'The Voice' poll: Has Christina Aguilera's image rehab been successful?


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Just a few months ago, Christina Aguilera was at a career low point. Over the span of about four weeks, she had messed up the words to the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, been arrested for public intoxication, stumbled at the Grammys, and gotten sued. Oh, and lest we forget, all that came right her album Bionic tanked, her movie Burlesque flopped, and she filed for divorce from her husband of five years. Phew! Maybe words can’t bring Xtina down, but it sure seemed like a string of public misfortunes could.

Then something wonderful happened: Aguilera’s next project, The Voice, became a bona fide hit. And like Idol judge Jennifer Lopez before her, suddenly, the public began to see the diva in a whole new light.

During the singing competition’s first few episodes, Aguilera came across as easygoing, funny, and charming — and it didn’t hurt that the show immediately reminded us that the lady can still sing like nobody’s business. Xtina seems to care deeply and genuinely about the big-voiced women she chose to be on her team. And, at one point, she even joked about her Super Bowl flub, which just served to humanize her even more.

But in more recent weeks, Xtina’s behavior on The Voice hasn’t been quite as endearing. She has a habit of interrupting her fellow coaches, and a tendency to default to weird sexual innuendo while giving her post-performance commentary. (Exhibits A, B, and C: Patrick Thomas.) There’s a fine line between understandable confidence and off-putting narcissism, and sometimes Aguilera unwittingly crosses over it. (See: That “Candyman” name-drop.) Her low-cut ensembles and dramatic makeup have also drawn a ton of criticism from Voice fans. But for the record, she looked indisputably lovely last night.

All in all, then, it’s tough to say whether the four-time Grammy winner’s stint on NBC has resuscitated her image the way she arguably wanted it to. So I’m turning to you, PopWatchers, to see if we can reach a consensus. After watching her onscreen for eight weeks, do you like Aguilera more or less? Has her behavior made you yearn to go out for sushi and gossip with her? And if not, what do you think Xtina could do to get herself back in your good graces? Vote in the poll below to let us know what you think.

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  • Denise

    She needs to stop with the sexual comments, they tend to go over the line to icky. I am glad she has toned down the make up but please someone teach her how to dress. (you can show cleavage without the mounds being out)

    • Denise

      BTW- I actually think LESS of J.Lo because of her attitude against Hailey.

      • SaM

        who the hell is hailey?

      • RCB

        Haley is the best singer in Idol 10.

      • Chris

        She was right about Haley though. She was horrible and had a horrendous attitude.

      • sls

        could not agree with you more… At first I liked J lo but about halfway through the season her outward disdain for haley floored me and I get the impression she is one of those women that dosent get along well with other women

    • Chrome

      Haha, mounds. Eh I’ve never really liked her genre of music so I wasn’t very familiar with her before TV, but now I like her. She’s smokin.

    • TheRealBeyonce

      yeah, but Miley Cyrus, Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce can show half of their vulva on national TV and they are still being praised. uhmmm here.. Imma hand you a packaging tape and put it on your mouth and finger. Just stop typing now honey, it shows that you’re mentally unstable to comment on this topic.

      • wendy

        I’m waiting to see a picture of her on Fashion Police in the starlet or Streetwalker game. I know at least two of them would guess streetwalker.

      • TheRealBeyonce

        are you trying to be funny? well, you failed and failed BIG TIME. I bet you’re a fat woman who always eats at WENDY’s. Poor you.

    • Don Knobbis

      To most of the ppl who think her make up and dress and talk is garrish, bbo..etc I believe she is just trying to be entertaining. I can’t say we should love her no matter what…but give her some slack her world just crumbled..where’s the love yall?

      My 2cents- Divas are yesterday
      Brains and beauty = killer!

    • Bonnie

      I have loved Xtina, but her bratty little sister act with Adam and sometimes Blake, as well as her weird default to sex talk when she has nothing else to say is offputting. Last night her look was 1000x better than it has been and I hope you can be funny and charming without the other stuff. It seems like she learns a little each week, so I hope it “keeps getting better” :) It’s hard to defend an obnoxious diva.

    • Cee

      Agreed. My feeling on this poll is, I’ve always liked her public persona and music, so of course I was excited to see her on the Voice! I love when she participates in performances or even sings bits of songs on there too! As for how she portrays herself on the Voice – I liked it up until this past week’s show. Before, she just seemed like she was being herself, a little sassy, but last week she switched over to the more obnoxious side. You could tell even Carson Daily was put off by her constant sexual obsessions lol. He said something like, “Okay…Christina’s in a mood tonight (rolling eyes).” It went from the point where a little bit of it before was funny, but this time she drove the point to the ground – overkill, it just lost it’s charm. I do have to say that the outfit, makeup and hair she wore this past week was SO much more flattering on her than the look she’s had on the show thus far…that constant bright red lipstick just does not do anything for her, not to mention the tacky outfits. Was refreshing to see her looking more put-together and actually pretty.

  • Kate

    She’s actually my least favorite judge because of her weird behavior. The rambling, cutting off other judges, picking fights for no reason, the weird comments to contestants about taking their pants off etc. I don’t know if she’s just uncomfortable in a role where she’s not the one performing but it just seems like she’s always trying too hard.

    • the_girl

      I totally agree with this. I am just glad I am not Adam Levine because she is dismissive and rude towards him A LOT and I would not be so nice about it. I do think she has been a good coach but unfortunately she’s failing at being a good person.

      • k

        Oh, please. Adam is a cocky, arrogant, d-bag himself. If The sexes were reversed, no one would bat an eye.

      • maya

        um they ALL give each other attitude, not just Christina…

    • TheRealBeyonce

      give me a favor… shut up

      • psychokittyface

        It’s ‘do me a favor’ idiot.

    • Jenn

      I like Christina. Blake Shelton has no business on that show. The “rivalry” between the judges is put on.

      • Shari

        You mean because he is a better singer a couple of the other judges and because his career is still A-list, so he doesn’t need to turn to TV to revive it?

    • Heidi

      Christina is a talented singer and songwriter. She has had a rough year. This is a good break for her, but she sometimes is way too over the top and almost seems rabid in her desire to be the star of the show. I liked her toned down style last night and hope that continues. I also felt her tears were genuine and she cares about her girls which would have made last night a huge success had she not kept up with cutting people off and insulting Adam. She just needs to stop that and truly enjoy herself. She can still ‘save’ the break and make it work if she starts to relax.

      • Keli

        Completely agree. I think this show could/will be the thing that gets her back on track as far as her public image, but I also feel she needs to tone it down a bit. It’s seems like sometimes she is genuine and sometimes she is putting on a show. I like the genuine Christina without all of the makeup and attitude. Hopefully, we will see more of this side throughout the rest of the season!

      • Cee

        When she started crying all I could think was oh noo…those seem like fake tears…she is not a very good actress when it comes to crying. UGH, embarrassing! haha. I am not sure but it did not seem very genuine haha but who knows.

    • Shara

      I agree! I admire her for her fantastic voice but that’s all.

    • Lindsay

      i actually like her and Blake the least… they both just have weird moments where i just want to look at them and say, “REALLY?”. she looked like a train wreck last week (bad clothing choice, streaky fake tan, eyelash falling off) but she did look better this week, i will give her that. i’m just not a fan. never have been and so far, she hasn’t won me over by her performance on this show.

    • Cee

      I agree about the “take your pants off” comments lol…I mean the first time she said it, it was a little uncomfortable but maybe could be funny…laugh it off at least…but then saying it 2 more times the next week? That was just painful!

  • ST

    I’ve never been a big Christina fan. The girl is talented but I think she tends to oversing quite a bit and her image has become “Snookified”. She’s a pretty girl but the way she dresses does her no favors and she’s come across as rude and obnoxious on the show lately. Maybe that will turn around (she was slightly better in last night’s show) but as of right now, I wouldn’t be disappointed if she left the show and they got a replacement.

    • TheRealBeyonce

      well, she’s got “personality”.. She’s not like Jlo who always sound sweet and BORING on TV.

      • Heidi

        you clearly didn’t hear the way Jen critiqued/rained fire down on Haley if you thought she was too sweet and boring.

      • GoddessLu

        Haley wasn’t very good and was on the show much longer than her talent warranted. That said, I think Christina’s look was much improved (bronzer, less severe lip color, etc) but think the “rivalry” is put on. is it me or does every team have a country person and does The Voice and American Idol need country on their shows when there are country singing competitions these contestants could go on that would be viewed by people who actually like country. Keep it out of a pop show please.

      • Garrett

        by the way goddess this article isnt about hayley if it was you comment would be bombarded with all of the people that loved haley and thought that she was the most talented ARTISTS to come on to a reality show like Idol in years. Her voice was unique and she knew how to perform her butt off. Bringing her up like this in a completley different article just goes to show that people are still talking about her and remember her more than any other contestant. BTW your jealousy is showing through.

    • Keli

      I 100% agree ST

  • Mr. Holloway

    Agree with others.

    Being part of “The Voice” has been good for her in that she’s actually part of something really successful and is once again relevant.

    However, someone should REALLY tell her to cool it with cutting off the other judges while they’re talking and with her weird sexual innuendos.

    I’m hopeful that she’ll tone it down. Based on last night’s episode, it seemed like someone convinced her to tone down her make up (80% less clownish), so hopefully those same people will convince her to tone down her other garish behavior.

    • PN

      I think she had a lot of makeup and went decadent and excessive with the wardrobe last week because it was the first of the live shows and she wanted to go over the top with it. But she did cool it down a bit this week and she looked good. She does need to stop cutting off the other coaches when they critique the performances, but she’s doing a good job so far on the voice. And the sexual comments about the performers’ looks are a bit much coming from her.

    • maya

      Cee Lo gives sexual vibes too. Not as blatant as Xtina but when a pretty girl is on the show, he makes it obvious that he’s atttracted…

  • d

    Have always been a fan and likely always will be. Love her approach by selecting four women as she is by far the best to coach her “ladies”. You go girl!!!

  • Jerome

    She needs to NEVER wear that red lipstick again and tone down the hair – the color & the cut. JLo gave us a fashion 2x a week. Step it up Xtina. As for her vox, she seems to surrounded by yes-men who allow her to over sing, over do it on the runs & riffs. Some time with David Foster, Babface, NeYo – and reuniting withthe A&R guy who MADE her, Ron Fair, might help. And her comments come of unfunny, crass and obnoxious so perhaps a lil banter writer might help polish it up.

    • TheRealBeyonce

      Hi Perez Hilton!

      • wendy

        Please shut up. Your comments are as stupid as your handle. I’m sure TheRealBeyonce has better things to do than make idiotic oomments like you do.

      • TheRealBeyonce

        and you are?

    • Julia

      Jerome = Marc Anthony

  • Jess

    I LOVE her voice the girl can SING! but she is making herself look stupid on the show. every comment she makes is sexual in one way or another and makes little to no sense. I would like to hear her give honest feed back that is useful to the contestants. I think she has potential to be great on this show but she is just trying to hard to be contriversial and instead is making herself look ignorant and it’s embarassing. You can see even the other judges are confused and embarassed by her behavior.

    • TheRealBeyonce

      No… Your comment is embarrassing, because it shows how dumb you are and how your parents have raised a child with an ugly heart.

      • Jess

        REALLY WOW!!! I don’t even know you and my comment was for the most part a positive to Christina I think you need to maybe take a breath. I am in no way a “child with an ugly heart.” I am sorry you are so bent about what I said but maybe if you actually read it you would understand that I do appreciate Christina’s talent but think she could put a better image out like she DID last night! It seems maybe the person with the UGLY heart is you especially with a name like “TheRealBeyonce” who are you trying to fool?

    • Heidi

      to be totally fair on the issue, Blake Shelton has said some sexual comments that I have been shocked by and I have no idea how no one seems to notice!!

      “Daddy Likey”
      and the comments he made about the sexy outfits on the Thompson sisters (who are under 18, yes?) were just – ugh.
      As a mentor to his team, he’s solid but when he judges the females I kindof gag.

      • joan collins

        My thoughts exactly Heidi. Blake has had some awkward sexual moments too, yet nobody says anything about that. People just like to criticize XTina because she is a woman. If people don’t like her then that’s fine, but there are obviously millions who do like her and we tune in every week to see our girl. If people don’t have anything nice to say then they should shut the hell up and keep it moving…

    • maya

      honest feedback? did you not see her one on one’s?! -_-

  • nome

    Just to clarify…All the coaches get along great so the “fights” on TV is just playful banter. I admit that Christina does come off a little annoying at times but its all in good fun. I dont why people want to jump on the Anti-Christina bandwagon.

    • light up

      Haters are gonna hate regardless. They are so miserable working at Kentuck Fried Chicken that they waste their time hating on this talented girl who has more money than they’ll ever see in their entire lifetime.

  • kj

    Why do people keep labeling Burlesque a flop? It made nearly $100 million worldwide at the box office, is in the top twenty of best selling DVD’s this year, making more than $20 million and got her a nomination for a Golden Globe. I’d say that’s a pretty successful first foray into the world of film. Anyways, she’s fantastic and I’ve been getting more and more into her recently, but I’ve always been a fan. This whole destruction of her image seems more media manifested than anything. Yes, she’s had a few bumps in the road, but it’s getting really old seeing the media tear artists down time after time, especially one’s who are so uniquely talented as she is.

    • TheRealBeyonce

      IKR? They are underestimating the POWER OF XTINA and POWER OF CHER. These media reporters needs to do a research before blabbering their stinky mouth.

    • John T.

      I for one loved loved that movie. To hell with all the haters!

    • Jessica

      After watching her movie, Burlesque, I gotta admit, she’s made me a fan. And btw I love her newest album Bionic, especially that Deluxe verison. WTH with all the negative feedback about them? I’m loving them BOTH!

  • Sagittarian25

    Good God. Why is it such a travesty she brought up her Candyman video? It’s ridiculous how harsh the press is with this woman. Just calm the eff down.

    • kj

      Seriously. Everyone else was thinking it. It would have been weird if she DIDN’T say something. I really don’t get how that’s crossing any line.

      • Sara

        Exactly! The first thing I thought of was how it reminded me of the Candyman video. How is that disgusting self-promotion when the video came out years ago?

  • ana

    She gets a little loud on the show sometimes but she means well. I think she generally seems very sweet and likeable.

    • TheRealBeyonce

      Xtina is very entertaining!

  • Lemo

    Never cared for her, but I do like her on the show. She’s no more annoying than Paula Abdul was, ands it’s more cute/funny annoying in my opinion. It makes her a fun character. And even though the judges don’t criticize the singers much, their banter with each other makes up for that. I love watching Adam,Christina, and Blake fight each other all the damn time, while Cee lo just chills.

  • Lopez

    Why are you trying to make “Burlesque flopped” happen? IT DID NOT FLOP! It made over $90 million and received three Golden Globe noms including Best Movie and won 1. Next!

    • Eurydice

      Nobody needs to make “Burlesque Flopped” happen – it already happened. The critics panned it and it was a box office disappointment. Sure, it took in $90+ million, but it cost $55 million to make and a whole lot more in marketing. With that kind of budget and publicity, it should have made at least twice as much before DVD sales.

      • Donna Summer

        That’s not a flop. A flop is Gigli opening with 3.5 million. Sure it wasn’t a box office smash, but it was still moderately successful.

      • Melly

        Making double of your production costs is not a flop. It wasn’t as successful as people expected it to be, but it still did pretty decently.

      • Eurydice

        @Melly – “make double the production costs” doesn’t mean anything. Half of the ticket sales goes to the theater owners, so now we’re down to $45 million for the studio, which is already a loss. And then there are the costs of marketing the film and the prints which go out to the theaters – that could be another $20 million or more – so now we’ve got an even bigger loss, and it looks like a total loss even after DVD sales.

        There’s really no point in pretending the movie was successful. But just because Xtina appeared in an unsuccessful movie doesn’t mean that she’s a flop.

  • Sarah

    Love her on The Voice. Its great having talent show judges who can actually SING and who have been there done that.

  • Danny

    Get over it, people. She’s doing a fantastic job. This is Christina Aguilera we’re talking about, not Mother Theresa. If the comments she’s made on the show are bothering you, you’re either a 40-year-old virgin and/or you haven’t lived much. She’s doing just fine. And she’s still the best female singer of her generation. She’s so freakishly talented that she makes the contestants on The Voice (other than Javier Colon) look ridiculous by comparison. My only criticism of her is less make-up, better wardrobe, and better hair. But her sassy attitude can stay.

    • Allison

      She is amazingly talented – and she does need to tone down the hair and make-up. She needs to cut off about a foot of hair, get a good deep conditioning treatment and start trying for a hair color that won’t require so much upkeep. And she definitely needs a better stylist.

      • Donna Summer

        While I agree that her styling can use a little improvement, she is on a show called The Voice where it doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you can sing….and boy can that girl SANG! She doesn’t conform to Hollywood’s standard of beauty, and that is what I love about her.

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