Ann Coulter: Princess Diana 'just this anorexic, bulimic narcissist'

Ann Coulter has a gift for outrage. When The Insider‘s Kevin Frazier asked her if she “sometimes says things that [she knows] will stir people up, and upset people, and really drive people crazy,” she couldn’t help but grin and answer, “Oh, sure.” Normally, it’s liberals that are the target of her shocking proclamations, but it turns out she’s not so fond of the Royals either. “I find it a little baffling when Americans get so gaga-eyed over a princess,” Ann lamented. “In particularly Lady Di, who was just this anorexic, bulimic narcissist.” Watch the clip below, or if your browser is having trouble, here.

Nice, Ann. Real classy. In other words, mission accomplished.

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  • Shellibelli

    anorexic? has she looked in the mirror lately? ugh what an ugly troll.

    • Roger

      Ann Coulter sure likes to stick her neck out on some issues.

      • uberstellar

        ha, well-played.

      • Ryan Well-Done

        Can’t wait for the day she gets cancer, so we can watch her slow demise play out on national television.

      • Sally

        Ann is my hero. If you go back and watch her old videos on youtube, she predicted everything. Amazing.

      • Brie

        Anything that upsets this many new age pseudo intellectual liberal minded dodos from neurotically worrying about their organic fruit, hemp underwear, and giving humans the right to marry animals has all my love and support.

      • John

        I would like to create a clone army of Ann Coulter and set them loose upon the world, like that last x-men movie.

      • Ryan Well-Done

        Today, all of Ann’s hair falls out in this very special episode, and the nurse is mean to her. Watch the hilarity.

      • Ethan

        Brie – there’s hemp underwear I’ve been missing out on??? I’m in!

      • Ryan Well-Done

        People named after cheese deserve to die of cancer. The boob kind that spreads quickly to the brain and the tee-tee, so they feel lots and lots of unending pain that even the morphine won’t stop, and their dignity is shot to hell.

      • the yapper

        Thanks Ann…while I disagree with just about everything she says most of the time. This time I agree with her about Princess Di. Additionally…While the entire world is on the brink of depression these arrogant elitist flaunt their wealth like never before and the sheep fawn over them. No wonder they dare act like that…they know how stupid most of the human race is. That’s why they’re rich and the rest aren’t. I say it’s time for the guillotine for the Royals and billionaires of the world.

      • Chic Geek

        She makes Skeletor look downright cherubic.

      • Lyndsey

        To “The Yapper,”
        Are you freaking serious? Suggesting that being rich should be grounds for execution has to be the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard! A good portion of people who are well off are that way because of hard work & smart spending (unlike a good portion of this country). My grandparents grew up during the Depression & my grandfather’s first job paid a NICKEL per hour! They never even had the opportunity to go to college. BUT they had the most incredible work ethic I’ve ever seen. During their 50 year marriage they built their own business into one of the most successful in our town which allowed them to put their children & grandchildren through college without blinking an eye! Not only did they earn ever dime they made but they were extremely wise with it (they never took out a loan for anything nor had any debt). Heck, I’m willing to bet my grandfather is the only millionaire in this country who buys his clothes at Walmart & drives the same vehicle for 15 years!!
        I think this country would be a whole lot better off if more people imitated them instead of being consumed by jealousy because they have something you don’t! If you don’t like your current financial situation then get off your behind & do something about it instead of whining on the internet!!!

      • David

        I think if you’re talking to “The Insider”, YOU’RE a narcissist.

      • @Sally

        Ann Coulter predicted EVERYTHING? Wow, she must have been around before the beginning of time in order to predict everything. Satan in drag, perhaps?

      • @Brie

        Brie wrote: “giving humans the right to marry animals has all my love and support.”
        Ann Coulter taught me how to edit quotes.

      • Michael

        I definitely agree with you. Ann Coulter should finally try and learn to keep her mouth shut about someone whom had passed on. It has nearly been 14 years since Princess Diana had died. It really shouldn’t be the time to trample on someone whom was so beloved. What a bad role model Ann Coulter is.

      • DRG

        Ann Coulter hates America.

      • Brie’s Mother & Father

        Our daughter Brie has disappointed us so. Well, she’s disappointed me—her mother—apparently she’s pleased her father many, many times. Brie, won’t you please take your meds and come home, darling?

      • lover

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        ~~Blech Vomit (this is my name for the skinny little c—; I can’t say her name) is the pot trying to call a Ming vase a pot. And by pot, I mean the one you take a crap in.

      • Aunt Sassy

        You know, coming from someone else I might actually stop and consider her comments for a few minutes. However for Ann Coulter to call ANYONE a narcissist and mean it as an insult is just laughable. Hypocrit much Ann??

      • John

        You guys are so funny. Like you really care about anything in reality. Puh.

      • teresa

        Hey the Yapper! Princess Diana IS DEAD!!! She’s not “flaunting” anything.

    • mel

      she is a troll, she is just a disgusting human being.

      • stan

        Blech Vomit (this is my name for the skinny little c—; I can’t say her name) is the pot trying to call a Ming vase a pot. And by pot, I mean the one you take a crap in.

    • Troll

      Hey, don’t compare her to me!

      • Backfat Betty

        Hahaa! XD

      • Sally

        I think I need to meditate on all these comments. My chakra is not in balance.

      • Brie

        LOL! Nice

      • LillyCB

        *CRACKING UP!* xD

    • Charlotte

      Pot. Meet Kettle. You’re black.

      • stan

        See above…Blech Vomit is a crapper pot trying to call a Waterford crystal goblet a crapper pot! Should I…naw, last time. Sorry.

      • John

        someone works at crate and barrel I see.. Nice!

    • Sam J

      If Diana was an “anorexic, bulimic narcissist”, whats that make Ann? “Jackass” is not just an obnoxious movie.

    • gucciaaasunglass


      t s h i r t s -12

      s h o e s -35

      b i k i n i -17


      f r e e——– s h i p p i n g

    • DJ

      What a frosty b!tch! She has no respect for the living or dead. I wish we never had to hear from her toxic mouth again.

    • wakeforce

      She really deserves a bullet hole in the head! And no, I DON’T wish the same fate on Sarah Palin or any other conservatives. Just her!

      • maggie

        Not a nice thing to say, even about a vile creature like Coulter.

      • John

        the democrats are a bunch of commie psychopaths.. it’s expected

      • dan

        Add a bullet for John. Kill a neocon and make America a better place.

      • april

        Really…She should be killed because of words?!! You need help!! The psychiatric kind!!!

      • wakeforce

        There’s a facebook page about killing Obama, but that’s Ok with you?

    • Opine

      wow. Look how many liberals are in favor of murdering people who do not agree with them. What a great advertisement for the democrat party.

      • Michael

        As opposed to the Republican party who would rather starve all the impoverished, blacks, gays, non-christians and immigrants. It’s just murder by another name. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

      • maggie

        One person made a comment about shooting Coulter, and didn’t identify themselves as a liberal. He/she even said they didn’t have an issue with any conservatives, it was personal with Coulter. While it is wrong to wish harm on anyone, it’s also wrong to attribute the remarks of one person to a group of people.
        BTW, it’s not the Democrat party. It’s the Democratic party, and an individual belonging to the party is a Democrat.

      • John

        but you are all very crazy nutty people in general.. as far as liberals go. You don’t honestly expect anyone to believe otherwise, do you?

      • Opine

        ok, I am not gonna count the references, but I can tell a dem from the wishes not just for shooting her, but there are wishes for cancer, guillotines for the rich (read Republicans) etc. @Michael, your comment is just plain old ignorant, and @Maggie, I am aware it is democratic. That was a sign of disrespect. But I don’t want to kill any democrats, just for the record.

      • Democratic

        Opine: Don’t you mean supine?

    • Opine

      p.s. why is this in an “entertainment” magazine?

      • maggie

        Coulter is a best-selling author, and EW covers books and authors.

      • Strepsi

        Correct answer is : “click-through traffic”

    • Liza

      Wow it’s like she was perfectly describing herself, she’s obviously suffering from projection here.

    • Embarrased

      Ann Coulter is an embarrassment to not only the Republican Party, but to Women. She is a narcissistic, attention-seeking lunatic, and isn’t taken seriously by any Rational person. She spews out anything she thinks will get her in the news or sell a book to the uneducated and uniformed. Please stop giving this crazed individual a single second more attention. She has No credibility with anyone who has the ability to form logical thoughts, or at least Reads!

      • april

        How is she a narcissis? She is promoting a book therefore is on the t.v., talk show circuit. Some of you people really need to reflect on why you get so worked up over someone you do not know, who has no effect on your life or livlihood. She is an author/political pundit/speaker. If you hate her so much, why do you take the time to click on anything with her name attached to it? Just resist the urge…You won’t sound like such a buffoon. And btw, take your own advice and don’t give attention to her…you hate her…don’t you???

      • Embarrassed

        Ann Coulter is a narcissist (you may want to learn how to Spell) because No One admires Ann as much as Ann admires herself. No One believes what Ann writes, as much as Ann herself, and the uneducated, to include those who don’t know how to properly spell. ;-) She has deluded herself into believing what she writes is valid, and people like You have assisted in that delusion. Again, she’s an embarrassment to Women, the Republican Party, and needs to go away and find her own little group of crazies to latch onto.

  • erin

    Diana’s rotting corpse probably has more meat on it than Coulter’s.

    • Aaron

      LOL! This really made me laugh out loud, really. Thank you.

      • BFD

        Ann Coulter has no relevance any longer so she needs to open her trap about something that also really has no relevance any longer.

    • Jess

      Ha! Thanks for the laugh!

    • Anno

      That was so gross yet funny. Thanks.

    • Rayma

      This is for Erin. I found your comment about Diana’s rotting corpse in very bad taste. What if for some reason her sons or her family were to read your post? How do you think that would make them feel? I understand your point as far as Coulter is concerned, but I think that you could have worded it with a little more “tact”. As a woman who lost her mother at the age of 50 (to cancer) and being in a field of work where I understand the natural progression of decompositon, I would be hurt for you to have said that about my mom. God Bless

      • Eurydice

        Yes indeed, what if William and Kate took time from their busy tour of Canada to read EW’s PopWatch?

      • Will

        Calm down Rayma. The joke was hardly in poor taste.

      • diana’s rotting corpse

        i thought it was funny. love, di.

      • Andy

        Do you think they don’t realize that your body rots when you die? I don’t think they’d be so offended, especially considering they’ve probably heard much worse, like that their caring, giving, charity centered mother was a bulimic narcissist according to a Fox News troll who thinks she’s cute when she’s just trying to get attention.

      • Pippa

        Oh my goodness! I am so offended for my dear sister! I was stunned to read this, as I always spend my time reading EW for up to date news. Now, excuse me, I need to go and take my top off. It’s party time!

      • Jim

        Seriously, you think the Royals would stoop to reading the crap posted on this site by American monkeys???

      • Francisco

        Guys, leave Rayma alone. Coulter and Di are one thing but if we start attacking ourselves, what’s the point?

      • ronnyg

        You’re correct, Rayma. Should have said, “Finely aromatic corpse.” They should be ashamed of their oversight.

    • Mon


  • Keith

    Charming women, Coulter is. Honestly, people should refrain from reacting to this woman. She’s a psychopath. I do find it ironic that she calls another woman an anorexic narcissist.

    • BG 17

      Coulter’s a woman? Is that not a an Adam’s apple I see…?

      • Ann Coulter’s Adam’s Apple

        I told Ann that people could see me!

      • janeyre

        BG 17 my point as well… Please tell me, if that isn’t an AA

    • Sally

      Keith also believes in showering once a week to save the whales.

      • Keith

        ha! Ok. I have no idea what that means, but if that makes you chuckle, awesome.

      • Brie

        No idea, Keith? Amongst a great many other things I’m sure.

      • Keith

        You comment makes no logical sense. So, yes, I have no idea what you’re talking about. But, again, if it makes sense to you and you get a kick out of it, which you clearly do, more power to you!

      • Ethan

        yeah, those liberals and caring about stuff. Seriously, what’s their problem?

      • @Sally

        How does showering once a week save the whales? Do you think they live in municipal water reservoirs?

      • Woot

        LOLZ Sally is just jealous of Keith. Sally, I know you’re a troll, but not every person trashing Coulter is a liberal hippie (I am though! All I do is protest churches and fight for our right to marry seals.)

    • Michael

      Right. Because believing a woman who revels in spewing venom about anyone so long as it gets her attention is unworthy of said attention is the equivalent of identifying with the hippie liberal stereotype. My politics don’t align with the left; from a humanitarian standpoint, this woman is disgusting. Like a child throwing tantrums, she’s best ignored.

      I do have to commend her for her bravery, however. It’s so courageous to attack a royal. Oh, a deceased royal? Well, then it’s courageous to attack her so freshly after her demise. Oh, it’s been years?

    • Lane

      I completely agree. she’s just like a pathetic little girl acting out for attention. I think if people just tuned her out, she’d lose a lot of her power/relevance.

  • Heather

    Hey, Ann…will you pot or will you be kettle?

    • ChaCha

      Hey, Annie, you just proved once again that it takes one to know one.

      • Sally

        I don’t see your masterpiece on the New York Best Seller List.

      • @Sally

        Coulter doesn’t have any masterpieces either. Just books filled with lies and distortions that she sells to the uninformed and gullible.

  • dee dee1

    I think you need to take a look at yourself Ann before you make comments like that. How kind of you to pick on someone who is not here to defend herself. But you enjoy being cruel to others. Princess Diana’s kindness to other far surpasses yours, so you might want to re-think your nasty comments.

    • Liz

      I don’t think MS. Coulter could understand kindness, people without souls usually don’t.

  • Liz

    Ann Coulter is just an anorexic, bulimic, narcissistic b****.

    • ChaCha

      I think the c-word would be even more apt.

      • Cam

        If anyone deserves to be called the c-word, it’s Ann Coulter.

      • jul

        You took the words right out of my mouth. Of course, I knew what she was when she called the 9/11 widows “harpies.” She’s Queen Crunt of Crunt mountain.

      • Sally

        Anyone that can upset this many neurotic new age hippies has my vote.

      • Lyndsey

        Didn’t anyone ever teach you that stereotyping is the product of a weak mind?? I’ve been called quite a few things in my life but “new age hippie” is definitely a new one. Actually, I’m a historian who grew up in the heart of the Bible Belt & happens to be more moderate in my political views (and not a fan of either party)! And yet I still think this woman does nothing but spill out vile rhetoric on things she knows very little about. She, along with all of these other so-called political commentators, are the reason this country is in such horrible shape! So instead of having two parties representing different views who work together for betterment of this country, we have a bunch of power mad idiots who only care about what’s good for them & their cronies!!!

      • Brandy Gehr

        Skinny Sk@nk
        Toxic Tranny
        A Three Bagger
        Obnoxious B+tch
        Vile Wretched Hatemonger

      • AK

        @Sally: How many times are you going to make the same comment? It wasn’t funny or insightful the first time, the second time or the eighth time. I’m just going to have to assume that you’re as desperate for attention as your idol Ann Coulter.

      • @Sally

        Like Coulter, you’re a broken record. And a crunt.

      • jul talking to Sally

        Hey Sally. I care about the people that were lost on 9/11. And I believe that Princess Diana was a humanitarian who was also a human being. And I think Ann Coulter needs to have her ass kicked. I guess that makes me a new-age, neurotic hippie. Better that than a heartless b!tch with no soul.

      • John

        If anyone sounds like a broken record it is these liberal crones. Nothing interesting to say ever.

  • JJ

    Anne C. has a gift for being a horrible person.
    I feel sorry for her.

    • Gwen

      I feel sorry for her, too. She must have had an awful childhood or wasn’t hugged enough as a kid to grow up to be such a bitter, hateful person. It’s easy to strike at someone who can’t strike back, and every time Coulter opens her mouth to attack someone, it just takes another little piece of her soul. Pretty soon she’ll be this tiny shriveled-up lump of soulless nothingness.

      • MJ

        Pretty soon?

      • Mother Nature

        Bride of Voldemort?

      • Sally

        It’s got to be hard never having to grow up.

    • truthspeaker

      Colter = spiteful, bitter broom driver

      • larkwoodgirl

        Not even Valdemort would have her.

      • Sally

        Maybe if you guys spent less time reading comicbooks, and worrying about the latest fantasy book storyline, you might have something to brag about yourselves.

      • @Sally

        Being gullible enough to read Ann Couler’s books isn’t something to brag about.

  • cam

    I hate ann coulter. And although I’m not going to agree with her about her assesment of Dianna, I do think it’s ridiculous that people worship the royals, who have done nothing worthy of this worship other than be born or marry. The Royal fawning pretty much stopped after Dianna died, but now it’s started again with Will and Kate; a unwelcome cultural trend. You shouldn’t have to be American and be beaten over the head with inane British royalty coverage, as if they’re our overlords and best people on earth, every time you open a People or watch Good Morning America. Modern Monarchies are an injustice and sham, and monarchist are silly people.

    • motherlarisa

      They actually donate much of their time for philanthropic issues. Especially Diana. In fact, I bet they do much more than you do for the well being of others

      • cam

        And that makes them saints? They have nothing but time to donate to charitable issues. It’s nice and everything, but it’s also to preseve the monarchy, and their own postitions of power. They’re living lavishly off of other people’s taxes, because of birth or marriage. It doesn’t mean they can’t be good people (I think Dianna, Kate, Will are all good people) but also doesn’t mean they should be worshiped or treated as saints either, just because their charity work is brodcast all over the world, when other people’s aren’t. And also your comment illustrates the problem with monarchy, and why America fought to get rid of it: you’re automatically assuming they’re better than me, again, just because of the postion of power Will was born into and Kate and Dianna married into. America was founded on the principle that everyone was born equal, a radical notion at the time, and apparently in 2011 as well.

      • Mike

        We don’t follow Bill and Melinda Gates or Warren Buffet for their fashion trends or think they’re better than us. And I think they’re pretty great for using their millions to make the world a better place. Maybe if they lived in castles built back in the 1400s?

      • Lyndsey

        Excuse me but exactly what power are you talking about? The British royal family hasn’t held any real governing power for centuries. They basically serve as little more than figureheads of the British government. Their importance comes only from their historical significance & I appreciate that Britain still honors that. The old European monarchies are one of the last links we have to some of the most fascinating centuries in history.

      • LoveBug68

        Cam – are you Michelle Bachmann? Seriously, we need to end the lie that this country was founded by men who thought everyone was created equal when they owned slaves and did not give women the right to vote. Sure they got some things right but they were not saints either and certainly did not believe in equality for all!

    • Keith

      Honestly, how is the fawning over royalty any worst than the fawning over faux celebs like the Kardashians? Your logic makes no sense to me and never has. I hate when people get all pretentious about this, like somehow Americans are being dopey by showing interest in the royal family when American culture turns complete morons into celebrities on tv and elsewhere and Americans lap it up like candy. Or how about Casey Anthony? Is that any better?

      • cam

        No, I think fawning over the Kardashinas is stupid too. But that doesn’t exclude fawing over the British royalty to be “dopey” as well. (great word!). And although there’s a similarity in that both Kardashinas and Royals are fawned over simply because of their celebrity, there’s a diference in principle: The Royals live lavishly off of other people’s taxes, for no reason other than birth or marriage. Also, the Royals have politcal agenda’s which other faux celebs don’t have, which is to flag wave British causes and blow the British horn (the purpose of their LA royal dinner is to introduce British talent to top movie execs). Which is fine for them, it’s what they’re supposed to do, but when American’s fawn over it, princapply, it’s the same as kneeling in service to the British empire and the might of monarchy. Which is just stupid in 2011. But of course, there are much worse things out there.

      • @ Keith

        The difference is- those worthless celebrities are in and out of fashion quickly and we don’t have to deal with them for our entire lives. The royals are with the British people for generations and generations. We also don’t have to hear about them all the time, the royals on the other hand are always on every network all the time!

      • Keith

        Fair enough, Cam. Good points. I guess I don’t think Americans getting caught up in some of the fantasy of royalty is somehow a betrayal American principles. I certainly don’t think many if any Americans would pledge any sort of loyalty to the British crown over their own country. It’s a fantasy. It’s a story. People have always enjoyed these sorts of things. Our age is certainly not unique in that regard. Your thoughtfulness is to be commended, but I think you give most of the public too much credit. ha! I don’t think it’s such a serious matter for them. It’s fun escapism for most. But certainly not a vote over our own very cherished values and principles.

      • CS

        THANK YOU!! I was just thinking that as a country we made Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton famous for NOTHING! At least with Princess Diana, she was a world class philanthropist. While she may have had her own personal issues, not many people can compare to her in that regard. I am not a “neurotic new age hippie”, but I was even put off by Coultiers comment.

      • Lyndsey

        Amen to that CD!!

      • Lyndsey

        Grrrr…that should have been “CS”…stupid autocorrect!!

      • John

        Wasn’t this something that happened over 10 year ago? And you are all still fussing over it like it happened yesterday? You losers need to get a life!

    • Keith

      Cam, honestly. You need to lighten up about this. I don’t think the American democracy is at risk because some Americans show interest in the royal family. No amount of celebrity worship will restore a monarchy on American soil. And just because we don’t have an institutional monarchy, doesn’t mean that we don’t have a class system that privileges some over others. And again, our culture now is obsessed with the becoming famous by making an ass of yourself on national television. I don’t think Americans are in any position to judge British culture or the frenzy over royals.

      • cam

        You’re right about most of that. It just personally annoys me. I don’t want to have to hear about them all the time. I guess the “”break” between Dianna and now Kate and Will was just an abiration and not the norm. But I do think, given American history, we are in a postition to judge the frenzy over royals. I know reality doesn’t exist in principle, but it’s at least the *principle* that all men are created equal, which should tamper our royal enthusiams. Royalty is so anciently, just, wrong, in light of modern ideals of justice, after all.

      • @ Keith

        It’s also sad that most Americans can’t name the first ten amendments, can’t pass a citizenship test, but they can list off all the members of the British Royal Family. Our society is dead, therefore we fawn over others. The fourth of July is on Monday? How many Americans know what that is about? How many are going to celebrate it, or are they going to be glued to their “teley’s” watching Royals in Canada?

      • Lyndsey

        How many of you issuing judgments about the European monarchies actually know anything about them beyond what you’ve seen on TV for the last 20-30 years? My guess would be none!! When you choose to actually educate yourselves on the subject & understand the huge role they have played in history (the good & the bad) then your opinions might carry some weight.

      • Keith

        I see your points, Cam. I guess I’m just not sure what the big deal is, especially since this is a British “problem” if it is a problem at all. I’m aware many Britons would rather do away with the monarchy. And I can certainly see your points over taxes being used to keep the monarchy alive. Maybe Americans feel a sort of safety in fawning over the royals because they don’t have to pay the taxes to keep them in place? Not sure. I admit to having a certain fascination with royal families, but more because of the links to history, even if they are admittedly tenuous at best at this point, since they hold no real power.

      • Tom

        So what exactly did the PM of Great Britian mean when he stated that multiculturalism has failed? Was he just drunk or something?

      • Linddar

        The person that wrote Princess Diana’s biograpy (I think his name is Andrew Morton)once said in an interview shortly after her death, that he was truly surprised at the public perception of Princess Diana because she was actually very self-absorbed. I haven’t heard of him elaborating on this, or even mentioning it again, probably because he doesn’t feel there’s any reason to criticize her at this point. I believe she was narcissist, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t do some good, nor that she wasn’t fun to be around. Others that either worked for her or knew her well, have said she would cut people out of her life and not even acknowledge them for petty reasons which is not very nice. Pierce Morgan said recently that Americans liked the royals more than the British which was interesting. I agree that at least they have an interesting historical meaning unlike our ridiculous obsession with movie stars or people “famous for being famous”. Actually, Kim Kardasian said it was a lot of work remaining famous and has become a business in itself. I understand she makes millions.

        I agree there is humor/irony in Ann Coulter describing Princess Diana as narcissist and anorexic when that’s exactly how she herself appears. LOL

        I doubt if Ann Coulter actually believes everything she says but makes outrageous statements to gain attention. I think she plays word games and enjoys annoying everyone.

      • Eurydice

        If Americans do like the royals more than the British do, it’s probably because we don’t have to pay anything for them. They can behave royally or snobbishly, they can be generous or stupid or vulgar or beautiful, and it’s no reflection on us, just free entertainment.

    • Trazadone


      • John

        Where my gerunds at?

    • motherlarisa

      Again, your bitterness seeps into every word typed. We don’t worship them. We keep up with them. Enjoy the weddings and reading about their giving ways. They don’t HAVE to be giving, they just are nice people. I never said they were better than you, I just meant they have had a bigger impact on the world and it’s people than you or I could ever have. Certainly, they have done more good than ANN!!! That was my point – not that we should worship them.

    • Caroline

      Also – spell her name correctly. only one “n”

  • Jess

    Ann Coulter calling someone else anorexic? That’s rich! What a vile person.

    • Ann Coulter’s Adam’s Apple

      How would like to be me, hanging off her neck all the time?

  • angie

    I can’t imagine living a life briming with the unkind and spiteful bile that fills the hole where this woman’s heart should be. She is truly a miserable human. It’s so unfortunate for the human race that the media gives her a platform and that she has such rabid followers

    • Sally

      She’s awesome. She is like a laserbeam of truth that destroys lies of liberals everywhere. If nothing else, she makes you take up your precious energy that would have otherwise been spent on worrying about organic fruit, and hemp g-strings.

      • Joey JoJo Shabadoo

        @Sally & @Brie, I suspect you’re just one moron posing as two morons. Your organic fruit and hemp & hippie (hippie?!!) remarks were just as stupid and unfunny as when you wrote them further back on this page. You see, moron(s), making counterarguments requires intelligence and wit, and you’re only a half-wit. Dimwit. Nitwit. Twit. But keep trying!

      • Ann Coulter’s Adam’s Apple

        “hippie”??? I haven’t heard that since 1968, when Ann & I were 57-years-old.

      • erin

        Sally’s obviously just a troll.
        Seriously, what real person would be defending Ann Coulter? Even her mom thinks she’s a b***h.

      • Kelly

        I wish she’d turn that laserbeam on herself for a change. Maybe then she would just disintegrate and spare us the constant irritation of her existence.

      • Enna

        Ann Coulter as a ‘laserbeam of truth’ – thanks for a great laugh, I’ll be chuckling about that all day…

  • Listz

    “just this anorexic, bulimic narcissist.” Ha! Takes one to know one. Add b*tch and you’ve got Colter. A woman so mean I won’t even spell her name right. Ha! Take that, fiend!

  • dacey mcgovern

    and what r u ann?

  • sam

    Why give Coulter any attention for anything that she says? She is just mean and says these things to get press coverage.

    • Kathryn

      By commenting on her, she has made her point. She says things to make people mad. Personally, I consider the source.

    • Justagirl

      Exactly. I love how dramatic she gets in the clip too. The woman needs to look up the word irony. She is the epitome of narcissism.

    • Sally

      She says things that really upset 0.01 of the entire population, and the rest of you “make-believe” that you care more about that 0.01 and add it to your list of never ending distractions to avoid personal responsibility for anything wrong in society, your lives, or anything that requires hard work.

      • motherlarisa

        No Sally, if you weren’t so warped in your ideas and thinking, you would know most conservative republicans find her an embarassment and tend to shy away from her. But you seem to be just like her, trying to disparage others for your own self-gratification. Sad and pathetic.

      • Ann Coulter’s Adam’s Apple

        Only 0.01% of the population pays attention to Ann Coulter. The rest just ignore her.

  • Matt

    Sounds like M’Ann Coulter must have a new book coming out. She needs to stir up the cesspool of people who would be inclined to go out and buy it.

    • lee

      Ann Coulter is a crazy Broad. Why does the media give her any time. She is a big insecure crazy dame or maybe she is really a guy????

      • jul

        Indeed…that’s a pretty big adam’s apple.

      • Missy

        Saw Ann on Piers Morgan recently, he asked her questions that she was uncomfortable with. When she’s feeling that way she runs her fingers through her hair, I gasped when I saw her huge old man sized ears… The Right always say their side’s women are more sexy, who cares? Rather take Hillary over Sarah, Christy or Ann any day… Ann speaking of a dead charitable woman is beyond tasteless…

      • Tom

        I think they are interviewing Ron Jeremy on The View, so you guys should have something to be cheerful about.

      • Ann Coulter’s Adam’s Apple

        Ann thinks you can’t see me.

    • Ellen

      You are right, Matt. She does appear to have a book coming out, so she said something offensive to grab headlines. She did it two years ago when she had another book coming out; that’s when she said that 9/11 widows were “self-obsessed” and enjoying their husbands’ deaths. This woman is as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside.

  • Alan Carver

    I hate to say this but Ann Coulter has not idea of what she speaks. Diana’s death back in 2007 was a horrific event for anyone that might have remotely admired Diana, Princess of Wales, for her many contributions to her charities that many benefited from as having her as a patron. Ann Coulter is a self-centered, dip-w(s)hit that talks out of her BUTT HOLE! Look at it! She needs a hemorrhoid cream on it fast! That would shut her UP!

    • LOL

      Austin Powers said it best about Ann Coulter: “It’s a man, baby!”

      • LOL

        I love Weiner. All you guys are losers. Piss off. I own you.

      • Ann Coulter’s penis

        My junk owns you emotionally.

      • Ann Coulter’s Adam’s Apple

        @Ann Coulter’s penis,
        at least she can hide you.

    • Douglas

      Her death back in 2007 wasn’t all that bad. Now her first death, back in 1997, that was terrible, but by the time of her second death, in 2007, we were all so used to her being dead that it was no big deal. I didn’t even know about her 2007 death until I read about it here. I thought she’d just died the once, in 1997.

      • Backfat Betty

        LOL I thought I was the only one that noticed that too. What an idiot.

      • Katyo

        I LOL’d so hard over this. Nice one Douglas.

      • Dieana

        She rises from the grave once every 10 years to shop at Harrod’s.

    • Joe

      She died in 1997.

    • april

      oh alan…you are so sad..hahaha.

      • Sean

        anyone else notice how ann’s neck looks like a giant, deformed vagina?

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