'The Voice' finale: And the winner is...


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(Update: The recap is live!) We’ve obsessively analyzed iTunes sales, dissected the finalists’ performances ad nauseum, and argued about Christina’s image issues until we were blue in the face — and tonight, we’ll learn whether Dia, Javier, Vicci, or Beverly has been crowned The Voice. Yes, that’s right: After just ten weeks on the air, The Voice‘s too-short first season is coming to an end. What? No, I’m not getting teary! There’s just… there’s just something in my eye!

Go ahead and discuss the show’s star-studded finale below; as soon as we find out who’s been named the winner, I’ll update the post with their name. For the record: A whopping 48 percent of you are predicting that Dia will be victorious, and 40 percent also believe that she deserves to win (though 30 percent think Javier should get the title). I think you guys are right on the first count… though if Beverly somehow manages to be number one, I might just do a celebratory chicken dance. UPDATE: So who won? Check it out after the jump!

And The Voice is: Javier Colon! He didn’t beat Dia without a fight, though — Carson revealed that the top two vote-getters were within only two percent of each other. How does everyone feel about the result?

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  • Kata

    If it’s about selling music… Dia will win and deservedly so. I love all of these finalists and hope they get a break to do more outside of the tour. I may even go to their show if playing in LA. Much better voices than AI.

    • Kata

      I was so off… very happy Javier won. He has been around for a while and has a smooth beautiful voice and can make a great album. Dia will be OK too… she has many fans, as does Vicci and Beverly. Great show.

      • Mike Tyson

        Jav won from the time he sang “Time After Time”
        Anyone who disagrees I’ll f*$king bite your tiny penis or your tity off hoe.

      • Kata

        @Mike You are an idiot. And people have different tastes.

      • LMF

        I was pulling for Dia, but am not unhappy that Javier won. I agree that both artists will do fine.

      • Good

        Why is the comment button not posting?

      • hello

        Fu(kin A–start posting comments

    • Just Jules

      I think it was rigged from th ebeginning…. just like American Idol was.. Dia outsold everyone on iTunes… hands down. She still has songs on their charts.

      It’s a shame. but par for the course, I suppose.

      • Mike Tyson

        Couldn’t go wrong with Dia or Jav. Jav has more pop appeal but Dia is more creative. Check out Meg and Dia’s song “Monster” or “Remix to Ignition” on Youtube. It’s awesome. Bite your ear off hoe.

      • l

        supposedly Justin Bieber tweeted out to all the tween to vote for Javier and then Javier trended all night
        (although it was clear he had a huge fanbase from day one, with Dia’s fan base rising so fast, Bieber might have well saved Javier though).

        Vicci had the most all-around though. Javier great voice but terrible phrasing. Dia good phrasing but sometimes a bit thin, especially in studio. Beverly is hard to peg.

      • Natasha

        Just because Dia outsold Javier on iTunes doesn’t mean the show was rigged. I didn’t buy the single but I did vote online (from two e-mails) and via phone (home and cell). Lot’s of people did and it can make a huge difference (or in this case 2%). They both will be fine!

      • Jamey

        Adam Levine – got Justin Beiber to get his “posse” going to vote for Javier… it’s brilliant but to me taints the win…

      • Lyndsey

        You do realize that the iTunes sales were only ONE way of voting right? There were also phone & online votes!
        Personally, I would have been fine with any of the top four winning! I think they will all have great careers. But if we are only judging by last night’s performances Javier definitely deserved to win. He did the best with both the original song & the duet!

      • Lisa

        I don’t think it should be based on just itune downloads. Lots of young people have ipods to download music, more than other age groups. It didn’t just go by that. I thought they got rid of some way stronger performers/singers than Dia in the first few rounds. I think Blake made a mistake way back when he got rid of his guys! I loved Javier right from the beginning, and especially once he made it to the end. He is a great singer and I’m sure his family will be so much more blessed now. I wish nothing but the best to all of the singers who performed on the show. I think some of the ones who left show try out again, if they have another show.

    • umbrella

      I guess a woman can’t winning any singing competition anymore!

      • umbrella

        sorry, *win any*

    • katie

      If it was about selling songs Javier won.. yes Dia was #1 on itunes.. but Javier was #2 and #5….

      • andy

        His #5 position was meaningless. The only purchases which counted as finale votes were the original songs performed during the final performance show.


      I wouldve been happy w/ any of them winning. So much more talent than on AI; not even in the same league to me! I’m scared for Javier. He’s had a cd out before (w/ a great single I might add) that went nowhere. I think Dia will go on to enjoy more commercial success and there’s less pressure coming in 2nd. Great season and happy 4 NBC. Does anyone know if these same judges will be back or do we get a new set?

      • sonja

        same judges will be back.


      Javier- pretty consistent vocals. Doesn’t do well w/ duets though. Singing w/ Stevie N, you could tell he was holding back out of (well deserved) respect.

      Vicci- beautiful voice but a little loud and tends to yell. She would have come in 4th.

      Beverly- solid, consistent but we already have Melissa Ethridge so…… Poor song choices later in the season.

      Dia-unique, catchy, pretty voice. No stage presence a la Norah Jones. Will do well in the biz. Maybe.

      • Tony

        I actually thought that Javier’s duet with Stevie Nicks produced some of his best singing. His higher harmony part was truly beautiful. My two cents: Javier, Dia, or Vicci absolutely deserved to win. I love Beverly, and she’s powerful as hell, but the other 3 are better vocalists, in my view. But bravo to all 4 of them. All 4 actually have legitimate singing chops!

    • kellybelly

      Ahh rats!! I was voting for Beverly like crazy. She was so awesome in her duet with Christina on “beautiful”. Best duet of the night. Blew me away.
      2nd best duet – Javier/Adam…it got good half way thru.
      Dia is a clever arranger and has some interesting ideas. No more Tom Petty though. I actually wrote that while I watched. Vicci..underrated, and better than Javier in the performance department. He’s kinda dull sometimes.Hopefully now that he’s won, they’ll smooth out his edges.

  • Veda Pierce

    Don’t get Dia. She is not that interesting. She may win this competition, but you won’t remember her by the end of the year. Javier is the whole package. He will be the “jennifer hudson” of this show!

    • Mike Tyson

      Dia is creative and damn hot. Jessica Alba + Talent = Dia Frampton. That’s why even Christina Aguilera hates on her when she comments.

      • Nancyt

        I get a Winnie Cooper vibe from her.

      • tw

        So true- Lots of Dia jealousy in the judges. Her music is far better than the rest, but the stoic personality may not work in the biz.

    • SallyinChicago

      I don’t remember any of these contestants already after watching a few moments of the show. The problem is that most of these contestants have had 2, 3 times to “make” it in the business….and they still haven’t made it because they’re forgettable.

      • Mary Sue

        I agree. I fast forwarded through Javier after listening to about 10 seconds each week because he’s a bore. These people will be as successful as the ecent Idol winners – as in NOT.

      • Davey

        Go take your negatvity elsewhere

      • Commodore Schmidlapp

        But it’s true so screw you.

    • SNIKT!

      Meh, a gay, bald, black dude with a wimpy voice. So yawn. Didn’t like the Spanish chick either. The bald, gay, white chick and the hot gal – despite her country twangings – were much better.

      • Daniela

        Idiot. There were no Spanish chicks on the show. There were two contestants of Hispanic descent. Spanish=Spain. Spain is in Europe. Hispanic=Latin America.

      • BillB

        Actually Dia is half Korean, half English descent and not Hispanic.

      • DiMi

        Um, Javier is straight unless he has something he needs to tell his wife and daughters. Beverly and Vicci are gay.

        Also, he is a black Latino; both black and Latino.

      • myvoice

        Why must the contestants be described that way? They have names. There was only 4, so easy to remember.

      • Cathy

        Wimpy voice? Gay? Did you even watch the show?

      • Lola

        You are so ignorant and insulting on so many levels…crawl back in your hole, troll.

  • Jeannie

    I’m hoping that Beverly will somehow, miraculously pull an upset but I’ll honestly be happy with any of the contestants winning. They’re all so much better than the talent on American Idol and each deserves to win in their own way. I can’t believe the season’s already over.

  • Sadie

    Dia is blah!!! Javier so clearly has the better voice.

    • Tony

      I agree that Javier’s voice was better and he deserved to win, but Dia does have something that nobody else really had and Blake alluded to it very well. And that’s the fact that creatively, she had a concept for each song that was different from everybody else. The songs she sang she put a different spin on and they seemed like HER songs. So combine the unique tone in her voice, the fact that she sang with obvious emotion, the fact that she tells a story with each performance, and her beautiful looks, and you have something special. Javier deserved to win, but I wouldn’t have been upset in the least had Dia won. Her rendition of “Heartless” was the best single performance of the season, I think.

  • Ted

    DIA! What an amazing young woman. Hauntingly captivating in both looks and voice. When she rocked out with Blake, that was what I was looking for to complete the total package.

  • steve

    Vicci all the way! Rules the stage like none of the others and does the best on the iTunes studio recordings.
    Probably Dia or maybe Javier wins though although it seemed like Vicci or Javier before Dia took off suddenly on iTunes (oddly I think she loses a lot on her studio recordings though).

  • Lizzie

    OMG, Beverly is AWFUL. All she can do is yell. She doesn’t have a singing voice at all. She’s way, way over-rated.

    • rnlbj

      oh she was terrible tonight!!

      • Mike Tyson

        Beverly sang it better than One Republic guy did. In my opinion, he f’d up her flow.

      • l

        @Mike – ?????????

  • Clandahlina

    I really do NOT understand the love for Dia. She sounds like she has a speech impediment when she sings.

    • Simone

      I totally agree ! And how about the giant breath she takes between her stanzas? It’s like she’s having trouble breathing. So glad Javier won <3

      • myvoice

        I noticed that in last night’s performance. It was like she was gasping for air. It was really distracting. I am happy for Javier!

      • Tony

        I don’t find the breathing thing distracting at all; so many singers breathe audibly before delivering lines. And you can actually hear it in the album recordings.

    • K B Fisher

      My kid thinks she sounds like she inhaled helium

    • Natalie

      Yes, she has a breathy little girl voice that sounds quite affected. Interesting that she can turn that quality on and off…it just kind of bothers me. Javier definitely deserved the win!

    • Boston

      Finally!!!! This is what I have been saying. She is like bad kareokee. I blame that preachers daughter for her success. She was the underdog and people voted for her for that reason. She should not have made it over Jared.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    EW, I wish you would STOP talking about it

    • Cindy Owens

      Why don’t YOU not READ it…

    • wakeforce

      If a show, act or movie is popular, EW and the media will tlak about it. Don’t you understand the concept of “entertainmnent reporting”?

      • wakeforce

        Oh, and before the grammar and spelling Nazis protest, yes I know I made a typo.

  • Lizzie

    I get it … Miranda Lambert is Blake’s wife — although I don’t find a lot of love for her voice either. But this is an awful song and Dia & Miranda sound like a mismatched high school glee club duet. It’s a good thing the voting is over.

    • steve

      yeah, that duet easily went down the worst

      • Faz

        Really? — they were all very, very bad. I had to mute Beverly’s — that was atrocious. But Javier and Vicci were just as bad.

      • sondra

        Really? You thought Miranda and Dias duet was the worst? What are you drunk! Vickie and that Train guy was terrible. It sucked. Beverly and Ryans was terrible. Javier and Stevie Nicks I thought was beautiful, but I attribute that more to the wonderful Stevie Nicks. And Miranda and Dia sounded great.

      • steve


        No way Vicci’s duet tonight was easily better than Dia’s.

        It wasn’t earth shattering or anything but it as pretty good (I should say that I like Train, maybe if you don’t like Train….). I liked it.

        Dia+Lambert, it was sooooo boring, flat and plain (but then I usually find that sort of countryish stuff boring). No energy. Sometimes a little thin sounding.

        Beverly did well on some parts but yeah some parts were really bad and yeah I have to give you those parts were easily the worst of the four tonight by far.

        I thought Javier did pretty well tonight, although it seemed like it may have been because Stevie Nicks led him note by note on the phrasing which doesn’t necessarily speak well for his artistry which has been the one thing that made me never be able to end up really getting into him.

    • Aaron

      Are you kidding me? I thought they were easily the best of the night and their voices blended beautifully together. As much as I love Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac the girl should be forbidden from singing in public from now on. I thought “Landslide” was a f***ing train wreck. And Bev and Ryan Tedder’s duet was marred since it was a horrible song to begin with it. Nicci and the guy from Train were okay.

      • bobsaccamanna

        I agree Aaron,I was at one time a Stevie Nicks fan,but,god that duet was awful.I think Javier has a nice enough tone to his voice but there is nothing unique or interesting about it.I hate to think this way,but based on downloads and online voting polls here at EW and on some other sites,it looked like Dia would be the clear winner despite the fact that it was obviously Javier who had been pimped right from the opening show.I guess it doesn’t really matter,Dia has a fan base and will do very well,it just seems like a female can’t seem to win one of these shows.

      • l

        in the end though Javier ended up only one spot behind Dia on itunes and someone on another site said they Beiber tweeted all his tweens to vote Javier and that pushed him over the top last night.

      • tw

        yes- how could anyone who knows Stevie Nicks think that was even descent? She lived a hard life and it comes through in her voice.

      • Tony

        Here’s what I think about the Javier/Stevie Nicks duet. Maybe I’m biased because it’s my favorite song ever, but I thought it worked beautifully, and again, maybe part of that is just because the song itself is so beautifully written. Javier did take Stevie’s direction and I thought he sounded sweet and right on point. For those talking about how Stevie can’t sing the same way anymore, well, that’s true. She can’t really go for it anymore. But look, the woman’s a legend, and she’s 63 years old. Virtually nobody that age can still hit the notes that they used to. What I’m trying to suggest is that her presence alone commands some respect. I liked it for what it was: a star in his singing prime singing a brilliant song with a legend in the music industry.

    • Zane

      Really worse than Pat/Vicci’s screech fest and Bev/Ryan’s screamo-pant?

    • Sara

      I agree they didn’t sound great together – but that was Dia. She seemed out of breath. Miranda is a great artist, and BTW, that awful song won a grammy. Dia got better, but her first stanza was totally wwful. I’ve enjoyed her for the entire show, but this week – she had agasping for air quality that was not pleasant to hear.

  • psychoanalyzer

    Javier all the way. He and Stevie Nicks were awesome.

    • Veda Pierce

      I was blown away! I wish people could vote on that duet! It just proved my point how supierior he is to every other contestant.

      • steve

        part of the reason he sounded good there is that Stevie Nicks was coaching him along note by note on the phrasing though and also reigning him in when need be. He tends to overdo things and have poor phrasing on his own, why I never really got into him the way I say Vicci.

      • Sandy

        Actually, I think Stevie was directing Javier in the parts where there was no rhythm behind them and they needed to be sure they sang the words in time with each other. I thought it worked beautifully.

      • l

        @Sandy – yeah some of it was to make sure they sang in time with each other, but she did even more directing than just that, a lot more. and she didnt exactly let him dare to the lead in phrasing it and controlling the sync.

      • Marie

        I would totally buy that duet on itunes. Their voices sounded absolutely beautiful together.

      • Amanda

        I agree Steve…Stevie did a WHOLE lot of coaching all the way through the song. You could almost tell that it was putting him in pain not to go off on a crazy rift or start phrasing terribly.

    • kiki

      they were the best of the night by far , their duet was great !

  • e

    Oh my lord. My satellite got cut off last week so I have not been able to watch this week’s episodes. I am in pain here. But I hope Javier loses. If any of the ladies beat him I’ll be happy.

    • Squishmar

      You can watch all episodes online at NBC.com that’s how I do it.

    • wakeforce

      Javier won! Guess you won’t be happy.

      • e

        lol… i’m not surprised. good for him. really looking forward to next season.

  • Veda Pierce

    can I just say that I totally enjoyed this show. So much more refreshing then AI. Even the results show. Quick and easy. We saw relavant duets, and didn’t have to sit through bull-ish musical numbers from the losers we didn’t like in the first place. I appriciate this show very much.

    • Kelly

      I totally agree! It moved along well and celebrated the achievements of all the finalists.

      • M

        I enjoyed this so much also. Quick results, they respected the audience. I am pleased with the winner and I think they will all do well. AI could learn some things

    • wakeforce

      You. 100% right.

  • K B Fisher

    yea javier

  • Veda Pierce

    JAVIER!!! The right guy won! THE WHOLE PACKAGE! Can’t wait to buy his record!

    • RT


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