Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker top 'Forbes' Highest Paid Actresses list


Image Credit: Parker: Sipa Press; Jolie: Getty Images

Looks like the Carrie Bradshaw effect is still going strong. Sarah Jessica Parker tied Angelina Jolie for top honors on Forbes’ 2010 Highest Paid Actresses List. More surprising, Parker bested Hollywood heavies like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Julia Roberts.

Jolie and Parker each took in $30 million in last year, but for very different reasons. The magazine credited Jolie’s success to her viability as an action star in films like Salt and The Tourist. On the other hand, Parker kept things decidedly girly, not only making bank on her leading role in the Sex and the City sequel but also with a designing gig at high-fashion house Halston and through her line of signature fragrances.

Aniston and Witherspoon weren’t far behind, each pulling in $28 million, despite critical failures. Aniston’s The Bounty Hunter and Witherspoon’s How Do You Know were both summarily dismissed, but it certainly didn’t put a dent in either of their wallets.

Rival Snow White stars Julia Roberts and Kristen Stewart followed some distance behind with a respectable $20 million apiece, thanks to the solid performances of Roberts’ Eat Pray Love and Stewart’s Twilight: Eclipse.

Rounding out the top 10 were rom-com queens Katherine Heigl ($19 million), Cameron Diaz ($18 million), and Sandra Bullock ($15 million), though Bullock’s accomplishment is perhaps the most impressive since she hasn’t had a movie open since her Oscar-winning turn in 2009’s The Blind Side. After a tumultuous year personally, she is set to appear in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close with Tom Hanks.

Bullock’s Oscar-rival — and kissing partner — Meryl Streep, also quiet since 2009’s It’s Complicated and Julie & Julia, is coming back with a bang, playing former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in this December’s The Iron Lady. She may have ranked 10th on this list, but it looks like there may be an infusion of gold in Streep’s future.

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  • Grumpster

    SJP is such a sick looking person…awful actress, and grating personality. That and a horse-face to boot. Only good thing I ever saw her in was with Cage in Honeymoon in Vegas. She was still hot there before she became all anorexic looking.

    • Temma

      Hollywood has an odd way of “ranking” actors. Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep have had the biggest cumulative box office success of all the actresses on the list in the last 5 years, and yet, somehow, the rank #9 and # 10, below a bunch of actresses who have had flop after flop lately, like Reese and Katherine.

    • Petlover4

      Hey grumpster, how dare you call her horse face. Based on your screen name, I am sure you look like an a**hole face! Your argument sounds real intelligent when you call someone horseface… you sound like a 5 year old, and based on what you said, I am guessing you are not even 5 yet!!!! JERK

  • Flathead

    She looks like Skeletor.

    • Petlover4

      Flathead, or should I say di**head! What does one’s appearance have to do with this list. What an a**. And so is Ben. Read the article and comment on that, don’t make the comment about one’s appearance. That has nothing to do with it. JERK and a88hole!

  • ben

    Wow. I’m not a fan either, but there must be some serious hatred for Sarah Jessica Parker.

    • AltDave

      I’d like to think people don’t really hate SJP, but hate the fact that she represented as a beautiful woman. I think she is talented and probably a good person, but no way can I consider her beautiful.

      • Tank Girl

        Plus she considers herself some kind of style icon, when most of what she wear is fugly.

      • whatevs

        Well, I think that Carrie Bradshaw was supposed to represent the “every woman” and really, none of her co-stars are beautiful either. It makes them more relatable I suppose.

      • @whatevs

        Um, yeah…she represents the “everywoman” as well as Diane Von Fustenberg or the Queen Mother would. How can a character that has a fabulous job, fabulous clothes and a fabulous place in Manhattan, plus all these fabu designer duds, represent the “everywoman”? Anyway, both Angelina and SJP are decent actresses, but they are exemplary of Hollywood’s anorexia-chic look. Angie used to be so hot 25 pounds ago, when she did GIA and Tomb Raider. Now she’s just a beautiful skeleton. SJP may have never been a traditionally beautiful woman, but she was cute when she had some meat on her bones, and her face’s harsh features weren’t as prominent and accentuated by her lack of muscle and fatty tissue.

      • whatevs

        Well, I meant in the looks department. Of course, Sex and the City doesn’t even pretend to be real in regards to Carrie’s financial situation.

      • Bob R

        No, I actually can’t stand her – after hearing her speak a couple of times I think she’s an ass

  • dbfjkl

    SJP is awesome, won multiple awards for acting and philanthropy! She is also a great Mother who is not using her babies for press unlike many others.

  • jfms777

    And (ironically) Mariska Hargitay and Kyra Sedgwick made almost as much
    doing TV. How times have changed. (And Charlie Sheen made even more.)

    • Bob R

      there is nothing ironic about that. They are both better actors tahn sjp. And Mariska is gorgeous

  • erin

    If they want to call this “Highest Paid Actress”, then only what is earned from acting jobs should be counted, not what is made from perfume and such. What does that have to do with acting?

  • wow

    Next to Sarah jessica Parker Angelina actually looks healthy.

    • Christine

      I know Jolie is thin, but at least she’s not as god awfully bony as SJP.

  • hollywood

    and they still can’t afford to eat

  • Queen

    Is it just me or are all of the movies box office bombs?

    I don’t want to trash her because she seems like a good person but what was the last movie Jolie was in that made over $100 mil? Mr and Mrs Smith? (Which was terrible but made money)

    • Mr. Holloway

      Both “Wanted” (2008) and “Salt” (2010) made over $100 mil in the domestic box office. “The Tourist” is considered a “failure” yet made almost $280 mil worldwide. “Changeling” made more than $100 mil worldwide and earned her an Oscar nom. (And all this isn’t even counting her voice roles in the “Kung Fu Panda” movies, which are huge hits.

      So I guess what I’m saying is that I’d hardly call all of Jolie’s movies “box office bombs.”

    • box office

      Salt and the tourist both almost made 300 million worldwide. Salt was just short of 300. Her solo turn in Salt actually did better than the the jolie/depp combo.

      • Queen

        I stand corrected.

  • Jano

    What about Emma Watson (“Harry Potter”.) Didn’t see make $30,000,000 for the last two episodes? That makes her the highest paid, as far as I can count. She isn’t even in the top ten list!

    • John

      Because no matter how many fans Watson may have, “Harry Potter” is the draw of the Harry Potter franchise. While I’m sure that Emma is the reason some people go see the HP films, she is still not considered a headliner or a box office draw. People like Jolie, Streep and Bullock may have not a single box office hit on the level of HP on their resumes, but the hits they have are usually sold on their names alone, which is something Watson does not have yet.

      • Mr. Holloway

        But couldn’t you pretty much say the same thing about Kristen Stewart in “Twilight.”

        She hasn’t exactly set the box office on fire based on her name alone, and don’t most people go see “Twilight” movie because they’re obsessed with…”Twilight”?

      • John

        I think Harry Potter is such a huge phenomenon (way bigger than Twilight) that its own status has eclipsed any of its stars. Twilight, though also a popular franchise, has nonetheless managed to sell itself not only on the book’s name but on the stars that populate the film versions. That’s why, even though HP is bigger than Twilght, the media is not obsessed with its stars, while there isn’t a day you don’t hear or read about Stewart, Lautner and Pattison.

      • Mr. Holloway

        I would argue two things:

        1. I think you’re slightly overrating what the “Twilight” stars have meant to that franchise. Sure, Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner are HUGE now, but I personally think any three other really good looking, halfway competent actors could’ve been cast in each of those three key roles, and the entire movies would’ve been just as big.

        2. You suggest that Stewart, Lautner and Pattinson are bigger movie stars than the “Harry Potter” trio (and you could be right about that) because the media are obsessed with them. However, isn’t part of the reason the media are obsessed with the “Twilight” stars because they court the attention in a way the “HP” trio doesn’t seem to? (I imagine if Dan Radcliffe and Emma Watson started dating the way Pattinson and Stewart did, it’d be a mildly big deal among fans.)

      • Prof

        It’s not about who’s the “draw”. What Jano is saying is that Emma MADE $30 mil of the HP films. He maybe right or wrong but who’s the draw is not the issue here.

    • Tru

      Emma Watson didn’t make $35 million for the last two Harry Potter movies. $35 million is her net worth

  • Justin P.

    The first movie I saw SJP in was First Wives Club (1995). I actually like that movie and she played a good role. Alas, I agree with people who don’t find her attractive.

  • Drew

    SJP hasn’t been good in a role since Ed Wood in 1994. She should stick with designing and fragrances, because she’s one of the top 10 worst actresses.

  • Celine

    People who rant against SJP are just jealous that’s all


    i wouldnt even wipe my butt with sjp! that movie should have been called butts in the city and the secound one butts in the city 2:the butt needs wiped!

  • Jennifer

    Angelina earnt this ranking through her acting skill, and yes her movies have raked in millions, no bombs. But how on earth do the likes of SJP and JA earn so much with barely there talent and over-the-hill washed out looks. It really should be just money earned acting, not perfume sales or sitcom rerun earnings. Keep it contempary and let the real, new talent be recognised.

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