wonder how much of that was due to the size of her hair and the fact that it kept hiding her face).

    • Mandy

      She does smile the whole way through, even in dances that are clearly not smiley types. It drive me crazy.

    • TV_Pete

      It isn’t just her smile (which is often inappropriate) it is the focus of her performance. She tends to only look at the camera/audience and this prevents her from looking at her partner.

      If you never look at your partner (in a romantic number) you will not be convincing in your connection to them.

      There are exceptions, such as this week’s performance where Jess so clearly looks AWAY from his partner, but still does not stare down the camera/audience.

      • ladyhelix

        My problem with Ryan is where she focuses, how she conducts herself, her refusal to even attempt authentic emotion, and her disrespect for her team (choreographer & partner).

        In the first Top 20, she grinned like an deranged cheerleader in a toothpaste ad during Chris Scott’s pain soaked routine – which clearly displayed the extent of her immaturity and self absorption; “oh yea – he wants me so bad”. No Ryan, it’s not all about you. This was a haunting piece about anguish and loss – and the choreography/music made it clear that this man was out of his mind with grief; so no – he’s probably not capable of being “happy for you being in a better place”.

        The next week we got “Creepy/Sexyface” (which was not at all sensual or appealing) – once again a “look at me” performance that was focused completely on the audience rather than in any authentic way on Ricky. I just hope the poor boy can survive one more week.

    • Kathy

      I agree with the smiling thing. They made it an issue last year about all the smiling being done and nothing has been said to her about this. She is clearly a favorite of the judges, but is that because she is Mai’s protoge’. When she was talking about her home and family, that is all she talked about was her time with Mia and the shows she was in. Well, that’s what blew it for me, if she has all this time in already in the professional world, why is she on the show? Let someone who needs a foot in the door to have their chance.

      • Ann

        Nigel, I think, did ask Ryan why she smiled through that number and she said some lame thing like, “I was remembering the happy times.” Brother!

  • Pam

    This last week was the first time I actually liked Ryan. I think the issue with Tadd and Jordan is Jordan.

    • Kathy

      I absolutely love Jordan and Tadd! They are my favorite couple. I also don’t mind Ryan. She’s not my favorite girl, but I’m shocked to see people hating on her so much.

  • rowens

    I have to agree that Ryan has been shoved upon us a little to much, and I am not a big fan of Jordon’s either. I wish the judges would quit voting off couples and do indv. and move some pairings around. 2 of my favorite guys left way to early. I loved Wadi and Robert, I know that they were still green around the gills, but I feel they left a little too early. Nick was a favorite too and I think he would have improved. I am ready for Jess to go home, I like Clarice but I dont like him.

    • Lee

      Agree that the judges should stop getting rid of couples b/c thats what was so fun before-seeing the couples switch around and see who could benefit from a new partner (which I think Ashley and Chris both could have).
      Also, BIG mistake getting rid of Chris. Now, out of 12 dancers left, 11 of them are contemporary…boring! And I thought this show is all about the journey-then it doesn’t make any sense when Nigel says the judges are keeping the girls who have already peaked, and as much as I love Ricky, I would much rather see Chris transform as a dancer and improve each week than see Ricky staying pretty consistent and doing the same thing every week.

      • TexT


    • Squishmar

      Definitely stop eliminating couples. It’s really unfair.
      To rowens: I wish Nick had stayed too, but at the cost of letting Robert go that week. He was absolutely the reason Miranda got booted. I loved her.

  • s-k-s

    Dear Mary, and Nigel, and everyone else – when we, the viewers, consistently put people in the bottom 3 and you refuse to acnkowledge their painfully obvious weaknesses and continue to call them amazing and talented and all the rest, it turns viewers off from the show. And then we stop watching. And your ratings fall.

    Ryan is one-note (grin!) and very labored in some of her movements, she fell out of a terrible pirouette at the end of her routine this week, and yet you have refused to give her any criticism and express *shock* when she is in the bottom 3 again and again. And then she gives a flaily mess of a solo and you refuse to criticize it. If you save her next week over someone who has been in the bottom less and given more quality performances … just be ready for the ratings to drop even further.

    • sara

      well said.

    • Patty

      I didn’t NOT like Ryan when she made it to the Top 20 – it was her performances that I don’t connect to. the smile, yes, is annoying but I look at ALL the performances each week and she is not up to par with the rest. If anything, I would have liked them to break up the bottom couples and seen Ryan dance with Tadd this week. The most annoying thing for me this season is the overall immaturity of all the dancers. It’s made me look forward to the All Stars for sure. I hope they can pull some amazing performances out of everyone.

      • John

        This is my biggest complaint. The contestants are always immature… Especially the boys. There’s nothing they love better than taking an 18 year old boy and telling him, “You need to dance like a man!” But do they ever take the men who dance like men? Ask Anthony Burrell, or DJ Smart, or Brice “Professor Lock” Johnson, or countless others.

        I don’t watch Dancing With the Stars because I don’t care about the “growth” of the celebrities as dancers. I think they put out an inferior product. But when SYTYCD keeps pushing 18 year olds who aren’t ready, and are no match for the actual MEN who audition for them, I feel like they put out an inferior product as well.

        Maybe some day they’ll take a look at all the mature adults featured in the guest performances during the elimination shows and say, “You know what… Maybe we should try that.” What’s the worst that could happen… You find another Melissa and Ade? God forbid.

  • ghostlight

    Technical difficulties = Mary’s severe manic episode.

  • Jullianne

    America IS connecting with Ricky it is RYAN they don’t like. So next time listen to America and when Ryan does a lame dance for your life again, send her home. When Ricki gets a new partner you will see he will no longer be in the bottom.

    • jmm

      I would have loved to see Ashley dance with Ricky! Ryan and Jordan are ok for me in their choreographed pieces – but I really don’t care for their solos and if I have to see Jordan in a bikini top and boyshorts one more time I might scream.

  • CraftySabine

    I forgot you did the Paso for Travis and Heidi. Other then the Bench Mia did, that was my favorite. Travis standing big and strong walking down with Heidi behind his back, upside down and held by her ankles; not an easy thing to forget. So glad you’re back Mary. Woo!!

  • NayNay

    And please start giving honest critiques to these dancers. Ryan fell out of her pirouette and nothing was said. Nigel did at least tell Jordan to quit with the developpes(sp?).

    • Eileen

      NayNay – I caught that as well. Not only did she fall out of that but she couldn’t keep up with Ricky and was out of sync with him almost the whole routine. And not only did the judges not point that out but they actually said that they were completley together and in sync the whole routine. I wish they would realize that they aren’t helping Ryan at all with their praises, but instead only fueling our dislike for her.

      • Anissa

        Exactly! I wondered that too. It made me mad that they would pick out other dancers’ flaws but Ryan wobbling was smoothed over and ignored. They girl can dance yes, but so can many of the others and they at least act while doing so! Wanting it isn’t enough.

    • Jenny Jay

      Agreed! I was surprised no one commented about her falling out of her turn. She actually looked relieved.

  • Eileen

    It makes me crazy when the judges show their bias with certain contestants and try to dictate to the voting public who should go home and who should stay. I also hate when the bottom 3 couples are announced and they say, “I’m just so SHOCKED to see Ryan and Ricky in the bottom…it’s just not right.” In other words…America, you are sooooo stupid and clearly don’t have a clue as to what you are doing. And what does that say to the other couples who don’t get that response…”Oh, we aren’t shocked that you guys are there because you’re just a bunch of losers.” Here is a hint for you judges…You shouldn’t be shocked who we put in the bottom because we know who and what we like and who and what we DON’T like. How about that!!!

  • Ben

    Excuse me, but I beg to differ with the judges with regard to what Shaun Evaristo choreographed for Sasha and Alexander. I thought it was great and their critisism of him was unfair and unwarranted. The only thing that ruined that routine was Sasha and her inability to connect with Alex. She is such a selfish dancer.

    • NayNay

      Exactly Ben! That describes her perfectly. As far as she is concerned, she is alone on that stage and it is all about her. Alex at least tries sometimes to connect, she doesn’t. I can’t wait to see which allstar she gets and hope they put her in her place.

      • Lydia

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. I am so glad that other people are on to Sasha’s “act”. I feel sorry for anyone who gets her as a partner. It is definitely ALL about her. Agreed about the great routine from Shaun Evaristo. Judges were way too harsh.

    • D

      It’s funny, I’ve been thinking about that hip hop all week. I really liked it, and I liked Alexander in it. I felt bad for tge new choreographer.

    • Kat

      I agree that Sasha and Alexander’s hip hop was a really fun, groovy kind of dance that another couple might have been better able to pull off and make cute (I mean, just imagine Katherine and Legacy dancing it). The problem wasn’t the choreography; the problem was the ability of the dancers. Neither of them is really that great at hip-hop, so when they failed to make the moves pop the way they were supposed to, the whole visual impact of the dance was lost. I guess you could argue that the choreographer should have played more to their strengths, but I personally just don’t buy into that kind of argument. If the dancers can’t do the dance, it’s on THEM. Not the choreographer. Now, as far as Sasha being a “selfish” dancer, I can’t say I’ve really noticed that. They don’t have great chemistry as a couple, but I thought they both seemed like they were trying and it just doesn’t really work with them. I don’t know…

    • Kathy

      I wanted to like this routine because I like this couple, but I really didn’t like it. It was as if he was trying to do the lyrical hip-hop that NappyTabs does so beautifully, but it fell flat completely in my opinion.

  • h

    Dear Mary,

    I hope you read all these posts. I am so excited that you are back as a judge! However, this season (which had a lot of potential) has become a huge let down for me. Why are there not more criticisms of dancers? How did you miss Ryan falling out of her turn? Why did you not let anyone go home week 1. We lost my favorite (and many others I believe) dancers in the blood bath of week 2. I am still bitter about Nick and Iveta. I have been watching since S1 and have taken your decisions up until now. It would be helpful in your blog if you actually explained your decisions in your blog or discuss your take on some of these controveries because they don’t make sense.

    Thank you,

    dance fan

    • Na na na!

      Well said. Thank you!

    • Mandy

      hear, hear. I was sooo disappointed when Nick went home. he had great potential and I was so excited to see some decent tap performances.
      This season is clearly the season of the contemporary dancer. There is less and less diversity every week. We know by watching Twitch, Legacy, Russell, Joshua Allen, Benji & Heidi or other such dancers that more than just jazz and contemporary can thrive on this show. But clearly not this season.

    • TV_Pete

      I’m fine with all of the people who have been at risk this past week. I do wish they had kept Nick and Ivetta was really good and her makeup allowed her to look a little younger.

      • Kathy

        I enjoyed Nick, but none of the many people I know that watches SYTYCD connected with Ivetta at all. That was the decision I agreed with the most.

    • Patty

      I was very sorry to see both Nick and Eveta go home so early. They both brought some maturity to the show that I have missed these last few weeks.

  • AuH20

    If and when you read these replies, please realize that it’s not just the same two or three people bashing Ryan and Jordan week after week. These sentiments are widespread.
    I don’t want to see these two girls dance on the show anymore, so that’s how I vote. But despite being told over and over again that this show is about identifying my (America’s) favorite dancer, voting feels increasingly useless.
    Ryan and Jordan are always in the bottom because that’s where we, the viewers think they belong. Please respect that and send them home.

    • dave


    • Gabe

      This is exactly how I would put it as well! Agreed!

    • Kathy

      Completely disagree… Especially on the Jordan sentiment.

      • Squishmar

        I love Jordan too. This Ryan and Jordan thing really, really feels like a dislike of their perceived personalities and not much to do with their dancing (especially with Jordan). I hate to mention it… but it feels almost like Haley bashing all over again with every gesture and comment being picked apart and some “meaning” being put to it that just doesn’t exist. Yes, Jordan dances sexy, but does anyone remember the rehearsal footage of the bed dance and how awkward and embarrassed she was? She’s a cute, sweet girl… not some vamp. And Ryan can’t help how her bio package is edited. That’s all up to the producers. We were at her home last season when she got cut last minute… maybe they thought they’d focus on something else? Maybe they just wanted to promote “House”, another Fox show. Who knows?

        But I really do not understand why they are eliminating couples as a whole. It is really annoying. I would have loved to see Miranda dance with Mitchell (and, IMO Caitlynn really didn’t shine until this week) and many other pairings others have mentioned. I also think not getting rid of any dancers the first week was a great idea. It’s always a shame after one dance to let someone go. The end result was the same… two weeks in, four less dancers… but we got to see *everybody* dance another dance. What could be wrong with that?

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