Preacher Harold Camping apologizes for lack of apocalypse, reschedules Rapture for Kim Kardashian's birthday


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As we now know, the world didn’t end on Saturday, contrary to the prophecies of California preacher Harold Camping who had predicted the Rapture would occur over the weekend.

As a result, two important things happened yesterday. The first was that I had to apologize to various senior EW editors for informing them on Friday that they could take their magazine and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. (Although, of course, in a post-Rapture apocalyptic world it is possible the sun won’t be shining anywhere.) The second event was that, according to the AP, Camping announced the world is really, really, really, really going to end on Oct. 21 (which, apart from anything else, is like, totally going to totally ruin Kim Kardashian’s 31st birthday plans).

Camping did himself apologize for the non-apocalyptic nature of last Saturday explaining, “I did not have all of that worked out as accurately as I wish I could have had it.” But that may not seem like quite enough for those people who sold all their worldly goods in anticipation of the Rapture or, indeed, told a certain EW editor that he was “a big, fat stupidhead.”

You can check out footage of Camping’s statement below. What do you think of his latest pronouncement? And how does October 21 work for you apocalypse-wise?

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  • Scott

    I think someone is interested in the fall tv schedule and therefore decided to postpone the apocalypse…

    • Really

      The end of the world is being put on hold just so we can see the reboot of Charlie’s Angels?

    • Dave

      I’m just glad I’ll get to see Super 8 and the final Harry Poter movie.

      • Dave


  • Krystal

    Why are all of the judgment days on the 21st?

    • John Smith

      3 x 7 = 21. Three represents the trinity and 7 represents perfection (or good luck). It makes perfect sense if you use Camping logic…

  • Jess

    Hey, what’s up? Our billboard guaranteed May 21! At least they can just cross out the month …

  • orville

    I had a feeling the Kardashians were involved with the Apocalypse somehow.

    • candacetx


    • RAPture

      It makes sense, what with the whole hos of Babylon thing.

    • Karate Pants

      Yup, I’m taking this one seriously.

  • Khoff

    That is the best article headline I’ve ever read.

  • mia

    This horrible person should be sent to jail. Or at least be giving the money back that people donated. Why does he need the money anyway since the world is ending in a few months. Seriously, if he was so for sure, the week before he should have sold the radio station, house, given all his money to charity and then get on it with. He is either insane for a fraud. Can’t believe how much people get duped.

    • Dave

      It’s not his fault that people are stupid enough to believe it and donate money.

      • mia

        Well, it is taking advantage of people. He knows the population he is targeting and it is quite similar to other fraud cases. I know people are naive but I think there should be a way to protect people. Just like we would with people who are sick. When seniors get defrauded, do we say, “Well, they gave the crook the money, so too bad.” No, we arrest the guy. I can see your point but I just wish there was a way to deal with this trash.

    • Nightengale

      What a lot of people don’t realize is that he mortgaged all this stations to the tune of 57 million dollars. He couldn’t sell enough property to put a dent in that and who give a mortgage to someone who claims he won’t be here to pay it off anyway.?

  • Brett

    What an @sshole. This guy doesn’t even know what an apocalypse is; he talks about it as if the world is going to blow up… idiot, an apocalypse is a revealation; an unveiling of hidden information. And when they say its the end of the world, it only means the end of an old way of thinking or living to make way for a new way of life based on the unveiling of hidden truth. This guy will keep getting it wrong until he learns what an actual apocalypse is.

    • Brett

      And to all the morons who are following him, well, when the real apocalypse occurs, he and all his followers (along with that sicko baptist church that protests at funerals) are going to feel really, really dumb — then, they’re not going to believe it making them the actual ‘non-believers’.

  • Mrs. Crabtree

    Harold Camping looks like he’s in serious need of his meds. See, this is what happens to when the country takes the mentally ill and tosses them out on the street because they have no medical coverage. Someone please call a thorazine shuffle for Camping.

  • Nathan

    Why are we reporting this, EW? When a 100 year old nutcase says the world is going to end, we should give him some pudding and a valium and put him back to bed. Not report it as if it’s something interesting.

    • YH

      To laugh and him and is moronic followers.

    • David Zarmi

      Actually EW is the only place that should be reporting this – it’s a fun, lighthearted magazine. It’s regular newsmagazines reporting it that bothers me.

  • LKay

    YAY! I had so much fun at my May 21 ‘Rapture’ party, I’m going to start planning my next ‘End of the World’ party for Oct 21. I just love theme parties!

  • whatevs

    This guy should pick up a Bible sometime. He might learn a few things.

    • AltDave

      Pretty sure he has picked up a Bible, just seems not to have opened it and read it!

      • Mrs. Crabtree

        Actually, that’s where he claims he got his information from: The Bible. Proof? Well, you’d have to look at the bottle he’s drinking to see what the alcoholic proof is.

  • jt

    This gives him a few months to come up with his excuse for this miscalculation. Math can be tricky. I’m gonna go ahead and start running up my credit cards now since I won’t have to pay them off. Woohoo!!

    • Mrs. Crabtree

      And if it doesn’t happen, send Camping the bill.

  • Meli

    I would’ve thought he’d come up with something more original, like “God saw all the people genuinely trying to repent on Saturday and cancelled the end of the world”. As a Christian, shouldn’t this guy have figured out by now that God doesn’t follow schedules?

    • Meli

      I think God tends to follow Rowdy Roddy Piper’s famous quote: ‘Just when you think you have all the answers, I change all the questions’.

  • Vince from NYC

    This is what happens when people look for “answers” in a book of stories written a few thousand years ago..

  • Me

    Why are people listening to some old dude who is obviously not taking the meds he should be?

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