New 'Captain America' posters: We demand your thoughts on that costume


There appear to be two very distinct schools of thought in regards to contemporary movie-superhero costumes. On one end, you have the functional Matrix-y black leather school, perfected in the original X-Men trilogy and best exemplified by Christian Bale’s unshowy body-armor outfit in the last two Batman movies. But this summer, there has been an explosion of retro-fabulous colorful super-costumes: Thor’s shiny royal armor, the blue-and-yellow jumpsuits of X-Men: First Class, and the ridiculously form-fitting shiny-emerald outfit on Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern. In that sense, Chris Evans’ costume in Captain America could be seen as a bit of a hybrid: The character still looks like he’s wearing a flag, but it’s a very functional flag with kevlar and pouches. A new poster that popped up on a Brazilian site called CineMarcado features a serious-looking photo of Evans outfitted head-to-toe. Do you like what you see? Check out the full-sized poster below, and then take our costume poll! 


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  • Marc

    I think they did the best they could do with what they had. Look at Wonder Woman’s fate on NBC. I’m sure one of the major reasons NBC turned it down was because the costume just looked….ridiculous. You can’t just pull it straight from the comic book page, it doesn’t always work. That being said…this just doesn’t LOOK like Captain America to me. I can’t explain it. Am I the only one?

    • Oz

      you’re not the only one. I can’t say I’m very excited about this movie and that costume doesn’t help.

      • David

        I joined the club. The costume doesn’t look good enough. Regarding wonder woman, in the bootleg clips that surfaced online showing her running through the street as soon as she got off camera someone put a trench coat on her, led me to believe even the actress felt ridiculously uncomfortable walking around in that costume, and I don’t blame her.

      • Meh

        The Photoshopping is bad—he looks too flat for the items he’s supposedly “wearing.” And the drop shadows are unconvincing.

      • I think…

        …he would look MUCH better naked, with a star on his wee-wee.

      • McProphet

        I disagree about not being able to pull the costume directly from the comic and having it look decent. To me, if they can make Spider-Man’s costume look functional and realistic (arguably one of the hardest I would think to translate from page-to-screen) then there is no excuse why they couldn’t give a similar treatment to Cap. I’m not advocating the bright royal blue and red trunks-over-pants look, but I think they could have done better than a ridiculous helmet with eyeholes and covering him head-to-toe with leather straps and a utility belt.

      • gsfgs

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      • dave

        @ Meh – I think you need to go back to photoshopping school. You’re clearly not as smart as you think you are.

      • therealeverton

        You can’t compare Spider-Man’s costume to anyine else. Super hero costume are generally awful for live action filming. Spider-Man’s is an exception because his skin tight outfit is neccesary. His powers simply don’t work properlky through tons of body armour. I had his powers I’d need to wear something similar to function. If I had anyone else’s powers I wouldn’t be caught dead in such a ridiculous outfit.

        It just doesn’t work and the majority of people realise this and that you can’t take the films seriously enough, and films like x2 & X-Men: First Class where there’s messsages alongside the fun and action need people to take them more seriously than the imfamous “yellow spandex” allows. I mean I’ve seen a review of X-Men where the reviewer finds their uniforms ridiculous and they’re not even skin tight and it’s explained that they aare neccessary because they’re bullet proof, hard wearing and, in the case of Havok & Banshee are built to help control their powers.

        Sorry but most people don’t like the costumes and there are far more reasons to scrap the spandex than to keep it, Green Lantern’s negative press also confirms this. I still can’t believe they didn’t update those uniforms to something more…ordinary? And thee mask is even worse than Superman’s glasses!

      • @ Dave

        I’m a professional graphic designer a$$wipe, and yes—there are inconsistencies in the shadowing and the assemblage of the individual elements. He looks FLAT, especially on the curvature of the belts, and the waist buckle looks completely fake because of the improper lighting. Other than that—Chris Evans looks delicious and tasty.

    • Rachel

      No your not the only one. I miss the ear wings. I saw a trailer of it in 3D today and it just….. I just miss the wings.

      • Sam

        If you look close enough, he’s actually got wings painted on his helmet. They couldn’t do the actual wings because they kept snapping off the helmet.

      • Windy

        I think I prefer wonder woman’s costume to this.

    • nich

      I wish the star wasn’t so small and the colors weren’t so muted. He was a dude walking around in the American flag, he was supposed to be noticed, let it shine through.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        Nich, you’re one of those teagagging sheeple, aren’t you?

      • Leo

        Nich has an opinion that is different than the majority’s (and apparently, yours), and you accuse him/her of being a sheeple – ironic, no?
        How does wishing the costume had a bigger star on it make someone a teabagger? Your (mis)use of logic is fascinating.

      • Kat

        Well, unlike Amanda here, I respect and understand what you’re saying…but I’m one of those people that prefers my superheroes to be in something a bit more realistic than a full-body leotard featuring panties on the outside. I didn’t grow up with comics, I just married a comic book nerd, so I’m not attached to the costumes as they were drawn. Particularly Captain America’s. So this outfit suits my personal taste quite well – I like the muted colors (they seem to suit the mood of the film better than squeaky-clean bright red, white, and blue), and I think the star is just the right size. I’d actually prefer getting rid of the A on the helmet because it looks a step too cheesy for me. His shield is brightly colored and flag-like, and I think that’s enough for a superhero in a modern movie. Now (and this is sacrilege, I know) if only they could similarly tone down Superman’s outfit in future movies and give him something less ridiculous…

    • Bah

      Put Mark Valley in that same costume, and you’ve got Captain America.

      • dreamworks21

        Hell, put Nathan Fillion in that same costume and you’ve got Captain Hammer.

      • nich

        If only Mark Valley was younger.

      • greg

        Mark Valley would a great as an older, more seasoned Cap, but don’t forget: Steve Rogers was just a skinny young kid when he tried to join the army back in WWII. Valley is way too old to play a green young private.

    • The Other Guy

      I dunno, I’m not like a big Cap fan or anything. I’m also no fashion expert, but maybe it’s because it’s too baggy. Who knows, either way, I am going to see this, because I wanna see the Avengers next year.

    • Caleb

      This costume is actually based on a version in the comics. It was the Ultimate universe. There is the main line of Marvel comics that everyone knows, but in 2000 they debuted the Ulitmate line of all their titles in which they “re-imagined” the whole Marvel universe. What you knew in the regular Marvel universe wasn’t exactly going to be the same in the Ultimate universe.

      This costume they’re using in the movie is almost an exact re-creation of his costume in the Ultimate Avengers universe comics. They were trying to make the costume more realistic looking in the comics and that’s what they did. The costume in the movie looks great if you know anything at all about the comics and aren’t just basing it on general knowledge of the character.

    • stu

      me likes the tight forming of a spandex to show us the whole package!

  • Brian

    You have to remember the film is set in the 1940s. The uniform will probably be updated in the Avengers because that film will be set in present day.

    • Kyle

      This! This version of the costume needed to look like something a soldier could actually wear on the battlefield of WWII. I have a feeling we’ll see a modernized take (that still isn’t all spandex and metal) in Avengers.

      • Big Walt

        Exactly. I don’t understand what people who don’t like it want or expect.

      • Di

        I like this costume because I can imagine it worn on the battlefield

    • Quirky

      Brian’s right. This is just as much a WWII film as it is a superhero movie, so expect the film’s colors to be just as muted as Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers.

      • harry

        Thank you!

    • spud

      Yep – Can’t have bright RW&B on the battlefield, and they are going for a more realistic approach to the story (within the context of the superhero universe, natch). Expect something closer to the colorful spandex of the comics when he joins the Avengers.

  • NatTheBrat

    The costumes designers working on this film can literaly do no wrong. Anna Shephard designed Ingloriuous Basterds and Jeffery Kurland recently designed Inception. Both films were great examples of costume design defining characters and contributing to the mood and feel of their respected films in general. This Captain America fits to both designers aesthetics and surely it will fit the needs and mood of this film. I can’t wait until July!

    • Steve T

      Cool. Thanks for the knowledge drop.

  • Clint


    Does the sun shine? Do we need air to breathe? Do I absolutely look forward to this movie?


    The outfit looks great without being hokey and Chris Evans is hardly difficult to look at!

  • D

    who cares? the movie’s going to be a major bomb

    • gazmo

      D stands for DUHHHHH!!!

    • Windy

      Boom! Roasted.

    • therealeverton

      Love to know what you’re basing that on? It’s guarnteed to be a fair sized hit in America, it may not do so well everywhere else (depends how much of The Invaders etc the put in the next trailer perhaps?) but in America, this year, following the goodwill from Iron Man and Thor AND (even though it isn’t a Marvel Studios’ movie X-Men: First Class) it’ll do just fine. Thor has done well even though he’s very little know character outside of the comics book world and the lead actor is a virtual unknown, so I can’t see a well known hero, played by a well known actor in what many people know is the final “prequel” to The Avengers, doing anything but big business.

    • Di

      It’ll probably make 200M domestically and more internationally. I’m planning on seeing it because I assume it’ll help set up The Avengers-and I’ll see anything JW is involved in

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Works for me.

  • Mya

    Love the: leather mask with the “A”
    the big strapping sashbelt across that muscled-up chest and waist
    fantastic job on the shield!
    hottie brown leather gloves (looks like he’s going to beat a$$)
    fitted greyish blue suit with a star on that massive chest
    And even behind that mask I can tell he’s not only focused, intense, and heroic, he’s also a major hottie….Plus I saw the trailer where he’s goes into the chamber and transforms from a boy into a MAN . MERCY! HOT

    • Rebekah

      agreed. he is damnn fine

  • will g alvira

    The costume is awesome . He looks like a kick – ass warrior .

  • Mephysto

    Alec Baldwin?

    • gazmo

      Doofus Mcniflehauser?

      • Windy

        Josh Tinklebreath

      • Mephysto

        B!ggus D!ckuss

  • JPX

    All of the action figures for Captain America are now on the shelves. If you want to see his modern costume check them out.

    • therealeverton

      Are you sure? As far as I remember they just have various comic boo costumes and the 2 costumes from The First Avenger movie. The clown suit, like the comic book costume, and the real one (in the pics above) that he gets Howard Stark to design so he can actually fight.

  • Javadude54

    Are those dents in his shield? That doesn’t look right.

    • Cartersvillevol

      Costume looks great!

      That might be the early shield not made of vibranium. Hence, it gets dented.

      • Quirky

        Or maybe Hydra is using adamantium bullets now! Whoops, sorry I went full nerd there.

    • hannibal

      it’s not dents. it’s paint scraped off. the shield is made of vibranium. not the paint…

  • Brian K

    The helmet looks like a football player from 1920. If that’s what they were going for though, okay.

  • Jason Lawson

    I think this role was perfect for Chris Evans. I seriously can’t see anyone else being Captain America besides him! I love the suit because it’s a older version suit because of the time period!!! <3

    • Jamaaliver

      Jensen Ackles wouldv’e been perfect.

      Chris Evans was cast perfectly as the Human Torch.

      • ash

        Too short. Would’ve looked puny in the Avengers next to Downey Jr, Helmsworth, and CGI Hulk.

      • ash

        Ackles, I mean.

  • Jackie

    Love it! Well, I mean, it doesn’t look ridiculous.

  • BT

    Keep in mind that Cap is @ war. For that reason, I like the look. A dented shield (interesting), held by a super-soldier that will just not quit!

    • Big Walt

      The shield isn’t dented, the paint is scrapped off.

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