Alec Baldwin is 'sad' for modern, high functioning Anthony Weiner


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Alec Baldwin has penned what some are calling a defense of Anthony Weiner for The Huffington Post. I didn’t read his piece, titled Anthony Weiner is a Modern Human Being, as a defense, but as simply an explanation for why the congressman could find himself in a Twitter scandal. As Baldwin sees it, Weiner is a very busy man who needs to take the edge off. “For some people, regardless of occupation, that could mean booze, drugs, gambling, food or shopping,” Baldwin writes. “For high functioning men like Weiner and other officials who have lived through such scandals, who are constantly on the go, that leaves one tried and true source of a reliable high. The affirmation that comes when someone lets you know they want to sleep with you. Or even cyber-sleep with you.”

Baldwin theorizes on the appeal of the latter: “One can push a button and get something beyond porn. Porn is essentially two dimensional. One sees and hears. Internet sexting can be perceived as three dimensional by adding the component of ‘feel,’ regardless of how cheap and unearned those feelings are. That person on the screen is doing whatever they’re doing… just for you.” And that person is always quasi-available, unlike your spouse: “Appointment sex with your spouse doesn’t always arrive when you need it most. A modern cell phone, loaded with contacts of willing fellow players, has a table with a red checkered table cloth ready for you at virtually any time.”

In closing, Baldwin says, “We tell ourselves that these devices help us communicate more effectively. What they actually do is allow us to bypass the person lying right next to us, across the room from us or at an airport heading home to us, in order to meet our immediate, even inconvenient, needs. To bypass their moods, their current view of us and their own desires, or lack thereof.” Weiner, he argues, is just a modern human being who “ensnared himself in things that modern humans do.” Baldwin admits he made jokes when he first heard about the scandal, but now, “I’m sad for him, his family, his district and his colleagues,” he says. “Let he who is without sin…..”

Do you agree with Baldwin’s explanation? I think he makes valid points. It is sad that the pace of today’s world and convenience and deniability associated with social networking (it’s not like I actually slept with her or him) leads us into temptation. But I also think people — even really busy ones — need to take responsibility for their actions. If your spouse has a cell phone, send him or her the lewd picture. Of course, that’s not the same kind of affirmation (or thrill) as a stranger telling you they want you, but if you’re in a committed relationship, that’s your option. Sorry.

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  • E.

    I think Baldwin has said the first sensible thing about this unfortunate situation that I have heard.

    • Butters

      Obama should show us his coc* at an upcoming press conference.

      • cheryl

        @E. So I guess it’s okay to humiliate your wife because you are just so “modern and high functioning” busy?? Puh leeze! What other psycho nonsense do you have to explain away one’s immorality? Weiner should be fired, not so much for what he got caught at, but just for being so STUPID!!

      • stevennal

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        ~~~~~Puh leeze! What other psycho nonsense do you have to explain away one’s immorality? Weiner should be fired, not so much for what he got caught at, but just for being so STUPID!!

      • Gupta

        Shut the f*** up cheryl, you’re an idiot

      • Phil Esteen

        Bad Butters!

      • Kat

        Cheryl, no one is excusing Weiner. The article was about trying to understand how it happened, not trying to justify it. There’s a difference.

      • mike

        Hey Gupta – it obvious people like you claim to be tolerant of others but NEVER are if there view/opinion might/does differ from your view. So Gupta, you think that the no one in the USA has a right to voice their view if it conflicts with your’s?

    • cheryl


      • somet

        That’s it, defend the dirt bag, but call your little daughter a filthy piggy. What an idiot.

    • Allison

      I don’t take it as saying it’s okay, because it’s not. I took at as he thinks it’s a sad thing that people are turning to readily available cyber friends instead of actual significant others for affirmation. It is sad.

      • Burt Reynolds

        Maybe if his significant other didn’t look like Fareed Zakaria in a wig he wouldn’t have felt the need to send complete strangers photographs he had taken of his own genitalia. But with that being said, he chose to marry her to advance his career so you can’t feel too sorry for him. It’s not like it was an arranged marriage he was forced in to. Clearly, it was a whole series of poor choices that led him to expose himself to others like a creepy perv in the park.

      • Cyndy

        I love Alec as an actor. I think he is adorable and want to kiss him all over. And he makes some good points. But did he somehow miss the part where Weiner lied his arse off. Good explanation but he is not Weiner’s shrink, and there is no excuse. If Weiner flashed outside these women’s windows he would be in jail.

      • KEVIN

        I don’t take it that way either, I think it is more of a comment on our society. Instead of “booze, drugs, gambling, food or shopping” how about we try Church, there isn’t anything more cathartic.

      • Bob

        Burt-thanks for the first laugh of the day. I actually think she’s very pretty. So was Tiger Wood’s wife. Not that that is a reason not to do such stupid, hurtful things it-they shouldn’t have done it because they had loving wives. Still, Baldwin like a journalist or historian is trying to understand the behavior not excuse it–and I applaud him for that. Though his argument needs to be based on evidence.

    • tuesday

      Kudos to Alec Baldwin!! Hear Hear!!!

    • plunderusa

      Agreed. Human. Everyone’s got something going on, or at least many people do. Soccer moms on Percoset, etc.

    • Katrina

      Its not the sexting, its the LYING that America can’t forgive!

      • Vince from NYC

        Oh yea, because Weiner is the first politician to every lie to us. Every President in office has lied to us. Clinton lied about sexual relations, Bush lied about WMD’s and probably lots more.. You think Obama isn’t hiding anything from us? I support the guy and I’m not that naive. Weiner is a bad husband and probably a not so decent human being

      • Vince from NYC

        cont.. but that has nothing to do with how well he does his job.

      • steph

        I agree with Vince. I am tired of personal lives being the standard for which we judge a person’s professional life.

  • Ron

    He and his weiner should both leave the country. He promised to do it before. Jackass!

    • chris

      Baldwin makes a lot of promises but never keeps them because he is a lying turd.

    • sans

      maybe you should leave the country. better for you. better for us.

  • Buddy

    That’s bs. He’s basically saying that we are a slave to our impulses and should be forgiven for them. I guess that means it was okay when Baldwin screamed at his daughter and called her a pig- because it was a cheap and easy way to deal with his frustration with his ex-wife. I’m sorry Alex, but most of us choose to suppress our impulses for the good of society. I’d like to knock my bosses teeth out when he yells at me, but I don’t. Why? Not because I want to be civil, but because we can’t go on living if we keep attacking each other. It’s called emotional maturity. Weiner’s situation is sad, but he created it. No one put a gun to his head to send a picture of his penis, exposed or not, to strangers. There were consequences, which he is now discovering. You can’t be a public figure and be blind to the fact that those messages will somehow become public.

    • Chalamou

      Whatever, you are all a bunch of hypocrites. Let’s take your computers and scan your hard drive and see what we find. Give me a break. 90 percent of you all are a thousand times more perverse than Weiner is. You can all go to hell. You are all full of B.S.

      • jim

        Just because you are like Weiner doesn’t mean everyone else is. You should feel lonely and not part of the “90 percent.”

      • Jim

        You can go to hell as well, you dumb

      • MarcHon

        Um…I’m not in a public office, nor would I lie about it.

      • Minutiae

        Has everyone lost their freaking minds?!?!?! Just because other people might do the same stuff DOESN’T MAKE IT OKAY. Especially if you have put yourself in the public eye! GAH!

      • plunderusa

        @Chalamou, bring it on to these folks…you are on target, there ARE so many hypocrites.

      • Phil Esteen

        Hey Chalamou,

        Did someone tell you I was perving around? You’re not talking hard evidence, are ya?

    • mike

      Well stated.

    • Amy

      You make some valid points. However, I don’t think Alec Baldwin was trying to excuse or forgive Weiner. Asking for understanding how something may have happened is not the same thing as saying “all should be forgiven”. Also about this comment: “I’m sorry Alex, but most of us choose to suppress our impulses for the good of society.” Really? What world do you live in because I need to get a job there! Every day on facebook, in person, on the phone, I see people saying and doing things that are unkind, cruel, and/or stupid that I think they might regret later on. People may try to supress their impulses but they more often then not fail. I don’t excuse or forgive what Weiner did. I feel terribly for his wife. He humiliated her while she is pregnant with their child. I cannot understand how he thought he would be the one to get away with this when so many haven’t. I do agree with Alec that it is a sad situation for all involved.

      • KEVIN

        hollllerrrr Amen Amy!

  • Minutiae

    Weiner is an elected public official. As such, he needs to take responsibility for his actions. As a grown man, he needs to learn to control himself for the sake of his wife and, now, unborn child. Any excuses from Baldwin are just him pandering to a member of the political party he seems to worship. (And I’d love to see him write a similar essay the next time the scandal involves a Republican.)

    • Ron

      Right on!

    • Chalamou

      You are soooo perfect. Give yourself a pat on the back.

      • jim

        Yeah, god forbid that someone takes responsibility for their actions.

      • Minutiae

        I never said I was perfect. But Weiner flat-out lied to his family, the media, his party-mates, and the public to keep from owning up to what he did. We all make mistakes, but it takes a real human being to admit they’re wrong, apologize, and do the right thing. The “he’s human!!!111!!!” excuse just doesn’t wash when he chose to run for public office. He put himself under public scrutiny the minute he formally ran for office, and should take responsibility according.

    • Phil Esteen

      Hey now, don’t get in a hissy just because Baldwin loves him some Democrats. The man is seriously versed in pervitude. As a libidinous liberal, I can assure you he chose the right party.

  • sANDY



    • drcdes

      This from someone who has yet to master the Caps Lock key.

    • McFudge

      Which ones are you talking about?

  • Butters


    • oops!!


  • AntonioSaucedo

    AB may have a point, which doesn’t exonarate Weiner.

  • catherine

    sAndy pLEASE dONt tYpe lIke THIs xo and Alec, GTFO
    You’re making EXCUSES for Weiner’s preoccupation with send pics of his weiner to strange women and talking pretty raunchy with these women (did you even read the texts from Radaronline?) He’s a cad, but the way he arrogantly LIED to us all over and over and over-WOW…The only reason he came clean is because the photos were put up on a site Monday morning or he would have continued lying and calling people names… He’s an arrogant little prick..

    • Chalamou

      All of you fake “holier than thou” phonies make me want to puke.

      I wish I could put a hidden video camera on some of you and reveal what you guys are doing behind closed doors. You are all just as bad as Weiner is, but he unfortunately got caught doing what all of you do on a regular basis. And even if you did get caught, nobody would care because you are all a bunch of nobodies.

      • jim

        Chalamou, stop sending me pictures of you tiny package.

      • catherine

        That’s right Chalamou, No more pics!

      • Minutiae

        Oh, I get it! You’re Anthony Weiner!

      • gwilkes2

        Chalamou..Excellent post..And for the comments about liberals…No more hipocrite than a repub for sure..After all, they’re the ones who always speak about family values and a little note to barbara walters..She said she found the photos “Disgusting”..She found a photo of an erect penis “Disgusting”..LOL..Wait barbara “Dont look”..Theres a lady over there with big boobs also…Disgusting isnt it WALTERS..And remember the lady who had a cigar stuck up her..Barbara, im sure the last time you actually saw a real erect penis was back in 1911..And besides that toy you own….”Wait a minute”…”I was just having a few “Disgusting thoughts”…lol..”Put the toy away, and get back to work, YOU PHOENY”..

    • Michael

      At least he didn’t lie about WMD’s to invade a country and kill it’s citizens. No one in their right mind woul dever do something so horrific…Oh Wait…

      • Minutiae

        And that’s germane to this… how? Again I say, just because other people do bad things doesn’t exonerate this perv!

      • Michael

        Get over yourself. I GUARANTEE you have sent or accepted a nude pic from someone. GUARANTEE.

  • Peter

    I’m sure Weiner is relieved to have Baldwin sticking up for him.

  • James

    Alex is missing the point. It’s about honesty. Sext whomever you want. Just be honest. If you can’t be honest about what you’re doing, you shouldn’t be doing it. Or, if you do it and get caught, walk away.

    • Scotty J

      It always make me laugh when people talk about honesty and politics. The only person Anthony Weiner should should apologize to is his wife. He doesn’t owe any of you anything except to be a responsible and ethical law maker. He doesn’t owe it to you to be a good husband. He owes you nothing but good government. He did a stupid and irresponsible thing, but didn’t break any laws or violate is oath of office, as far as we know of. Hey bottom feeders you know we’re bombing Yemen? Probably not, but you know what Anthony Weiner’s pee pee looks like.Be honest with yourself and admit you’re to lazy to get real news affecting our country and planet and just accept what is fed to you like monkeys.

  • Robert Sass

    I hope Weiner stays.

  • The Real Deal

    When you strip all the BS away, what it really comes down to is he tried to pass off a lie no better than a teenaged kid would come up with. I don’t care what he does. I don’t care who he does. But when an elected official makes up a obviously fabricated story it tarnishes any further actions by said official.

  • Jay

    I don’t think Baldwin was affirming his behavior – just making some observations. In fact it appears that some of his statements acknowledge the shallowness of that type of thing. Few of us commenting here will ever be those alpha individuals or travel in those circles. As such I think it was an interesting window into that world.

  • Jim

    This is just another stunt by Baldwin trying to gain some free
    pub should he try to run for the
    Mayor of New York.Defend Weiner ? What a joke !!!

  • Steve J

    Everyone seems to forget the lies before the confessions. That’s what I have a bigger problem with.

    • Dave

      What is this “alpha” high performing male nonsense?? Give me a break. Like that’s some kind of excuse? Someone is still feeling guilty about a certain drunken voicemail they left for a child.

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