Good for you, America: You don't care about Paris Hilton anymore!


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There was a time when it seemed like Paris Hilton was one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. She may not have invented the notion of “famous for being famous,” but she perfected it, running roughshod over the first decade of this brave new millennium. She was inescapable. She had a reality show, or two. She had a music career, and I use both terms loosely. She was on the cover of classy magazines and tabloid magazines, thus shattering the difference between the two, until the very definition of “quality” began to seem fuzzy. She was at the center of the Lohan-Spears-Hilton party girl continuum which threatened the very fabric of our nation, apparently. But time rolls ever on. Seasons pass. Things change. And, despite ourselves, we learn from our past mistakes. Thus, The World According to Paris — Hilton’s new reality show about the perils of being Paris Hilton — debuted to blessedly low ratings on Wednesday. Congratulations, America! It only took eight years, untold millions of dollars, a relentless onslaught of media gasbaggery (that’s us!), and the entire career of Nicole Richie, but you have successfully weaned yourself off of your Paris addiction. (Don’t worry about Ms. Hilton: Something tells me she’ll be just fine.)

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  • orville

    Hilarious article title! I wonder what desperate dive she’s going to take to try to regain headlines?

    • Big Walt

      I had no idea this show even existed. It’s funny that the article doesn’t even mention what network it’s on.

      • rerun

        Agreed with Big Walt. Never saw a commercial for the show. I think it’s on Oxygen or something so at the very least, she can’t get on a bigger cable network, which is still surprising. E! seems to have low talent standards. They had 2 bimbos at a tanning salon with a show.

      • Gramps

        I am rubbing my eyes, not believing what I am reading, are you children really coming to your senses? that is awesome. YES YES YES.. no more palin, teen pregos, kardasians or paris…. next dump AI and DWST and the rest of that crap.

        awesome article
        awesome comments.
        good for you ALL

      • Thomas

        Do you WANT to know what network it’s on?

      • Jack

        I think only losers followed or cared about this loser (Hilton) to being with.

      • sam doe


      • Shiny

        I’ve watched more hours of Bradley Cooper speaking French than I’ve ever watched of Hilton. That preacher was right; the End Times came-and then went, taking Paris Hilton’s 15 minutes with him. Maybe this is the real “Rapture” — reality stars dissapear, living only their skinny pants and Prada bags behind.

    • Joseph

      hahaha! She’ll end up doing anything for attention now like Tom Greene

      • twgloege

        We’re not done Palin just yet I’m afraid. There are still a bunch of suckers anxious to make her a multi-millionaire.

      • Linda

        I predicted years ago that there were faked kidnappings in her future.

      • Boy

        I hope in a couple of years we get rid of Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians.

      • BG 17

        Hopefully she doesn’t have to do anything drastic – like get an actual job!

    • silas

      all this – and yet look @ how many people waste their time posting comments about this crap.

      • oy puleeeze

        Including you.

      • BigGuy

        And you and I.

      • wakeforce

        17 pages about someone no one cares about?
        When Paris and her mom wrer on The View, BW grilled her about a scene from the show when Paris was complaining about having to do community service. Well, the look on Paris’ fsce. It was priceless. She looked like she wanted to slap her! Then, Barbara said, “I know I’m making you squirm”. I was laughing my a$$ off!

    • thebitterlady

      Im sure her publicist will come up with something.He knows if theres enough airheads to watch Jersey Shore theres enough idiots who have low expectations pertaining to entertainment.Im sure shell do something”in her private life” to peak these morons interest.

    • opinion

      hahaha. how true! unfortunately there are still the ‘classy’ girls/boys from Jersey Shore to deal with!!!!! we are just so dumb in America to let this happen!!!!!

    • Kristy

      Now, if we can just get to that point with Justin Timberfake. America may be onto something.

      • Steve P

        Cameron, calm down, you were so 2000 and late…

    • LAJackie

      Anymore? I never gave a crap about her to start with.

  • David

    RIP Paris Hiltons “career”

    • SaraS

      I’ve never liked Paris. Can’t wait until the same thing happens to Kim Kardashian (which it will).

      • Ann Brocklebank

        And I can’t wait! Get rid of these bimbos please!

      • Geezer

        Or it’s possible that you’re just bitter that these broads are hot and you’re not. You only wish you could look like them. For my part I would love to toss Kardashian’s salad.

      • geekfmme

        These people have the ability to be role models for young people. It’s a shame the opportunity is wasted.

      • @geezer

        You’re playing that tired old jealousy card here? Really?

    • Geezer

      Sorry. I know I’m pathetic.

      • cmm

        yup…pretty much

      • thebitterlady

        and ignorant.Theirs plenty of pretty girls on t.v. with talent I like and I dont even like men so why would I be jealous.Im not a lesbian but could care less about men.Partly bcuz their stupid like you.

      • CapnRita

        @thebitterlady-after reading your comment I’m compelled to ask, “are you sure you’re NOT a man”?

    • DaProfessor

      Paris Hilton does NOT need a career. She is very wealthy, owns several businesses, and needs no one’s blessing. Notice that I haven’t mentioned her figure or compared it to the obese complainers.

      • rker321

        Ms Hilton is really not that rich, her famous grandfather, a few years back stated that his fortune just like his father will be going to charity.
        Ms Hilton’s father is not super rich either, and she does have several brothers and sisters.
        Yes, she has licensed several perfumes and I believe a line of clothing, which have not been extremely successful.
        She is not poor, but not that rich either.

      • suzzi

        Paris CRAVES attention! Not cash.

      • Jan Friend

        Paris isn’t wealthy or rich. She’s just upper middle class.

        Her stupid grandfather is giving away a billion dollars to others instead of leaving the estate to his children and grandchildren.

      • Mark

        She’s an attention ho. She doesn’t need just ANY career; she needs a career where she’s the center of attention.

    • Brenda

      yeah…including u!!lol

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  • Sarah

    Now if Kim K and her bottom feeding family would go away, the world could go back to normal.

    • Mother Nature

      The true Four Horses of the apocalypse.

      • Annie

        More like the Four Wh0res of the Apocalypse.

    • Sugar

      I think the K sisters believe the lyrics of a classic Queen song – “…FAT BOTTOMED girls, you make this rock’in world go round.”

      • Kristy

        You mean silicon injected bottoms.

    • Joseph T

      Yes! Please let the world stop watching them too!

    • Terry

      …and the idiots on the jersey shore, the palins, and the little tramps on the teen pregnancy shows.

      • Templar

        Could you throw in the stage mothers on Toddlers & Tiaras as well?

      • Andre

        pretty much ever reality star on MTV needs to go away.

    • ginger

      I just dont get the Kardashian thing or the Snookie thing either. I just wish they would all GO AWAY

      • Edsr


      • Maggie JS

        AMEN, SISTAH! I’m still trying to decide (having never watched the show, but seeing their faces plastered all over the internet and those magazines at the grocery store check-out counter) who the h@ll the Kardashains are, anyway. Have they ever done anything to improve society? That goes for Paris Hilton and the Jersey Shore people, too.

    • Edsr

      I love Paris…………..France……….however…….Paris Hilton……Kim Kardashian……Snooki…..and Lady GaGa are ALL on my bimbo list…….the female hounds of Hell……..

    • Geezer

      Except she’s hot and you’re bothered that men don’t pay any attention to you.

      • CJ

        You actually think that skank Paris is hot, you have issues, she is a walking disease.

      • Dave

        Geez, Geezer, how low are your standards? She’s about as hot as a scorching case of herpes.

    • zztopo

      I wish these brainless sluts burn in hell. And I’m a hetero guy!!

    • LAJackie

      And they can take those Jersey Shore train-wrecks with them.

  • Emma


  • Abe Froman

    The only thing she could do to redeem herself is appear as the snooty lady at the society party that takes a pie in the face in the new “Three Stooges” movie. Then people would applaud her willingness to confess her lack of dignity. I’ll be happy to hold the pie by the way.

    • Pris

      I’d change my opinion of her if she would pay a construction crew to accompany her to Joplin, MO to help the poor people who have lost everything. I’d watch that “reality” show.

      • amanda

        and then let a tornado suck her up…

      • David

        She sucks harder than any tornado.

      • Heru

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    What always perplexed me about her was that it was all her own doing, I remember feeling bad for her for a moment when Sarah Silverman humiliated her at an awards show but then I thought she could put an end to this and just go away, she is clearly not in it for the art and doesn’t need the money. I just don’t understand why she would want to be the punching bag of America anymore; When she was in “House of Wax” there main marketing slogan was “Watch Paris Die!” Seriously lady, get a clue.

  • outside agitator

    bad for you, America…the media seems to think Casey Anthony is a national obsession.

    • CandaceTX

      two steps forwards…

    • ac


      • Sarah

        You are so lucky, ac. I live in Orlando, Florida and Casey Anthony has been an unavoidable part of daily life for YEARS.

      • Texan665

        @Sarah, I totally know how you feel about having to live where Casey Anthony did. I live 15 minutes away from where Hayley Dunn disappeared, everybody is still talkin about that poor child.

      • Michele

        shame on you. An innocent little gril died and all you care about is that its ruining your life. Get over yourself.

      • Adam

        You do realize that Sarah is talking about CaSey Anthony, not CaLee Anthony, right? Casey is the mother, Calee is the daughter who was killed. Casey is on trial for the murder right now and we here in Orlando have to suffer through the endless hours of coverage. It’s like our own version of the OJ trial.

      • Steve P

        Besides, that whole family is one messed up pile of Doody.

  • Shellibelli

    yeah well they all have seemed to have moved on to the Kim K clan so sick of them all – great head line though.

  • Megan

    ugh, i had just managed to forget she existed, thanks for reminding me.

  • Toro

    Sarah don’t forget the Jersey Shore gang among those needing to go away.

    • Marie

      And the entire Real World/Road Rules/reality show contestants can just go away and never to be heard from again.

      • Edith Head

        What are you talking about? TRW/RR Challenge is one of the most entertaining shows around!

  • JPX

    There is nothing less appealing that a person who walks around with an undeserved sense of entitlement. Hilton might have money but she lacks any positive qualities. She’s a spoiled, vapid, selfish dolt with no discernible talent. I’m so pleased her fame is ebbing.

    • kremzeek!

      JPX,i couldn’t have said it better!what is it with this country that we celebrate people like this?

      • Captain

        It’s simple, Americans love the fantasy. They are fascinated by Paris Hilton because secretly, they want her life. They want to be rich and live a life of excess and luxery and be famous without having to actually work at anything. They watch Paris because secretly they want to be her (without the bad personality and double-digit IQ).

      • Ana170

        First of all, it’s not just this country. Socialites have always been a source of fascination for the masses going back decades, at least. It’s just that nowadays we prefer to obsess over actors and musicians rather than people who have nothing to do, unless they’re royals.

      • General

        Captain, it only requires a two digit IQ to make the shallow observations you have here.

    • Jo


  • Chris

    I can’t celebrate till America’s obsession with manufactured dimwits really ends. Paris out, Kim K in. Hillary Duff out, Miley Cyrus in. Britney out….oh wait, she’s still around? Nevermind

  • Sanjay

    Yeah, well, there is always some new idiot to fixate Americans and its youth (see Karsdashians, Jersey Shore). America is still dumb and mindless for the most part. But even when dumb, America loves a next best idiot better than a has been idiot.

    • thebitterlady

      Your an idiot.Scarey the future is in your weak ass hands.

      • Mary

        Jeez, you really are just like your name, huh? I don’t think that’s something to boast of, since bitter people are even more boring than Paris and have a lot less dates.

    • WK

      America has this fixation on worthless reality shows and celebrities. Not sure why but I think it is because we are not worldly people and get excited about other people’s lives because we have no interest in art the sciences and philosophy. We know so little about the important events of the world. The sickening thing is companies are making big dollars on this nation’s shallowness.

      • David

        It starts early. The jocks and cheerleaders are loved in school while the smart science students are hated. Americans are taught to be dumb and liked.

  • Linda

    The best thing to keep this going on is to stop writing articles about her.

  • JaniceP

    If Paris were a song, it would be one note! She’s so flat, boring and shows no excitement. Talk about a controlling boyfriend!

    • Sylvia

      paris n kim k are 2 most zero talented pple, songs=0,acting=0,sorry, keep on waxing n botox, ple know

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