Michael Bay on Megan Fox's Hitler remark: Spielberg said, 'Fire her right now'


Image Credit: Jaimie Trueblood

You don't have to be Dale Carnegie to know that you shouldn't compare your boss, who can fire you, to Adolf Hitler. So when Transformers vixen Megan Fox told Wonderland magazine in 2009 that her director was like the infamous Nazi mass murderer, well, she was inevitably replaced for the franchise's upcoming third film. Now, Bay is admitting the obvious, telling GQ that Fox's departure had everything to do with the führer furor:  "She was in a different world, on her BlackBerry. You gotta stay focused. And you know, the Hitler thing. Steven [Spielberg]

said, ‘Fire her right now.’ “

So Transformers‘ producer — and the director of Schindler’s List — reportedly made the call to axe Fox. (Spielberg was away and would not comment, according to his spokesperson.) Obviously, there are certain people you simply can’t compare your co-workers to, like Jeffrey Dahmer, the Unabomber, or Spencer Pratt. For the record, Fox also had compared Bay to French warmonger Napoleon, but that didn’t seem to bother anyone. Hitler, on the other hand, remains the go-to, ultimate can’t-walk-it-back insult, used to disparage everyone from poker champ Annie Duke to Mother Teresa, and it’s not because he was a mediocre artist whose paintings lacked imagination.

Crossing Michael Bay can’t help your career, but if it was Spielberg’s call to can Fox, can you imagine her career recovering anytime soon? Is this Sean Young all over again?

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  • larry

    i feel there is different real reason behind this every month…never cross a Jew in Hollywood

    • jk

      Or maybe just don’t say stupid things to anyone. Being compared to Hitler offends everyone, not just Jewish people.

      • Robert

        It was 60 years ago, is it still too soon? A lot of people, maybe Jews especially, definitely take themselves too seriously. Can’t they recognize a bad joke from real intention…jeez.

      • Michael

        Yeah Robert. It’s not that stars shouldn’t run around hollywood disparaging their coworkers and snorting cocaine without any consequences. It’s just the Jews and the fact that they take themselves too seriously.

      • jul

        Robert, just out of curiosity, have you ever taken a history class? Ever seen pictures of the concentration camps, and the poor, innocent souls who were sent there?
        Speaking of souls, do you even have one?

      • outrageousness

        Right on Robert. Bay is still bitching about it. He should shut up and try to do a movie where there’s not a single explosion.

      • Rachel

        Robert, the answer to your question is yes. Yes. It’s still too soon. It may always be “still too soon”. It was just that huge.

      • kyrjar

        Stupid but she’s young and that comparison came to mean a callous dictator in slang terms, not a supremicist looking to exterminate jews which is what it is in reality.

      • David

        Oh please, what real reason could there be? Crazy riders list, difficult to deal with on set? Those are a package deal for pretty much any famous star nowadays. Comparing your boss to Hitler is the lowest of the lows, especially considering he took a chance with her in the first Transformers which skyrocketed her fame. People have a right to get upset with their boss, but at the end of the day they pay the checks. When hundreds of millions is on the line for a movie you are involved, show some respect for everyone on the crew, being disruptive affects everyone. Gratitude and appreciation goes a long way in advancing careers, no one wants to work with a stuck up snob who thinks she’s better than everyone else. “Fire her right now”, awesome reaction from Spielberg and would be the same reaction absolutely every employer in the world would do. She ain’t worth it.

      • Shasta

        She was also fired because she has an iguana neck and admitted that she’s crazy.

      • Amanda

        Or maybe if she had some actual talent, she wouldn’t be on edge with her movie makers…

      • Marge Schott

        I think Megan Fox was good for a while but then she went too far.

      • Tom

        they can be tyrannical sometimes and people call them much worse than this all the time. Don’t kid yourselves. That’s the biz.

      • Benlinus

        @ Robert: Objectively I see what you mean. If you lived under a rock you would assume that only the European Jews and people from the African continent ever had anything terrible happen to them. Well here’s a news flash, every ethnic group on the face of the planet has suffered at some point in history whether it be at the hands of the Romans, the Huns, the Mongolians, the Macedonians, the British, other Africans wiping out other Africans, Colonists taking out the Native Americans. The Jews and African Americans don’t have the crowns for most wronged ethnic group that ever existed; you’ve got to realize that they’re just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the suffering of Humanity.

      • The Chosen Person

        Like no one has EVER said something nasty about their boss? Spielberg is showing his true colors here; not too much UNLIKE a certain vile dictator/war monger. Firing her was a WAY over the top knee jerk reaction. Megan is NO Lindsay, after all. Hell, if MEgan’s comments offended Spielberg so dang much, why didn’t he say something when Mel Gibbson went all anti-semetic a few years ago? Puss y.

      • John Smith

        I’d have more sympathy for Spielberg’s over-sensitivity toward some young bimbo’s casual Hitler comment if I saw him show equal rage toward ALL ethnic-cleansing, especially modern day occurances. However, I suspect he’s not that interested. Meanwhile, he clutches the scepter of the Holocaust under the guise of “never again”… It’s far more likely his true motivation lies in defending the enormous financial & political power that wielding such an entity has brought to him, his industry & all supporters of the state of Israel.

      • Dominique

        Robert…It will ALWAYS be too soon for someone to be compared to Hitler. He killed millions of innocent people because he was the ultimate racist, destroying lives and families forever. A comment like that does not just apply to Jewish people. I’m black and I don’t think that comment will ever be politically correct. Either way, as a working actor, even if you were joking, why would you openly assault your director and expect there not to be consequences? Megan Fox is not a great actress. She’s just another hot young girl in Hollywood who can easily be replaced by another hot young girl(apparently a blonde, British model as it so happeneded). Also she has repeatedly commented about how she thinks no one did any real acting in the Transformers movies that she was in, that it wasn’t really required in order to run around screaming. So maybe she said that in order to get herself fired so she could explore her options and not limit herself as an actor.

    • Barry

      I agree; they rule Hollywood.

      • Tom

        They always have. So what? It’s just recently that they have gotten off track. Movies were fun experiences, that were meant to make people “think” and be happy about going to see movies on Friday/Saturday evenings. Originally, not all blockbusters were ‘sure things’, and not all ‘sure things’ were big budget. Now we have huge budget supposedly “sure things” that barely break even. There are no experimental films coming out of Hollywood now or in the immediate future. That’s where actors shine. That’s where the real blockbusters hide.

      • The Enforcer

        Ever since Jews came to rule Hollywood you have seen a constant degradation of art. Go figure.

    • Tom

      Hey Larry, go run into your boss’ office and call him Nazi. Get back to us with the glowing results.

      • Larry’s Boss

        You’ll be pleased to know I rewarded Larry’s gumption with a 12% raise.

    • Steverino

      If not one single Jew was killed in the Holocaust, at least 7 million other people were victims of Hitler’s mass murderers. For that alone, comparison to Hitler is tasteless and foolish.

    • Dhunghanga


    • jam

      I mean c’mon you offend the guy who made Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan – and wonder why you were fired?

      If she called Michael Bay a dictator or taskmaster – would sh have been ok?

      I have no idea what people under 30 know ..bout world history and what’s acceptable ..because I doubt anyone over 30 would say that in a interview setting bout their boss

    • Godwin’s Law

      Megan Fox proved Godwin’s Law exists in meatspace. Every argument eventually devolves into Hitler comparisons. Wait until he finds out on YouTube.

  • Nacho Mama

    Her talent resides soley in her C cups.

    • addhock

      Errrrr…… that is a B cup , a storm in a B cup

    • Meli

      Yep. If she had even the remotest ability to ACT,or several #1 films in her resume, she would’ve been given a pass. Instead she got too big for her britches, let her alligator mouth overload her hummingbird butt, and dissed her boss. And then HIS boss had her fired.

      • c

        hummingbird butt? I didn’t think hummingbird’s had butts? Does that mean hers is too small, or too big? And this is a relevant conversation because she can’t act anyway, so we may as well discuss her butt…

    • wino

      you’ve just described 75% of hollywood actresses.

  • cam

    never publically call your boss Hitler, no matter who you are or where you work, if you want to stay hired.

    Anyways, Spilburg is awesome for firing her.

    • SaraJeanQueen

      I disagree. I think she messed up and was getting a little too chatty in her interviews, sure; but I like when stars are candid and tell the truth. All this “Oh, he/she was grrreat to work with on set” can’t always be true.
      They only fired her because they were afraid of what she’d say for the next 10 interviews for Transformers 3. I think it’s cowardly. They could’ve just talked to her..?

      • Nathan

        Either way who cares, she was there strictly as eye candy for teenage boys, infinitely replaceable.

      • Martin

        - stephanie,she’s so btfieuaul and your processing is gorgeous!i don’t have words for your photography style!your images are out of this world. wow wow wow!

    • Nweke

      We came to this realization years ago. I’m glad you and Gail did too. Good for you. Can’t wait to see what you opted for.Have a tefirric day. Big hug to you both.

  • Darin

    Yeah she screwed up. She hasn’t been in anything big since she got fired either. All big directors talk and when Spielberg has you fired then theres not gonna be many decent directors or studios that are gonna want you in their movies.

    • kate middleton

      Has she been in anything big other than Transformers ever? All the movies I can think of have TANKED (Jonah Hex, Jennifer’s Body).

  • kate middleton

    She is clearly an idiot. But I think the reason her career won’t recover anytime soon is because she is not a good actress.

    Hope they’re able to live off Brian’s 90210 royalty checks.

    • Marie

      I agree!! she is a complete idiot, no one should ever call their boss, no matter how horrible, Hitler, unless their boss is actually similar to him, which I highly doubt that Bay is anything like that. I haven’t heard of him in the tabloids ordering the murder of millions of people! I don’t know, maybe I just read the right tabloids!

  • harry

    I have to say that is what she gets.

  • Roohnd

    ALL BODY — NO BRAINS !!!!!!!!

    • Tony

      She got the looks, but If you cant act, Keep your mouth shut..

  • tracy bluth

    I wouldn’t compare her to Sean Young- at least Young gave a (IMO) good performance is Blade Runner and also appeared in Wall Street. I doubt Transformers and Jennifer’s Body are ever going to have the same reputation as those two.

    • Meli

      The other thing Sean Young has that Megan Fox doesn’t have is a brain. At least Ms. Young has the intelligence to do something else. Poor Megan probably couldn’t spell ‘cat’ if you spotted her the C and the T.

      • Alaine

        Last I saw Ms. Young, she had a short stint on “The Young and The Restless.”

  • Kevin

    I still really like her and appreciate her candor in interviews

    • David

      The only time she can act is during interviews.

  • Helen

    It was a stupid and wrong comment to make on Megan Fox’s part about the Director being like Hitler. I just hope this third Transformers is better than the last, which was truly awful. I have my doubts though. I have a feeling that director is just like James Cameron without his talent, he doesn’t listen to anyone but himself, too bad. I don’t think he learned a thing from the last Transformers. Hitler is an extreme comment but he probably was a sexist pig.

  • Joey JoJo Shabadoo

    Sounds like she made a flip highly exaggerated comment, and it was taken far too seriously by her boss. There is a dramatic dif between what Fox said, and real anti-semitism. I wish Spielberg could be fired for actually producing “Transformers” movies.

    • Michael

      There is no difference. When you make a comment like that there is usually some REAL anti-semitism lurking just beneath the surface. There isn’t a white person in the world who could call a black person the n-word without being called a racist. This is no different.

      • Beau

        I seriously doubt she even knows what antisemitism is. She just thought it was a cool thing to say.

      • Lauren

        But Michael, she didn’t call jewish people names. (which would make your analogy correct) She made a comparison between her director and a terrible dictator. I think it’s possible for someone to make that comparison (an exaggeration always) without actually being anti-semitic. (in their thoughts if not their perception by others’)
        Am I wrong?

      • whatevs

        Michael, that is a ridiculous argument. What does comparing a fascist dictator to a director have anything to do with her feelings about Jews? Some people shouldn’t be allowed to post comments out of sheer stupidity.

      • @Lauren

        No, you’re right.
        Also it’s not like she said this on Dave Letterman – she said it in some magazine interview. She was fired prematurely imo.

    • Beau

      If there were other reasons he wanted to get rid of her, ie: laziness, inattention, etc, the Hitler remark was simply a gift to Spielberg.

      • Anita Mann

        Fox is a notoriously ignorant *itch on the set. She even complained about Michael Bay making the crew go out to see those big piles of bricks. We commoners call them the Pyramids.

    • Alaine

      Are you aware of Spielberg’s work with Holocaust survivors. I think he has every right to be “sensitive” to Fox’s absurd comments.

  • chris

    Stupid comment indeed but I will say that Michael Bay has a reputation for being a total douche in the business. You can take that to the bank! a famous actor told me so!!!;)

    • Fingerlakes Dave

      OK, Who? When? Exact comment?
      “A famous actor friend……”

  • hitlerbashing

    Notice, how all the haters seek MF, gather and troll…. lol

    I’ve been called Hitler, didn’t make me jump-the-gun.

  • Brian Wallace

    Good for Megan Fox. She’s not in another awful movie. If you actually think those Transformers movies aren’t the worst, most insipid, retarded things (I’m not calling them “movies”) EVER than you’re worse than….

    How doesn’t Megan Fox come out a winner in this? Hmmmmm….she left a movie series A.) Directed by Michael Bay (who isn’t even a director. He’s a marketer) B.) “Starring” Shia LaBoufe (an “actor” who actually has NEGATIVE charisma) C.) A female underwear model (Rosie Huntington-Whatever) D.) A MALE underwear model (Tyrese Gibson) and….wait for it….E.) Fergie’s husband.

    I don’t care how much money they make. The new definition of “retard” is “Someone who likes Transformer movies.” They actually make you dumber.


    • Donald Trump

      You can’t call your boss Hitler and you’re not allowed to say retard. You’re fired!

    • None

      While I agree with your comment, if she wanted to be an actress, she should have known better. That’s something she could get away with later in her career but as someone new, nope.

    • @Brian

      Haha!! Good points.

    • Dominique

      I understand you insulting Megan Fox (if you even did). But was it really necessary to insult every other main character in the movie? I don’t think so, especially when you get your facts/comments wrong. Josh Duhamel is not simply Fergie’s husband but an actor who starred in his own successful television show, Las Vegas, and plenty of movies before he married Fergie. Tyrese is an established and pretty talented R&B artist for easily over a decade now and also has acted in other good films. I think you’re getting him mixed up with his brother, Tyson. He’s the one who is still a male model. I don’t know about anyone else but I really enjoyed Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s performance in the movie and I think she’s actually hotter than Megan Fox. And I loved the original Transformers movie. Although the second one totally sucked plot-wise, I truly enjoyed the third one. I don’t think you should expect too much subtlety from any Michael Bay movie, but just take them for what they are, eye candy and lots of action and explosions, or leave and simply choose not to watch them or contribute to the millions he has made and will continue to make in the future…

  • Natz

    that was a really classy move Bay, pointing fingers at one of your producers.

    • Darrin

      Exactly – what is the point of publicly blaming Spielberg? Is he somehow worried that Megan Fox fans won’t go see another Michael Bay movie? It’s just too bad that her complete inability to act wasn’t what got her fired.

      • Captain

        What acting is involved as the female lead in a Michael Bay movie? Her job was to perfect pushing her breasts up. It’s weird that Michael never publicly talked about this until the new Transformers film came out. Hmmmmm

    • Julie

      Agreed–it was a cowardly move to put it on Spielberg.

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