Fox Business host accuses Obama of 'chugging a few 40s' during Joplin tornado

Because no terrible national tragedy is complete without an utterly off-topic controversy — sort of like how no poisoned ice cream sundae is complete without an exploding cherry on top — Fox Business’ Eric Bolling decided to take President Obama to task for not responding decisively to the Joplin Tornado tragedy. Bolling was soliloquizing about how unemployment is off the charts and gasoline is stuck near an all-time high, while meanwhile Obama is “on the golf course, or entertaining rappers in the East Room of our White House.” (Which, in fairness, were actually two of Teddy Roosevelt’s favorite hobbies.) But then Bolling dropped the nuke, asking how President Obama could possibly think that “chugging a few forties…is more important than a Presidential visit to [Joplin],” a reference to Obama’s visit to an Irish pub. Any good point Bolling might have had was instantly lost in the fact that “chugging a few forties” is almost nonsensically offensive — let’s see him accuse a white dude of “chugging a few 40s.”

However, in the spirit of moving on to worry about more important things, let’s just assume that Bolling made a simple rookie mistake. Perhaps the Fox host has the drinking acumen of your average college freshman, and thus doesn’t realize that a “40” contains 40 fluid ounces, while a pint of Guinness is a mere 16 fluid ounces. Always drink responsibly, kids! Check out video of Bolling’s adorable rant below…

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  • ??????????

    It’s from Fox. Big surprise.

    • wino

      im embarassed for Fox and their anchors if this type of talk is acceptable. it goes beyond the typical political slander….its borderline racist. seriously, what is wrong with some folks?

      • swampthing

        Just how far does it have to go before we abandon the ‘borderline’ designation and admit our racists are camping in Tierra del Fuego?

      • langiappelady

        Why is it racist? Because he said it was 40’s and not Heineken or whatever you percieve “whites” to drink? I grew up in a white neighborhood and a lot of 40’s were ingested. It was an inappropriate comment but you are the one making it about race.

      • Ankhorite

        @langiappelady, no.

        40’s are a well-known stereotype of depictions of black life. If you are over twelve, you know that.

        It was about race from the beginning, and you pretending it isn’t doesn’t work. It makes it worse.

    • LOL

      Fox: Where the Truth Goes to Die ®

      • lame

        You type that on every political article at EW. Seriously, you are not clever.

      • Loch Ness

        Fox is a cesspool.

      • Sam J

        How do put the registered trademark symbol on the text?
        P.S. I copy and paste stuff on different posts also, I’m a dork too.


      And the sky is blue.

    • Elizabeth

      I think watching FOX News (or Business??) is as valuable as watching the Jersey Shore.

      Except the kids on the Shore are human.

    • Bill

      wow, does anyone for a second think the media would not crucify Bush if he ignored Joplin and the other areas affected by the tornados like BO is doing??

      • swampthing

        The difference being, Obama is at work, and Bush was on vacation, hiding from his responsibilities.

      • Mike

        Are you kidding? The difference is that Bush was a legitimately horrible president who only thanks to term limits didn’t end up destroying the entire world.

  • Howard

    Another article about political figures. We get it – you guys like Obama, Fox is awful and Beck is crazy. Now how about something on that zany Lady Gaga.

    • ron swanson

      Amen. EW is getting out of control with the political articles.

      • Leslie Knope

        You are an idiot.

      • ron swanson

        Shut up. I’m your boss.

    • Sara

      Seriously. I come here for entertainment news – i.e., news related to Hollywood – not for political commentary that inevitably incites a hate-storm in the comments. ENOUGH, EW.

      • CC

        I’m really glad that EW continues to ignore comments like these.

      • Peg

        Fox has said time and time again that they are not hard news, that their talking heads are, in fact, just entertainers. (Thus, they do not have to be fair and balanced)
        So, it makes sense that if they want to be considered entertainers that they are covered by an entertainment magazine.

      • @ Peg

        It’s the same at MSNBC – there’s opinion hosts (not entertainers) and news people. You implied that all Fox people are “not hard news” but that is not the case – just Beck (good riddance), O’Reilly, Hannity, Greta.

      • Sam J

        If FOX news aint entertainment, then the country is worse shape than I thought.

    • cndn610

      fox isn’t news, it’s entertainment. Bad entertainment at that, so I see no reason why ET wouldn’t comment on it.

      • andy

        yep…pretty much says it all

    • Melanie

      Pop culture involves TV news as well so that’s why EW covered it. Sorry your beloved Fox News was called out on their nonsense yet again.


    Seriously why does Fox News continue with this BullS*** who are they kidding and how long did it take Bush to get to New Orleans?? This is just insane and getting so childish its no wonder that nothing can get done in this country all this bickering is getting ALL OF US NO WHERE FOX NEWS! it just makes matter worse let it go and try to do something to HELP fix this country instead!

    • bah

      um, you do see the hypocrisy of your statement, right? you are still having a hissy fit over new orleans when YOUR president is not even in the COUNTRY dealing with the 15 natural disasters that have occured in the past 2 weeks. it’s time to stop whining and accept the facts. obama is not concerned about the folks who have been flooded OR blown out of their homes by tornadoes. he is only concerned about himself.

      • Really?

        For every one of those recent disasters, FEMA was there the day it happened. That is what is most important, not which president took less days to get their picture taken in a city hit with a disaster. This is why Obama is handling disasters better than they were handled before, not because of his physical location when they happen.

      • tvlover

        actually, obama did visit flood victims in my hometown, memphis. and the fallout from katrina is still being felt, to this day…

      • B

        Bah – Obama went to Alabama despite the fact that the whole bin Laden thing was about to happen. He can’t anticipate additional natural disasters.

      • Ankhorite

        Obama staffed FEMA with *competent* people.

        That makes all the difference. Also, you’re just plain wrong. He’s been to the floods in Memphis and in Alabama, and is headed to the tornado site in Joplin, MO.

        He’s where we need him to be, and I’m grateful for his common-sense leadership.

      • dee

        AMEN TO THAT

      • Vicki

        You are an idiot. President Obama was out of the country when all these storms came through. He doesn’t need to be there since he has Fema to do their job. Although republicans are busy cutting funding for the EPA and FEMA. You Fox stooges are sorry right wing racists.

      • Kat

        Be it Bush, Obama, or any other president, I really don’t care if they immediately fly to a disaster area, particularly when they’re already out of the country and building or cementing diplomatic relationships. It’s not like the president can actually do any good by visiting places struck by disaster. He just puts in an appearance as a show of sympathy, which is nice, but really doesn’t do much to help. And his presence probably slows down the recovery work while he’s there. So I don’t care how long it took Bush to get to New Orleans or Obama to get to places hit by tornadoes. The important thing is that the people who ARE in a position to help (disaster relief services, federal aid) are there and helping. I’m sort of neutral about Obama – some things I like, some things I don’t – but I think he’s doing the right thing by continuing with his original plans. If the president just dropped whatever he was working on every time a disaster struck somewhere, he’d never get anything done.

      • yvonne

        oh BS, dude. this isn’t about the natural disasters at all. it’s a cheap shot to race bait and people are excusing it.

  • FromChicago

    For god’s sake, the guy needs to say something controversial….he wants to make points….and he’s wrong.

  • DavidJ

    Jeez, the lengths they go to to make Obama look bad are truly laughable sometimes. He could be caught on camera laughing at something his daughter said and they’d probably accuse him of being “insensitive” somehow. lol

    • bah

      um…obama doesn’t need any help making himself look bad. all he has to do is open his mouth. in fact, he has done PLENTY in the past 3 days to make himself look even worse than i thought he could be.

      • lame

        Like what? Just curious.

        Flubbing the toast to the Queen was pretty hilarious. And signing the date at Westminster Abbey as May 24, 2008. Um, wha??

      • I doubt it

        “done PLENTY in the past 3 days to make himself look even worse than i thought he could be.”

        Oh, I’m pretty sure your imagination has no boundaries to how awful you think the President is…

      • LoveBug68

        Or how awful your grammar are!

      • Vicki

        President Obama is an excellent speaker and republicans know it. They hate that he is so smart and so charming. Lie, lie, lie but we know who tells the truth and it is not Fox the republican channel for all the republican liars.

      • bah

        ok…try these on for size: gas is up, unemployment is up, our national debt is up. the man takes 15 minutes to complete a full sentence when he isn’t using his teleprompter and EVERY OTHER WORD is ‘um’ or ‘uh’. he has no idea what he is doing and he is CLEARLY in over his head. he speaks on issues before he is briefed and then continues to dig himself deeper into his own hole of ignorance. he runs all over the world appeasing our enemies while doing all he can to offend our actual allies. he continues to whine that he ‘inherited’ the problems without acknowledging his epic failure by increasing the problems. but, ya know, you just keep on drinking the kool aid. i’m sure if (god forbid) he stays on for another 4 years you will be seeing reality.

      • Ankhorite

        @bah — you’re a true believer, working off of faith and not facts, but let me give it a go anyhow…

        Gas is up because Bush the Oil Baron and Cheney the Oil Baron chose to declare an illegal war on, guess what! an oil-producing country, KNOWING the price of oil would go up.

        His economic policies are WORKING — did you notice the early repayment we just got on a multi-billion dollar auto loan?

        Our allies and our enemies respect him. Of course, they’re not subjected to a 24-hour torrent of sewage from Faux News.

  • Natalie

    Ugh so tired of ALL of the “opinion news” shows and anchors. All I want are the facts…not some bigoted rookie reporter trying to make a name for himself bashing our president. The only right thing would be for Fox News to issue a “sincere” apology and at least demote this guy…but I’m not holding my breath!

    • kate middleton

      Well, first off, he’s on Fox Business Network, not Fox News. They’re different channels, although obviously closely related.

      The reality is that there is no such thing as an unbiased news. Opinion shows are of course opinion. But even “straight news” reporters, producers, anchors can’t help but bring their own personal feelings into a story subconsciously. It happens all the time at every network and every newspaper in the country.

      The best thing that can be asked for is a clear separation between news and opinion. But there will never be a truly unbiased news station or newspaper.

      • swampthing

        Well, then, I think that Fox should go right on deceiving the US public, because it just can’t be helped. Oh, shucks.

  • John H.

    I just don’t understand how anyone who watches Fox news network has such a high stupidity tolerance level. Their followers are completely brainwashed. Keep it up folks.. because I’m sure any President endorsed by this guy and the rest of the people at Fox News would be out there supporting victims of the Joplin Tornado right? Just like how Bush helped out during Katrina?

    • lame

      There’s stupidity on every channel.

      • Really?

        Yes, but other channels don’t launch political campaigns off of their network. When running for office means you have to end your contract with a news organization, something is wrong.

    • My son is also named Bort

      The same people who vote for Scotty.

  • Buffy Freak

    I wonder if this dope bashed Eric Cantor for saying we shouldn’t add to the deficit by giving federal aid to Joplin? Since cantor is a Republican, I’m guessing not…

    • Buffy Freak

      Standing ovation to that guy at the end of the clip (Bob Beckel??) for challenging the asshat host…

  • kate middleton

    While I think he has a point about Obama playing too much golf (8 weekends in a row people!), this was a dumb thing to say. I’ve seen Eric Bolling a few times on regular Fox News, and he seems like the type to say things to try to make news. Still, dumb of him. I am sure Roger Ailes is not pleased, as it’s been all over the blogosphere today.

    Time for EW to chill on the political or Fox-bashing stories though. Not saying they sometimes don’t deserve it, but EW isn’t the place for it.

    • Peg

      Yes, 8 weekends in a row in the spring, and one of those weekends he was leading the raid on Bin Laden. EW is an entertainment site, Fox anchors are considered entertainers, that is how they get away with lying.

      • @ Peg

        Peg – I didn’t realize Obama was in Pakistan personally storming Bin Laden’s compound. Give me a break! I give him credit for authorizing the kill mission, but he did not “lead the raid.”

      • to @Peg

        If the mission had gone wrong, would you blame him for it? Of course you would. No one would be saying, “It’s not Obama’s fault they failed, he wasn’t there.” So why shouldn’t he get credit for it succeeding?

      • @ Peg

        I do give him credit for succeeding. But it is overstating it to say that he LED THE RAID. He did not. He authorized the raid and watched the raid. He did not lead it.

      • randy

        put the crack pipe down peg if bho dont deserve the credit then bin ladin dont deserve the blame he flew no planes that day he authorized the attack and watch your hate make u say dumb stuff

    • Lauren

      I don’t know why people are so concerned with a president who takes a break every now and then. With the amount of pressure he’s under- do you really need to add the “you’re supposed to be working 24-7″ to that? When he’s on the golf course, he is still connected. Still receiving information when needed. And it’s like, 3 hours people. 3 hours a week.

      • Vicki

        President Obama did a lot more than just authorize the mission. He was in all the planning and back-up planning and made the final decision to send in the Seals. Well done by them all.

    • Vicki

      Peg you are quibbling. I am just proud of you for knowing that President Obama ordered the raid. That is better than most right wing Faux watchers.

    • Ankhorite

      Fine with me if he plays golf. I want a President to get some exercise, and I’d rather he did so where he’s handy, instead of mucking around in the barrens of Texas for weeks at a stretch.

  • Rob

    Doesn’t surprise me in the least…it’s Fox! The repubs and tea baggers are in trouble! Obama got the Osama kill, shown he is massively popular in Ireland, Queen Elizabeth likes the first couple a lot, Repubs are already losing elections due to their plan to decimate Medicare & Social Security while NOT wanting to tax the HUGE profits at big oil, and the repubs are the ones that threatened to HOLD UP disaster funding if they didn’t get their way. Oh, and the whole rapper Common controversy proved to be more embarrassing to those who criticized it in the first place!

    Besides, he is going on Sunday. I would think him going too soon especially when rescue operations are underway would prove to be in the way….actually than Fox would accuse Obama of just getting a photo op. Brainless and unfair & UNBALANCED Fox.

    • lame

      Nice talking points you got from Media Matters, Rob.

      Why does it matter how popular the American president is in Ireland?

      I’m glad you think Queen Elizabeth likes the Obamas…like she didn’t like the Bushes or the Clintons? What do you expect her to do – be rude to them?

      • B

        I’d say it does matter that people in Ireland like the president. It’s called good-will, and improving the image of the United States in other countries, something the previous president really hurt.

      • lame

        That’s all BS and you know it. Our allies were always with us, our enemies are still against us. No bit of “outreach” to the Muslim world that Obama did has helped a darn thing. The bad guys still want to kill us, and always will, no matter who is the Pres.

      • Vicki

        It shows how pathetic and full of hate the right wing has become against our President who has worked hard to lift the country out of recession with no help from republicans. He has worked hard and not been off vacationing in Texas constantly. The job of president is a pressure cooker so I am glad that President Obama takes time to play basketball and golf to renew and wind down. He is my President and I am very proud of all the work he has done.

      • lame

        Yeah, he’s really helped a lot with the recession, huh? Spending trillions of dollars to see unemployment soar. Thanks for all of your help, buddy!

    • tvlover

      @rob, word!

    • Rio Champ

      Ever notice any time middle of the country white areas have natural disasters that they are out cleaning up and rebuilding as soon as they can. No because they don’t get attention. Instead, you get New Orleans, it be a plot agin ust! Memphis, we be flooded, gobment come save us. Gimme a break Obama doesn’t care about America and the reported called a spade a spade, “so to speak”, enjoyin his faotee!

      • Wow

        This comment is absolutely DISGUSTING.

  • Pete

    I can’t believe how insanely disrespectful Fox reporters speak about the President. I’m not even affiliated with a political party so this really shouldn’t offend me at all, but it really bothers me! Americans can disagree with the President but they should never unjustly slander him in the process!

    • @ Pete

      Were you this upset when MSNBC anchors were so disrespectful of President Bush?

      Just curious.

      • Mikey

        MSNBC was nowhere near the level of disrespect towards Bush as Fox “news” is towards Obama. For one, they never had hosts accuse him of being a Muslim, or being foreign born, or being a hidden socialist.

      • jymmymack

        I think Pete was talking about the racist comment. Not political dissent. There’s a difference. I don’t remember political commentators making inappropriate comments about Bush’s drug/alcohol problems, but I could be wrong.

      • @ Mikey

        Mikey, get serious. Why would anyone accuse Bush of being foreign born, socialist or Muslim? If you’re going to defend MSNBC, at least come up with analogies that fit!

        (Although to be fair, someone could have accused Bush of being a socialist because of TARP and the auto bailout he earmarked money for.)

      • Really?

        Let me use an analogy that fits for you nitpickers. Fox straight up lied and said Obama was doing something stereotypically black instead of going to the disaster site (we’ll ignore that FEMA was there the day that it happened). That would be like MSNBC saying that Bush was at a klan meeting instead of New Orleans. Instead, they disagreed on his policy decision to not send FEMA, which is not disrespectful.

      • swampthing

        The *disrespect* came from showing him drunk or high at a news conference, perhaps? Or at showing him frozen in terror and inability while US citizens died in the twin towers? Or perhaps showing him in a groin-clenching flight suit, declaring victory in a war that was to continue for another generation? Or perhaps the disrespect was the way they noted that the war costs were never entered into the budget? Such disrespect.

  • Mike

    I hope hes got a good tax lawyer.Hes going to need one,

  • racefan111

    Nearly all the Obama hate and nasty nicknames stem from barely-hidden racism. And this is coming from a guy who can’t stand the posturing of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

  • Faith

    Obama should have flown home immediately

    • h

      It would be poor foreign policy to drop scheduled commitments in order to tour a disaster zone. This isn’t a nuclear event where though decisions need to be made. There is nothing he can do to help within 48hrs of a disaster like this.
      Well, nothing positive. Had he dropped international engagements to visit the area, all the people working there would stop to see what he’s up to. The area would be crawling with Secret Service and others who would be of no help to the actual disaster.
      I am sure he will visit in an act of support and to build moral within a week. Which will make more of a difference then, since right now people are still searching rubble for their loved ones.

      • Kat

        This is exactly right. Thanks, h.

    • jo

      Seriously? Working with our European partners on world issues and he should have jumped in a plane because there was a tornado?
      What foolish thinking

  • Paul Costello are such a racist it is incredible you have a job

    • Bill

      I’m a racist, you’re a racist, everyone’s a racist! Yay!

      • Avenue Q

        Everyone’s a little bit racist.

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