'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding's season finale: The craziest wedding ever?


Image Credit: Sam Frost/TLC

Anybody find it funny that the season finale of a bat-crazy show about British gypsys and their lifelong quest to wed falls on the weekend that Americans celebrate their independence? No? Oh, okay.

Last night TLC’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding wrapped up for the summer with possibly their nuttiest episode yet. Mary, an Irish Traveller at the ripe old marrying age of 23, wants a wedding that will “rival the Royal wedding of William and Kate.” So she enlists the services of renowned Liverpool seamstress and wedding planner, Thelma Madine. How long is she given to organize it, though? Three weeks!

Check out some of the craziest things we learned about the wedding and the Traveller lifestyle.

1) Mary’s plans after marriage: Move into her husband’s trailer and travel throughout the country. Yikes.

2) The wedding cake: Big, pink and shaped like a horse and carriage. With more than 30 feet of icing, bakers Noreen and Jill made their biggest cake ever. The cake table was 24 square feet.

3) The reception venue was an animal shelter. Travellers have an ugly reputation for, um, trashing joints. So hotels and proper locales tend to politely decline when asked to host their events. So Mary’s party was held at a animal rescue center.

4) Mini brides: The brainwashing  conditioning starts early in the Traveller community. Two little girls attending the wedding wore replica wedding gowns to look like the bride, planting the seeds for potential teenage-wedding bliss.

Long story short, Mary, her dress, and its 17-foot train made it into the chapel and animal center (which was transformed into quite a lovely hall!) without a hitch. The venue’s coordinator did complain that the guest were way past crass, though. And, alas, it didn’t compete with the Royal wedding. No surprise there.

Did you catch any of the season-long madness? Could you imagine living through all that? Plan on tuning in next season?  Let us know.

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    I don’t know anything about the Irish Traveller/British Gyspy communities. The show is most likely one sided for the sake of entertainment. On the surface, the lavish weddings are not so much different the the specticals planned by so called celebs, ie The Kerdashians.

    • bbg

      actually, it does a pretty god job of showcasing the lifestyle and hardships they go through as well. There was one episode that was particularly hard to watch, as they kept switching focus between a girl getting ready for her insanely lavish wedding, and an 11 year old traveller boy watching the trailer park he live in get demolished, and not knowing where his family was going to live.

      • confidential

        I also don’t get this show… I’ve lived in England and don’t really understand why “travelers” aka “gypsies” are separated from society. I’m a native New Yorker from an immigrant family so acclimation has been my life’s story. Weddings, funerals, and baby rituals are all functions that celebrate and exemplify cultures so I get why they focus on weddings but I don’t’ get the sub culture part of this.

      • Not a gypsy

        The are separate from society because they choose that way of life. Yes My Big Fat Gypsy wedding is one sided but the otherside can be just as worse. If you want an honest account of what it’s like read the books by Mikey Walsh.

    • gucciaaasunglass


      t s h i r t s -12

      s h o e s -35

      b i k i n i -17


      f r e e——– s h i p p i n g

  • Amy

    I hate to admit it but I love this show. I can’t stop watching it. The finale was really good.

  • Sadie

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! Although I find it sad in many ways especially for the young women of this show, it is really interesting to watch and see how a culture very unfamiliar to the majority of Americans work.

  • Mother Nature

    This is the only reality show I’ve ever watched, aside from Hoarders (who hasn’t?). I became fascinated with the culture while traveling in Ireland and seeing the caravans on the side of the roads there. I have tried to educate myself on the culture as much as possible.
    But then this show comes on and I’m blown away! The dresses, the high heels, the little girls done up like prostitutes! It’s a side of the culture you simply don’t get from a book or mag. Still fascinated, but in a very different, train wreck kind of way. The gown that lit up was really, um…something to behold. Even my husband was mesmerized by it all.

  • Beauty

    This show is INSANE! I never knew this lifestyle existed. All I want to know is how much do these weddings & dresses cost? And how do they get the money? They are pulling up in Maybachs and Sup’d up trucks. I know it must cost a fortune!

  • Angie

    How they get their money? Gypsies are notorious con artists. That’s how, running scams, etc. The only one I’ve seen have an honest job was Paddy the trailer park landlord. And for an older guy he was definitely a hottie.

    This is probably the only money ever spent on the girls, so I’m sure there are savings accounts from the time they are born. They don’t seem to be close to their parents at all though, are any of the dads sad their baby girls are moving off? Doesn’t seem so, what about the moms? Seems as if its a very disconnected family life style So sad…..

    • no

      You can have lots of money if you dont pay taxes or send your kids to school past age 11 – 13.

  • Allison

    some one said earlier they dont see why “travelers” are separated from society, followed by Angies post of “gypsies are notorious con-artists” which is generally how travelsers are viewed but not necessarily always are con-artist, just like here in the states are criminals are a varied bunch mayors, to thugs on the streetcorner =0) It’s an old british thing that no one ever took the time to know the “travelers” and the “travelers” didnt care to know anyone else. Rightly so when people say “all gyspies are tramps, prostitutes, thieves and the like”

    • Not a gypsy

      What they mean by con artist is that a lot of the gypsy community do cash in hand work. While this isn’t a crime, not declaring this income to the tax man is. But how can you prove it when they are secluded and deny any wrong doing.

      • no

        Also taking your kids out of school at 13 to make them clean is a crime too.

  • Fan

    I was extremely curious about the cost of the weddings also. The money for the dress alone would be staggering.
    I feel for the young girls that are basically married to a trailer they’ll spend the rest of their life cleaning.

    • Sara

      Just the stones alone on that dress had to be 4-5K

      • Deborah Christine Mccoy

        I don’t believe in taking the girls out of school to clean,however,there morals and values are very high. they may think americans are criminal for having alot of sex and kids before marrage,we divorce they dont. Alot to there lives I envy. Im hooked on this show.

  • box5angel

    I’m fascinated by this show. lol And the culture. I hope it comes on dvd and I can’t wait for the 2nd season.

  • real fan

    Part of me feels soory for them. I was impresses by the way the families chaperone their girls until they get married. No alone time to get into “trouble”.

    • Anon

      I am unimpressed with their “high morals”. They prevent the girls and boys from dating, yet the boys are free to grab and abuse the girls to get a kiss. Also, one mother noted that many gypsy wives are abused, yet barely any leave that home life. These girls are raised to believe this can be their only way of life, and that is just sad.

      • Mel

        Yes, somehow how “high morals” equals dressing like a prostitute. Sad, strange people.

  • frissy one

    I live in Ireland. Travellers never work for a living, they con the government out of money for their entire lives. They pay for nothing. They get everything for free and steal. They leave school at 12 and have 25 kids each. Then they get welfare payments for their entire lives. The Irish and UK government pay for their lavish weddings. And they do trash everything. When there is a traveller wedding or funeral in the area, all the hotels and pubs close as they will trash the place. They have no aspirations to better themselves, just live off the state for their entire lives.

    • gigi

      Interesting….the same “observations” are said about certain groups in American society. And here I thought the British were more openminded then us Americans. I actually find the whole traveller culture kind of fascinating.

    • nadine

      They seem like the UK version of white, trailer-trash. When I was watching the show today, one episode they were bemoaning the fact their trailer park was being demolished by the gov’t, but I couldn’t help but think “do you own anything there?” It seems like they’re not much more than squatters. They weren’t being “evicted” for racial or classist reasons… it wasn’t their land to start.

      • Not a gypsy

        They do squat alot. But the gypsy community believe it is their right to roam. No problems there, however the land they choose is alwaysw private and it’s a problem for the land owners to get rid of them as the law always favours the squatter. The land owners have to go through the courts to evict the gypsys, but they know all too well that this takes time.

      • PART

        That trailer park property was owned by the travelers. But government groups denied them permission to live on it. So they are not allowed to live on the property they own.

    • Mark Donahue

      In Reply to “frissy one” .. How dare you rant your racist and uninformed views on MY community .. I am an Irish Traveller and very much work for a living .. pretty much all my family and extended family for hard for what we have. There are stereotypes of the Irish settled community for centuries regarding drunkardness, lazy, stupid and violent .. you know they arent true, so why spout c**p about another section of our shared country? We are an Ethnic minority who are recognized as such and you have to respectful of my community, just like I am of yours!!!

    • light hearted girl

      Its time that people understood a few things about gypsy familys as there is so much poison been handed down through generations, we are hard working people, my dad bought and sold antiques and conned no one,i looked after the children 6 of us not 25 lol,i was given money that i saved for when i was older, my home is imaculate my family is kind and very generous and we never leave a mess once we move on,i think all crytics should take a long hard look at the amount of unemployed that have kids one after the other and the babies end up in care,parents in prison, slum homes that never get cleaned and kids neglected, please stop making gypsys look bad we love our parents and they love us ..

    • roanna ward

      i am a traveller and i beileve in our morals very highly.i like in ireland and i am settled i have only five children in my family not 25 in ireland traveller kids do not leave skool till 16 over the laws
      we marry sum1 we love and stay wit them 4ever and we claen buh we dnt have as hard a lifes as they showd on my bug fat gyspy weddin we do not con money from the govermetnt men have jobs such as paiting and jobs like that so get to know us b4 u judge plz

  • Glowbug

    Fastinating show–the women are forced into a lifestyle with little education & are expected to be housewives–the dress & behavior of the young girls at these events is exhibitionist–and the “grabbing” where a girl is forced to kiss a guy is awful–the show mentioned that there are problems with domestic violence but few divorces–its a closed society–one young teen was sad to see her sister marry off because she was then expected to quit school and take over the cleaning duties of her family–I guess the wedding is the big send off to a questionable lifestyle–

  • ByrdMam

    First of all, the show has a very narrow focus, that much is obvious. Second, those of you spouting about “all” Travelers really should learn from history. Are “all” white people the same? Are “all” black people the same? Are “all” Asian people the same? Get a clue, you’re being judgemental & rascist, & it’s disgusting! I’ve seen all kinds, in all races. Until you understand a culture, don’t judge. Try to get more information instead.

  • wendy spiteri

    This show has just been aired in Australia, and I love it!! They talk about gypsies being shunned and persecuted – my grandfather was an illegal immigrant from Germany before the first world war and landed in Australia where he met my grandmother. They fell in love and had 9 children. But he was interred in a prisoner of war camp during world war 1, and in world war 2 he had to report to his local police station every month so they could track where he was living. They had to move many times, because people learnt they he was a German and they would throw there human waste as his front door. It was a terrible time for him. But I think the gypsy has settled into society now, and I know how they feel about being segregated in the past, even though the majority only marry their own culture.

  • cokeandpilates

    There are travelers/gypsies here in the US. I worked at a mall and they would come into our city once or twice a year. They would steal anything and everything. Word spread like wildfire, we would pull all of our better merchandise and keep it in the backroom. Oh and they removed a glass window off the front of the store and stole some high end designer eyeglasses.

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