'American Idol': Scotty and Lauren duke it out in the Nokia, on the scene for the performance finale


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In seasons past, the scene outside the Nokia Theater LA Live in the hour leading up to the performance finale resembled a kind of carnival of Idols past — Hey, it’s Anoop! And… that one kooky girl from Hollywood week! No, the other one! — with a general feeling of excitement and occasion stirring among the crowd waiting to get into the theater. Perhaps I’m just projecting my own indifferent indifference about the season 10 finale here (I simply don’t care about the fact that I don’t care), but yesterday’s scene was far more subdued in comparison. I did not catch sight of Idol alumni milling about the courtyard in the hope someone will recognize them; I felt no spark of anticipation bouncing around the multitudes as they calmly waited in orderly lines to get inside. Inside the theater, everything felt equally low key and orderly — save the brief glimpse I got of Mama Alaina looking like her body might at any moment turn itself inside out. At the time, I thought it was just your average maternal nerves, until a quick peek at Twitter once I’d gotten back to my seat revealed that the Idol nation was abuzz over the possibility that Lauren might drop out due to a ominous sounding illness. Of course, she didn’t (and you can click here for the full lowdown on what went down). But it remained the only ribbon of real excitement adorning an otherwise humdrum evening.

Wah wah. You know, it’s funny; season 10 for all its flaws was still nothing remotely close to the soul sucking experience that was season 9. (Remember Tim Urban? And Paige Miles? And Andrew Garcia? And Katie Stevens? And Aaron Kelly? And Casey James? And Lee DeWyze? No? You’ve forgotten them? YOU MUST TELL ME YOUR SECRET.) And yet, walking into McCreery vs. Alaina, I realized I had been far more invested in the outcome of Bowersox vs. DeWyze. Perhaps the Idol gods PR team could sense my dispassion, as my seats this year were in the far back row. In normal theaters, and especially in the Idoldome at CBS Television City, this would not really be that big of an issue. But in the IdolDeathStar that is the cavernous, 7,000 seat Nokia, sitting in the back row means that the light traveling from the stage takes a good 30 seconds to reach your eyes. When Jennifer Lopez first emerged with her fellow judges, all I could make out were a few frizzy emerald sparkles; my snark demon Smirkelstiltskin thought it was an especially fabulous Christmas cookie being eaten by a giant hamster.

Which is my roundabout way of saying that I have precious little of what you didn’t see on your television to share with you, dear readers, and for that I apologize — I was simply too far away from the action to make much of anything out. My favorite insight of the night, in fact, came not from my own observations, but from EW’s L.A. Bureau Chief Jon Barrett, my plus one for the evening. Jon hasn’t seen practically any of this season, and his very first impression of the spectacle of spotlights and lucite and metal and neon festooning the Nokia stage was this: “It reminds me of the end of The Hunger Games.” As your mind attempts to wrap itself around the idea of Lauren Alaina being akin to Katniss Everdeen (which I suppose means Nigel Lythgoe is Seneca Crane?), you might as well chow down on these nuggets of behind the scenery too, if only to help cleanse your palate.

Scotty Scotty Bang Bang, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Sing Along A few minutes before the show began, Debbie the Stage Manager interrupted Cory the Warm Up Comic’s attempts to get people to yell out who they thought would win so she could ask the audience to help Scotty out with his first song. Our instructions: When Scotty sang the lyric “…like a Confederate soldier,” we were then to say along with him, “Bang! Bang!” Those words even appeared on the two giant screens on either side of the stage. When the time came during Scotty’s performance of “Gone,” the audience failed miserably at their task the first time, but I definitely heard people cheering out “Bang! Bang!” the second time — even though it never seemed to translate through the television.

Let’s call the whole thing off! Debbie also had pre-show directions for the audience with regard to Ryan’s cold open: After Ryan’s famous “THIS… is A-MER-ican Idol,” she told us, “I want everyone to stand and go batty.” Batty? “You say batty,” noted Cory, “and I say bananas.” Regardless of what you call it, the audience definitely obliged.

Speak no evil During the first few ad breaks, the audience was definitely in full on “peasandcarrotspeasandcarrots” mode over why the judges were not weighing in on the contestants’ performances. And yet, every break, there was Nigel, in a sharp and shiny silver suit, gabbing about with Randy, Jennifer, and Steven, and there were the hair and make-up people ministering to the judges — because they had mussed everything up sitting there and not talking?

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Actually Sing Along (except I didn’t, but don’t worry about that) If the audience needed prompting to join in on Scotty’s “Gone,” they required no such marching orders for his take on George Strait’s “Check Yes or No.” (Me? I’ve never heard the song before in my life, but then my country music blinders are really more like oversized, opaque sunglasses.) It was actually pretty uncanny; in the five years I’ve been covering this show, I cannot recall the last time so many in the audience spontaneously sang along with a contestant. Yes, Lauren showed some savvy fight by choosing to sing her final song “Like My Mother Does” directly to her own mother, but Scotty seems to have formed the kind of genuine connection with his fans that Lauren’s struggled with all season. Just sayin’!

Tears vs. Tumbles! The audience’s most vocally favorite moments during Scotty and Lauren’s respective Idol journey montages that played over their final songs: For Scotty, it was crying during Hollywood week (awww), and sporting an adorable red cowboy outfit as a wee baby (awwwwww). For Lauren, it was pretty much only one moment: Falling down the stairs at the short-lived Idol mansion (hahahahahaha!).

David Cook, did they forget about you? As you may have guessed, David Cook did not sing live last night; his performance of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” was pre-taped. As it began to play, Scotty and Lauren shared a big, lingering hug, and for the first time all night, I had a moment of authentic feeling for these two. They both may share preternaturally legit country music voices and self-possessed confidence, but they’re both still just kids, after all. I hope they still can be after tomorrow night’s results.

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  • Nan

    I love Scotty. I hope he wins Idol.

  • Squishmar

    No matter what the producers, judges, etc… seem to want so badly, I still cannot see Scotty losing this.

    • Joliet Jake

      I feel bad for Ford. They have to give away cars to two people with learner’s permits.

      • Amy

        Ha, ha!

      • Jess

        Unfortunately I can think of a way Scotty can lose: Nigel & Company will probably end up throwing out a bunch of Scotty votes and BOOM! Lauren Alaina is your new American Idol … just like AI wanted all those months ago, just like AI wanted last night and just like AI will get no matter how underhanded or sneaky they have to be. Because honestly, how will America know that the votes are manipulated? Nigel will throw up some numbers if required that “clearly prove” that Lauren won but who’s to say those numbers aren’t just entirely made up?

    • Meli

      Very easy for Scotty to lose this. The Idol producers never release vote totals or margin of victory, so they can just easily IGNORE the votes for Scotty and give it to Baby Carrie anyway.

      • Squishmar

        The year of the Davids, Ryan said what the difference in votes was. Cook won by over 12 million votes. I think it’s that they know how really far ahead Scotty has been all season and they just wanted to try to create some drama and get it a little closer… Of course I could be wrong, but I just really think Scotty has it in the bag. They would never just disregard votes. They are not going to go that far and outright fix the contest…way too much money at stake with three of the biggest corporations in the country to be involved in something like that. They make their money from the advertisers, not the subsequent record sales of the ‘winner.’ What I *can* see is Scotty, being the gentleman he is, is offering Lauren a chance to be co-winner. I swear, with how cheesy this has been, I wouldn’t put it past them to do something like that.

      • Meli

        @Squishmar–I never thought I’d see the day I heard a judge say, ‘from your first audition I knew you were the winner’ the way the judges said it to Lauren last night, either.

      • Zakry

        Just settle down. There is no conspiracy.

      • Squishmar

        I’m not saying there is, Zakry. But to Meli…didn’t Simon Cowell say something to Carrie at her audition like “I think you could win this and be the best-selling Idol winner of all time”? Or something like that… Am I imagining that?

      • Donna

        No, Squishmar, Simon said tht to Carrie during the performance part of the season; don’t remember which week, but it was NOT in the auditions.

      • Jess

        Ah i posted without seeing yours. I agree – this is totally possible and more than probable. For those people who stubbornly keep saying ‘there’s no conspiracy’, my question to you is how do you know? How do you know Nigel won’t just throw out Scotty’s votes? Do you work at AI? Are you sitting there when the votes are rounded up? Do you have any say in whether the real votes are the ones that are used in AI’s decision to crown an Idol? I didn’t think so so don’t just flat-out refuse to acknowledge the possibility that the results can be manipulated. This is TV after all folks.

      • mccliza

        If they do that, however, they’re breaking federal law. These game shows on network TV are regulated because of scandals in the 50s and 60s with game shows. Watch the movie, “Quiz Show” to see the genesis of all that. I’m pretty sure “Idol” is governed similarly because ultimately, the show awards prize money.

  • lucy

    Promise you will stop reviewing the show next year. You do nothing but moan

    • jude


    • Word

      Amen! What’s the point of writing about a show you just want to constantly whine about?

    • Pam

      I disagree. If ever an episode called for MORE Smirkelstiltskin, this one was it.

    • Brie

      Agree. Too much whining…I couldn’t get through it.

      • Swifty62

        Yea, why even read this crap anymore, it’s just a buttload of complaining.

      • Kathy

        @Swifty62. Then how do you know he was complaining?

      • @ Brie and Swifty62

        If you don’t like it then don’t read it. And since you state in your comments you can’t get through it and you don’t read it anymore then i hope we don’t have to see any more of your posts on AI comment boards in the future.

    • Michael

      I love the moanin’!

  • TONI

    They wanted Lauren all along. Steve said 8 out of 10 weeks, “You know I love you” to Lauren. Perhaps they overpimped her and she never really delivered. I know she was the bottom of my list as a favourite. I did not connect with her personality

    • Lo

      “It’s STEVEN!”

  • Just Jules

    Lauren was a complete let down. She never lived up to the hype they gave her during the audition rounds. If she had not been the “anointed one”, she would have gone the way of Andrew Garcia in season 9. My question to those who follow AI each year.. I’d this years uber pimping and manipulation of the show something new or just not as well hidden as it was in previous years? I believe Danny Gokey got the “Lauren” edit too.. But back then (a mere 2 seasons ago), they probably hadn’t thought of a way to manipulate the votes.

    • Just Jules

      Is not I’d, obviously.

    • Squishmar

      I kind of kept thinking of Andrew Garcia, too. His fantastic acoustic rendition of “Straight Up” carried him as far as it did. I had such high hopes for Lauren and she was my favorite (well, one of them, I still really like the singing waitress who sang “God Bless the Child”) after the auditions…. but she never delivered the payoff of the potential she showed then. I think Nigel’s manipulations (having been gone for a few seasons) just weren’t polished. The seams really showed through. I swear, I’m a huge “So You Think You Can Dance” fan, and I think he should just stick to dancing. It’s his real passion, anyway. But I hate that this season of AI has left such a bad taste in my mouth that it’s affecting my feelings for SYTYCD before the season even starts. I’ll try to clear my head, though because that show is really something special and celebrates dance above all. Nothing like it on television. It truly touches your soul, as corny as that sounds. It is the Platonic form of Dance.

    • Sue

      I started watching in season 5. I don’t know what went on then. I think it might been one of the few years where the powers that be did not get totally off the chosen one’s train eventually when the chosen one failed to live up to expectations and others were far better. They did drop Andrew Garcia pretty fast but Crystal just outshined everyone for a while. Archuletta was always favored but he was pretty much always good (so was David Cook) so no need to get off his bandwagon. Katherine McPhee was always favored until Daughtry and to some extent Elliot Yamin came on strong. Gokey … the three who beat him blew him out of the water yet he still was favored (with Adam Lambert) till he was voted off. Only in season 6 was it a bit different. I don’t believe Melinda Doolittle was a clear PIMPED chosen one although she was loved. Jordan Sparks was not either.

      • Sue

        I meant to say “I don’t know what went on before then (season 5).” Its early.

      • Juke

        Melinda wasn’t “pimped,” as she was legitimately talented. I didn’t expert her to win (as much as I wanted her to) because her sound was too mature. She was never destined to be a Top-40 pop star. Contestants are pimped when they aren’t really as good as the judges make them out to be. Gokey was the worst singer to get the judges’ support in “Idol” history.

      • Meli

        Chris Daughtry was the first contestant the Idol producers blatantly wanted to win. Their dream was to have Daughtry and Katherine in the final. And both Simons (Cowell and Fuller) absolutely detested Taylor because he was getting all the votes and knew how to organize the fans. The viewers saw through the blatant pimping and ever since the viewers have definitely not given TPTB what they want. This year I think they’re going to get their own back and put Lauren in the winner’s circle whether she deserves it or not, and whether the viewers want it or not.

      • Zakry

        Right, 23 million people are so mad at a TV show, they want to ruin it by choosing an undeserving winner. Do you hear yourself?

    • JS

      I have a tough time believing voting is rigged this year – if it was, we would not have two country singers in the finals. However, Idol producers and judges have always used tricks to sway voters one way or the other. This year, however, the person who I believe was the fans’ consistent choice (Scotty) and the producers’/judges’ choice (Lauren) weren’t the same, which created the manipulated feel of the shows.

      • Beth in MI

        Good post.

      • Suncatcher

        Also, Nigel Lythgoe knows he can sway the voters by doing exactly what he did last night. He has twice in the past 2 weeks called the voters / viewers “morons.” (Because he obviously knows he can manipulate them).

      • Lauren

        You’re assuming that AI doesn’t want two country singers in the finals. I believe that they do. AI’s main audience is middle america and the only genre of music that isn’t currently on a downwards trend is country music. It makes sense for AI to play to that demographic because of ratings and also because they need a winner with viable post-show success in order to maintain AI’s status as a show that creates real superstars in comparison to the Voice and X Factor.

    • Carrie

      Pimping has existed for a long time or at least I thought, Kat McPhee, Melinda was pimped (understandably so), both Gokey and Lambert, Archie…they tried to curb it with Bowersox last year. To me this year wasn’t as bad as the Gokey/Lambert year.

      • rachelle brown

        i am very pleased the way things has turnned out..lauren is an awsom singer couldnt never quess she was 16 by listening to her. she reminds me alot of carrie underwood. Scotty is great also! the way he does his voice at times its unbelieveable. But them two together..is AMAZON! i love listening to them sing apart but they will make a great duo! hope they sing together tonight..keep up the good work lauren and scotty. I know you both will go far!

    • lenscrafter

      I see blatant manipulation all the time. The problem is the chosen one’s seldom generate the excitement the up and comer gets. Blake got excitement from his awesome reworking of songs and clever choices, but they F’d him with the final song, obv. written for Sparks (I start being leery by the ones who get flown to auditions from out of town, and march in with an army of followers, family. Those people have to give a full weekend to these experiences, I can’t name a soul who would do that for me, family or no!

      That aside, I think Elliot was a surprise, and Clive Davis hated him for not having the look. I guess Taylor was. David Cook and Kris Allen def were. I’d say Blake, David, Kris and Adam were the most innovative with song picks ands rearranging, and they either won or came in second.

      There’s no way there’s not manipulation, this year, when Randy ripped Haley (this years surprise) for screeching when all Casey did his whole run was screech and seem affected and the judges were all into his awesome jazziness. I ended up not liking Casey, and loving Haley, def the opp of what I thought I would. I even voted for Haley, a rare thing for me.

      It was bad with Gokey too, from all angles, but I liked his singing. I usually like the chosen one at first, and then not so much by the end. True for Lauren this year, I don’t feel she tried, and rode on her ticket.

    • Steve

      It’s not new, but it was much more blatant this year. And they refused to catch onto much better stories developing before their eyes.

    • Steve

      It was more blatant this year since other years they would criticize all but the favorites (and even them a tiny bit) so they would criticize all but lighter on the favs even if they did a bit worse and heavier on some even if they did well. But it didn’t seem quite as obvious and it didn’t hit with quite the same impact. And they didn’t consistently lay into one quite so badly.

    • Steve

      Also they never tried to beat down a contestant who was truly having some of the only great moments! It was just absurd! And then edn up with a finale with nobody who had ana amzign moments for the first time ever! What were they thinking?

  • gb

    Lauren Alaina is American Idol season 10 winner! Unless, Scotty’s fans make a great upset in the history of the show.

    • Lo

      DialIdol predicts a Scotty win – he’s got almost twice as many votes as Lauren.

    • blork


    • VLKinNC

      I love Lauren’s voice, but I don’t understand how you can proclaim her the winner. Scotty has been #1 in votes all year. I actually prefer Scotty but will buy both of their CDs. No, I’m not a teeny-bopper – I have grandkids older than they are.

  • gb

    i will predict lauren will have a long term success compare to scotty

    • S.

      HA – Do you belong to the cult predicting the end of the world too?

    • Meli

      Yet another female blonde country singer with big hair who’s trying to make herself a Carrie Underwood clone? Seems to me the Idol producers would want to go with the current trend in country–male singers with deep rich voices (as in Blake Shelton, Josh Turner, Trace Atkins, etc.).

    • Lauren

      Really? Lauren is simply another young blonde country singer in a sea of young blonde country singers. Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood just to name a few. Joining a packed market without anything special to distinguish herself is far riskier than the path Scotty would take. And if you think her voice is sufficient to elevate her above the rest then please consider the fact that she still lacks self-confidence, her voice is shaky at times and she refuses to hit the big notes (and who knows if she is actually able to? She hasn’t exactly demonstrated any range on the show).

  • gb

    after all the competition,,the fans of scotty especially the teens will continously disappear unless he will copy bieber

    • thebigone


      • S.

        agreed – I really think Scotty has a more diverse fan base than teens.

    • VLKinNC

      The country fans are a huge voting block. I don’t think most of Scotty’s fans are teens.

  • Suki

    I wanted to thank you, Adam, for not slamming the contestants. I agree with the general tone of the article…I have been following this whole season, but felt pretty underwhelmed by the whole thing. Scotty was my favorite throughout…turing a person who doesn’t like country music, into someone who will consider it. But I felt like Scotty never had a “moment,” but I felt the same thing about Lauren. I wish they didn’t have them do an encore/repeat performance and let them since something they really wanted to sing. The best moment on Idol for me was when they let each contestant sing about what inspired them. Tonight felt like neither of them really connected with their lyrics.

  • gail charman

    …love Scotty BUT after the final performance I believe by the sound of the Judges that Lauren will win this contest. However, Scotty will go on to become another GREAT country singer…

  • Pete Moss

    To me, AI ended last thursday. I didn’t care enough to even watch the show last night. Very exciting season but the outcome is very disappointing.

  • meme

    Boring finale, but loved the song Lauren sang at the end. I’m going to go ahead and call her the winner.

    • HTC

      I watched the show, and I really did try to get into it. I’m not a huge country fan, but I do enjoy some country music. The song choices were boring. Lauren looked frightened, and Scotty seemed to be phoning it in. I’m sorry to say that this was an embarrassingly bad finale. It’s a shame because the season began with so much promise.

      • GAFOUR

        I agree. I have watched since the first audition show and have really enjoyed this season. Was so disappointed when Haley was eliminated last week. But, I too tried really hard to watch last nights show and just couldn’t. It was just a snooze fest! Same old, same old from these two. Will not even watch tonight to see which one of them wins. Scotty? Lauren? It doesn’t matter, they are one in the same.

  • penny

    I believe Lauren has been pushed through the entire season. She is good, but not the best by far. On elimination nights, when you see her on stage when she doesnt know she is on camera, she looks uninterested with the elimnated person. It is only when she realizes the camera is on her, she “shows” her emotions. I really thought the contestants this year outshown the other years but I am really disapointed that it was sooo obvious that the “American Idol” is preselected long before last night!!!

    • thebigone

      I totally agree. If you ever had any doubts about it being ‘scripted’ by the producers it should be obvious now. The way they set up Lauren to get the sympathy, oh isn’t that sweet vote is so obvious.

    • lenscrafter

      Couldn’t agree more Penny, from the moment Steven was shaking his head, getting in his limo saying he thought they found the winner after Lauren’s audition, to just about everything throughout. She slept walked through this, and didn’t even step up when Haley was coming on so strong. The most emotion she showed was when she was in the bottom, and it was tears then anger . . . an odd reaction if you ask me.

      Also, when Haley was told she was leaving, the look on Lauren’s face said, “it’s about time, now I can go back to sleep.”

      Jordin Sparks was an emotion faker too, really, really makes me dislike them.

    • Lisa

      I’m so glad someone pointed this out. Lauren seems like the biggest fake out of all the contestants but to be charitable, that might be the rest of her beauty pageant background. She’s been coddled, babied and praised throughout this entire competition so it’s no surprise that she didn’t feel the need to put any effort into it.

  • thebigone

    Hey Adam,
    If you thought last year was better than this year you don’t belong in this job. There were at least 6 or 7 performers this year that were better than last year’s winner. The talent was far superior…..oh wait a minute…..I forgot this is NOT a singing contest. It’s all about young voters crushes. Also, the fact that you don’t like or appreciate Country……..we could all care less. If you’re going to do this job get with the program or shut up!!!!!

    • B.Rich

      Yes there were 6 or 7 performers better than last years winner ( I would even say 10 were better). Unfortunately none of those 10 singers made it to the finale.

  • Word

    So many bitter people out there. It’s like anybody who doesn’t like country music HATED the finale. Grow some broader horizons musically. Sure I like country music… and pop… and rock… and rap… and ballads. Some people can’t stand watching the show if there is not your standard pop star, or if they aren’t a pop star all they care about is if they are super interesting.
    Hey folks, guess what? Interesting doesn’t sell records. Taylor Hicks, Crystal Bowersox = interesting, and both are utter failures post-idol. Get a clue.
    Lauren’s voice is amazing for recording and she will go on to have a successful career. IN SPITE of you because who cares what you think. If you don’t listen to country music then you shouldn’t have an opinion because you will not be the person buying their music or going to concerts.
    Get a life and quit crying and moaning woah is me, poor haley and james and casey and jacob are all off the show. It’s terrible now because my favorite is gone. Boo hoo.

    • B.Rich

      I’m fine with Country music. That doesn’t change how awful Scotty and Lauren are at performing and singing.

      • Word

        You don’t know country music if you think Scotty and Lauren are awful at singing. I think Lauren is much better than Scotty because she has a higher range and a more modern pop/country sound, but Scotty has a great voice for what he does.

        I love the “I’m fine with country music” comment because if you are “fine” with it you clearly don’t like it or listen to it on the regular.

        They are the best country singers Idol has had since Carrie Underwood. I’m sorry they don’t interest your stuck-up self, but clearly you are not the person who will be buying their records or going to their concerts or listening to their music on the radio so therefore your opinion doesn’t matter in regards to the two of them.

      • Squishmar

        Yeah, you’re one to talk. You’ve been spouting self-righteous BS all over this board. You said in an earlier post, that you like country music, “and pop… and rock… and rap…” really? How many rap records do you own? But let’s give you the benefit of the doubt… I’ll ask another question… how many iTunes of Lauren’s have you downloaded? Because, last I heard, someone posted a list of the top 25 singles and Haley and James had a combined 13 of the top 25. Heck, Casey had more in the top than Scotty, and Scotty’s been on for weeks longer than Casey.

    • IFAN

      Crystal is not a failure. Her CD sales exceeded Jives expectations and besides she didn’t even win. Taylor Hick did win.

      • Word

        Crystal is not a failure? I haven’t heard ONE peep out of her since she left Idol. Haven’t seen her on one talk show, haven’t seen her at one awards show, haven’t heard one song on the radio, have heard absolutely ZERO buzz coming from her direction. As far as I know, if I didn’t watch Idol she wouldn’t exist. She’s a nobody now.

      • Meli

        @Word–unfortunately I have to agree with you there, and I liked Crystal. The only thing I’ve seen or heard from over the past year is the OneTouch Meter commercial with B.B. King.

      • Zakry

        Not word. She performed on the show just recently. That’s a peep. The promotional machine is just getting cranked up. Give her a minute.

      • To Word

        Hey, Word..I didn’t even watch the season Crystal was on and I know who she is. I’ve seen her on TV numerous times, on commercials and shows. She even performed this year on Idol – that’s a ‘peep’ if ya ask me.

    • mari

      I like country music. My taste in music is pretty diverse. BUT Scotty & Lauren, although good singers, were just not charismatic enough to grab my attention. When I first saw Scotty’s audition I was giddy. I was excited that he made it past Hollywood week. But when they started performing in front of an audience to garner votes I was disappointed. Lauren has a good voice but I knew that she wasn’t going to deliver an oomph performance. She was just too young and too green for this show.

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