'Breaking Bad': Aaron Paul confesses his 'blue meth' addiction


Image Credit: Ben Leuner/AMC

We all know that Aaron Paul plays a convincing meth maker/addict on the AMC drama Breaking Bad. But as it turns out, the 31-year-old Emmy winner also has a craving for the stuff when the cameras aren’t rolling. Whenever the blue meth is on set, I am constantly eating it,” he tells EW. “It’s cotton candy-flavored rock candy. They dye it a little bit, but I don’t care -- I just eat through the dye. I get everyone to try it.  I literally try to hand out our drugs to new [actors]

on the show. They’re like, ‘No, I don’t want to try.’ ‘Here just have one. You’re on Breaking Bad! Eat some of the meth!’ And they do and they’re like, ‘Wow, that’s actually really good.’ And then I always see them go to the big bins of meth, grab out a few and eat it…. I’m like, ‘Yeah, you’re liking my product.’” Breaking Bad returns for a fourth season on July 17, which is exactly five weeks from tonight, for those obsessively keeping track of such things.

To read what Paul has to say about season 4, pick up a copy of this week’s EW and click here.

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  • Chic Geek

    Can’t wait for this show to return!

    • Abi


  • ks

    Thanks for this! Too funny :)

  • Michael


  • Sam J

    I used to be a meth addict and Hollywood can never portray it accurately enough. Its a boring drug. Either your like me and you have to occupy your mind with… ANYTHING, or your insanely, patheticaly paranoid. Numb to most of your feelings and your conscience. The show is good b/c the characters are not usually on the stuff. Otherwise, it might be boring.

    • Carol

      If the show focused more on the users, you’re right – it would be endlessly dull.

    • etm

      That’s surprising to me. When I watch shows like Intervention and the subject is a meth addict, they seem anything but bored. They do seem paranoid and, like you said, occupying their mind (with non-sensical ideas), but I never thought they actually felt bored. It seems like a miserable drug and good for you for staying clean.

  • Dave

    “for those obsessively keeping track of such things.”


  • Jim

    “Just try some, Yo!”

  • President Barack Obama

    I personally like to smoke meat. Just ask Bill Clinton.

    • Straight Male

      If this was true, you’d be a Rebublican.

    • wakeforce

      Proof that the right starts crap, then claims that they are the ones under attack.
      What this has to do with Obama is beyond me.

  • David

    The only show that has caused me to sweat while watching the drama unfold.

    • Carol

      That is such a great way to describe the show!!

  • steve

    hahahaha cant wait for this show to return one of the best shows on tv imho.

  • Gregoire

    He’s such a great actor on this show. Can’t wait for it to start again.

  • Donner

    “We’re makin fat stacks, yo!”

  • Lemo

    LMAO, I bet the emmy voters are kicking themselves for giving a statue to a former drug addict. Jesus.

    • Molly


    • Jeanne

      Why do people like you comment on articles without reading them first? Honestly.

    • cattyface

      So you actually thoough the producers were using real meth on set?? It’s candy.One more thing.What is the problem with giving an emmy to a former drug user anyway? As a person who has seen people recover and fight drug abuse I don’t see a problem giving an award to someone who fights for their life back.

    • kelly

      reread the paragraph…. slowly .. each sentence.. until you understand what it actually says..your comment is telling.. you are misunderstanding ….no one was a real addict.. he liked it off camera.. referring to him EATING THE CANDY they used for the fake drugs for the movie props….. no one gave a statue to a drug addict…

      • kelly

        what i meant to type:

        no one in article SAID they gave a statue to a former addict… but even better.. cattyface has an excellent point… ex-addicts and current addicts are all people.. an ex-addict getting on with their life.. would have excellent experience to draw from… and earning an award is good.. for everyone.. there is more wrong with your statement than the fact that you did not read it and understand what it said…. you have some bias against people who have recovered from addicitions.. as if they are not worthy.. you should rethink that.. we as humans are all a mixture of all of our life experiences… we draw from those experiences life lessons.. and actors pull emotions and feelings and experience… you really need to reread it and rethink your comment.. very insensitive and proof you are not bothering to take time to comprehend what your reading.

    • cattyface

      I meant to add in as well that I’m sure there have been actors that have won awards after being former addicts.What good role models they make.Although none of the actor’s are former addicts in breaking Breaking Bad.It makes no difference to me.I love people for who they are ,not their past mistakes.Who is perfect in this world.Hollywood had talented actors with all sorts of things they overcome in real life.

  • wakeforce

    Lemo obviously didn’t read the article. People are getting dumber everyday.

  • Rock Golf

    This is your brain: (_:u|)

    This is your brain on cotton candy: (_8(|)

  • Jan

    Breaking Bad is THE best show on television. Since the end of Lost, I’ve been waiting for a show to capture my attention. BB has done that in spades. The only thing that would make it better is if Jeff Jensen were reviewing it every week. EW, you’re missing a golden opportunity here…

    • matt

      NOOOOO that’s a worst case scenario. Jeff Jensens’ reviews of Lost were awful. I don’t know the guy and I’m not trying to critique his abilities as a writer, but those reviews were terrible. I loved Lost but in the end it was a lot of surface and a lot less substance. People like Jeff who reviewed it as if every line of dialgoue was some mystery-laden allegory always gave me a laugh because I think at least 50% of the time, Damon and Carlton didn’t know what they were doing yet people ate it up.

      • Jan

        LOL! Doc’s reviews sometimes made my head spin, I must admit. But he had the a large part of the Lost community in his hand. I’d like to hear what he thinks makes Walt and co. tick.

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