Bradley Cooper speaks French. The Internet swoons. What's the big deal?

When Jodie Foster speaks French, no one bats an eyelash. Colin Firth drops some Italian at a presser and the world doesn’t stop. Read the full post.

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  • Cate

    This is the first time I’ve found him attractive, actually. The interview makes him seem intelligent, humble, and suave.

    • Sara I

      So agree! See my comment below.

    • Shannon

      The first time I found him attractive was in the movie Limitless where he plays a down-on-his-luck writer that gets a hold of a wonder drug that sends his brain and intense blue eyes into a caffeinated, cocaine-like, jamba juice vita boost-on-speed frenzy. His fast-talking intellectual bravado is quite becoming on him, not to mention all the extreme close-ups of those vivid blue eyes…

    • Giovane

      Le savon de Marseille compend un autre inrendiget: du saindoux (lard). Dans les annees 1940, je me souviens ,mon frere et moi nous transportions a Marsille,des tonneaux de saindoux a une usine de fabrication de savon de Marseille

  • AJ


  • pbev7

    Je préfère un homme qui comprend le monde et le mot autour de lui, particulièrement à Paris.

    Merci Bradley. Stay hot dude.

  • Aline

    Generally, French sounds sexier to me so Joseph Gordon-Levitt produces the same effect.

  • Shannon

    I’ll admit that it is very attractive, but am I the only one that doesn’t find it hilarious?
    I mean, he’s talking about the Hangover 2 so matter-of-factly in French. What about when he mentions Zach Galifianakis?
    It’s pretty darn surreal.

    • Shannon

      Hmm, you know, I’ve scrolled by my post a number of times and I only just now noticed that I stuck a “doesn’t” where I never intended it to be. I do indeed find the whole thing hilarious. That’s what I was trying to say.
      Oh dear…

  • Sara I

    Oh wow, I heard a local male radio DJ make comments about this yesterday (AND he speaks French?? How can we men compete with that?) and thought he was making a big deal about nothing. Er, then I saw the clip above. , okay, I get it now. He is so unaffected, unpretentious and natural speaking la langue francaise, it is mesmerizing. So damn comfortable in his own skin, speaking a foreign language. And this from a girl who didn’t rank Bradley Cooper as hot in the first place! I respectfully change my mind now ;o)

  • Cate

    My favorite: “Georges Clooney..Il est le maire! Il est le roi!” Actually what’s funny is how he takes on all the shrugs and hand gestures of a Frenchman while he’s speaking French.

    • haqyunus

      I think it was “Il est le meilleur” meaning, ‘he is the best’. ‘maire’ means ‘Mayor’.

      • evilwatersprite

        He said “meilleur” (and used both syllables — “may-yure”) or “the best” when he was talking about the director. When he was talking about Clooney, I *think* he said “maire” (one syllable, pronounced “mare”) or mayor. It makes sense because he also called him the king (“roi”).

        That quarter of 300-level French phonetics just keeps paying for itself, 17 years later. Ditto for all those times I listened to ‘The Complete Symphonic Les Miserables.’ “But Monsieur Le Maire!”)

        And yes, I also agree that hearing the name “Galifianakis” in the middle of a French conversation is pretty surreal.

      • Shannon

        Surreal it is, yes! It’s also hilarious. Don’t know how I said one thing when I meant another. There are typos and then there are just very strange moments of unconscious typing. I guess I was hypnotized and tripped out from the whole experience. Now, if the media really wants to screw with me, they should get Zach Galifianakis speaking a foreign language fluently.
        No, not Greek. That would be too obvious. How about Human?

      • Satan

        I also thought he said “meilleur”.

  • Suzie

    I love that the movie is called Very Bad Trip 2.

    Also, Colin Firth can speak Italian to me all day long.


    I read the whole article and thought, what a bunch of fuss for nothing. Then I watched the clip, he DOES seem hotter speaking french. I cannot explain it, it just is.

  • Stormy

    If it was Adrien Grenier speaking French, I’d be a puddle, but Bradley Cooper just seems like a guy from the Diplomatic Service. Maybe it’s the suit.

  • Usher

    Hello…this is Bradley Cooper!A sexy man n speaks a sexy lang,t jus maks him super sexý…yummy!!!

  • Beauty

    Damn, that is hot! And he’s from Philly. yummy.

  • topoopon

    I wonder if he and Vartan were swapping stories in French on the “ALIAS” set?

    • Charlotte

      I was thinking that. It’s a crime that didn’t happen on screen.

    • M

      Exactly the first thing I said when I read this article! And Charlotte – DEFINITELY a crime. But my TV might have imploded with hotness.

  • lovelylady

    I think he’s a tool and the fact he speaks french doesn’t earn him any points

    • Lola

      I totally agree. Watching him speak French makes him come across even more douchey than when he simply speaks English. Bonjourrrrr ya cheese eatin’ surrender monkeys.

      • Satan

        Geez, what are you, 70?

      • Lola

        Geez, have you never seen the Simpsons?

  • Tully

    He speaks French pretty well, makes grammatical mistakes here and there and slurs sometimes but his enunciation is almost convincing. Nice!

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