Bradley Cooper speaks French. The Internet swoons. What's the big deal?

When Jodie Foster speaks French, no one bats an eyelash. Colin Firth drops some Italian at a presser and the world doesn’t stop. But Bradley Cooper unveils his fluent French tongue, and the Internets overheat! You can practically hear the panting on the message boards: “This just made him 100 times MORE sexy!!! HOOOOOT,” exclaimed one fan. Take a look.

But what’s the big deal? Is it the French language in particular that sounds so wonderful coming out of Cooper’s mouth? Would fluent German be as alluring? (Recall in A Fish Called Wanda that Jamie Lee Curtis had a weak spot for men who spoke Italian.) The fuss over Cooper’s bilingual talent seems to be wrapped in surprise that the Hangover star — and Georgetown graduate who spent some of his college years in France — can speak the language. So are we giving Cooper extra credit because he’s… well… like… really, really handsome? Like a beautiful girl who knows everything about sports. You’re gorgeous and you can speak French! Amazing!

J’accuse! Does every man become 100 times hotter speaking French? Or just hunky actors who star in R-rated comedies?

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  • fancypants

    IMO, Italian is sexier, but I can’t watch the video above so I won’t know for now.

    • Janell

      It would not have mattered what language he was fluent in. Who knew this hot guy was fluent in another language? Bradley Cooper is cute and this interview just drove up his price!

      • Adwina Lambert

        just hunky actors who star in R-rated comedies! tee-hee!

      • Bette

        I guess the 6 months Bradley spent as an exchange student in Provence in southern France paided off big time.

      • rachel

        I don’t find Bradly attractive or hot at all!..he speaks french? what?..this is not sexy for me!What is the big deal?..Johnny Depp speaking french is sexy for me,he is gorgeous and hot like nobody else in hollywood .

      • Jenna

        he can speak a total of 5 languages you know. so hot

      • Kim E

        I have to agree with this, but not just French, any language. I heard Richard Armitage speaking Russian on an episode of Spooks/MI5 and his hotness multiplied 100 times more than it already was!

      • Tom

        Oooh you speak french!

      • Annia

        It’s the suprise factor that makes people buzz about him. I suprised my brother once by speaking Spanish to my neighbors. He didn’t know that I could. You should have seen the look on his face. LOL.

      • Melissa

        When did EW get bought out by InTouch?

    • dee

      not really a fan of him but i must admit that was pretty hot..

    • Jerv

      Tom wins.

    • anonymous

      He doesn’t date ass holes.

    • anonymous

      especially ass holes who are unilingual.

    • Milo

      How is it that no one has made a comment about “the hangover” being called “very bad trip 2″ in France? That is about the only funny thing related to that awful sequel.

      • Emily

        Thank you! I was hoping somebody had pointed that out. By far, that is the most interesting part of this clip.

      • Liz Lemon

        A Very Bad Trip is actually a great pun.

      • Lisa London

        “Trip” in French also means a crazy drug experience, hence the pun.

      • jk

        Uh, Lisa. It also means that in English.

    • L Ron Hubbard

      Sounds like anonymous got shot down by him….

    • anonymous

      Ah, no.
      Just hate jerks making stupid quips

    • Tom

      5 languages only means that he can cheat on you with that many more women

    • Annia

      I agree. There is another actor, Michael Vartan who speaks fluent French as well, he was raised there, think he has a French nationality, however, his ethic background is, as he has said, Polish & Jewish. I like to hear these two converse. Would be quite interesting.

      • S.

        I like Brad, but Michael is even hotter to me. I think he speaks multiple languages also (I believe his parents were diplomats or something).

  • Jacob

    I’m dubious. I speak fluent French as well, and it has yet to make me hotter to anyone. Or at least no one has told me it has…

    • Pam P

      I promise that if out of the blue you start to speaking french to another native french speaker and your girl didn’t know you had that under your belt, you would become 100 times hotter to her.

      • Charlotte

        I concur.

      • Linda

        Exactly right!

      • Allie

        yup, definitely.

      • Miller


      • gypzyjedi


      • Heidi

        That’s what it is. He doesn’t show it off, it’s like a new layer he just brought out casually and naturally. It makes you think ‘what else don’t I know?’

        I studied French for years in school but I can’t speak it with the ease he does. He sounds like it is his first language, actually.

      • Alyssa

        You could be the ugliest guy ever, but if you suddenly break out some French, I’m gonna be all over you.

    • Woot

      You speak french? MOUNT ME NOW!

    • Dave

      I was going to say the same thing, Jacob. I can speak French relatvely well, and some people have told me they think it’s cool but no one has gone wild over it.

  • Sydney

    I saw this video yesterday and I have to say that hearing him speak French was one of the sexiest things ever. I don’t think it is because it’s French but that unlike the majority of Americans he can speak another language fluently…and look so hot while doing so.

    • Shannon

      He is already soooo hot and him speaking french just made him THAT much hotter!!

    • Janell

      I totally agree! That is one sexy interview Bradley gave and I wonder if the reporter tried to get his number?

      • Ganima

        Pretty sure he pulled out the french on Alias, which I found equally mind blowing since he played an all american corn fed guy on the show; young Bradley on Alias is so cute and fuzzy, it was hard to believe that Sydney Bristow chose Vartan’s character over Bradley.

      • ps in seattle

        @Ganima – I don’t remember Will Tippin ever speaking French, but he was totally adorable, one of my favorite characters. However, I thought Vaughn totally brought the hotness on Alias, and he did speak French on the show. And, by the way, Michael Vartan IS French. Whew! I personally feel that Bradley Cooper was way more appealing back in his Alias days than he is now. He may still be pretty to look at, but now he just seems to be too full of himself, not a particularly attractive trait.

      • Jeannie

        @Ganima and ps in seattle: I know it was Vaughn who spoke fluent French on Alias (I just watched the episode) but perhaps there’s another with Will doing the same thing. Either way, I loved Bradley Cooper as Will on Alias, but since he’s become this huge movie star, he totally seems full of himself now and like seattle said, it’s not an attractive trait. When he was much lesser known, he was so cute and sexy at the same time!

      • Ganima

        will went on a mission with Sydney pretending to be a rockstar early season 3, and another with Sydney’s dad where got captured-can’t remember which mission it was but he pulled out the language skillz for one of ‘em. Vartan was so lovely back in the day, I wish he’d do more movies. They are both adorable; that Sydney Bristow was one lucky chick.

      • Heidi

        I TOTALLY forgot that he played Will in Alias! I did love him on the show but he has this cool factor that being A list gives you, I suppose, that he didn’t have then. It’s interesting! I’m going to have to go back and watch that again!

      • Thierry

        @ps in seattle and @Jeannie: I know it’s all perception, but I don’t think Bradley “seems to be too full of himself” at all. If anything, he often seems kind of shy and self-effacing. He was just on Graham Norton with Ed Helms and spent half the interview talking about how amazing and talented Helms is.
        Oh, and Bradley’s French is very natural — a few minor errors, but 99% better than most foreigners in Paris.

    • Dee

      Bradley Cooper’s fluency of another language is attractive for several reasons! As Sydey mentioned, Americans don’t have to learn another language since English is spoken everywhere. When an American goes to the length of living abroad and learning the language, it shows he or she is intelligent, curious, and culturally sensitive. How are those traits NOT attractive? Edward Norton speaking Spanish always gets me as well.

  • Happy

    It’s hot on hot men. Bradley sounds like he is seducing you. The grouchy old guy down the block who smells like B.O. and the aftertaste of 1,000 cigarettes, not so much…

    • chattypatra

      Exactly. The French accent must be part of a package: a ripped body, great hair, sexy voice, sense of humor, charm, and intelligence. I almost melted listening to him.

      • Ben

        And I bet if someone said that about a woman you would call them a pig and say that they were shallow.

      • chattypatra

        @Ben: You would lose that bet.

      • Rob

        @Ben is absolutely right. Women often slam men for caring about appearance, but look at the comments about Bradley on this thread! There’s nothing wrong with commenting on his “hotness,” but don’t criticize guys for doing the same thing with actresses.

    • real fan

      He’s handsome, funny and intelligent! Total package, oui?

  • jackjackmcmack

    I think Colin Firth speaking Italian is pretty dang sexy but it is when Hugh Grant speaks French too – but I feel like we expect British actors to speak another language. But American actors? Speaking another language fluently? On that country’s television? Yea, it’s pretty hot. Doesn’t really matter that it’s French or not I don’t think….
    And yea, he is like really, really handsome. And he went to Georgetown? DANG! Maybe a lot of people don’t know that…? Because I sure didn’t!!!

    • chattypatra

      He also graduated from the Actor’s Studio.

      • anonymous

        He also graduated from Renee Zellweger to Olivia Wilde.

  • kev86

    He speaks french very well. I can understand clearly what he’s saying even though he makes mistakes. But it’s not a big deal. Most people can speak two languages. Jodie Foster speaks french fluently by the way. I mean perfect french. Same goes for Kristin Scott Thomas.

    • bitsy

      Most people can, yes, but most americans can’t.

      • Shannon

        Very true. Unless they grew up in a bilingual household.

      • jakalo

        You are making a generalization. Very few australians speak 2 languages. Parts of russia are strictly one dialect. More americans speak two language than you must be aware of. Just because some people in europe may know enough of another language to catch a train doesn’t mean they speak more than one language fluently. I lived in Honduras and Nicaragua and one could make the claim that a lot of people speak more than one language, i.e. english but that is not at all accurate. Knowing a few phrases is not speaking a language.

      • ikagirl

        Not sure where you are from, but in my part of America practically everyone speaks at least two languages.

      • bitsy

        @ ikagirl, sorry, but facts are facts. Maybe you’re talking about people who live IN america, but even so, most people who live in america only speak english. Sure, I live in one of the richest counties, with some of the best school systems and few dropouts, and many people learned other languages in highschool and college, but even so, that’s not most, and its not fluent. I don’t know why people get insulted when its pointed out that americans for the most part only speak english. If you think that most people in the bible belt speak more than one language, you’re in denial.

      • Sam

        @ikagirl Where do you live, Miami? No, wait, then they would still only speak one language. It just wouldn’t be English.

      • Shannon

        Well, I’m from Miami and I most certainly don’t speak Spanish, but virtually everyone I’ve ever come in contact with here is bilingual. The ones who don’t speak English at all are plentiful, but it really depends on where you go.

      • Rachel

        Where I live virtually everyone speaks English and Spanish. Saying Most Americans… blah blah blah doesn’t work because you probably don’t live in a cultural area (And this is coming from someone who lives in AZ).

      • real fan

        Most people speak others languages out of necessity. Europeans, due to the fact they have mant neighbors, speak others languages. Americans only neighbor (excluding Canada) is Mexico! So, it makes sense that many Americans’ second language is Spanish! If we were bordered by France, Italy, etc., it would be different!

      • @AmericanExpatinUK

        @bitsy: Oh please, I live in UK and most Brits do not speak another language. Many (not all)on “the continent” do, but that is certainly only due to necessity and because English remains the language of business. In most predominantly English speaking countries (Canada (except Quebec), UK, USA, Australia) you will find that English is the ONLY language of the majority population due to sheer arrogance and the assumption that everyone one else must speak English to suit them.

      • Ganima

        Talk Frenchy to me, Bradley. Sigh!

      • Kat

        @AmericanExpatinUK: I wouldn’t say “sheer arrogance and the assumption that everyone else must speak English to suit them.” I would say (arguably) most Americans only speak English fluently because that’s the only language they really need. I used to be near-fluent in German. However, I have absolutely NO reason to ever use German in my daily life, so my abilities have atrophied and I doubt I could maintain a simple conversation any more. Laziness is involved, of course, because I could keep up with my German if I found ways to practice it every day, but that takes time and effort, and like I said – I NEVER need German. The only time I would probably use German is on a trip to Germany, and I would of course brush up on it before then and try to be able to use it. I would never expect another country’s citizens to speak English to me or get upset if they couldn’t. However, the simple fact is that many people in many countries do speak English very well, because it is the modern lingua franca for world business and communication. I wouldn’t expect people to speak English; many of them just do because that’s how the world is right now. If you really are an American expat, I would hope that you might remember that many of your original countrymen are not actually the stereotypical arrogant a-holes.

  • T

    He’s a smoking hot, smart, funny man speaking a sexy language. ‘Nuff said.

  • whatevs

    Most Americans can’t even speak English correctly, so the shock of it was part of what makes him hotter. A guy that hot normally comes off as a bimbo.

    • Linda

      Well said Whatevs….you totally hit the nail on the head! So many folks can’t even spell to save their lives in LA alone, so for me to hear a super hot actor speak french so damn FLUENTLY, well it just sums him up as the hottest man of 2011, thank you very much!

  • Jen40

    I heard about this but didn’t see the video until just now and I have to agree that It. Is. HOT. I think part of the reason is that it seems so natural to him…you don’t see him “thinking” about what he is saying so he isn’t translating in his head before he speaks. He could be talking about cleaning up after his dog for all I know but I could listen to him all day.

    • Charlotte

      Yes, incredibly sexy. Why on earth didn’t he and Michael Vartan have any scenes of them speaking French together on Alias? Would that be just too much hotness for mere mortals to handle?

      • Sue

        I agree. What a wasted opportunity.

    • Shiny

      Plus he’s speaking so elegantly and inteligently; that’s the kicker. Any of the others in the cast would be acting silly, hamming it up but Bradley comes off smart and sexy, the total package. His interview with Charlie Rose was equally sanguine; hot and smart is soooo rare in Hollywood.

  • Lena120

    I think the reason people are obsessing over it is because he’s a good looking dude and it adds to the package. Also, I think knowing another language makes you seem more worldly to some people. I personally think his biggest draw is his intelligence. He’s got multiple degrees and he’s charming as hell. And whenever people tell him he’s hot he always deflects it, like he can’t believe it. Genuine Self-deprecation is endearing. The French is just the cherry on top. Like some other commenters said, there are plenty of other actors who are multilingual Viggo Mortensen can speak 3 or 4 languages, Joseph-Gordon-Levitt is also fluent in French, and do we even need to start on Christoph Waltz? It’s not rare, but it’s a nice plus.

  • Lizzie

    All credit to him for being able to speak French so well. But I’m afraid as far as I am concerned he has zilch sex appeal. Now Colin Firth speaking Italian is a whole different ball game. Looks, sex appeal, charm. You name it, he’s got it.

    • bitsy

      I agree, oh my gosh colin…yum

    • orville

      Well, he spoke (badly, but that was the joke) some Portuguese in Love Actually….

    • LisaMama

      Doesn’t Colin speak Italian because he’s married to an Italian?

      • RMB


  • Dominique

    I speak fluent French and usually hearng someone speak it does nothing for me, but Bradley Cooper…

    And I’ve never before found Bradley Cooper hot! French suits him better. When he speaks English, all I see/hear is douche.

    • Jean

      I speak French fluently and teach languages for a living. For some reason, French fits him well. Sure, he has an obvious American accent and he struggles a bit for words, but given how infrequently he must use the language, he sounded quite nice. The best way I can put it is that there’s a certain quality to his voice that lends itself to the French language. It would be interesting to see him in a French-language movie.

      • Ganima

        Bradley sounds lovely, the French reporter lady sounds like Amelie; Does any know how her accent would be categorized; mod-airhead like Paris Hilton or a more common like Fran Drescher? I can recognize the Proven├žal accent thanks to Claude Berri, this girl sounds like a French Sloan Ranger.

      • Ganima

        Actually the lady reporter sounds like the redheaded landlady in Amelie, Yolande Moreau.

      • Heidi

        I agree – it suits his tone so well! I am fluent though I don’t have his fluidity. I sound like its my second language (which it is). Same with Spanish. HE, to me, sounds like French was his first language or he was raised to be bilingual from birth. Did he go to French immersion as a child?

      • imho

        Heidi –

        I’m confused? You’re fluent, but you don’t have his fluidity?

        He sounded nice, particularly given that he probably doesn’t use his French that often; but, he isn’t fluent. He has what appears to be a decent level of conversational French and he has a VERY GOOD accent.

        Fluent means you can have a “deep” conversation about something and you speak w/little to no hesitation.

        He’s not there yet.

      • To Imho

        Fluidty is referring to the accent. Fluent and fluidity are not forms of the same word. Heidi was referring to the same thing that you were. His accent is very good. I, like, Heidi was once fluent in the language – I could hold a deep conversation, but I never sounded as good as Bradley Cooper did above. Fluidity is like the cadence or the musicality of the speech or even just the pleasentness of the sound. He has a fantastic accent.

  • Gigi

    Uh duh! It’s Bradley Cooper speaking french! Sexxy!

  • Amy

    all i heard was blah, blah, blah, merci, blah… but omfg this is the perfect man! and i don’t usually like blondes:)

  • Wright Blan

    Deep inside, we’re all Gomez Addams.

    • Jen40

      You get the award for best comment! LOL

    • Jon

      LOL! Bradley, Bradley, you’re speaking French!

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