'The Voice' tonight: Who will make it to the semifinals? UPDATED: Oh, those guys!


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13 talented singers will enter the Voice Box this evening, but only 8 (or 9, if the boogie woogie Thompson sisters somehow make the cut) will be left standing by 11pm eastern time. Which of Adam and Cee Lo’s protegees will survive to battle against Xenia, Dia, Frenchie, and Beverly? We’ll find out soon enough — but until then, feel free to chat here about tonight’s episode. And don’t forget to check back in the wee hours for my full recap of the show.

UPDATE: And the final four semifinalists are…… from Team Cee Lo, Vicci Martinez (the audience’s pick) and Nakia, and, from Team Adam, Javier Colon (the audience’s pick) and Casey Weston. No real surprises there, though Casey’s spot easily could have gone to Jeff Jenkins. How do we feel about the top eight?

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  • DJ

    Wow, I’m shocked Adam picked Casey over Jeff! I figured Jeff was a shoo-in for the semis, even though he didn’t sing all that well last week..

    • Sol

      It wasn’t that he didn’t sing well last week. He sang horribly.

      • jank

        mark my words Mitch was the one who killed Rosie on the Killing – she resented the life she had and when she found out her daughter (whom she sacrificed so much for) was a hooker, she killed her – THAT is why she has been so overcome with grief.

      • DJ

        I’m also thinking maybe that after rehearsals this week, Adam thought Casey’s performance was going to be stronger than Jeff’s tonight. He said something like “I was all set to pick Jeff, but I have to go with Casey.”

      • Me

        I can’t stand that girl Casey. She sounded like a lamb…Casey James from American Idol sounded like that too at one point. Send her home. She ruined the song I Will Always Love You…she was trying to sing like Whitney Houston…she should have tried to sing like Jewel.

    • SaraS

      I agree, SHOCKED. Casey Weston, seriously!? She sucks! Her voice sounds like a goat. Isn’t this show about “The Voice”!? Either one of the other boys would’ve been a better choice.
      Boo Adam, for choosing her twice over better singers. Going for looks I see.

      • Jan

        She’s selling more on iTunes.

    • Kata

      Why? It’s about finding somebody who could sell records… and according to iTunes Casey has been selling far more than Jeff. But does not matter… Javier will move to the finale.

    • Semi Erect

      Jeff flogged the dead mother story about a dozen times too many last week…. that was the final nail in the coffin.

    • Whistler

      Xtina and her bald finalists
      Cee Lo and his gay finalists
      Blake and his shy girl finalists
      Adam and his argumentative finalists

      • KLH

        That was Xtina? I thought it was the albino Bride of Frankenstein.

    • Show Blows

      This show blows. I did catch 2 sngers last night. The dishevled fatty stunk. But Casey was really good. Though how Blake could call her hot makes me wonder about Blake’s vision.

  • reb

    Go Nakia!!!

    • Jan

      Nakia was great!

      • KLH

        The only thing great about him was his girth. He sang that song like he had no clue what it was about. It sounded like a loud whiny kid telling his mom not to annoy him.

    • SS

      He was good but I really loved Vicci tonight. I know people are saying she missed notes etc. but for me raw emotion beats perfect pitch every time. I love Javier but didn’t like his song choice tonight. Reading everyone’s posts it seems like Dia is a shoe-in to win, which I find strange because she has one of the weakest voices and zero personality(in my opinion). I can’t believe how much I love Blake Shelton! Barely knew who he was a few months ago but he is so hot and funny! It’s really refreshing to see how much he cares about Dia and Xenia. That’s what makes the Voice better then idol, the coaches are actually invested and not just spewing nonsense to hear themselves speak.

      • forrest

        thank you for summing up American Idol compared to The Voice. Idol is nothing but frustrating now to watch. The Voice brings a whole new refreshing perspective on the celebrity COACHES instead of JUDGES. A.I. is so much history in my book. I really enjoy the approach with the voice.

      • @ forrest

        If you watched Idol this season you would have noticed that they too replaced the judges with coaches, though not intentionally.

      • Snsetblaze

        I don’t think they replaced the judges with judges or coaches on idol but rather Yes-men (or stage parents)

  • Ames6254

    Yes! I’m so glad Casey’s in! Jeff seemed like a sweet guy, but I have never figured out his vocal appeal.

    • Christie Brinley

      Ceelo and his feakish looks makes children scream.

  • Mandy

    I’m so glad he picked Casey over Jeff yay! “Jesus take the wheel” i was more “JESUS take that MIC from him” hahahha What’s with Carson Daly??? That fixed wooden stare gives me the heebs

  • LKay

    I was hoping Casey would make it. Also glad Javier and Vicci are in it. Those are the 3 I voted for.

  • Katie

    Casey kinda sounds like a goat

    • mari

      Let’s be kind — baby Stevie Nicks (stage whispers – Stevie Nicks is the original goat..hehe).

  • Jim

    Ohhh…no one else should cover “I Will Always Love You.” Ever. Dolly can still sing it. Whitney…will always have an amazing recording of it. But there’s no way anyone else should be asked to compare to two of the greatest female artists ever. That just felt awkward.

    • Snsetblaze

      I have to agree – by far the weakest performance tonight … one of the few that lost my attention entirely.

  • Chloe

    Jeff definitely was off his game last week. Still, I prefer him to Casey. She has a good voice, and parts of her performance tonight were nice. Other parts, not so much. She keeps trailing off at the end of words or phrases. She did that last week, too. I’m glad Cee-lo saved Nakia (although I voted for Vicci). Nakia was great tonight.

    • Ava

      I really hate Casey’s vibrato. She sounds like a bleating lamb. I feel like I must be the only one who is bothered by this because I never see people mention it. Isn’t that an example of how NOT to sing?

      • mscisluv

        I too am so annoyed by her vibrato (it really does sound like a lamb), that I can’t stand listening to a full song from her. She seems nice enough, but I can’t stand her voice.

      • Squishmar

        Ava, you must not read articles here or comments because Casey has been compared to a goat many, many times by both writers and posters.

      • Satan

        Not a fan either.

      • Ava

        Squishmar, you’re right. I’ve been behind on my DVR viewing, so my board reading has been sporadic. Good to know it’s not just me – thought I was living in an alternative world or something. I like Casey’s tone and like mscisluv said, she seems nice enough. Just get some voice lessons.

      • Sandye

        Casey needs a lot more training and a personality adjustment.

      • Squishmar

        Ava, I’ve been watching on NBC.com the next day but I always come here and read the comments (and spoil it for myself, too…LOL). I think Casey seems nice enough… I don’t know what Sandye is saying about her personality. She seems sweet, she just needs some more experience and control. She does have a lovely voice.

  • jaybes

    Anyone else notice Carson Daly & Brooke Burke went to the same school of hosting. “How do you feel?” Every-frickin’ person after they are saved or have just performed has been asked a variation of this question.

    • NYTeach

      That’s exactly what I was thinking last week. Their affect is exactly the same, too. If you put the two of them together though, they’d probably put each other to sleep!

    • Sandye

      haha – hillarious and right on point, jaybes. Dia, Vicci and Javier are stars. Dia is my favorite because she is so artistic and a bit shy – cockiness is overrated (Blake Shelton, do you hear me?) One thing I wondered, the clapping (dia) and the drum sticks rhythm (vicci) were exactly the same, a bit stranage. Who originated that idea? Would love to know. It worked in both cases, but still…

    • Jan

      His voice is not annoying, though.

    • deadflowers

      Carson has got to be the worst host ever I can’t stand that stupid stare of his or the same stupid question.

  • Teekay421

    Can someone tell me who the first two singers tonight were? My DVR screwed me!

    • mari

      Frenchie, who sang “Like a Prayer” and Nakia, who sang “Whataya Want From Me”.

    • Maroon5fan

      1.Frenchie 2.Nakia

  • Jody Hargrove

    Clearly Jeff can out sing Casey on his worst day! I would have liked to see him step out of his comfort zone more. I think the outcome may have been different had he have done that.

    • Sol

      Well, maybe — but he never showed it on this show.

      • bobsaccamanna

        what do you base that on,just the pre show hype,Casey isn’t great,but Jeff sucked last week and quite honestly,I never heard that amazing voice that Adam kept talking about.Just from a pure entertainment standpoint tonight,I was thoroughly entertained for the whole two hours,I have my favorites like I’m sure everyone has,but the main thing is,unlike idol,no one made my skin crawl.I can see some talent in every one of the final 8,and I like all the judges,well maybe except for Christina lol.I’m cool next week with whoever makes it but if I had to pick two favorites it would be Vicci and Dia.

    • Jan

      I agree. The song he chose was just not very appealing.

  • LKay

    My dream finalists:
    Team Adam: Javier
    Team Blake: Dia
    Team Cee: Vicci
    Team Xina: Beverly

    • mari

      That is probably what it will come down too unless Vicci or Javier will somehow mess up.

    • Beverly

      Those were my votes

    • Sandye

      I think you just picked our finalists, LK. And I think Dia or Vicci will win. I love Javier, too but something about Dia and Vicci fits today’s music well.

    • allie

      my votes exactly.. Casey was terrible – although I was pleased she beat Jeff, Xenia has wayyy outlasted her welcome, Nakia didn’t compare to Adam Lambert & Frenchie was blown away by Bev. Voted for everyone you did. If they all go through I will be at a loss for next week because they are all great.

    • untapttalent

      i think those could very well be the finalists and i kind of hope that is the outcome…the only one i think could end up not making it is Vicci. i could see Nakia making it instead. i hope that isn’t the case but i think the battle for CeeLo’s representative is the closest. i’d be really surprised if the other three you picked didn’t make it.

  • tickles

    I have adored Frenchie ever since she was so unfairly booted off American Idol and it truly pains me to admit it but Beverly just rocked that song out. Fantastic!

    • mari

      I know. I expected so much from Frenchie and she just didn’t deliver tonight. Xtina’s song choices for her have been questionable too.

    • Sincy


    • Sandye

      Tickles, completely agree. Frenchie has gotten a raw deal in life. Bad song choice she got tonight and the step thing was also awkward. She should have sung something else. She is beautiful and I hope she finds success.

  • Liffle

    well beverly just got my vote. a travesty if she doesn’t make it.

  • ashley

    Did anyone else notice Coach Adam dig at Adam Lambert? Or was I imagining it. Also I can tell everyone hates Christina. Did you see that look Adam gave when she came on stage. I would be pissed if someone came to sing with me dressed like that.

    • LKay

      Did not notice a dig at Adam Lambert – but then again, I don’t always pay attention when the coaches are talking (bla bla bla). But I absolutely ADORE

      • LKay

        … (stupid computer!)… absolutely ADORE Adam Lambert and I think my ears would have picked up a dig against him. But then again, who knows?

      • ashley

        He said something Nakita had better vocals then the original Singer or something to that effect.

      • Anonymous

        He said he probably sang it better than the original singer, but I’m pretty sure he also said he didn’t know the song so I don’t think he meant to dig at Lambert. I love them both so much, I hope not.

      • LKay

        Note to coach Adam: Nakia did NOT N O T sing the song better than Adam Lambert. You may be losing your hearing from sitting so close to the speakers. Better get that checked out.

      • allie

        I noticed the comments as well. “I never heard that song” & later “I have heard that song and I am sure you sang it better than the original” but I really like them both so I hop it wasn’t a slam…..

      • Jan

        Adam had never heard thee song before and was basically saying I’m sure you sounded better than whoever did it originally–you were that good. It was a compliment to Nakia, not a dig at the original unknown to him singer.

    • MaryAnn

      What was the name of the song Adam sang with Christina. It was awesome!

      • ashley

        Move like Jagger

    • Andrew

      Definitely noticed the dig at Adam Lambert. Didn’t notice everyone “hating” Christina.

      Though her performance attire was hella funny. She looked like she was about to go to bed. ROFL

      • Sandye

        Adam/M5 were great! Sorry to offend, anyone, but Christina drives me crazy, and she ruined the song, didn’t fit in live performance, might be better on radio. If I were her manager, I would talk to her about toning down her oversinging, toning down the heavy makeup, not showing so much boob, and not being so raunchy in her speech. I am a female singer and she is very gifted and pretty – she wouldn’t be picked on so much if she didn’t overdo everything so much. I’d love to see her reign it in for her own good and self respect. Just my opinion, I wish her the best.

      • k

        Christina was the only thing that brought anything interesting to that performance. Yeah, as you said, she looked like she was about to go to bed, but she actually looked like she was having fun for the 30 seconds she was on stage. Adam seems like a good guy, but he was so boring and lifeless onstage just standing there. Even when she got onstage he barely moved. The song is hot though.

      • Gale

        Wasn’t a dig at Adam Lambert, he specifically said that he didn’t know the song so he hadn’t heard Adam Lambert sing it. He was just praising Nakia’s performance.

    • Sandye

      I’m not sure if he knew the song well enough (he said that) to know it was Adam – or it was a sideways cut on Adam. Believe it or not, not everyone is familiar with all of Adam L’s songs. Agree Adam does it better.

      • logan smith

        But why would he say that Nakia sang it better than the original when he hasn’t even heard the original? Sounds like a pretty idiotic comment to me. I’m sure he would be upset if one of the AI judges said the same thing about one of his songs.

      • Jan

        The AI judges probably HAVE and I doubt he gave a rat’s (or even knew when it happened).

      • Snsetblaze

        And the actual comment was that Nakia probably sang it better than the original.

    • Sandye

      I’ve noticed the discomfort between the judges especially over the past few weeks. Is it for TV or is it for real, I don’t know. Blake and Adam make fun of Christina, Blake talks about her boobs on his blog (tacky) and calls her Argu lera. I’ve heard there is also tension because she has a bigger production team and makes more money. Who knows? Christina makes tacky remarks, but the boys make fun of her behind her back – so whose fault is it? It just makes me uncomfortable.

      • ashley

        The only thing about Christina is that for a large production team, she’s looks terrible.

    • Kata

      No dig there. He said he did not know the song, and the same with the song Xenia sang.

      • Jan


    • taymatcam

      Where the heck has Adam been the last year. He didnt know the Adam Lambert’s song. Give me a break. Nakia sounded like dodo. He could never come close to singing it as good as Adam Lambert. What a freekin joke.

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