'Cougar Town' name change: Round 2!


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Last Friday, Cougar Town co-creator Bill Lawrence announced via Twitter that he was back at work plotting the show's third season and starting the year with the "traditional 'should we change the title?'" conversation. "How many of you (if you like show) have had trouble getting others to watch due to crappy/lame/cheesy title? Curious," he wrote. Apparently, enough of his followers piped up, because he later followed up with, "Screw it. I'm changing it.... Seriously, we just decided." Of course, ABC has yet to sign off on that. (The network had no comment when contacted by EW.) But Lawrence makes a solid case on Twitter: He says he wanted to change the title last year to Sunshine State or Grown Ups, but the network balked because it already had Mr. Sunshine (which has now been canceled) and there was that Adam Sandler movie Grown Ups (which we've now all forgotten). He also explains that there's more behind reigniting this debate than the widely acknowledged feeling that the title doesn't represent the show: "The ratings suck (2.0 in the [18-49]

demo for last two weeks) and show will go away if they don’t get better next year,” he tweeted. “Part 2: research shows a large number of people who won’t/haven’t tried show out because of… The title.” 

Okay, if cancellation is really on the table, I’ll give in to the name change. (I’d been resisting it because, frankly, I enjoy having stupid reasons to dislike people and “So you won’t watch Cougar Town because of the name even though I’m telling you it’s hilarious and they drink more often than we do?” qualifies.) If ABC goes along with this, what should the new title be? Lawrence has tweeted that he’d “prefer a nice boring title to a cheesy off-putting one. e.g. Modern Family, The Office, Parks and Rec, etc…” He’s already deemed C-Town and Family Jules too racy. And he now sees the show as being about “adult friendships and drinking” — which could be why he seems most responsive to the Twitter suggestion Friends with Beverages. Also, keep in mind that he promises to continue the mocking title cards even if the name changes. What’s your best suggestion? Last year, Annie Barrett suggested Wining and Whining. We both just thought of Pounding Grapes. If Lawrence wants nice and boring, I may have it: Drinking Buddies.

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  • tracy bluth

    I’m torn- I love watching out for the hilarious subtitles each week. But I agree that I’m tired of having to explain to people how hilarious it is despite the awful title.

    • Ken

      How about: Cougar Town comma Sunshine State. I kid, I prefer Friends with Beverages.

      • Monty

        I haven’t seen this one yet. But the show is about getting older, and getting drunk on wine, so why not call the show
        wait for it…

        “Better with Age”

      • the_girl

        I like Better With Age, its one of those generic titles that really don’t mean anything but it totally fits this group. However if this were a new show titled Better With Age I probably wouldn’t have watched it.
        Also, I am against using the word Friends anywhere in the new title.

      • wino

        im loving Friends with Beverages!

      • debi

        i agree with monty- ‘better with age’ makes the most sense. gotta say though i don’t think it’s the current title that stops people from watching. i’ve stuck with the show but there are others that are better written & funnier…’happy endings’ anyone?!

      • dave

        No, you’re wrong debi. Happy Endings isn’t better written or funnier. Just younger.

      • Eric P

        Better with age?? Wasn’t there a just canceled show called “better with you” why would you want to confuse people.

      • VaginaLately

        K U N T TOWN!!!

      • Josh

        Oh Better With Age is good! It fits the Group in pretty much everyone way.

      • Nancy

        I kind of like “Friends with Beverages” too – but some may think that harkens back to Courtney’s other “friends” days.

      • Sofia

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  • Christopher

    I really like both “Friends with Beverages” and “Pounding Grapes”. The former might be risky due to it’s neutral name (although the word beverage is pretty funny), but the latter suggests a ‘lemons-into-citrus vodka’ attitude that I think fits The Art Formerly Known as Cougar Town.

    • Dash

      I think “The Art Formerly Known as Cougar Town” is a perfect title.

    • Big Walt

      They should go a totally different direction and just have Jules adopt a baby cougar.

      • Jackson


  • TR

    Wine with Friends…

    Couldn’t be more simple.

    • Michelle

      Should be “Whine with Friends” with a wine glass silhouette as the backdrop.

      • JustMe

        That is PERFECT!

      • wino

        thats a good one too

      • Lacey

        OMG, I was thinking for about a minute and I also thought of Whine with Friends!
        My case for this title:
        a. It sums up what the show is about
        b. “Friends” shout out
        c. I really liked the movie “Dinner with Friends”-which has absolutely nothing to do with Cougar Town but I’m just saying
        d. It’s kind of like a Cougar Town & Community cross over with “Dinner with Andre”

        really though, how would a name change work with the dvd sales and everything? It seems complicated. Also, a 2.0 rating isn’t great, but for ABC it’s not cancel type ratings. But more people need to watch this amazingly funny show. The 2 part finale was one of my favorite finales of all the shows that I watch.

      • Nancy

        Michelle, very clever!

    • two cents

      I like Wine n’ Neurosis

    • Garry

      I’m just getting tired of seeing the characters spend half of each episode sitting around Jules’ house drinking wine and babble about absolutely nothing. Is that what makes a “cool” sitcom today? I don’t get it. Don’t these characters ever need to be anywhere else, say, AT WORK? And the dialogue is little more than a mess of abbreviated cypto-slang expressions that are also supposed to be “cool” but are just getting annoying. I still watch an occasional episode, but I can only take it once every few weeks.

      Well, I guess I’m about to get dumped on by the fanatics. I don’t care.

      • jessica

        I’m honestly glad they gave up the charade in the first season of having jobs. The show is about what they do together as a group. Leaving for work would just be unnecessary.

      • debi

        totally agree with you both- it’s not the title it’s the show. the characters are getting more & more annoying each episode and there are far funnier shows out there already- ‘happy endings’ rocks!

      • Big Walt

        Gary have you seen any sitcom ever?

      • Eric P

        There was an episode this season that they went to work and they all hated it.

      • stickittotheman

        Yeah, and according to that logic, the next Batman movie should focus on Bruce Wayne buying groceries or sitting on the toilet.

      • Aidan

        I agrre with Gary… I watched a couple episodes this season to try and get into it but I just didn’t find it funny…

      • Beth in MI

        My husband and I look forward to Cougar Town every week. When it first came on, we watched it once and didn’t think it was all that great. Came back later and gave it another shot and now it is our can’t miss tv. Don’t really even watch Modern Family as much. Happy Endings is ok but tries way too hard.

    • Delon

      “Better with Age” and “Whine with Friends” are good titles, but how can a show survive a title change? Especially, if it’s already low-rated. What if the name change further erodes the audience? Besides, i don’t think the problem with the show is its title.

  • The Real Truth

    Family and Friends!

  • Captain

    I’m still partial to Family Jules but that’s pretty much as bad as Cougar Town so I doubt it will swing new viewers.

    • Nancy

      Family Jules might confuse the few people who watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

  • Wake

    Wine Town!

    • Ally

      or maybe Wine Time?

  • jules

    people who won’t watch a show based on the title are lame.

    • Sleeeeve

      I won’t watch “How I Met Your Mother” because of its name.

      • Buffy Freak

        I won’t watch it because it’s not funny…

    • Audrey

      I agree. I’m not lame… I just don’t watch the show because it sucks. The stories are way cheesier than the title.

  • Nancy

    I so totally love “Pounding Grapes”!!!

  • Michelle

    How about “Penny Can”

    • azjeff

      that’s the ticket!

  • garen

    Cougarville? Cougarberg?
    What?? I’m missing the point? Okay.

    • lefty

      joke’s already been made.

  • Mindy

    I love this show and am more than willing for them to do whatever it takes to get a worthy audience. I already refer to them as “The Cul-de-sac Crew,” so why not go ahead and make that name official?

    • tracy bluth

      That’s my pick for the new title

    • Liv

      Because “The Cul-de-sac Crew” would probably not entice more fans than Cougar Town does. I don’t know what a good title would be but it’ll always be Cougar Town to me! I love this show and don’t care if they change the name as long as more people start watching and save the show!

    • AmyO

      Would that really be “Cul-de-Sac Cru?” hee hee

  • JLC

    I don’t care what they change it to as long as it helps to save the show. Heck, go with the ultra-generic Courtney Cox Show if it helps. (I also think they should do a big promotion about how much the show is “changed,” while giving a wink to the long-term fans that it’s actually exactly the same.)

  • jayemeff

    If people are so narrow minded to not watch a show because of its name then they aren’t going to like the show regardless. That being said, if the name is going to change it should be to something reflective of what loyal viewers know about the show. So why not call the show what these awesome characters call themselves – “The Cul-de_Sac Crew”.

    • Ana170

      I initially wouldn’t try the show because I find the name “cougar” to be extremely off-putting and a bit offensive to women. I have since watched it and, while it has its moments, I can’t get into it. The snappy fake-sounding dialogue annoys me. I could never stand MASH for the same reason.

      • Hussain

        Thank you for bringing this to our aitentton and making this very valid point! As a woman dating at the end of her 30 s I’m finding myself more interested in men in their early 30 s simply because I’m becoming more active outdoors as I get older and it’s harder to find men my age or older who are. I’m already concerned about what dating will be like if I’m still doing it when I hit the big ’40 . I find myself wishing we didn’t have this stigma hanging over our heads.

  • Buffy Freak

    Yeah the title doesn’t fit the show and the show is so much funnier since they moved away from the cougar theme. But I don’t let a title determine if I’m going to watch a show. I watch because of the premise and I stick with it if I like it…simple as that. But as others have said, if it helps save the show then by all means change it. But honestly i think the new time slot will do more harm to the show than the title.

  • cal

    Drinking Buddies, Friends with Beverages, and Drinks with Friends all work for me. I would like to seem them keep the title because I love how they mock it (and I would miss the lone cougar, Barb). BUT I would want them to do anything to save the show from cancelation, makes me laugh so hard every week.

    • JLC

      I think Barb’s cameo in the season finale might indicate a change in direction for her character. I hope so. The actress is hilarious.

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