'The Hangover Part III': What should be in the three-quel?


The Hangover Part II just hit theaters this weekend, but in Hollywood, it’s never to early to talk sequels. Director Todd Phillips already floated the idea at a press conference last week, telling reporters that the three-quel would be “very much a new idea,” and joking that he’s open to accepting bribes from cities who would like to be the next Vegas or Bangkok. But if a third Hangover does happen, what should be in it? Here are a few of our suggestions:

1. Ditch the “hangover” premise
The franchise’s main conceit — dudes looking for a missing buddy after a night of black-out debauchery — was brilliant in the first movie and works fine in the second, but watching it a third time might actually leave us with a real hangover. A threequel should definitely explore a new plot structure to keep this series from becoming the Final Destination of comedies. Maybe next time it’s Alan’s wedding, and he desperately tries to cook up some nasty hijinks to relive the wolfpack’s glory days, but nobody’s game — until one of his plans goes terrifically wrong and lands them in a new disaster. Just spitballing here. Leave your own ideas in the comments!

2. Pick an unexpected location
Let’s face it: No city in the world can compete with the magnificent sleaze of Vegas and Bangkok. So don’t even try. Why not put the guys in a spot that sounds as boring as possible — Omaha! Sacramento! Peoria! — and then let it surprise us. And, for God’s sake, please don’t go to Abu Dhabi.

3. Keep the wolfpack bond strong
The weirdly perfect friendship between Stu, Alan, and Phil is the backbone of the franchise — something Part II was smart to remember. Nobody’s saying we need to go into Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants, here. But the filmmakers shouldn’t let expectations for insane adventures and gross-out gags overshadow the emotional core of the movies.

Okay, Popwatchers: What are your suggestions for The Hangover Part III? Should the filmmakers just re-do the same basic movie in a new location? Change up the formula entirely? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

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  • Daniel

    One word. Tijuana. Can’t get any raunchier than that. Though the unexpectrd boring city idea sounds pretty funny. As long as they focus on the characters, the city is irrelevant. These guys culd make any city seem exciting!

    • Amanda Kiwinerd

      Mike Tyson singing and dancing at the end was one of the worst things I have ever seen.

      • MCS

        The movie was half decent until Mike Tyson came on. I cringed so much

    • James Freud

      Sydney Australia. They could steal another baby like that dingo did.

    • kristi

      ok…didnt read all posts so sorry if this is old idea…i say go small town country…alan’s fiance could be back woods…and the hangover could be from accidentally getting mushrooms

  • 4k4k

    If there is no hangover in the third, then they would have to change the title.

    • james

      they should all OD and die

      • Ian

        This franchise already has one too many sequels.

      • Ed

        hahahaha, that seems like a strangely appropriate ending…those promos are already tiresome.

      • merle Balke

        III won’t be quite as funny as Stu will learn that he is HIV positive after his having unprotected sex in Bangkok. So is his new bride.

  • Stu

    Do it 21 grams style and present the mystery non-chronologically. Or do it backwards, a la Memento and that Seinfeld episode. Just spitballing here!

    Or, do some sort of Wedding Crashers/Hangover crossover. The uber-meta moment when Bradley Cooper meets Bradley Cooper would shake the very foundation of the Hollywood Frat Pack to its knees.

  • cougaratc03

    More laughs needed if there is a Hangover III!!

  • Glenn

    Who’s the guy in these movies who never goes along on the trips, you know, the guy from the National Treasure movies. Whatever, for III he should get the hangover and the Wolfpack has to come to his rescue. That way, its still a Hangover franchise without getting stale.

    • Summer

      Justin Bartha. Aka, my future husband.

    • Lunna

      Yes, I think it’s about time Doug (Justin Bartha) gets in on all the fun.

      • Rachael

        They could go to Singapore or something of that nature and have to deal with so much more than just a hangover. I laughed harder at the second movie only because i felt i knew the characters from the first one, so that everytime they did something obsene, it was that much more hilarious. But i agree with the idea that Doug should be in on the hangover if there is a next movie.

  • GD

    New Orleans, Mardi Gras style.

    • Gusteaux

      I second that suggestion. New Orleans during Mardi Gras!!!

    • Janine

      Great idea, New Orleans. OR… “Amsterdam” where drugs run wild and legal. Perfect set up for an unexpected journey. They need to make this one similar but different. Hangover 2 i liked but it had the same things happen to them but just in another place. the baby was the monkey, the tattoo was the tooth, the marshmallows were the ruffi’s, etc.
      But I love the whole idea behind the movies. Saw it opening weekend and LMFAO!!!

  • Tommy

    Well, clearly pt 3 would have to be Alan’s bachelor party. That could open the door to all kinds of new adventures.

  • just saying

    Just say no to Hangover 3

    • sly


    • Liz Lemon

      There’s no way they’re saying no. Look at all the money it’s making. Warner Bros loves their sequels.

      • Paul

        Maybe they’ll hire Chris Nolan to make an ultra-serious version of it, with everyone talking in a deep low voice.

  • stephen

    since Phil has a baby in part 2 and idea could be the baby is getting baptised and the wine they drink gets them plastered. They end up losing the baby. It will provide a change of direction, keeping it local.

  • bvfg

    The privileged white guys cross some gangster and get their heads cut off.

  • fred.reade

    Here’s what matters: the writers. Get new ones and make this thing funny at its core. Agree on a twisted new premise, but the writers have to change. The guys who wrote this one are Phillips’ buddies, but it’s time to upgrade.

  • John

    They go to the boundary waters and get lost

  • dawne

    I think the wives of the group go on a “ladies weekend away”, leaving the men with the children and they lose the kids. I think it would be hilarious watching the men scouer the city looking for their kids

  • Johnification


    • Jamaaliver

      Now THAT’s thinking outside the box.

  • dirk

    Part 3 should be the boys going through the pictures they took in part 1 & miraculously are finally able to remember what happened. The movie should be a compilation of the scenes where they stole the tiger, were at the strip club, when they took Doug to the roof, etc.

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