Is there another supervillain in 'The Avengers'? And did we already get a hint about their identity in 'Thor'?

The Avengers (or, as it’s known in the halls of Marvel Studios, Super Spin-Off Battalion, Phase One) started filming almost exactly one month ago. The plot of the movie is still under wraps. We know that Thor’s villainous brother Loki will play the film’s Big Bad. We know that the Cosmic Cube will also factor prominently in the film. We can guess that Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man just won’t get along until they suddenly do right before the final battle. But Avengers rumors keep churning, and the latest is a doozy. According to the Latino Review, there is another vintage Avengers villain in the film… and his appearance was already teased in Thor. (Possible spoilers to follow)

Remember our quick peek into Odin’s vault of treasures in Thor? One item in particular grabbed comics fans’ attention: A golden glove emblazoned with six candy-colored gems. That’s the Infinity Gauntlet, which grants the wearer godlike power (check out a full-sized image at Marvel’s website). The Gauntlet was most famously wielded by Thanos, a ridiculously powerful alien superbeing. And, according to the Latino Review, Thanos (and the Gauntlet) will be appearing in The Avengers.

It’s difficult to know how seriously to take this rumor. (Marvel did not immediately respond to EW’s calls for comment.) It’s hard to imagine that the movie will somehow fit in two ridiculously powerful items capable of granting ultimate power, unless the film is building to some sort of insane reality-warping Inception-esque face-off where Thanos and Loki try to out-God each other with the Cube and the Gauntlet.

A bigger problem, I think, is that Thanos is an incredibly rich character with a massive backstory that criss-crosses every weird genre you can imagine. Born to a race of demi-god immortals who live on one of Saturn’s moons, Thanos started out as a mere genocidal madman seeking to conquer the known galaxy. But then he died and got resurrected, and things got really weird. He became obsessed with Death — literally, he fell in love with the (apparently female) omniscient being who serves as Marvel’s Grim Reaper. At one point, he used the Gauntlet to kill half of every sentient being in the universe. Somehow, even after all this, Thanos occasionally wound up doing vaguely heroic actions. He’s like a character who walked out of Greek mythology, fell into Kafka’s brain, and then got pummeled with cosmic rays. In short, he screams “Save It For The Sequel!”

Avengers fans, would you want to see Thanos onscreen? And if he is in the movies, would you rather he be played by a real human being, or should he get the mo-capped digital effects treatment? And either way, who would you like to hear as the voice of Thanos? My pick: Werner Herzog. Just think about it for a second.

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  • therealeverton

    Thanos kinda screams Ron Perlman in Hwllboyesque make up, but given his size I think Mo-cap like The Hulk will be is the way to go.

    I can see him being there in some kind of extended pre-credits sequence (something like the all to brief history of the universe sequence at the beginning of Thor) but there’s no way Loki is the only villain in The Avengers, it’s a blufff, He’s going to have help, lots of very bad, very powerfull help.

    Thanos = Awesome btw

  • pie thrower

    I would want to see the cyborg “Ultron.” That would be Mega Bad A$$

    • therealeverton

      Ultron isn’t a cyborg, he’s a robot. He’s a bit like Harry Osborn / Goblin 2 in the Spider-Man films. He needs to be developed over a period, from his origins to his decision that the only way to have the order he was designed to preserve is to wipe all the people out. I think trying to do him all iin one movie would just make him a bog standard “technology ru amok” cypher.

      Plus you need to establish Hank pym, who was almost mentioned in Thor, but just missed out.

      • revealer

        As therealeverton said, they need to have Giant Man/Hank Pym introduced into the Avengers since Hank creates Ultron to defeat another foe. Ultron would have to be the baddie in the final Avengers movie since he is the doom of them all.

  • Jerry

    I feel dumber for having read this article.

    • Brett

      You’re only as dumb as you feel.

  • Dina


  • MWeyer

    One of the biggest mistakes a Marvel movie made was cramming Venom into the last third of “Spider-Man 3″ as that character deserved an entire movie. I hope they avoid that mistake as Thanos would be the perfect follow-up bad guy with a cosmic battle on hand.

    • therealeverton

      That was a stupid, stupid “We’ll sell more toys” decision, but it wasn’t a Marvel movie, it was a Sony movie. Plus if they’d taken the time to fit it in properly it could have worked. they needed to trust Rami and look at how well he did building up the Lizard and Harry Osborn over 3 movies. The last scene of that film should have been Brock under the bell tower getting covered by the suit and becoming venom.

      Or they could have just left the story as it was sans brock / venom.

      • Jeff

        I completely agree with you about what the last shot in “Spider-Man 3″ should have been, I’ve been saying the same thing for years.

  • Robert

    Thanos would be an excellent villain for Avengers 2. Then again, so would Kang. But, here’s hoping that Avengers 3 is the Kree-Skull War.

  • DC

    Thanos is my favorite comic book villain, so yes i would like to see him portrayed on the big screen…HOWEVER, because he is such a complex and amazing character I would not want to see him squeezed into this movie. We already have Loki (and what I will assume to be a Loki influenced rampaging Hulk) and wouldnt be suprised if the Skrulls didn’t show up. Save Thanos for a the next movie and give him a full build. I would be more than happy to see him in one of those typical Marvel after the credits scenes as a tease. Nothing wrong with having more than one villain when dealing with a team but they would have to be a mix lesser villains to quickly dispose of as the team learns to come together AND one “Big Bad” at the end. To have the likes of Loki and Thanos in the same movie is overkill when they can each carry a movie on thier own. And like I said, I fully expect the Hulk to be under Loki’s influence as a defacto villain for most of the movie. So there will be plenty for The Avengers to deal with without having to use Thanos just for his namesake. Look at how Spiderman 3 dropped the ball on Venom. I am 100% for bringing in Thanos…just not with so many other things going on.

    • Tygor1

      You are SO right DC. Thanos should not be introduced, and then ruined with a lackluster story that wouldn’t do him justice.

  • David

    Maybe he appears in the Avengers in the after the credits scene, setting up the sequel…

    • myr

      Are you psychic?

    • Kevin

      wow. You were right! hahaha

  • Brett

    I’d much rather see Thanos as a villain by himself than having to share screen time with Loki.

  • marilinda

    I love the Powerglove. It’s is so bad.

  • Anthony

    I have faith that Joss Whedon knows that Thanos is #2 to no one.

  • greg

    “be still my beating heart”

  • judy sung

    marvel has not even come close to having a villian as bad as the joker dc already did it twice!!!!!

    • darklighter1

      I disagree. I think DC has the dominant super heroes but Marvel by far has the better super villains. And although the Joker is awesome I think Marvel has better big bads with Doom, Red Skull, Magneto, Green Goblin etc..

      • JBD

        Marvel is all around better than DC… except for their iPhone/iPad app which is horrible for digital subscribers.

      • vision91

        not to disagree with darklighter1 but I think Marvel’s heroes far outway DC’s. Marvel is good because of the sinister, unyielding power of it’s villains but it is heroes like Spider-Man and Captain America that have a relatibilty factor DC’s heroes seem to lack. Yes Batman does not have powers but he has an infinite arsenal of gadgets and a nearly endless amount of money to back it up. And yes characters like Superman may seem cool to the comic-goer looking only for raging action but he has hardly any factor of ralatability and that is why I’d rather pick up an edition of Spider-Man than Superman any day


    there is no better on-screen, comic book villain than ledgers’ joker. never will be.

    • vision91

      You never know but I did love Ledger’s interpretation of the character and that sort of dark, remorsless nature in a villain is exactly what avid comic book lovers want to see in a Batman movie, especially when the matierial is mainly based on the epic series created by Frank Miller; a comicbook writer up there with greats like: Bob Kane, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Romita and of course the one and only…Mr. Stan Lee

  • deadboy

    oh please DC villains have it all on marvels. not saying i dont love marvel (cuz i do) just think DCs got the villains and marvels got the heroes. C’mon look at Darkseid, Doomsday, Parallax, Senestro, Skarro, Mongul, or the Anti-Monitor. and Lex could outsmart richards AND von-doom on their best days. sry, but the facts. bring it.

    • vision91

      If you are accounting for who would win in a fight then yes DC wins, but even villains like the Joker who would obviously lose in a fight with Doomsday is a much better villain. It just may be the ability to strike fear, which some of the more powerful DC villains lack or it may be the relatibility factor which I find with villains like Magneto. Although you still want to see him get his ass kicked by the X-men it doesn’t stop you from liking the character in a way you don’t fully understand. And while I am dissapointed with some Marvel villains like Blackheart and Diablo, overall Marvel seems like a much more appealing choice in the accounts of both heroes and villains.

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