'Glee' countdown: New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made


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UPDATE: Glee season finale recap is live!

We’ve been building up to this all season on Glee, and now Nationals in New York are finally upon us! New Directions will get to sing Broadway showtunes on Broadway, and everyone (except for New Yorkers) loves lavish song-and-dance numbers on city streets, especially when balloons and dancing law enforcement officers are involved. We’ve been promised that everything will be bigger in the Big Apple: big songs, big drama, and even an “epic” Finnchel date worthy of Mr. Big. Lea Michele told EW that the dream date takes the pair through Central Park and the West Village — do I smell a horse-drawn carriage? (Ew.) 

I’m especially excited for Kurt and Rachel’s first Wicked duet since early first season. Even though the song would make more sense for Quinn and Rachel, I was hoping they’d do “Popular” — but “For Good” works, too. Also, the glee club is bringing out the big guns again with original songs. I think the future iTunes No. 1 here is the very Katy Perry-like group number “Light Up the World,” but Charice also brings an early 90’s Mariah vibe to “As Long as You’re There.” Then there’s “My Cup.” Before listening to it, try to imagine what it’s about. I couldn’t help but think of Christian rock and the words “runneth over” — but the actual song is so much better.

Are you psyched to see Glee take Manhattan? Can you get behind Finnchel yet again? What are Quinn’s mysterious New York plans? Which is the superior song: “My Cup” or “My Headband”? And what do you think of tonight’s Matthew Morrison original song? Before, during, and after the episode, sound off here, and check back early in the morning for Sandra Gonzalez’s recap! (UPDATE: Glee season finale recap is live!)

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  • Sina

    Why did you have to use that for the title? It brings back memories of Artie rapping that song. Those were BAD memories. I still can’t believe Jay-Z signed off on that.

    • mckenna

      Rachel Berry will be a star! This episode reminded me why I love it and why I love Rachel Berry. She is the only character that i have ever watched who knows what she wants and will choose it over a boy.

      I love Glee!

      • Geek

        The episode was a disappointment. A season finale should have momentum or push for the next season. This episode basically went full circle to the same plot we’ve already seen. The only difference is that Santitny has come out and Quinn has a haircut. Yeehaw.

        The songs weren’t even all that great. EXCEPT for “For Good”. That was one of the best of the season hands down.

        But overall disappointing. The episode felt rushed and unfinished.

    • Brenda Barrett

      I enjoyed the finale but there wasn’t enough Jessie. I’m hoping he’ll be back next year; he’s an awesome assistant for Schu. We all knew that ND wouldn’t win Nationals this time out; I guarantee they will next season. I want to see Lord Tubbington in that T-shirt.

      • Blair

        I actually think that having him around felt like Screech on Saved by the Bell: The New Class. Shoehorned.

      • glee lover

        yes i agree there has to be more jessie. he is soo cute and has a great voice we want him back next season

  • Mel

    Judging by this photo, they’re making an appearance on Sesame Street. Seriously, what the crap are those girls wearing??

    • kisha

      I was thinking the same thing.I’m kind of embarrased for them.

    • HoneyB

      Lauryn always wears her clown outfit.

  • Lyon

    Vocal Adrenaline finally returns tonight!!!!! I am looking forward to their performance. One of the disappointments in season 2 for me has been their absence from the show. I think they are the perfect foe for New Directions. I must say I am pulling for them to beat New Directions yet again. Last year I wanted them to win mainly because of Jesse St. James. This year, I just think it is too early for the glee club to win nationals. What will they have to accomplish next year?

    • Simon

      I am also Team Vocal Adrenaline, even though we have not seen them perform all year. Bohemian Rhapsody and Rehab are some of my very favorite Glee performances. I love watching all of them dance. The performers are a talented bunch.

      • May

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    • Delia

      Vocal Adrenaline!!!!!! I love this team. Far more entertaining than The Warblers. The Warblers were too nice. There was zero rivalry between the teams this year. BORING!!!. I need eggs being thrown and choir rooms being tp’d. I don’t know if they will win tonight because they have not been featured this season, but I sure am excited to watch them sing and dance.

    • sela

      Count me in on all this VA love. Btw, does anyone know who the third team will be?

    • jessefan

      I want to watch vocal a., but I will be a little sad Jesse won’t be on stage with them. Bohemian Rhapsody was epic. I have watch that number numerous times; I just don’t get tired of it. My eyes stay fixed on Mr. St. James the entire time. Love him:)

    • aparajita

      count me in on the VA love as well….truth be told at first i was rooting for ND but after listening to Charice’s original power ballad “AS LONG AS YOUR THERE” i was bowled over to the other side

  • n

    I’m pretty sure there won’t be any horse-drawn carriages since Lea Michele was in a PETA campaign against them.

    • Hermione

      You are correct about the PETA bit, but I think there’s still a carriage ride. Though she has string beliefs, I don’t think she is at a place yet where she can change/reject a part of the show.

  • Jenny

    Last years win at Sectionals and loss at Regionals were more entertaining to watch than this years competition episodes. I think that is because Ryan Murphy announced they would be going to Nationals before the season even started. Which meant that New Directions had to win, so there was ZERO suspense. I hope Jesse St. James joins his old team on that stage and helps them win. I know that won’t happen, but that would be awesome.

  • Mark

    Although I am excited and saddened for tonight’s episode(4 months for new ones), I do find myself over the original song theme already. The first time was fun and I still like listening to “Loser”. Another disappointment is no Blaine? As Kurt’s bf, he should still be there for support. I hope they find a plausible way to get him to McKinley next year. Maybe burn down Dalton. Sue could do it in a fit of rage.

    • Hermione

      I agree Mark– I couldn’t be more over the original songs. I’ve yet to hear the originals from tonight’s episode, but I hope they revert to strictly covers next season.

    • faith

      I think it is great that they are trying, but I did not like their songs from regionals. I just think the classics are more exciting to listen to. I have not listened to tonights songs, but I am more exited about whatever Vocal Adrenaline is planning on.

    • Jonathan

      We do not have glee clubs in my area, but it is my understanding that they are supposed cover other people’s music. I do not think it is a bad thing that they did not have original songs last year. They sang some amazing music.

    • PJ

      Maybe in the 4 months they can come up with some fresh ideas instead of just recycling the same plots over and over again.

    • Jane

      Who says Blaine can’t perform? Maybe Mike Chang will get hurt and they’ll have to bring in a ringer.

      • steph

        don’t wish bad things on Mike Chang!

    • ajay

      The kid’s in high school…where is he getting the money to do that?

    • Marianne

      I dont mind the orginal songs, I just hope they don’t do it too often. And that they plausibly write one in enough time. They seem to be always writing a song like 2 days before they have to sing it live. Thats nit enough time to write a song, learn and practice it, and put choreography with it.

  • Hermione

    VERY excited for Glee tonight; mindless entertainment and some Finchel action. ALSO, that WICKED advertisement is hilarious: “The highest honor of theatre: Rachel Berry’s Ringtone.” Hahahahahaah. Well played.

  • Liz Lemon

    I’ve heard Daniel Radcliffe will guest star in the finale.

    • Hermione

      If that happened, I would sh*t my pants. That would be so bad*ass.

    • Jackie

      That would be AWESOME! He is a Broadway musical star now (saw ‘How to Succeed’ last weekend, and he was outstanding!).

    • n

      They do dance by a poster of Daniel Radcliffe during their “New York” mashup.

  • John

    I wonder which character will break down in tears tonight. There’s a different one every week.

    • Anya

      I’m betting on Santana. She’s due for a good cry.

  • Laurie

    I don’t think VA will be very good this year. The song their singing is really bad. I’m rooting for the third team since ‘Light Up The World’ is also bad. As far and ‘My Headband’ vs ‘My Cup’ I love them both but give the nod to ‘My Headband’ because it was performed live without the benefit of a recording studio.

    • Amy

      I have to go with “My Cup”, because it just screams Brittany S. Pears personality. She is the most interesting character on this otherwise overdramatic show. I hope that Heather Morris’ career continues for a long time, she is hilarious.

  • Mitch

    ‘My Cup’ is an incredible and catchy song that is far superior to ‘My Headband’ I might be a little biased cause I love brittany but it’s still way better and is such a shame it only runs for just over a minute

  • Jane

    Can I get behind Finnchel again? Nope. He’s too f—–g stupid for her. She’s going to end up marrying some artist type when she moves to Broadway for good, then she’ll get her heart broken, and after more love mishaps, she’ll end up either with a possible presidential candidate or some guy who lives in Maine who likes to paint landscapes.

  • kisha

    My Cup !I’m dying here ! LMAO

    The lip-synching looks off.

    • Amy

      Better than My Headband!

  • tommymommy

    I am looking forward to anything tonight. I think I am already having withdrawl symptoms so I hope they don’t kill the finale for me. I hope I get to see Blaine one way or another if I’m going to have to wait for months and months.

    • tommymommy

      I got my Blaine moment, and MAN was it good. The big three. So unexpected and perfect.

  • cocolovesme

    I cannot stand Rachel. She grates my nerves. And her and Finn deserve each other – cause he’s as dumb as a box of rocks. Bring on Puck, Santana, Britney, and Lauren. They make me laugh so hard. I’ll even take Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, and Quinn over scenes with Dumb and Dumber.

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