Tom Cruise as Lee Child's rugged Jack Reacher? Count us in!


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Tom Cruise is in talks to star as rugged former U.S. Army cop Jack Reacher in writer-director Christopher McQuarrie’s adaptation of Lee Child’s 2005 novel One Shot for Paramount, EW has confirmed. (Deadline first reported the news.) Cruise has apparently been circling Reacher for some time, which may come as a surprise to fans of Child’s best-selling thriller series. But even though Cruise doesn’t fit the physical description of Jack Reacher in the books (6’5″, 250 pounds, not particularly attractive), I think the now-middle-aged star would be terrific in the role.

Reacher is like a grittier, real-world version of Ethan Hunt from the Mission: Impossible series — he drifts from town to town with no luggage, pitching in to help crime victims, and using his military training and resourcefulness to get out of jams. (In One Shot, first published in 2005, he investigates a sniper attack in Indiana.) Reacher knows how to throw punches, but he also feels the effects when a punch is thrown. It’s refreshing to see Cruise bypassing yet another comic-book movie for a potential franchise like this that’s action-oriented but more character-driven and grounded in reality. McQuarrie, whose last directing credit was 2000’s The Way of the Gun, is best known as the screenwriter behind The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie (starring Cruise), and the recently tabled The Wolverine. Interestingly, 2005’s One Shot isn’t the first Reacher book, or even one of the best. (EW gave it a B–.) But I’ll be first in line to see how Cruise embodies one of my favorite thriller heroes.

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  • West

    I agree, Tom Cruise is an excellent choice to play a hulking man-mountain protagonist in films. I also like to eat lawn clippings and save my urine in jars in my basement.

    • dally

      Yes. Tom Cruise as a six foot six blonde. If he can pull it off, I’ll take back every insult I’ve ever sent his way.

      • dally

        Oops. 6’5″. And in case it wasn’t clear, that was sarcasm. OMG, what horrible casting, if it happens. Besides his size, Reacher has a quiet watchfulness about him. He’s an observer. I just can’t believe this isn’t some kind of late April Fools day joke.

      • Tiny Tom Cruise

        I just posted a comment, then read yours. I agree, casting so bad it seems like it must be a joke!

      • Straight Male

        Is there a credible 6’5″ 250lb actor in Hollywood? No? Then adapt accordingly.

      • dally

        It`s not just the size, but the quiet watchfulness of the character. The actor chosen doesn`t have to be 6`5, but they do need to have the physical presence and intimidation factor that a smaller actor just couldn`t bring to the role.

      • She-Ra

        Hell to the no. Probably the most depressing headline EW has reported in quite some time. Cruise looks more like Wonder-Woman (blue-eyed raven hair diva) than Jack Reacher. What an insult to Reacher readers. A pox on their houses.

      • Straight Male

        You know who looks the part, Chris Hemsworth from Thor. Big and blond, but not sure about the acting chops. Also not 6’5″.

      • lizzie

        actually Chris Hemsworth is really close to that height. however i always pictured someone who looked similar to John Cena. huge hands, bulk… not sure that Cena could do it though. but Tom Cruise? thanks for ruining my day, EW.

      • Jillster

        how about Liam Neelson? or Dolph Lundgren? just NOT Tom Cruiseee !! wtf are they thinkinggggggg?!?!

      • Erin

        Ewww EW count me out. I agree with the above – worst casting ever.

      • Casting Director

        Yes, Cruise is completely wrong for the role. But thinking-outside-the-box casting can be good. Need menacing, 6’5 middle-aged actor who can look physically intimidating but also hide a deep intelligence underneath? How about Michael Clarke Duncan?

      • Hannah

        Alexander Skarsgard

      • Suzi

        Alexander Skarsgard, Alexander Skarsgard – just to name a couple…but also, Hugh Jackman or Russel Crowe or any number of other actors who can be intimidating…Dwayne Johnson would be awesome…the blonde hair is the smallest of issues…size, attitude, general appearance are of huge importance.

      • Suzi

        The 2nd name should have read David Boreanaz (we know he can play a blonde – Angel in the Buffy series).

      • Suzi

        David Boreanaz – this was supposed to be the 2nd name on that previous post…we know he can play a blonde (Buffy series – Angel).

      • riverguy

        Reply to Csting Director: Michael Clarke Duncan? Seriously? I like him, and he’s the right size, but how would he pull off playing a blond white guy? That would be just as silly as casting Cruise in the role.

      • Don’t see the movie

        Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is a sick joke. It’s offensive and insulting to Reacher fans. They obviously think people will still go see the move, despite the complaints. Teach them a lesson; boycott the movie.

      • Candell

        He would have to wear stilts.

      • someonelser

        Billy Barty and Herve Villachez weren’t available?

      • brent

        Love the reacher books. They have already ruined the movie by casting Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. Tom may be an okay actor but certainly not as Jack Reacher!!

      • Roger Ballance

        Only Tom Cruise’s ego is big enough to play Jack Reacher! Buy the man a step-ladder forthe first “head-butt” he needs to deliver unless Billly Barty is available to play Cruise’s opposite in said confrontation! Get the casting director some glass or at least an audio book giving Jack Reacher’s physical description. Please!!!!

    • kyrjar

      Did Tom Cruise’s agent pay EW to place this feeler article? Having read several in that series, this is a total mismatch in casting for more than physical type. Tom doesn’t have the magnetism to carry the loner/drifter with a heart as the movies center-piece. More like Olyphant, Neeson, a young Harrison Ford, even the guy that played Thor.

      • Sookie

        Eric from True Blood is tall and blonde and would be a better physical choice than Cruise IMO

      • She-Ra

        My god yes, Alex Skaarsgard is even the right height at 6’5″. Reacher starts the series at age 35; Cruise is 10 years too old to begin playing Reacher. Joe Manganiello would also make a great Reacher at 6’5″.

      • debi

        no kidding…rugged?! i think not! sean bean who was just killed off on ‘game of thrones’ would be ideal!!! i won’t see a movie with tom cruise in it…too creepy!

      • Laura Popovich

        Skaarsgard would be perfect!

      • Shasta

        Reacher is tall blonde who speaks French (his mother was French). I’m thinking Bradley Cooper; would have been wild before but now seems sane compared to Cruise.

      • Heidi

        Tall Blonde who speaks fluent french…um…not sure of the height but what about Michael Vartan? Daniel Craig? Alex Saarsgard?

      • Suzi

        I agree! And Olyphant would be great!

      • jdaniels


      • jdaniels


      • greyfox

        I saw the opening episode of “Person of interest” tonight. The main character played by Jim Caviezel would, in my opinion, make an excellent Reacher. As a matter of fact both my wife and I thought the same thing about Jim Caviezel when we watched the show. No, No, No not Tom Cruise he does not make a credible Reacher, don’t do it Lee.

      • Susan

        My vote is Olyphant. Please not Cruise.

    • Gerard Butler

      I always thought I would be a good Reacher, of if I’m doing another rom-com how about Tom Hardy?

      • Shasta

        Christopher McQuarrie is Cruise’s beyotch, he only writes “Tom Cruise” ego-Weinering movies. Ugh, so disgusted, wish they’d chose a different producer, director and star.

      • SByrne

        Gerard Butler – YES this is who I was going to recommend, I have read all the books and you are who I would picture as Jack Reacher

      • Judy

        Absolutely! Yours is the face I have put to Jack Reacher. I just don’t understand WHY to the actor that was cast.
        Being on your side of moviedom. . . Is it ever possible for a change in present choice? For me. . . I’ll keep reading and skip watching what could have been!

      • Karen

        Gerard Butler would be a great Reacher – I like other actors I’ve seen listed here, too, like Liam Neeson, Hugh Jackman and Timothy Olyphant. Pretty much anyone but Tom Cruise – monumentally screwed up casting!

      • m kirby

        I agree tom hardy would be great,he has the exp. and is a great actor just watch martina coles the take plus he can do the fight scenes and is getting more well known all the time.Cruise is a very weird choice IMO.

    • maggie

      Josh Holloway is blond, 6’2” and 41 years old. Perfect fit.

      • Mells

        @Maggie – I was totally thinking the same thing! Josh Holloway would be great!

      • Rick Gershman

        Actually, Holloway’s a great idea. Never occurred to me before.

        I’m preaching to the choir here, but as a fan of the Reacher books, I find the Cruise idea patently idiotic. A ton of the Reacher character is based on his size and his presence, and he’s not even much of a talker when he doesn’t have to be. Cruise is completely wrong for the role.

      • peet

        I always thought Josh Holloway would make a great Virgil Flowers, the spin-off character of the Lucas Davenport series. cruise is terrible for Reacher. I would take Aaron Eckhart or Mark Valley before Cruise.

      • Meredith44

        I loved him on Lost, but for some reason didn’t even think of him for this. I’d buy it. Heck, there are a few names on this post that would work. But not Tom Cruise. It’s not the hair. It’s the wrong vibe/presence.

      • dally

        @peet – OMG, Josh H would make an amazing Virgil Flowers!

    • pnut

      I’m with you, Tom Cruise is all wrong for this role, he’s no Reacher.

      • Shasta

        Haven’t seen anyone mention Eric Bana, who’s 6’3″ and would be a far better fit. Loved him as Nero.

      • Heidi

        YES. If they aren’t going for a blonde anyway…

      • Susan

        The hair doesn’t matter you guys. Hollywood can do wigs. It’s just that Cruise is creepy and freaky and I’ve NEVER liked him in anything. He can’t even fill out the butt of his tightie-whities as seen in whatever that movie was that he did the butt dance in the beginning years ago.

      • Sherry

        NOT Tom Cruise. A fine actor, but a pretty boy. I cannot imagine him ever playing a rugged 6ft 5 inch Reacher who has face only a mother could love.. Very good entrtaining Author, so PLEASE do not make a mockery of
        his books.

    • MaxsMom

      LOL!! I know this, I will continue to read the Reacher novels because I am a true fan. I will not be giving my $$ to anything that has Tom Cruise in it. So thank you Hollywood, you have saved me $$ with your very bad casting choice. Oh…and who goes to see Tom Cruise movies any longer? I would think they would want those many many Reacher fans to attend. Guess that is a wrong assumption.

      • Shasta

        Maybe it’s just time for fans to take a stand tho; we should boycott the first week of sales for the next Reacher book to send a msg to the producers, studio and writers: No Cruise.

    • Nancy

      I have to agree with the majority of the comments I have read. Cruise is entirely wrong as Reacher, a person I have “lived” with for some year. I was really looking forward to seeing him in a film, but this casting is sooooo wrong. I will not be seeing Cruise as our Reacher. SO very awful.
      Can’t beleive any more books will be filmed, if they are going to be so badly presented!Cruise spoiled the Rice vampire movie as well.

      I am still looking forward to the books…

      • I. Sabino

        I agree, I think Tom Cruise will do injustice to Jack Reacher. Jason Statham would be the perfect actor to play him. Tom Cruise is too short and wimpy for this role. Jason has the looks and the moves. Tom will ruin Jack’s character. I won’t be going to the movies to see Tom Cruise ruin one of the best characters I ever read about.

    • lesley

      i gather the casting director has never read any of the novels as casting tom cruise as jack reacher is like casting dale winton as rocky unbelievable . dont waste your money .

    • greyfox

      How to spoil a really great fictional character. This is miscasting at it’s highest level. They obviously think a big name like TC will sell the movie. From all the posts on this forum they should know how wrong they are. My choice is Jim Caviezel, he may not be as famous as TC but a far better choice to play Reacher.

      • Terri

        Absolutely! I was reading about the casting at work with a coworker who also reads the Reacher novels. She and I spent hours trying to think of a good Reacher. Watching Person of Interest tonight and thought, “Duh, there’s Jack Reacher.”

      • Judy

        I second that emotion!

      • L. Hunt

        I totally agreel! I am so disappointed in whoever cast Tom Cruise in this role as Jack Reacher! The author, Lee Child is constantly pontificating about Reacher’s immense size and how intimidating he is. I really don’t want to see this character butchered by a small and unintimidating actor – what a colossal joke!!

    • Boycott the movie

      Worst casting EVER! Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is a sick joke. It’s offensive and insulting to Reacher fans. They obviously think people will still go see the move, despite the complaints. Teach them a lesson; boycott the movie.

      • Karen

        I so completely agree. Tom Cruise is just a ridiculous choice to play Jack Reacher!

      • CaptJack

        Boycott the movie I agree. Worst casting ever.

    • Edward

      To me it looks like Lee Child has sold out. I have read every JR novel and never in minds eye did I picture someone 5′ 6″ playing a 6′ 5″ ex MP

    • Susan

      I wouldn’t go see Cruise in a Jack Reacher role if they gave me all the royalties and Cruise’s salary to boot. I think it’s disgusting and the worst possible choice they could have made. I would make a better Reacher and I’m 5’6″, 127 pounds and a girl. Hell no.

    • Ginny

      I’m thinking John Cena is more like Jack Reacher

  • mike hanson

    dumbest freaking casting in the history of the world … Cruise is a freaking midget … there are so many realistic size movie stars that could play this part … I personally think Liam Neeson … come on don’t ruin one of the best series of books out there

    • bob

      This movie will not change the books…

      • Shasta

        Reacher would flick Cruise away with one pinky and put Cruise in traction.

      • Rick Gershman

        That’s the standard line you always hear when someone completely wrecks the adaptation of a book.

        It’s technically true, but it misses the point: This is an extremely cinematic book series that would make a great series of films with the right actor. A successful film series also would obviously make the book series far more popular.

    • Bridget

      Liam Neeson is a genius choice for Reacher!

      • dally

        I agree. I wish he was a few years younger, but he has the size and demeanor to play Reacher.

      • Jess

        I agree! Liam, Chris Helmsworth, Sean Bean or just about ANYONE who isn’t named Tom Cruise!! This idea of casting him is just idiotic. I have a feeling it will cost a lot of fans if they do that!

      • pnut

        Nah, too old, way too old. Wouldn’t be believable enough.

      • Heidi

        Sean Bean just got stabbed this past weekend. He calmly lit a cigarette and ordered another drink.
        What were you saying about being too old?

      • Dot

        Good choice Liam Neeson or even John Cenna (don’t know if his acting will hold up.

      • soulshadow55

        I would have liked Liam Nesson, but I think he’s too old for the character. If they had started the movies a few years ago, Nesson would have been fine. But I think he’s past his prime to play JC. Now I’d go with Chris Holloway as my first choice. I think he would be perfect for the part. I only wish they had done a nationwide search for an actor who was more fitting in height, color and weight. It would have been nice to have an unknown grow into the part and do several movies as the character. Having Tom Cruise in the part is a sick, cruel joke. I’ll continue reading the books but I wouldn’t pay a dime to see Tom Cruise as JC.

    • wabos42

      Anyone who has seen Taken knows Neeson is Reacher.

      • She-Ra

        Except Reacher is his 30’s in Killing Floor and Neeson is wonderful but 59.

      • John

        Read every one of the books and anxiously awaiting the next, which is out in September. I won’t go see Tom Cruise films. And I agree with everyone in this forum that he is a terrible match for the character. This may be an opportunuty for a lesser known, large actor to latch on to a franchise and roll with it. As for Reacher being not that bright, that is one of the rolling ironies in the book. He may say that sometimes, and other characters might say that, but the guy is a walking encyclopedia. As for the veracity of the writer of this article, this is not a series with a realistic protagonist. Reacher is indestructable. He is like the terminator but with flesh and blood. He does not lose. Ever. The closest he ever came was when he got shot in the chest and the doc said his pec muscles were so large they stopped the bullet. While not realistic, I really enjoy the books, and I will not watch the movie if Cruise stars. That is a joke.

      • Christina

        Tom Cruise is NOT Jack Reacher. Frankly, if he gets the role, I will have a difficult time reading another Reacher novel because I just can’t picture Tom Cruise as Reacher. How about Damian Lewis? (Major Winters/Band of Brothers)He fulfills the physical traits, plus he can easily play a street smart/quiet/intimidating role very well!

      • miike

        I had a pissy fit when they put shawty in “interview with a vampire”, I waited until it went to cable. Bur to tell the truth he wasnt half bad. BUT to play BIG JACK you must be stuuuuuuupid!! Neeson would be a good choice if it wasnt for that flat accent of his.

      • Chuck

        How about Vern Troyer if they want to cast against character? Tom Cruise is definitely all wrong physically. Have they even read the books?

      • Shasta

        Christina you are so right about Damian Lewis; gorgeous TALL actor who doesn’t get as many roles as he deserves because he’s so kick ass tall. Love it, this is the best suggestion yet.

      • jim

        Cruise is what, 5’7? Considering how much emphasis is put on REacher’s size in the books (6’5, 250 lbs), he’s simply the wrong choice. Unless they cast midgets for everything else.

        I have no problem with Cruise as an actor, but he physically can’t play this role. There are a number of actors in Hollywood who can do this. But I’m sure Cruise will get it anyway, in honor of the almighty $$$.

      • Lyn

        Wholeheartedly agree that Tom Cruise would be horrible as Reacher. I was thinking Jason Statham – may not have the size, but he makes up for it in intensity. But also, having read the suggestion of Channing Tatum, he would be a great choice too…

      • Martie

        The idea of Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher is absurd!!!! I’ve read every one of the Lee Child novels and there is absolutely no way that Cruise could pull off that character I don’t care if he’s the greatest actor that ever lived. I believe that someone along the line of Dwayne Johnson would be much better casting.

      • Page D

        Absolutely no to Cruise!! Maybe ego boy will see and hear all the negative comments and do the right thing and back off pursuing this!! Gag!!!

      • marie

        I will not see the movie if they cast Tom Cruise. They ruined Interview with the Vampire with Tom Cruise and they just cannot cast him. Jack Reacher has to be a light skinned Rock or Alcide…Someone attractive in a brutish way.

      • jdaniels

        No. Thomas Hayden Church perfect for the role

      • Diane

        I like Tom Cruise but he is NOT Jack Reacher. If he is cast, I will not see the movie and it may be hard for me to read any more of the series. Liam Neeson, Daniel Craig. Perfect Choices.

      • suzi9458

        anyone here watching the new show Person of Interest…kinda reminds me of the Reacher series…w/ more techie input

      • DMS

        Yes what a huge disappointment that Tom Cruise was cast for the TALL Jack Reacher role…. . I have read all of Lee Childs books and loved them all and eagerly awaited the next adventure of Jack Reacher but I will not be going to see the movie as to me Cruise just doesn’t fit the role at all. Surely there a plenty of other TALLER actors who could have been far better to play Jack Reacher as we as readers have a mental picture of what he would look like. Disapointment plus plus for me!!!

      • Mr Yamuhat

        What really disappoints is Child’s dismissal of his meticulous visual characterizations of Jack Reacher as a mere “metaphor” for “unstoppable force.” So now, how do you describe the Tom Cruise Reacher? As Bruce Lee? Small but terrible?

      • Lance

        I was ecstatic to hear that they were making a reacher movie. Then I was absolutely furious, disappointed, disgusted,and shocked, at the arrogance of all parties in casting a 5′ 7″ spastic munchkin as a 6′ 5″ 250 lb tough guy. When Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Antoine Fuqua did Stephen Hunter’s Point of Impact as Shooter, they moved up the war from vietnam to a more modern day setting, but remained true to the book. tommy boy cruise might ought to have thought of that. However, he is too arrogant, and him and lee child didn’t factor in the feelings of the fans of the books. Of which I am no longer one. I’ll stick with Stephen Hunter from now on, may he live long and write many more novels. lee child/jim grant you’re not getting any more of my money, sell out. tom cruise, I didn’t waste my money, and lobbied every one that I know to not support this travesty.

      • Judy

        Agree! Very disappointg. David Baldacci is now my author of choice, try him. I can no longer read Lee Child. His shallow reasons for casting choice shows no respect for his fans intelligence to accept them.

    • jdaniels

      Dolly Parton would be better than Cruise,there is only actor for the part THOMAS HAYDEN CHURCH look at him in Broken Trail and you will see what I mean

    • greyfox

      As a Reacher fan I hoped for a movie or TV series of the Reacher books but I will predict that casting Tom Cruise will bomb an otherwise perfect fiction series.
      I beg you Lee Childs, don’t go along with the TC casing mistake, there are many who could play the role far better. Jim Caviezel gets my vote he already acts like Reacher in “Person of interest”.

      • cathy

        I totally agree! In the first few minutes of “Person of Interest” tonight, I thought Jim Caviezel was Jack Reacher and I just hadn’t heard they had made a TV show with Lee Childs’ character.

      • Gerry

        Agree with greyfox and Cathy. Big fan of Reacher from the beginning, and could never picture anyone appropriate to play him. Certainly not Tom Cruise (retch!!) But I watched Jim Caviezel in “Person of Interest” and thought, “That’s Jack Reacher.” ) Same as Cubby Broccoli saw Sean Connery and thought, “That’s James Bond.” Caviezel IS Jack Reacher — there simply isn’t anybody else.

  • mike hanson

    Thom Geier claims to be a fan of the books? Out and out lie if he is excited to see Cruise play the roll then it is clear he has never read the books … this casting would make casting Tyler Perry as Alex Cross look genius

    • dally

      Of course, even Tyler Perry as Reacher would make more sense.

      • Jeannie

        Gerard Butler would be a perfect fit! Does Hollywood have a brain?

      • Treva


    • Heidi

      I bet they are really kicking themselves for not grabbing Michael Fassbender right about now. He would have been PERFECT as would all of the other suggestions we’ve seen above.
      Have no idea how they came up with cruise???

  • TimW (No, not that one)

    Oh. My. God. Did you read what you just wrote? Let’s start with Reacher as 6’5″ and blonde. Cruise is 5’6″ and not blonde. I don’t have a problem with imaginative casting, but c’mon. Bringing up Ethan Hunt is more nonsense. Hunt is clever and fast. Hanging from a wire, master of disguise and all that. Ethan can be charming, as Cruise plays so well. Reacher is fast with his fists, but the first to admit he’s otherwise slow and not overly bright. Definitely not charming. Tom should have won the Oscar for Rain Man, and he and Paula have done great work, but I would have hoped that Tom’s respect for the source material would have steered him well away from even considering starring in it. Reacher deserves better. If they’re willing to give up size in favor of intimidation, and we’re willing to go with someone too old, let’s dye Viggo’s hair blonde again and get to work.

    • She-Ra

      Reacher is tall silent type, more like a young Clint Eastwood. Cruise it too short and too old.

    • TEX

      Oh MY GOODNESS NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!
      I can’t stand Tom Cruise to begin with. His day has come and gone. As everyone else has stated this is just beyond wrong. Just like trying to cast stupid Katherine Higel for Stephanie Plum. I would say this is a time when fans definitely know way better than the actors.

      • SpikeofFlorida

        How about the Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross?

      • ckatrick

        Morgan Freeman did play Alex Cross-and was perfect. Tom Cruise IS NOT Jack Reacher-Daniel Craig, Jim Caviecial or makes more sense. Don’t ruin this book by miscasting!like they did to Clive Cusslers books

      • Judy

        Again…. Are those holding the strings hearing us and willing to recast this movie as should be or is the short man the puppeteer with the most power to pull them?

      • Rachael

        Bumblebee AMEN! Many wish that Tom’s career would be over, even Redstone wishe and thuhogt so and look he admitted he was so wrong. Libraesque and her friends are just disgrantled Brangeloonies because Brad and Angelina are sinking from the latest figures of Babel and TGS. Fortune named Tom and the biggest star of 2006 and I bet that will be the case of 2007 and I bet Libraesque and co cannot handle that! First Redstone, I wonder who next! Tom has so much power in hollywood that is why every one licks his ass and will continue licking it for years to come.Oh you he is falling’ sayers, heard about his deal with Merryl Lynch for UA? Just you watch, he is laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Scott

      I have to disagree with your comment about him not being bright. He clearly uses exceptional deductive reasoning and in many cases has performed difficult math problems in his head astroundingly fast to the point where it was not believable.

  • BB

    Please, total miscast. I’d rather see Pee Wee Herman with a gun.

    • Tiny Tom Cruise

      Me too! At least would have some entertainment value.

  • midas328

    I love the Reacher series, and would welcome an on-screen portrayal. But I just can’t get past the physical mismatch. Even the Rock is a better fit. I also disagree that Reacher isn’t bright. He almost seems like a street-level Sherlock Holmes.

    • KK

      I totally agree. I think Reacher comes across as highly intelligent – and I definitely do NOT see Cruise as able to portray such a large, quiet, physically intimidating character.

    • Susan

      I totally missed it. Who was it who said that Reacher is not bright? How totally stupid. In every single book he has to be brilliant just to stay alive. At the risk of sounding really 70s, it just ‘blows me away’ that they would even consider little Tommy.

  • ARainey

    If Tom Cruise plays this part, I will NEVER see that film, and may stop reading the books entirely. It’s utterly ridiculous to think of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. The personality, the looks, the age, the couch-jumping Scientology stuff–none of it is Jack Reacher.

    • She-Ra

      Don’t blame Lee Child or the books; once the studio buys the property they can screw it up anyway they please.

      • lizzie

        yes indeed She-Ra, let’s not blame Lee Child. although i wish he had insisted on some casting control.

      • Candy

        Has the casting director even read a Jack Reacher novel. Obviously not if he/she thinks Tom Cruise can pull off that role. Jack Reacher is a young Liam Neeson or Harrison Ford even.

      • michaela

        This may be an excellent object lesson for Lee Child. NEVER SELL YOURSELF OUT OF THE PICTURE, LEE! The books are good enough for him to insist on input/veto in casting and scripting. I’m sure he could get it. This is his first venture into the movie corruption tradition. Maybe he will learn from it. We can only hope. This time is a tragedy.

    • Tracy

      No,no,no,no,no…. Cruise may be a good/great actor, but he is NOT Reacher. The books have described Reacher in all details and he is nowhere near a “Tom Cruise” type. Cruise could play one of the smarmy bad guys that get in Reacher’s way, but not Reacher himself.

    • Reacher fan

      Please say it ain’t so! I’m a big fan of the Reacher books but no way I would see this movie if Tom Cruise plays Reacher. I wouldn’t be able to control my nausea.

    • Susan Porter

      No! Has any one in Hollywood read the Reacher series??? Reacher is a big man. I envision Reacher to be about the size of Dwayne Johnson(The Rock).Please Hollywood reconsider if you want to sell any tickets ! No pint- size Reacher

      • David T

        Cruise doesn’t have the personality, style or anything else to anywhere near qualify to play Jack Reacher. I always thought of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) as being an ideal candidate to play Jack Reacher.

      • JoAnn L

        I totally, totally agree. I am disgusted they want Tom Cruise. Not because I don’t like him. I have a picture of Jack Reacherin my mind. Even the Rock fits that picture although not blonde. Please don’t do this.

  • p beslow


    • dpalaska

      I’m a Lee Child/Jack Reacher fan and this is sacreligous to think that Cruise can pull off Jack Reacher, pure lunacy!!
      How about, and just an opinion so don’t slam me to hard, Stone Cold Steve Austin? Just sayin’
      Peace fellow Reacher fans

      • Suzi

        Like the Stone Cold option!! Could see that one. There are SO many other GREAT options! There is another article in the LA Times (I think) where it says Lee Child likes the idea of Tom Cruise and think he could pull it off that the size thing doesn’t matter! We all know size matters! LOL! :)

    • Kathy Carter

      NO NO NO!!!!! They cannot ruin Jack Reacher this way!! I have looked forward to seeing the movie but will not go if they cast Tom Cruise. There are so many other great actors (known and unknown) that could fill this role perfectly, why do they even think Cruise could pull this off? Mission Impossible and Reacher have nothing in common! Lee Child express your displeasure!!!

      • Audre

        I would make a better Reacher than tom cruise—and I’m a 78 yr old female!

      • Mitch

        Tom? no way!!! Liam Neison, Gerard Butler, The Rock????

    • Laura Popovich

      Big, big mistake! I am a big fan of the Reacher novels – Cruise is too smarmy for this role!

      • albert

        To all the Jack Reacher Fans out there. I know that everybody is upseted that Tom Cruise is being cast as Jack Reacher, but you got to remember that 2005 Mr. Tom Cruise bought the rights to two books. One is Erick Larson Devil in the white city and other is Lee Child One Shot. So, there you have it Jack Reacher Fans. When have the Money you can do anything you want. That way he was cast?

      • sharon23

        Having read all the Reachers books the character in my head is a million miles from TC. Just saw a movie this weekend with Robert Patrick. My husband and I both said that is Jack Reacher. Please Lee don’t ruin the Reacher image with wimpy Tom Cruise.

    • Julie

      NO! NO! NO! Have you even read Reacher books? Lee Child can’t approve of this. This is one mission that is just impossible. Cruise is ok as an actor, but not for Reacher!

    • BikerBill

      I kind of gagged when I saw this, tho the idea of bringing Reacher to the big screen is so wonderful to contemplate. Cruise is sooo wrong for the part. Need to find a young quality actor who can carry a series of Reacher films, much as Sean Connery did with James Bond. Don’t start with some geezer who’ll be 70 before the second film comes out. I don’t have a suggestion, just a hope that when they begin filming, Cruise will be far away …

      • Heidi

        Michael Fassbender is young enough and magnetic enough and can build up his body enough (he was Stylios in 300 if you need a reminder) to carry a series AMAZINGLY well.

        Why are we not casting directors? We could do so much better!!!!

      • Pamela

        BikerBill, I agree with you, a Sean Connery type needs to pull this off…if they want to sell the first ticket and keep on selling tickets…..

    • Mary is June 15th not April Fools Day. Please tell me that this is the worst prank ever pulled on the American public. Tom Cruise? Seriously? Did every other male actor in the world suddenly die or disappear? I like Liam Nieson (Fabulous actor) but agree he a bit on the higher age side. But still there are so many men who could fit the bill as Jack Reacher. I stopped watching the Tom Clancy movies after Hunt for Red October because they screwed them up with casting and rewriting the story. I can see this happening with the Jack Reacher books also. Guess I will just stick to reading. And I wish more authors would be like Stephen King and demand more control over how a studio handles there books.

    • mickey

      NO WAY!!! I’ve been reading Lee childs’ books forever this will ruin it for me. Keelan Lutz or Josh Holloway but Cruise???? UGH

    • Jessica

      STUPIDEST idea EVER!!!!!!!!!! First of all, Tom Cruise is a TERRIBLE actor and doesn’t even come close to fitting Reachers description! Not even if he walked on platform boots and dyed his hair could he come close! This is the stupidest idea a movie producer could come up with. I am an avid Lee Child reader and I just don’t think I can bring myself to read another if I am constantly picturing one of the worst actors alive playing that role. Please don’t this. Give some credit to the character Lee Child created and we all love. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN TOM CRUISE!!!!!

      • pam

        silly!! Jack Reacher is a MAN,don’t have Tom Cruise play him..not even close quite laughable. howabout russell crowe, the rock just to mention a few.

      • Marel

        That’s really tihnking at a high level

      • Frank Jacono

        Ditto Marel.
        I just can’t put into words how very very very disappointed I am about the selection of an actor to portray Reacher. And I put Lee Child at the heart of the matter. How can we believe anything he describes in his books from here on out. Every time I think of Reacher a picture of Tom Cruise comes to mind. Don’t know if I can get through another Reacher novel or not.

      • Shirl Byrne

        Well when the deal is done and dusted and the first movie finished WITH his Royal Shortness in the role of the Rugged 6ft 4″ Jack Reacher you can’t cry over spilt milk. I will continue to read the books with my ideal Jack Reacher in my head and not even bother to go and see the movie and be disappointed totally and utterly with Tom Cruise in the role. Just by taking shots of him from the ground up and having other people walk in trenches alongside of him to make him look tall does not cut it. They must take us Jack Reacher fans for idiots but the biggest idiot of all is the Star of the movie. The only thing is Mr Cruise owns the movie studio and as many of you have said his ego is in the way, and why didn’t Lee Child speak up and choose his own actor that looks like our hero Jack Reacher.

      • Frank Jacono

        Good point Shirl. Lee should have put his foot down instead of going along with Cruise. I would think he really doesn’t need the money from the movie. And if he does it’s a sad day for Reacher. After all he is the one who made up the character. Really, Really, disappointed in Mr. Child. As for me. I definitely won’t go see the movie. Can’t wait to see the “real” reviews. Just hope they are not the A_ _ kissers of the producers. How he got chosen in the first place I just don’t understand. I saw the short clip of Lee Child trying to explain that Tom Cruise always wanted to play Reacher right from the beginning. So what??? I guess money talks. If James Cagney were alive he would have made a better reacher than Cruise even if he was 5’2″ tall. Just a couple of inches shorter than Cruise and Twice the actor.

    • Karen

      I have read all of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books – he is one of my favorite characters. Tom Cruise is one of the WORST CHOICES EVER. He is completely opposite of the character. Reacher has no eago and is built like a mac-truck – it’s one of the major reasons he’s as tough as he is. I will not see the movie if the tiny peanut is cast. It will ruin it for me.

      • John Page

        I liked all your books, but TOM CRUIZ playing Jack Reacher, no way, you should haven chose the Hobbit, or Yoda if you wanted short arse you great character, sorry Reacher 6′.5″, Cruiz 5′.6″, it does not work, and I will certainly not watch the film.

    • meb

      Oh Pahleez…….Josh Brolin maybe but NOT TOM CRUISE. Doesn’t anybody read the books first!?

      • jdaniels

        $$$$$$$$$$$$$ that is what Cruise has lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ who cares about the movie just give me more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • JackReacherFan

      First of all, this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. (Ten times more ridiculous than Mark Harmon playing Lucas Davenport) Second, I can’t believe no one has mentioned the perfect choice: Daniel Craig. THE END.

  • pamb

    No way. Has this idiot even read the books. Cruise is too short, too old(?), too unbelievable in this role. It would forever ruin the picture I have of Jack Reacher to put Tom Cruise in this role.

  • Mr. Holloway

    I guess Verne Troyer was unavailable.

    • Lisa Simpson

      I guess so, though I could go for Josh Holloway.

      • She-Ra

        Josh Holloway would be great so would Josh Lucas, Joe Manganiello, Paul Walker, Aaron Eckhardt, Jason Momoa, hell even Channing Tatum.

      • Erin

        Ok She-Ra you’re going a bit too far there wishing that block of wood ala Channing Tatum on us. I’d say Tom is on par with the ridiculousness of Tom Cruise. Throw Chris Hemsworth in the mix instead.

      • Allison

        Actually, Channing Tatum is pretty close to how I always imagined Reacher. Didn’t really think about it until I saw She-ra’s comment.

        Oh, and re Tom Cruise… noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

        Worst. Idea. Ever.

      • Shasta

        Channing is a stretch, yes, he’d make a good young Reacher in The Enemy prequel.

      • Sandra

        i love most of tom cruise films but ….as jack reacher …never, a young clint eastwood would have been ideal but gerald butler is my second best choice.. we need to gea petition up against tom for this rle.

  • linh

    this is the worst casting idea EVER! can’t have a little person play a giant. lame. reacher’s size plays such a big part in the books. how are they gonna write around that without compromising the integrity of it? ugggh.

    • Susan

      No kidding linh. TC is not even as tall as his OWN wife. But hey all you all, don’t let it ruin the books for you. He doesn’t have the power to ruin Jack Reacher for me. I just won’t see the movie.

  • terry

    THe worst FING casting In the history of the world. that little pip squeak will ruin this series! are you fing kidding me! How disapointing! dang it I am pissed!!!!!!!!!

    • Heidi

      its not even about size. Its about impact on screen being silent. he has none. his career making roles have always been big fast talkers making speeches

  • Jean

    Nooooo! I would love to see Reacher on the big screen, but Cruise is definitely all wrong for the role. Someone mentioned Liam Neeson – much better choice, IMO. Anyone but Cruise, please!

    • tbear

      no, no, no, no, no! Why can’t Hollywood at least attempt to stay true to an author’s vision?

    • Jan

      NO WAY. Reacher is 6’5″ blonde hulk. His physicality is a huge part of his character. No way can Cruise fit this.

      • Pat

        Please donthave a dwarf to play Reacher. Reacher is 6 ft 5 in (a giant). Tom Cruise is 5 ft nothing. Stupid. Lliam Neelson? Pa

  • ken

    No way does Tiny Tom fit the role of Reacher!

  • danielle

    I think Kurt Russell would be good

    • dally

      He’s better, but he’s another height-challenged actor. Reacher’s size is so much a part of his character in the books that it has to be someone who is at least 6 foot.

      • Shasta

        Kurt is another too old and too short actor, but he’d make an excellent bad guy and is a way better choice than Cruise.

      • s10man32

        Well, I for one won’t spend a nickel to see an egotistical dwarf play Reacher. Go to Lee Childs web site and let him know. If you read his comments, he endorses this casting. Obviously this is a case of greed. Money is what is driving this choice. The munchkin is buying his way into a role he can’t possibly pull off, and Lee Child is willing to compromise his creation and his readers to make a buck. Sorry Lee, but that’s how I see it. This Sucks.

      • Lance

        Unfortunately it’s a done deal, s10man32, you are right on. A young David Morse would have been perfect, and I’m sure there are a bunch of 35 years old actors that are tall enough, with the presence to pull it off; all we can do is keep voicing our opinions and hope we are heard.

      • Judy

        I did contact Lee Child with the knowledge of the Cruise production company guaranteeing the lead character slot for $$$$. So sad, will not add my dollars to this sad occurrence. I truly hope people stay home and not have the image of Jack Reacher soiled!

    • Susan

      Kurt would be better than Cruise. Grumpy, Dopey, Sneezy, Bashful, Doc… they would be better than little teeny tiny boyo.

      • Brenda Bradshaw

        The list of actors who would play Reacher better is almost as large as Tom’s ego. Obviously he is not even a good business man because he too stupid not to recognize that casting himself was a horrible business decision driven solely by his own insurmountable ego. I guess having too much money added to being a control freak noes not automatically imbue someone who is intelligent enough to set aside his own ego and cast someone who would have made this an Oscar winning movie. He will regret his decision and has done irreparable damage to Lee Child. Wish Lee had had better legal representation who would have put an escape clause regarding the actor. I know Lee very much wanted (as all of his readers do) to see his books made into movies. It looks like he could have have waited until a more palatable deal came along.

      • Rosemary Davie

        What a farce Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher have they got little people in to play the rest of the cast. There is an excellent actor who could play Jack Reacher – The actor in the TV show Person of Interest would fit the bill. I shall not be going to the movie it has put me off reading anymore Jack Reacher books for the moment until I get the image of Tom Cruise out of my head. UGH

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