Care Bears to return as computer-generated autobots in animated TV series


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Bad news for nostalgic 20- and 30-somethings whose childhoods were marked by love and adoration for a group of fuzzy, chubby-faced bears with tummy symbols: The bears are coming back to TV in 2012… as computer-generated images, according to reports. Sigh.

Normally, I’d applaud the efforts of studios to bring back beloved franchises in order to expose them to a new generation. But why mess with their look? The people behind the new Winnie the Pooh movie, out later this year, stuck with the classic look, and I don’t think the effect of the lovable honey-addict on a new generation of kids will be diminished because he’s in 2-D. At least, I hope not.

Of course, the idea for computerizing the Care Bears is nothing new. They were first depicted in CGI in 2004’s Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-Lot. The result was terrifying. I didn’t want to hug them anymore; I wanted to run and hide because their soulless eyes promised nothing if not my untimely murder. They took the care out of the Care Bears! If this TV reboot is truly a way to mark the franchise’s 30th anniversary, as reported, wouldn’t the best method be to honor the original bears? The ones with the warm, beady eyes, quirky expressions, and small tufts of fur sticking out everywhere?

Perhaps I’m being a Grumpy Bear. Maybe some people don’t mind the bears from the Land Without Feelings. That’s fine; I understand the support for animation evolution. CGI has done amazing things for animation (See: Toy Story), but still, we’d be remiss to forget and dismiss the work done by the talented hands that gripped a pencil instead of a mouse.

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  • ‘Lish

    I 100% agree. Why do the collective, “They”, have to keep messing with my childhood cartoons?!

  • MissMel

    Damn it! Why must they constantly take beloved characters from my childhood and crap all over them? Not everything needs to be modernized. I know plenty of kids that love the original Care Bears movies.

  • Voodoo


  • Annie

    Can Hollywood come up with any original ideas for children’s programming? First Thundercats, now Care Bears, what is next Rainbow Bright? Hey, how about adding The Littles too.

  • Andrew

    Very overrated tv series as well as those films. They were way too sugary sweet. It would give me cavities.

    • KC

      Have you no heart??

      • Andrew

        There were much better children’s programs to watch in those days like “Madeline,” “Rugrats,” “The Magic School Bus,” and “Winnie the Pooh.”

      • Lala

        @Andrew, looking at the shows you summed up, you obviously did not grow up in the 80’s so you shouldn’t talk.

      • Andrew

        LaLa, I have a good memory. “Care Bears” had reruns shown in the early 90’s and my parents also bought video tapes of them for my siblings, but I didn’t like them.

  • Beepela

    Am I the only who thought, due to the title of this article, that I was going to be reading about a Care Bears/Transformers crossover?

    • AuntieMM

      Don’t feel bad; I did, too. Just consider the power of the bears up against Megatron! Like Bambi vs. Godilla.

      • Benlinus

        Well you can have Matrix Bear I suppose; Soundwave has some similar traits to a Care Bear as well.

  • Beepela

    *only one

  • Peter

    We have some of the series on video. They’re awful.

    And they have never really gone away. This is the third or fourth “reboot” in the last ten years.

  • Rose

    Oh No… Please not Jem… Please not She-Ra, either…For the love of Bob stop rebooting stuff! I saw the new cartoon and toys for Care Bears, they looked spooky. Grr. And what the hell did they do to Strawberry Shortcake? I cried a little inside when I saw what some company did to My Little Pony, too. Stop screwing with my childhood. Please!

    • Regina George

      Strawberry Shortcake was just terrible. She used to he cute and fun, now she’s just creepy

  • tigger851

    BOOOOOOOOO! Leave it the way it happened, stop trying to reboot stuff………….my inner child screams at the horrific nature of it being redone in a disgusting way….

  • Dezimarie

    I agree it is so scary. I caught a glimpse of the new My Little Pony cartoon as well and turned the channel in horror! They used to be so cute and cuddly and now if you watch them you will think you are tripping on some type of drug! I don’t mind them bringing them back just bring the back the way they are supposed to look. I would not be surprised if they tried to bring back the Gummi Bears soon too.

    • MissMel

      Shhh…don’t give them any ideas!

  • Alyssa

    I think it’s great what American Greetings & the Hub network are doing to reinvent the classic cartoons we grew up. I loved My Little Pony & Strawberry Shortcake growing up, and now my almost 3 year old watches (more modern) versions of the same shows! I’m all for it!

  • AC

    NO! STICK TO CLASSIC ANIMATION. I acknowledge those studios are becoming obsolete but even as an adult, I’d love to see my favorite cartoon characters brought back but as the same characters I remember them to be.

  • Jessica

    I agree if they are going to reboot the franchise they should use the old cartoon versions

  • Child of the ’80s

    As a heads-up, Sandra, I believe the word you’re looking for in the last sentence is “remiss” not “amiss.”

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