Chris Harrison previews the next 'Bachelorette' and his interview with Emily


I hope everybody is having a fantastic 4th of July holiday. Obviously because of the holiday we don’t have a new episode tonight, but we will return next week, July 11, with not only a brand new episode but also the much-anticipated interview with Emily. The interview in which I sit down with Emily and get her take on her relationship with Brad will air at the end of next week’s original Bachelorette episode. As you have no doubt heard already, Brad and Emily have unfortunately broken up. They attempted to remain quiet and private, but with so much attention being paid to them it just wasn’t possible. For that reason, Emily reluctantly came in and sat down with me to talk about her relationship, what went wrong, and how the circus surrounding them has affected their lives. This was an interview I definitely did not expect to do and did not enjoy in the least. Both Brad and Emily are friends of mine, and we all really thought the next time we saw them would be to plan their wedding. Many have asked why we only sat down with Emily and not Brad. I talked to Brad several times leading up to this interview and have talked to him since. While he gave his blessing for Emily to speak on their behalf, his emotions are still just too raw and he wasn’t ready to speak openly about it all yet. I respect that decision and told him I was extremely sorry we had to do this interview at all.

Both Brad and Emily completely understand the public attention. After all they got engaged in front of millions of you on national TV. Emily and I will discuss this fact, but we will also touch on how the media and even some fans have taken things a bit too far and have crossed the line of decency. This is unfortunately part of our lives now. In this day and age of tabloid magazines that go to incredibly desperate lengths to stir up a story, bloggers who have absolutely no culpability for what they write, and paparazzi that could care less about the people they are hunting down, there is a scary atmosphere out there for people on our show as well as others. Ashley is unfortunately getting a first hand lesson on this as well. I just sat down with her this week in preparation for the Men Tell All special airing later this month. She too has felt the wrath of the media and even fans concerning her handling of the Bentley situation. It’s hard to explain to people that despite what they saw, Ashley did not see any of what Bentley was saying behind the scenes. She had that initial warning from Michelle Money to begin with, but even Michelle said she wasn’t sure how valid the info was. So while Ashley had some trepidation, it wasn’t anything that would make her run for the hills. Add that to the fact that the guy was smooth and essentially played her, and she actually handled the situation quite well. In the end you have to remember she came to the same conclusion you did. She figured out the guy wasn’t legit and has major issues. Ashley’s journey is really just about to take off, and from here on out this season is fantastic. In some ways it’s just beginning for her and for the guys.

One last Bachelor note I want to pass along. We have wrapped production on the first part of Bachelor Pad 2. I can’t begin to tell you how good this show is going to be. Fans of our show will be blown away, and people who have never watched will be addicted after the first episode. It all starts August 8 on ABC. I look forward to seeing you all next Monday night with an all-new original episode of The Bachelorette. Also please visit our website for the latest update on Ali and Roberto. I spoke with them last week about  the first anniversary of their proposal and their plans for a wedding. They also had a lot to say about Ashley and her difficult journey to find love. Please check it out; their interview will be posted on Wednesday afternoon. Thanks again, and know you can always find me on twitter @chrisbharrison.

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  • Shanna

    Bet you’ll get a good view of some fireworks from your high horse, Chris. Nobody feels sorry for any attention these people who went on a TV show to “find love” end up receiving.

    • etm

      Good one!

      • salnaligr

        Hello everyone….OMG ,My friend Rachal, a 33 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with an excellent man. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on an interrcial community called~~~ BlackWhiteCupid.C óM ~~~ – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own—if these people can find happiness here then more power to them, its hard to find it at all sometimes

    • DT

      I couldn’t have said it any better. It’s a tv game show, for pete’s sake. They all know what they sign up for and they know how it ends.

      • anonymous

        It’s a friggin’ TV show for Christ sake. She got what she deserved.

    • Kwise

      Exactly. Yes, the paparazzi and online celeb bloggers are out of control these days – and hav been for a good 5-10 years now. So I have NO sympathy for reality stars who go on tv and then act frustrated by the ” media attention” they knew full well they would get. Inappropriate tabloid attention is a predictable outcome of being a public figure, so stop whining!

    • what!

      if these people can find happiness here then more power to them, its hard to find it at all sometimes

      • Kata

        How very true.

    • TG1967

      I agree. I love the way Chris blamed the “tabloids”, the paparazzi and bloggers for exploiting these couples exactly the way HIS TV SHOW DOES! Uggh… Emily is smart to have dropped Brad; he’s got a dark side & she deserves better.

    • Bwana

      Amen…how much privacy can you expect when you agree to “find love” on national tv on the network dime?

    • Bwana

      Oh…and let’s don’t forget Chris that viewers reaction to the Bentley situation is a direct result of what your company chooses to broadcast. You all made Bentley look like an ass and made Ashley look like an idiot via the way you presented them. There is an exceptional hypocrisy at work when you chide folks for reacting in a predictable way to what you chose to broadest.

      • Anyone

        Exactly! Harrison is the biggest hypocrite of them all. He and “the Bachelorette team” set Ashley up – they didn’t have to show Bentley’s comments to us – they should have showed them to Ashley and she would have been done with him instantly.

      • Karen

        Very well said Bwana.

      • Sarah

        Your comment is so spot on! Are you listening Chris?

      • ghostlight

        @Sarah. I think by now it’s obvious that he doesn’t. The only viewer comment he ever directly addressed was “Why does the driveway always look wet?” Wow, great use of your blog, Chris, you buttwipe.

        I’ve never seen a more hypocritical, assinine, lying, smarmy adulterer than Chris Harrison.

    • Juneau

      “Emily reluctantly came in and sat down with me to talk about her relationship” THAT’S how she wants to keep her personal life private? What a joke she is. How many other folks from your shows have been interviewed about their inevitable breakups? Does Emily know what the word “private” means? Apparently Brad does.

  • Geena

    How have Ali & Roberto dealt with the media, etc. or don’t they have that problem?? They seem to be going on with their lives beautifully.

    • Marilyn

      This is the first time I have written about any TV show, but the Bachelorette has been such a disappointment this season. Whereas it used to seem genuine, this season everything seems fake and staged. For Heaven’s sake, how could Ashley have fallen so quickly for Bently whom she hardly knew? She’s so dramatic and unlikable and so unfair to most of the other guys who went on the show for the right reason. Go back to the format you used in the beginning where couples met and fell in love and forget all the drama. We’re not stupid and won’t fall for it. People are getting tired of the duplicity on the Bachelorette. Thanks. Happy 4th.

      • TG1967

        I agree, Marilyn! Bently HAD to have been an actor, just like the stupid freak with the mask! Your viewers aren’t as stupid as you think we are, Bachelorette!

      • J

        I know one of the guys this season–he’s not an actor. Unfortunately, Bentley’s just that much of an @ss.

      • LMiller

        I must agree! Ashley, this season is a poor example of a female. No wonder she can’t meet a man in the normal way. She fell completely and utterly head over heels for a cad she knew…what?…2 or 3 wks? and whom she was warned about to boot. I’m disgusted that the show has given this A-hole so much air time, which is exactly what he wanted! Ashley’s drama & issues, self-doubt & poor judgement don’t make for good TV. To make matters worse, the rerun this week wants to subject us to the same B.S. I thought was finally OVER!!!

      • Kata

        I think Ashley was more in lust with Bentley and it happens. Very often women fall for the guy that they have been warned about and who is the bad boy. I am glad she now knows better and wishes her all the luck in the world and follows in the last Bachelorette’s footsteps.

    • E

      This makes me think about the (few) couples that have worked. Honestly, I just don’t think Brad and Emily loved each other, or loved each other enough to handle the “tabloids.” I really didn’t even see that many pictures of them. The show thinks they’ve found a scapegoat, but I don’t think America is that stupid.

      • sprite

        Exactly. I don’t care how much this show is edited, there is no way that woman was into Brad!!! Not that I am a huge Brad fan, but he (like Ashley), was blinded by lust and the ideal woman he had in his head…with a ready made family that he was desperate for no less. Having forced friends who are not into this show to watch about half way into the season so that I could pick their unbiased brains (from editing and my take on things), I asked them what they thought of the couple. All of them, without hesitation said that he was clearly into her but that they were a very awkward couple because they didn’t have anything to talk about and her body language just screamed “Don’t touch me” and she was not into him at all. Now Chris and the other producers are once again shoving their fake “love story” down our throats with a sit down interview and more stories in the magazines so that they can pretend that we are all still interested in Emily and her (now more) tragic story and are clamouring for her to be the next Bette…NOT.

      • Bette

        “to be the next Bette…NOT”
        Hope NOT !!!

    • Beth

      Theyre doing well because Ali basks in the attention she receives. For her, the more publicity the better. She really would have been a good match with Jake Pavelka. And lets not forget, Ali and Roberto havent walked down the aisle yet…..

      • Helena

        Ali and Jake really are the biggest fame seekers of the bunch.

    • Karen

      Jason and Molly got the worst media attention ever for any couple, so cry babies Brad and Emily should stop making excuses for their failure to sustain the relationship. Just accept that Brad was more into Emily than Emily was into Brad and relationships dont work that way, its a two way thing. Cut your losses and move on without the blame game. Rubbish!

  • Jessica C.

    Hi Chris Happy 4th! Thank you for letting us know what is coming up next week. Just picked up People Magazine with Emily on the cover. Haven’t read it yet. I’m choked up already. Was really hoping for the best for Brad and Emily. It’s sad to hear things didn’t work out. It is scary how people act out their emotions online and say awful hateful things. I guess it takes thick skin to let it all roll off. Sure hope the rumors about Ashley’s choice are not true. Glad to know Ali and Roberto are doing well. Maybe Ali can work on her wedding plans while she is recuperating from surgery : ) Take care and have a fun safe holiday.

    • SLB

      You cry over strangers breaking up? You must cry a lot then. Every couple on this stupid show breaks up. I’ll believe Alli and what’s his name are getting married when i see it.

    • Beth

      I felt so sad reading the People magazine article about Brad and Emily’s breakup. It was the first time I actually saw the connection and believed it was a real love story on the Bachelor. I think it would have helped tremendously if ABC had arranged for Emily and Brad to be together during the Monday episodes as obviously this is distressing for every Bachelor couple to watch as the season aires. Also, why didnt you send them on a private vacation after the show like you’ve done for so many in the past. If the bottom line is that Brad is just not ready to be a parent, then I get it. If thats not the case then his words at the proposal and Emily’s in response were not true or sincere and they clearly didnt understand what a commitment is. I would have LOVED to see this couple make it but I think they’ve handled the publicity in a very classy and dignified way unlike some of the other fame seeking couples, like Jake and Vienna, Deanna and Jesse etc.

      • Sugar

        “…but I think they’ve handled the publicity in a very classy and dignified way unlike some of the other fame seeking couples…” – Really,Beth? That kind of remains to be seen, doesn’t it? I don’t think it is too classy to sell the story of your breakup to People magazine and then make a contract to discuss it on TV with, of all people, Chris, the producer’s puppet. But, then I didn’t think it was classy of her to exploit her personal tragedy over and over during the series. Well bred women keep their problems to themselves.

  • jane

    Don’t think its fair of you/show producers to say fans/press are crossing the lines of decency. You all did all this Bently stuff for rates & dollars, otherwise the show would have been on the bottom. Ashley went on show for cash to pay her dental school costs. and guys were not interested in her at all, by the way. but we all know that

  • coco

    Regarding Emily and Brad, am I the only one who knew during the show that they were most definitely NOT A MATCH. He ONLY picked her b/c she was the most striking looking. From there, like many men, he tried to make all of the other pieces to the love puzzle fit for him and her. I never thought for one minute they would go anywhere. Two completely different people w/ lots of emotional issues/baggage. Plus, she was so reserved and sort of unlikable. Ashley ends up with JP, or so it has been reported. I think the two of them probably have a chance.

    • Karen

      couldn’t agree more. Chantal was so full of life. Emily is too much of a perfectionist…looking for the perfect man..Good Luck

    • jones

      Yeah, it was somewhat obvious from the way Emily acted on the after the final rose show that she was just not that into Brad. Plus he put her on a pedestal b/c she was beautiful and had a tragic past.

    • d_calvert

      I agree….100 percent! I never thought they’d make it and think Brad chose Emily based ONLY on looks. I hope Ashley and JP end up together…they make a cute couple but more than that, a believable couple.

    • Kata

      Absolutely. Emily was the Damsel in Distress that most men want to rescue to feel better about themselves. That she was beautiful sure did not hurt. Such a mistake… she was not honest.

    • Marilee

      I disagree!! I’ve watched every season and have never seen a couple so obviously in love! No one knows why they didnt make it except Brad and Emily but I think ABC and Chris Harrison could have done more to help them especially when they were so open and honest at the problems they were having after the show started to air. I’m still hoping Brad gets the therapy he needs to realize it doesnt get any better then a beautiful girl (inside and out) as Emily.

    • Karen

      You’re not the only one, that was very evident during the show and at the women tell all. I was just waiting for the day they’ll both actually agree that they’re not a match and break up already. On another note, I dont understand why Chantal did not become the bachelorette, she would have been a MUCH better bachelorette than dumb-scatterbrain Ashley.

    • misst

      I agree on Em and Brad. He is a far better match with Micheal. Although many of the girls could not stand her.

  • Debra-Ann

    To all the naysayers. You don’t get paid to be a bachelor or bachelorette, Jane and the guys ARE/WERE interested in her. I DO feel sorry for all the attention they get after the show airs. Must be VERY difficult to deal with.

    • Carezy

      Actually, you do get paid to be the Bachelorette. Just wanted to let you know :)

    • jane

      how incredible that you don’t know contestants on survivor, apprentice, etc, etc and yes Bachelor and Bachelorette get paid

    • Kata

      They do get stipends and free trips around the world.

      • SLB

        That’s called a “paycheck”.

    • tlp-rose

      where did you get the idea that the lead doesn’t get paid? They ALL man or woman get 6 figures to be to on the show, no real other reason to do it, to find love? Please, it is ALL scripted, and those that think otherwise are in a fantasy world of their own, looking for a happy ending all neatly wrapped up in a package…WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

  • Nia

    Sorry to burst your bubble, Debra-Ann, but the contestants on the Bachelor and the Bachelorette DO GET PAID money by ABC and the production company. How else could they afford to quit their jobs to film a TV show for six to eight weeks?? The Bachelor and The Bachelorette definitey get six figures and the finalists are well paid too. It ain’t volunteer work!

    • Kata

      It’s just common sense.

    • Marie

      My understanding is that the contestants DO NOT get paid. A close friend of my husband’s was on Ali’s season of the bachelorette, and he took unpaid time off of work. Apparently he had already met his sales quota for the year, and his employer allowed him to take the 8 weeks off to be on the show. What did he get out of the show? Amazing free trips around the world, free rent/food in a gorgeous mansion, and some small items and souvenirs purchased by the ABC handlers during filming. Also, from his appearance on the show, he’s been asked to do TV appearances, bar and club appearances, which pay a couple thousand dollars (to go party? I’m jealous of the super easy money!).

      • PrincessBride

        The Bachelor/Bachelorette DOES get paid. The contestants might not, but as you pointed out, they get a vacation thye could never afford otherwise, plus the chance to be on national TV.

      • anon

        What did he think of Ali?

    • Meg

      The Bachelor/Bachelorette do get paid, but the contestants do not. Reality Steve has said there has been some instances where the final few contestants recieve payment, but not all 25 contestants get paid.

      • ghostlight

        Reality Steve also says that ASHLEY PICKS JP.

  • Gina

    I don’t understand why it was so secretive if Emily and Brad were together or not. Instead of keeping people guessing for so long, they should have just let everyone know. Brad is 38 and still unmarried, that’s a little weird in itself. He said he was ready to be married and have a family, but truly I don’t think he really was. But at any rate best of luck to both of them in their search for love.

    • jones

      I disagree about your comment about it being weird that brad is 38 and still single. I know people who are in their mid to late 30s and r still single only b/c they have not met the right person. It’s better to wait and risk being labeled weird than be under 30 and divorced multiple times. Brad needs to quit looking for love on a TV show with a bad record for producing marriages if he truly wants to meet a wife and have a family.

      • gina

        Well said.

  • Mary Jo

    Hi Chris Happy 4th of July hope you are having a good weekend. I really feel bad for Ashley hoping deep down that Bently is REALLY out of her system because those 4 guys left they are there to truly find love. I love JP I am rooting for him. I just pray there are NO more setbacks!!

  • Kay

    If Brad and Emily had come out when they broke up and said just that – the speculation wouldn’t have occurred. They kept the public guessing by not commenting at all. I think we were all hoping for the best and just wanted them to be happy.

    • SLB

      ABC wouldn’t allow them. They wanted to exploit them themselves.

  • Buck

    Chris Harrison is like that kid in high school who was so annoying you just wanted to smack him. It’s a TV show people; and the show runners make calculated moves to make money; plain and simple. They then use these blogs to paint themselves as above the rest. Chris H is DBAG. End of story.

  • Heidi


    • Teri

      Buck and Heidi If the show and Chris Harrison upset you so much why on earth are you watching and reading about it? Chronic complainers perhaps.

  • Joe

    Brad & Emily,the handwriting was on the wall. Her fiance, Rick Hendrick of Hendrick Motorsports,was killed in a helicoper crash. Rick’s father, owner of Hendrick’s Motorspors is the grandfather of Emily’s child. Emily works at the Hendricks Medical Center. Too much history here, Brad didn’t stand a chance.

    • Drop the Chalupa

      Emily should marry Dale Jr. Woooooooo! GO 88!! JUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNIOR!!!

    • Say What?

      For the record, it’s Levine’s Children’s Hospital (no such thing as Hendricks Medical Center) and Ricky died in a plane crash, not a helipcopter crash. Emily briefly dated Jr too.

  • doodoo

    Those of you who watch this pathetic, lame crap should be shot. Maybe if you losers got a life this self absorbed bs would go away…..losers

    • Kata

      Your ‘name’ is very fitting.

  • Janie

    Chris and ABC are just as responsible for what he accuses the tabloids of doing. It might be wrapped up in a shinier package but it’s still gross exploitation regardless of the willing participants.

    • Jen

      I totally agree, Janie. These people are mentally challenged, and it’s wrong how they’re being exploited.

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