'Bachelorette': Watch Bentley's cruel exit and the worst group date EVER

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was the one fans were waiting for: Bentley, who’s been telling the camera for some time that he couldn’t care less about Ashley but who she inexplicably fell in love with, left the show. Personally, I was hoping he’d come clean to her so she would get the chance to slap his smug face, but what he did was far more cruel and cowardly: He waited until the morning after he’d assured her they were on the same page to tell her that he missed his daughter too much to share his heart with her now — but not to rule out something in the future (“… dot dot dot”). Watch the footage below.

It’s so painful watching her let him pretend to comfort her when, in his confessional, he talks coldly about all her crying and how, after she wrapped her legs around him for a standing hug, he thought about having sex with her.

What could possibly compete with that crapfest? The worst group-date concept EVER. Ashley and the majority of her suitors met up with roast master Jeffrey Ross to ROAST ASHLEY — because she likes to laugh. This was a horrible idea because all the guys know about her at this point is that she has small breasts (which they repeatedly told her) and that she is not Emily or Chantal, which William used against her and made her cry. Adding insult to injury, when Bentley — who felt the same way but was “smart” enough not to say it to her face — comforted her, he made her promise that her eyes were closed so he could give a smirk to the camera. Watch that class act below as well.

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  • Joyce

    So what if Ashley has small breasts. She may be very naive, but she still has a brain (which is more important). Men would be further ahead if they focused on what was on the inside rather than on (often fake) outer traits. These fellows need to get a life & take a sensitivity course. They are the “boobs.”

    • Laurie

      Thank you Joyce. I’m glad Ashley did not get a boob job for the show. Being a dancer myself, small boobs are an asset for that. I see that Ashley is fine with her size and to have people comment or roast her about it shows what kind of “men” she is dealing with. Luv you Ash!!!!

  • Ally

    I think the producers for this show are disgusting…they know how EXTREMELY inscure Ashley is..and they think she is going to be able to handle getting made fun of all night? I feel bad for the girl but everyone knew this was going to end very badly when they planned the stupid date. And I don’t care how many “warnings” they gave her about Bentley- they should have told her exactly what the F was going on..just like they did about Rozlyn hooking up with the producer. They kept her in the dark- and even LET HIM COME BACK (rumored) later in the season. Sick.

    • Tara

      I agree… The camera men and everyone else that worked on the show knew exactly what Bentley was saying on camera during all his insulting interviews. How could they keep letting Bentley Lie to Ashley? Why would they do that to her? What a bunch of Jerks. Good thing he left finally, bc she might have kept him till the end! Yikes!

  • Flyer

    “I’m going to go make Ashley cry. I hope my hair looks okay.” Wow. This guy exhibits serious narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies.

    • lynnie

      He totally does. I think he’s dangerous.

    • julie

      TOTALLY… Reminds me of the VanDerSloot guy. Cant beleive this guy has a daughter. Yikes.

    • seattle maggie

      and the fact that he is the father of a girl is even more disturbing . . . would he want a man to treat his daughter that way?

  • shellee

    i haven’t watched any of these batchelor or batchelorette shows since the first season (i still haven’t forgiven myself for the time i wasted then) but i was bored and read this article today on a whim (i DID NOT view the video). apparently, reality TV has reached a new low and anyone who wastes another minute watching this crap is a complete idot. reality tv continues to be nothing more than the networks making boatloads of money off of people who are willing to humilate themselves JUST to be on TV.

  • Lisa

    Bently FAILED at being the biggest villian. Obviously he’s going to get away with ‘fooling everyone on the show’ when he doesn’t give anyone the chance to challenge him. I was far more amused with Wesley who told the guys and let them run and tattle to Jillian and yet she still kept him. Now if Bently could have pulled that off it would have impressed me and of course in typical Bachelorette fashion she kept William who insulted her the most… What an idiot! I’ll bet if Bently told her the truth she would have kept him anyway. Bently, you FAILED! haha

  • di

    Bentley is straight from Central Casting…He is Snidely Whipliash!!!, the quintessential bad guy and after years of ignoring people say reality shows are scripted, I now must concede we are being played. He is so clearly acting a part that has been written for him and I suspect Ashley is too! I mean how stupid could she be to fall for the one contestant who she was told was there for the wrong reasons. If that is indeed true, her “picker” is broken and this is just an emotional train wreck…

    • T2

      Ha – ‘picker’. I love The Millionaire Matchmaker!

  • joellen

    What does Bentley’s church (Mormon) think of his antics? Oh yeah, women are second class citizens.

  • Sarah in Texas

    Bentley doesn’t look like a cool villain, he just looks like a desperate-for-attention loser. Anyone who needs the spotlight that much is just showing their complete lack of self esteem.

    As for the rest of the guys on the roast date, there are lots of cute teasing things they could have picked on but weren’t bright enough to come up with. Small breasts? She is a tiny woman; of course she has small breasts. I’d rather be petite and athletic looking than chubby and booby anyway. These guys are dorks.

  • West Coast Laura

    D-bag Deluxe. And whether or not it is by design, he’s got consequences that this guy has no idea of to come. He is already with the one he loves the most – himself; for what little that is worth.

  • JPX

    She knew him for like 3 minutes, why all the histrionics?

    • wooooozee

      She’s just plain sad to put herself in this kind of situation because she’s got to be famous – regardless of the cost.

  • Sarah

    This show is so freaking fake.

  • Lulu

    Are we really going to take this seriously????

  • DrewinKC

    What a disgusting man. Nothing worse than being betrayed by someone you think really cares about you. I can only imagine what she was feeling when she watched this episode back.

  • Tara

    BENTLEY is Disgusting!!! I can’t believe he was using his daughter as an excuse! He doesnt care about his daughter, or he wouldnt of been there in the first place away from his daughter when he knew all along that he didnt like ashley. That poor little girl deserves a much better man for a father :( I feel sorry for Ashley for being tricked, but I feel most sad for his daughter, who has to live with that poor excuse for a man, for the rest of her life :( How sad.

  • Mike L Sax

    Someone talk me off the ledge-I’m becoming really disillusioned about American women as represented on this show
    How do these women always find the worst guy and fall head over heals for them. If there’s a syonide pill in an aspirin bottle these women will always choose that bottle.

    • Tara

      Not all women… The “nice guys” on the show are my favorite. And Bentley would have went home the first night if it was me!

      • Mike L Sax

        Well, Tara, then I wish you were on the show and not Ashley.

    • Lisa

      Lol you’re awesome! I’m a woman and I don’t fall for that crap, but I never meet super nice guys :S

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