New, non-bootleg 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' trailer: Still liking what you see?

Looks like that suspiciously high-quality “bootleg” teaser for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actually was unauthorized: The Red Band trailer, which featured brief snippets of violence and nudity, has been pulled from the internet. In its place, the studio has released an official trailer. The structure is essentially the same: a recording of “Immigrant Song” by Trent Reznor and Karen O plays over quick-cut snippets that basically take you through the whole movie, Femme Fatale-style. The only major difference I could spot was that the new trailer features Robin Wright more prominently — which is never a bad thing. A significant majority of people liked what they saw in the original bootleg teaser; check out the new video below:

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  • Tdub

    Seriously… a commercial to watch a trailer… which is a commercial for a movie???

    • Big Walt

      And the trailer isn’t available anymore now.

  • Sarah

    I liked the first trailer better.

    • David

      Just like the first trailer, I still have zero idea what this movie is about…. PASS

      • KBVM

        uhh…just read the book

      • JD

        That’s a good argument…not. Read the book? Or wait a little longer before you PASSSS. It comes out in December dummy.

      • thin

        Crazy. A teaser trailer that doesn’t explain the plot of the movie. This is unheard-of!

      • David

        It’s based on a #1 Bestseller and it has already been made into a movie in Sweden. It would be to bad for you if you missed out on what will likely be a great movie because you are too simple to experience something new, and too dumb to have read the book or god forbid, watch a subtitled movie. The things that I am skeptical of revolve around wether or not hollywood can stay true to the book while still pleasing an idiotic and simple American audience filled with people like you! *This response is far harsher than is warranted.

      • Book Worm

        @David- I’m glad someone else feels that American movies are “dumbed down”. If you don’t research what you are watching and reading then don’t complain when you don’t understand it. The American society has gotten lazy and spoiled with CRAP movies that are designed to get laughs with things like farts and stupid talking animals. It’s very insulting.

      • lisa

        Zeitgeist fail.

      • Liz Lemon

        Read the book and you’ll find out.
        But be warned, GWTDT is a REAL, adult book, so if you’re someone who reads a lot of YA and other books with elementary writing, the Millenium trilogy won’t be for you.

      • SJ

        DAvid, it’s a decent book, really, although the subject matter is dark. Just because it’s hyped, doesn’t mean it should be dissed.

      • Hannah

        But, why should someone have to read a book in order to watch a movie? Why shouldn’t someone see a trailer for a movie and not know exactly what it was about? (And BTW, that trilogy is not for everyone and isn’t all that compelling or well-written anyway.) Everyone feels so superior when they can read a book and judge others . . . . .

      • Mikumi

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  • Reiser

    God, that looks awesome

  • West Coast Laura

    Still skeptical. I just can’t shake the feeling that Rooney Mara is playing dress up whereas Noomi Rapace inhabited Lisbeth. The movie rests on that one performance above any other; the talented big-name cast is just window dressing next to that.

    • Kate

      Yeah. Not a fan of how Lisbeth doesn’t have any eyebrows… The look is too contrived.

      • MissP

        I agree…I mean, I read the books and I know she is supposed to be sort of offensive to the eye but the no eyebrows thing is overboard. Of course she will be prettied up in the later movies but there is no need to create such a dynamic. Also – I can’t see anyone but Noomi being Lisbeth…

    • AYC

      Watch the remake before you compare performances.

      • A-K87

        I don’t think they are comparing, mate.

      • Olive

        It’s not a remake. It’s an adaptation of the books. Fincher is not trying to remake the Swedish films, which were lacking.

      • Hannah

        Honestly. I thought the trilogy was lacking. I know that sounds sort of, well, against what everyone else felt. Yet, I’m still interested in the movie adaption. Maybe they will cut the fat . . .

    • KRM

      You know what West Coast Laura, I was disappointed as well when Mara was cast as Lisbeth. However, another Millennium Trilogy fan pointed out that Rapace turned down the role because she was spent playing Lisbeth. However,I know the Swedish director was mad over Mara’s casting, saying he doesn’t see anyone else as Lisbeth. The Swedish versions of all three movies are brilliant. Once you manage to get copies of each movie, you’ll be somewhat happy. However, I have no doubt Craig will do a good job, but I’ll wait to see the movie before I give an opinion.

      • West Coast Laura

        KRM, I have seen all three films a couple of times, as well as having read the novels and as far as that goes, the bar has been set very high. While I will see this film, my opinion is that it really did not need to be made, subtitles or not.

      • thin

        I’m sure “the Swedish director” was otherwise completely in favor of the remakes, right?

      • Leslie E

        Sure hope you watched all three and bought them in Scandinavia. I had seen the first bought in UK, then, went to Norway and bought all three and watched all three in SWEDISH! The UK version was very cut and missing some cool scenes. The Swedish version was BRILLIANT!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

      • Olive

        I don’t understand how anyone who read the books could think the Swedish films are brillant escpecially with the last film.

      • Leslie E

        Let me tell you why I think the Swedish films were brilliant. OK, they varied a bit from the book, but one gets sooooo flipping tired of Hollywood’s take on things. Glamor this, glamor that. I have never seen a film fro Hollywood that used REAL people. The Swedish did this and more. (And, by the way, the films were NOT made for TV, but for the movies.)

      • NYCMovieFan

        I am really tired of hearing how ‘great’ the Swedish movies were. They were not great at all – the actor playing the lead guy, Blomquist, was not attractive at all, so it was really funny when women including the bisexual Salander, kept throwing themselves at him. Yeah, in the books, Larson gave him that appeal, but sadly the casting was off, and yeah, Daniel Craig will fill that leadning man role very nicely. As for the Swedish director’s view that only one actress could be the Salander part, get over yourself! Noomi Rapace was NOT that great, she was ugly without being interesting, and was really disconnected from the role in the third movie, appeared to just be walking throught it rather than embodying the anger and revenge that the part needs so badly. Fincher is probably the best American director currently working, so the US movies will be carefully crafted and will match the author’s intentions better than the low quality, movie of the week Swedish ones. Yeah, I read the books, and watched the 3 available movies, and I was really disappointed with them, they are not that good regarding casting or production quality. Looks like Fincher will get it right, and the new series of films will be welcomed by the book fans who won’t settle for mediocre to poor movies!

      • C. Hill

        I couldn’t agree more about the “real people” comment. I was so happy to see that no one was glammed up like the unrealistic Hollywood characters we’re so used to seeing – that was one of the first things I noticed when I started watching the Swedish “Tattoo”. Also, it would be hard to find a more perfect Lisbeth, but we shall see. No film will ever be a match for these three amazing books. It’s fun to watch them anyway, though!

      • dave

        West Coast Laura – What movies can you think of that “need to be made”? To say this movie didn’t need to be made is just kind of a dumb, naive statement.

      • West Coast Laura

        Dave, thanks for the encouragement. What I am saying is that not all movies need a remake. I don’t think this is necessary in the case of this film and I am aware I am not alone in that opinion, as dumb and naive as that may appear. XOXO

      • dave

        Considering it’s not even a remake, pretty dumb and naive.

      • Leslie E

        To NYCMovieFan……you ought to get a life. One of the reasons movies made in Scandinavia, in this case, Sweden, are wonderful are because they use REAL PEOPLE, not necessarily considered for glamor first. The real people used for the ‘characters’ have ordinary family lives, where their kids get in trouble, just like in the states. Kids, drink too much, do drugs, etc. It’s all about reality, not glamor and puffed up to make us feel good. . . . Michael Nyquist was wonderful in the role and very sexy for some……………. As were some of the others. And, I’ll say it again, if you didn’t watch it in Swedish you missed out, because ‘english’ speaking audiences wouldn’t have wanted to see some of the scenes left in, I mean, c’mon, when can yankies handle sex ??? Never, just give them violence!!!

    • Liz Lemon

      Lisbeth is the character that the series is ultimately about, but I think Blomvist and all the Vangers play a major roll in this first film.

      • Micheal

        I liked the last film, which I saw before reading the books, but was a little disappointed after reading the books that the entire subplot with Erika’s new job and stalker…Hope there is more of that in this one

  • JKL

    Both trailers are my favorite ever. Honestly – it doesn’t make it sound like a romantic movie which they could have tried.

  • Dana

    Looks good, love Trent’s take on The Immigrant Song

    • SJ

      OMG the song is awesome. I have insane love for Karen O though, so I am biased. I hope Trent does more of the soundtrack, he practically made The Social Network with his score.

  • Jenn

    Still like it. And I love the International poster that was just released.

  • Janice

    “The Feel-Bad Movie of Christmas” ???? That’s really the tag line they went with?? That’s ridiculously awful.

    • Jenn

      More like ridiculously awesome.

      • Melissa


      • aleksa

        Considering the subject matter, I think it’s brilliant.

      • DTO

        Yeah, both the content of the clips and the rather terrifying-sounding Zep cover imply you will have PTSD when you leave the theatre, so the tagline is an epic win.

      • Amy


      • talkin’


  • Stella

    Have to agree love what Trent Reznor did with the Immigrant Song. I’ve been a little skeptical of this movie, especially after seeing the original Swedish version, but now I’m really looking forward to seeing this one too.

    • aleksa

      I love this version of the song. Hope it’s actually on the soundtrack.

  • Mae

    i didn’t love the swedish version as much as everyone else did. i felt like they moved the story line too fast and i didn’t like blomkovist (but i LOVED lisbeth!) so i’m very excited for this take and even more excited after watching the trailers.

    • mangotango

      Agreed. I really thought Blomkovist didn’t fit the image I had of him from the books.

      • Big Walt

        Me too and Craig, to me at least, seems perfect. The character almost seems like it was written for him.

    • talkin’

      same here

    • Jeannie

      I only watched the first Swedish film but was not very impressed with it. I loved the books but for some reason I found the story dull in the Swedish movie. I’m really looking forward to was Fincher does with the material, and so far, judging by the trailer, I’m looking forward to this movie!

      • Hannah

        I’m actually lookng forward to the movie. I rented the Swedish films (all of them) but never watched them. I, however, am in the minority in thinking this book was all that great. I thought the storylines were pretty good and I genuinely liked the main characters. But, the nonstop financial stuff (in the first book) and the nonstop description of sandwiches and how many cigarettes everyone smoked got really old by page 300.

  • Nikki

    I absolutely love the Swedish film version of the novel but this trailer looks just as good. I am willing to give this one a chance. And hopefully Rooney Mara will pull off the Lisbeth character just as well as Noomi Rapace.

    • abadstroller

      I watched all three of the Swedish film versions of Girl…. The story arc is complicated. I loved those movies, but I am seriously excited about this new series. Count me in! BTW the music in the trailer both rocks and creeps me out…AWESOME.

  • nunnya

    I cannot get Immigrant Song out of my head. Trent Reznor + Karen O = GENIUS!

    • Nikki


    • Amy

      I know! I’m excited for the movie, and the score should be freaking awesome!

  • rowan729

    Wow, that was pretty killer. That version of the Zep song also totally gave me 90s flashback…..

  • UGH

    I actually preferred the other one. I thought it was a viral vid that was purposely made to look like a bootleg!

    • Big Walt

      Weren’t they the exact same things?

    • Rusman

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  • JLC

    The first one was unauthorized? Is EW still falling for that? It was up on every media site on the internet for three days. Most unauthorized videos don’t last hours. Regardless, I liked the first one better, but this one gets the job done.

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