Who will win 'The Voice'? Who should win?


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If I was Carson Daly, I would state with about as much enthusiasm as someone reading a take-out menu to his roommate that tonight is the night we find out who wins The Voice. But who will it be? The understated, yet unique Dia? The loud and inspired Vicci? The intense and experienced Beverly? Or the gifted and hat-topped Javier? Going into last night’s performance finale, I would have said Dia had it in the bag, thanks to her iTunes-charting tunes. But after a relatively ho-hum duet with Blake and a solo that made the judges pay more attention to the background dancers than the finalist, it could be anyone’s game. Javier could reclaim that frontrunner status he held after the auditions after scoring with a well-sung version of “Man in the Mirror,” probably the most radio-friendly solo tune of the four contestants. Vicci was gifted the pimp spot, and perhaps Cee Lo’s bells and whistles during their “Love is a Battlefield” duet will translate to the singer winning the final-four battle. And then there’s Beverly, who brought everything to the stage during last night’s show, including a willingness to let coach Christina Aguilera pimp her own music. So which of the four will pick up the win?

More interesting, though, is the question of who should win. Should we answer that based on previous performances? (If so, then either Dia or Javier should be crowned the first-season victor.) Or based on last night’s finale? If we choose the latter, then I’m going to be controversial here and say that Beverly should win. Not only did she deliver the most passionate solo of the evening, but she turned Aguilera’s attempt to promote herself into a truly beautiful duet that had me thinking Aguilera’s genie actually has some magical sensibilities. Of course, thanks to Dia and Javier’s popularity, it seems unlikely that Beverly will rub the lamp and get her wish, so I’m left to think of her the next time I karaoke with “Beautiful.” It will be ugly, I guarantee you.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Who will win The Voice? Who should win?

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  • fancypants

    Javier Colon is the best singer of this bunch and it seems like he has the best chance of having a successful career in music. His cover of “Time After Time” is what a hit single sounds like.

    • Idesdemars

      His version of time after time is a copy of Tuck and Patti’s rendition note for note, including the guitar part.

      • Mike

        Well, if that was a hit, then I guess it technically IS what a hit sounds like! :-)

      • Budd

        He has had multiple chances of having a successful career in music and has failed because all he can do is over sing while covering songs.

      • Free

        yup! also sounds a lot like cassandra wilson’s cover as well. I agree Budd…i remember seeing his “crazy” video and hearing it on the radio. His songs get boring to me.

      • SV

        I agree, Budd! He’s nothing original. Win or lose, Dia has stolen this competition, and if Javier does win, he better personally thank Justin Bieber for getting his exhaustive, obsessed fans to do whatever he wishes.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t understand the Javier hate. He is so talented. My mother was walking past the TV when it was on, heard him for a few seconds and said he should win. At the very least, he seems like such a nice guy. I don’t see how people can dislike him so. All of the final four are talented, don’t be jerks.

    • karmaapple


    • karmaapple

      Wrong! Javier does NOT have the best voice. Plus, all you Javier fans keep pointing to is that 1 time after time performance. 1 performance. 1. Everything else he has done has been tired, overembellished, self-indulgent, and a little off-pitch in more than 1 spot. His music is not fresh and will just fade away into the background of what’s out there once he’s in the real world…..oh, wait…he already has been. He has already had a record deal and, well, did you ever hear of him before this? I rest my case.

      • Jan

        I don’t particularly want Javier to win, but there are a lot of ways a record deal can fall through, having nothing to do with the artist. See: Patty Griffin.

      • wakeforce

        He had a record deal and you’ve never heard of him. 90% of music released is not played on the radio. That does not prove anything!

      • joe

        Look up dia frampton. She has had two or three CDs released under Warner brothers with her band. I like her and want her to win but I’m just sayin. Don’t discredit Javier for his past failings.

      • JF

        Dia had a record deal also that fell through.

        IMO Javier’s “voice” is the best of the group. You may not like his style or music type/selection but it is what it is.

      • sunshine

        oh my god shut up hater some one is jealous

      • Michael

        Shut up. Really. Can you not fathom that Javier might be favored by some, that to them his is the best voice? Or are you to dense to grasp the notion that we don’t all like the same things? You effing people get on my last nerve.

        We like who we effing like. Get over it.

    • debi

      javier has been my favorite since day one- only contestant whose music i would buy actually.

    • JimmyT

      His singing remind me of “The Tony Rich Project” who sang the hit “Nobody Knows”

      • Kate

        I totally said that last night. Lol.

    • BruceMpls

      While he may have the purest/cleanest voice, it doesn’t mean he will win. Everyone has their favorite types of music and quite often the best voice is not the primary factor but the style of their music. Musically, Dia has it won. Performance-wise, Vicci is hands down the winner. Javier never showed anything unique. Just doing a cover song like a good lounge singer. Nothing wrong with that but just not my thing even if he had the best voice.

  • Kata

    I am torn between Javier and Dia. Javier has a soothing amazing voice and with the right songs he will soar. Dia is unique and has a fresh style.

  • Mike

    Javier will win, Dia should win.
    Bev has no shot while Vicci odds are slim.

    • MM

      Mike I feel the complete opposite. I think Dia will win but Javier deserves to win. He’s easily the best singer in the competition.

      For some reason alot of people are voting for someone other then Javier simply because he’s the favorite. I’m all for an underdog but sometimes people take that too far. This reminds me of Idol when Kris Allen beat out Adam Lambert. Adam was a much better singer but people choose to vote for the underdog because they don’t want to see the favorite win.

      • GavinStrick

        Or possibly MM, the people who voted for Kris Allen simply liked his style of music better (I am one of them) I had no interest in the underdog beating the favorite. In this case, I was torn in the end by Dia and Javier, and ended up voting for Dia because her style of music (Meg & Dia) interests me more than Javier’s. Although the show is called “The Voice” ultimately it is the whole package that decides these things not just technically who is the best singer.

      • John

        I guess if “better singer” means screaming, then yes, Adam was the better singer.

      • Mike

        Kris Allen’s non-existant career proves otherwise

      • observer

        Gavin I can respect that opinion. Personally not a fan of Dia’s style . However I do understand that in this day an age , Dia’s style is likely more popular. Javier style is more like Babyface which is a style that hasn’t been popular for a very long time.

        John look at record sales. Adam has more then doubled the amount of records sold (the Kris). I’m not saying thats right , but it says something. Taylor Hicks had a unique style also, but it didn’t sell any records.

      • @observer

        But keep in mind that Adam hasn’t sold very much either. His career is more of a famous for famous type. I think what it points out is that the winner of a talent show cannot count on carrying that fame over to record sales. It might happen, but the odds are against it.

      • Michael

        I preferred Kris’ voice to Adam’s. I loved Kris from day one. Just my preference. I do, however, much prefer Javier to Dia. I’m not a fan of how she enunciates her words. I understand why others might like her but she isn’t for me. She does seem like a sweetheart though and I find that very appealing.

    • Sam

      Do you think Bev would win if she looked more like Christina (or any female), than Telly Savalas?

      • Jenn


      • karmaapple

        This is “The Voice” not “The Body”

      • cookie love

        Bev’s look hasn’t helped her.

    • Amy

      I kind of agree Mike but kind of don’t. I think Javier will win and should win. Dia is really good but Javier has a better voice. Vicci’s chances are slim yes, and Beverly has absolutely NO chance wat so ever!

  • Krisco

    Let’s get real here …
    in the real world of the music industry, the acts that succeed are the powerhouse performers. Dia may be unique, but she’s meek and mild. Vicci is still too unseasoned to be considered a powerhouse. Javier is a run-of-the-mill pop performer. The ONLY powerhouse performer in this group of four is Beverly. It would be a shame if she were overlooked because of her looks.

    • moi

      People are not overlooking Beverly because of her looks. Its a question of taste. She is a talented singer but, her style is appealing to some and not to others.

      • Jaime

        I only watched the final episode, sad to say, but I bought Beverly’s song! Lovesick was amazing!! What a cool show, I hope to catch it next round for sure. – btw whats up with CA picking her own song to sing… justed seemed wrong to me.

    • karmaapple

      While I agree with you that Beverly is an amazing powerhouse performer, I have to totally disagree that those are the only succesful ones in the music industry. What bout Natasha Bedingfield, Natalie Umbruglia, John Mayer, Macy Gray, etc., etc. And even if she’s not like ANY of those others, so what? There is plenty of room for more than 1 style.

    • bobsaccamanna

      why is Dia meek and mild?Because she doesn’t run all over the stage with her eyes bugging out of her head like a crack addict,and jump up on the piano and sing to the ceiling.Give me a break,Dia should win because out of the 4 of them,she has the most unique voice and a subtle style that some people who don’t need to be beat over the head with their music,actually like.

      • hedwig

        If Beverly were a man I bet no one would say one word about her performance style.

      • hedwig

        If Beverly were a man, no one would say one word about her performance style. Personally I love her.

  • PN

    I liked Javier and Vicci. Dia was good, but I didn’t like her duet with Blake Shelton. And Beverly had a great duet with Christina Aguilera, but I didn’t like her new song as much.

  • GavinStrick

    Beverly’s style is old and stale, and that is why she won’t win. It is down to Javier and Dia who are on-trend, contemporary artists. I voted for Dia, but if Javier wins I won’t be surprized.

  • becky

    @Nancy, your comments are right on

    Nancy says:

    June 29, 2011 at 12:12 am

    Dia is awesome. Her singing takes you on a journey where you want to hear more, curious of what she will do with her voice. Smooth and hypnotic, pleasing to the senses. She has a quality like Corinne Bailey Rae who did get a new artist nomination but lost to John Legend. I really hope Dia wins. I was disappointed with the coaches for their comments, I think they got scared that she might win and her coach is a country singer out of their league. Go Dia and thanks Blake your a good man to little sister.

  • Tasia

    Kate- what happened to you Google+ post? Too soon??

  • vin

    Anybody but Vicki or Javiar. I like Beverly and Dia the best.

  • Kristina

    I know everyone votes for them and one of the two will win, but I’m just not a fan of Dia or Javier. Dia’s voice may be unique but it’s just not strong enough. I think in a couple of more years she’ll be a great singer but now she really needs to work on her breathing between words because that noise is a little distracting. Javier is good but he was off last night. Maybe it was nerves, but when he keeps his runs in check he’s not that bad. For me, I enjoy Bev and Vicci. They have strong voices (although they do get a little scream-y sometimes which isn’t all bad) and they have stage presence. I think they had the best duets of the night. And, I’m sorry, but none of those original songs were well written. Everyone sang them great, but the lyrics were pretty bad.

    • Roxy

      I totally agree! I was really disappointed in the original songs… I thought Dia’s and Vickie’s were the better ones but not by much.

  • Sarah

    I love Vicci!!! She rocks.

  • Roxy

    I think no matter what Dia and Javier will have success in the music industry. Beverly makes me root for her to win. Vickie is exciting to watch on stage. I think its anyones game.

  • Joseph

    In My opinion when it comes to stage presence Bev hands down! when it comes to performance amd skill Javier! when it comes to moving vocals and intensity Vicci but when it comes to the most amazing voice ITS DIA!!!!! She has THE VOICE to be the winner of THE VOICE! Fantastic Voice and Talent that is so new and fresh! Her style and approach is wonderfully Unique! GO DIA!

  • Beverly should win

    Vicci is lively but not all that. Dia is too meek. Javier is your average Michael Jackson wannabe. Beverly should win, and if anyone has a problem with her looks, put a Christina wig on her; she has a great face.

    • Ahmed

      I really hope Beverly wins!

  • VitoA

    I don’t know them by name …came in late with this. The bald chick is absolutely horrible … it’s a wonder she made it this far.

    • wakeforce

      If you think Beverly is horrible, you don’t have a right to comment, and not much sense. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but should have least have an IQ above 70.

    • Amy

      ‘Beverly Should Win’ you are so wrong! Beverly is not good at all, and Javier isn’t even trying to act like Micheal Jackson! And ‘VitoA’ I totally agree with you! She shouldn’t have made it past the blind auditions.

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