MTV's 'Skins' remake is officially dead. Is anyone sad to see it go?


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When MTV launched its much-ballyhooed remake of the hit British teen show Skins, the network was hoping its series would be a hit on par with other transplants from across the pond, like The Office or American Idol. Unfortunately, what it got was something a lot closer to Coupling — a highly-hyped program that was savaged by critics and quickly abandoned by audiences. Yesterday, MTV finally announced that the American Skins wouldn’t be returning to shock the PTC for a second season, admitting that the show was “a global television phenomenon that, unfortunately, didn’t connect with a U.S. audience as much as we had hoped.”

But why didn’t this new version of a popular TV show connect with Americans? Well, according to the comments that flooded EW’s post about the cancellation, there’s an obvious explanation: the “controversial” aspects of MTV’s Skins weren’t enough to redeem the show for being poorly written and poorly acted. “It’s one thing to make shocking television but at least make it good,” said commenter Captain, summing up most of the reactions posted. I wrote as much on PopWatch myself after watching the show’s season series finale in March: “In their rush to make something controversial and zeitgeisty, MTV forgot to create characters with personality — and all the lurid storylines in the world can’t make a series successful if viewers can’t be bothered to care about the people they’re watching.” If all of MTV’s scripted programming is as dull and blank as this botched remake, I have serious doubts about whether the network’s push away from reality is going to be a success. (Though I do hear good things about that Teen Wolf.)

So here’s what I’m wondering: Did anyone out there legitimately like the U.S. Skins? Who among you will speak up on its behalf? What do you think the show did well, and which of these young actors do you hope gets a second chance? If enough of you speak up, who knows — Skins could get a reprieve.

Okay, that won’t happen. But at least you’ll know that you’re not alone!

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  • Cygnus

    The show was probably not successful because the premise of promiscuous teens is not shocking to Americans. if you want to see teen skin and sex, go to any mall in America. I saw the first ep to see what all of the ballyhoo was about, and I was thinking, “This looks like all of the other lame stuff MTV shows. Move along.”

    • BFD

      No. Rent the original UK version. The acting is better.

      • halo

        Right!!! I have watched the Brit version since Season 1. MTV did a horrible job in adapting and casting the show.
        Also, it should not have been on MTV. This should have been adapted by HBO or Starz, as they have access to good/great actors (Miss and love you Andy Whitfield), and they care about developing the characters as opposed to random charades and controversy.
        MTV lost me 10 minutes into Ep 1.

  • Mae

    This show didn’t work because it was awful. Period.

    • nathan

      yeah, you suck. and your life probably sucks. you don’t know what awful is. period. so stop talking now.

  • stan

    Pervs, short eyes and inmates are very sorry to se it cancelled, because they don’t get BBC America.

    • nathan

      stfu you freaking moran. your talking out of your ass. you probably never even watched an episode.

  • Mike

    It’s a mixture of the show being crap and America, at heart, being far more conservative than Western Europe, where no-one batted an eyelid at the much more explicit show. Mostly because it was crap though.

    • Wha’ever

      “No-one batted an eyelid” ? Get your facts straight, moron.

  • RayT

    Ok, I will be the first to brave the wrath of the internet message boards and go out on a limb and say, “I didn’t think it was that bad!” I am the biggest fan of the UK version and think it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. That being said, just because a remake doesn’t come close to the perfection of its original doesn’t mean it has to be shunned and cancelled. I remember the virulent response to the US version of The Office when it first premiered. It wasn’t until season 2 that audiences and critics began to like it. I would’ve like to have seen a season 2 of US Skins to see if the writers were able to find their own voice, much like The Office did in season 2 and 3.

    • Hailee

      I totally agree with you.

    • vane

      I really agree wit u !! I wud love to see a second season!! &&’ i do not thibk the acting was bad!!! I thought it was good! &&’ lots of my frends &&’ i r sayn why’d they cancel it?? But seriously i think they shud take out the show ” I Just Want My Pants Back” &&’ put skins back in!!! Skins was WAY better then “i just want my pants back” like seriously wat type of a title is dat! I honestly think skins shud come back on!! I’m a huge fan of this skins ! OH &&’ the acting wats so bad about it??? I mean ther real teens &&’ they wud kno how to act for this stuff kuz they probably expirinced it . I WANT SKINS THE AMERICAN VERSION BACK ON!!!!! &&’ its probably the best show teens could relate tooo!!! JUST SAYING!!! I loved it i dnt care wat other people say bout its acting their haters!!! Haters will b haters. &&’ i would LOVE to see a second SEASON OF SKINS!!!! <3 i love skins the american version!!!!!!!!<3

  • LuLuMa

    I legitimately liked the show. Sure, the acting was pretty bad and the storylines pushed the envelope but it was an easy escape and I really enjoyed watching and recapping with my best friend.

    • LittleMonsterXOXO

      I agree!

      • Kyle

        Agree too. I liked the show. Granted it exaggerates teenagers, but it was fun to watch! Isn’t that what entertainment is about?

    • madisonbbbb

      yes! I loved the show and my friends and I watched all the episodes!

  • pesky

    why not just air the British original version? why does america have to ruin all these good foreign shows and movies? our abilty to act and write seems sadly inferior.

    • jayemeff

      Americans watch a show that isn’t made by Americans, stars Americans, filmed in the US, or set in the US? Do you really think that would happen?

      • K8

        I am American and love British shows, go to foreign movies and travel to foreign places, and I know my friends and alot of other people I know do the same. Having said that, I also live in a major city and can’t speak for the general public and don’t think you can either. Oh and the American version sucked.

  • Cody

    I liked both James Newman and Sofia Black D’Elia. I hope that they both go on to find success.

    • lefty


    • timmy

      Sofia Black D’Elia is banging hope to see more of her but the uk one is so much better

      wish the usa could grow some balls and let i see and hear all they do in the uk

    • Mace

      She may do something else. The boy can’t act to save his life. I can’t believe they thought it was some original twist to have a lesbian dealing with an attraction to a boy. I thought that male fantasy plot had gone the way of having gay men be psycho killers.

  • Skins USA #1 Fan

    I am probably the most excited an supportive fan of skins USA. Everybody i know or don’t know always seems to find fault with the show? I am dumbfounded that this show will be (No more) why? Just when we finally get a good show on mtv it has to get trashed on by the media an the british population when they had their good seasons. Don’t get me wrong the british version i found nice, but let us USA skin fans have our goo for the money for once. I enjoyed the USA version so much.. Based on the fact that this tv show is so very true! I went through all those things those kids on the show went through an i can relate to them soo much! I got to know the actors roll, i loved their motivation an determination to act well to promote a good show. An what happens? Their will be no more seasons.. I understand the parents an media don’t like the concept too much but you gotta understand maybe its time to wake up an realize this is what your kids might be doing an maybe its time for us as citizens to stop living in this fantasy world. Maybe USA skins should have been promoted on a different TV station that would allow the subjects in this show. Maybe its time for us as fans an supporters to wake up an say why? Why let the media bash a TV show that we find wonderful an take this away from us just because it dosent meet their “Criteria” Please bring back the show. Im just as disapointed as the actors are. I feel your pain.. One love

    • cee

      you need a life

      • Steve

        Agreed. MTV and anything they touch is trash. Skins, learn to type better, ya freakin’ idiot.

    • Stefanie

      I completely agree! I loved the show because its exactly what’s going on with young adults today whether parents like to admit it or not

  • Born in the USA

    OMG!! I can’t understand why an all out smut slut juvie program won’t take off like wild fire! Could it be that America is SICK of this CRAP?!?

  • Alia

    Please America,do not remake the Misfits, a UK series much better than Skins!

  • jasmine

    i watched 15 minutes of the first episode. it wasn’t “shocking,” it was just stupid.

  • aldo

    Just the sight of the stupid ads in the NYC subways was enough to make me want to sick up. Those pouty, preening, arrogant mugs. Hurl! Why should I care about these ridiculous people? Because they’re young and “sexy”? Because they are “getting some”? Sorry. FYI to you loathsome men in suits in your midtown office towers: F off and die.

    • Nicky

      Bitter much?

      • Stan

        Stupid much?

  • Missy

    I saw a few episodes of both versions and preferred the original. Also, I don’t think a single person in the US version was remotely attractive.

    • Steve

      Missy, aka Pedobear, the actors in this show represent underage kids. Sick!

      • ann

        Do you know how old Missy is? No…so stop making assumptions and accusations until you know all the facts.

  • Mayu

    seriously, it’s not shocking to Americans that teens are having unsafe sex too young and skewing what love is suppose to be about.

    What people didn’t like about SKINS is glorifying bad behavior and encouraging it.

    • aldo

      Tell it like it is. It’s why I only watch PBS. The rest isn’t worth a bucket of vomit. Way past time to rip down the whole rotten edifice and start over again.

      • Steve

        PBS is the only thing worth watching on TV, with the possible exceptions of Breaking Bad and Southpark.

      • ann

        Southpark? really? that show is trash

      • Kris

        Huh? What was that? How many seasons has south park had? Exactly!!!

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