'Strange Sex': Am I the only one watching this freak show?

Tonight, TLC’s Strange Sex concludes its season, and upon reading this earlier today, I experienced much shame when I realized I’ve seen every episode of this incredibly bizarre show.

For those who haven’t spent their Sunday nights catching a double-feature of Sister Wives and Strange Sex (you’re missing out…), Sex delves deep into the disturbingly odd,  stories that are too taboo to be true, and everything you weren’t taught in high school health class.

I’d go into detail, but one of the few episodes I can mention in a PG-13 spot like PopWatch is the one where we were introduced to a woman who had two uteri and told the story of her discovery and struggle with the issue. (The curious can click on the video I’ve embedded below.)

I can’t exactly tell you what’s had me returning to my television every week to watch this PBS-after dark-type programming. In fact, I watch most episodes with an utter look of horror on my face — usually with my roommate sitting next to me mirroring my expression.

So my question to everyone else tuning in (all two of you) is: Why are we watching this?! Is it the same reason other people read the Weird News section of the newspaper? Is it because we like being horrified? Or are we simply that much in need of something to watch on Sundays?

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  • LadybugVB

    Yes, you are the only one watching.

    • LMFAO

      Never heard of this show.

      • L

        Neither had I.

    • Janie

      If I’d known it existed, I would’ve watched it.

      • kate middleton

        ^ This.

    • Heidi

      I did watch the first one on last night – it was about a man who absolutely loved the fat on his wife’s body (and I mean, loved) and was doing all he could to make her gain weight. She loved eating, he loved feeding her, they were perfect for each other. I guess I wanted to understand a man who loved it so much. They lost me at the whole immobility being sexy part.

      • Karate Pants

        I’ve seen just about every episode and last night’s was – by far – the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen, anywhere.
        Her goal is suicide, and he’s assisting her.

  • Lori

    Did you see the one where the guy got off on popping balloons? So weird but also hilarious. I almost peed myself watching…which I guess could be a strange practice featured on the show.

    • julia

      omg that was the first and only episode i watched it was too creepy lol

  • Chris

    Never heard of this show. Since the writer can’t tell us anything else about the show can the rest of you share some info on some of the episodes?

    • SaraS

      I’ve never seen it either… wish the article gave some kind of information as to why it’s interesting.

      • Heidi

        read above, Lori and I talked about two of the episodes

    • cruzilla

      Seriously, what a strange article! There are more keywords at the top than actual words in the article. I realize these are just blogs and not in-depth articles, but this has to be the most information-free article I have ever seen. Do these people really get paid??

  • Becky Banagis

    Sandra, Honey…I may have thought it was all bunk, BUT the first clip about double uterus, et al, my daughter and I have the same malady. Daughter had to have surgery, enabling pregnancy, to open small side because the other side wasn’t fertile.

    Then we realized I have it also. It has been known since my first child, that I have the double uterus…Talking to doctor, sure enough.

    Other daughter likely has it, as we all have the problem of not being able to carry a baby to term.

    Lemme tell ya, there is always hilarious banter around us. We take it in stride. Yes, it has caused problems!!

  • Karma

    Sandra – Just ask Dalton what we watch on Sunday nights – lol

  • Ligaya

    Haven’t watched it, but I first heard of this show a few weeks ago at my salon.

    When I worked at a women’s clinic in the late 1970s we had a patient who had 2 cervixes.

  • Erica

    I’ve only caught the first couple of minutes of one episode where the girl wanted to get her vagina pierced and quickly changed the channel! I think the subject matter is interesting, but not enough to fully commit to watching a whole episode. If I did it might be out of desperation for a new show, and with the summer coming up, it’s likely to happen.

  • janie jones

    Wow!You learn something new everyday!:0

  • mel

    I never heard of it before either. I Just watched a few clips and frankly found it to be bleh…don’t really care if a guy has pain while erect, or if someone is rebuilding his foreskin for better sensitivity – some things should just be PRIVATE! Although I do feel sorry for the double vagina/uterus gal.

    • Shannon

      I feel sorry for her, too. I remember learning that such a thing were possible while watching Loveline back in the day. The woman in question didn’t have a duplex apartment in her nether region, though. Just a skin fold.
      What boring times those were…

  • D

    I saw an episode where a guy believed he was married to a doll.

    • LMFAO

      That was Todd Palin.

      • portly


      • steph

        that would imply sarah palin is a doll…

  • mavis

    I guess in this PC time folks have forgotten about different strokes for different folks.

    • Ace

      I’m pretty sure there’s a pun to be made here.

  • Allie

    tlc comes up with the weirdest crap for shows. they shouldn’t even be called the “learning” channel. what am i learning by watching this crap?

    • Allison

      I think they realized that, as well, and that’s when they officially switched to TLC.

  • Shannon

    The only time I’ve watched this show is when “highlights” are shown on The Soup and Chelsea Handler. For instance, the “happy ending” of a paraplegic who discovered his thumb could take over where his penis left off.

  • Heather

    I have watched it because I have an interest in sex therapy, but I always forget when it is on. Definitely some unique things brought up on that show.

  • Gloria

    I just happened upon this show after watching sister wives. The episode I was watching was about Phillipe who lives with Donna and is arroused by watching her eat. Her goal is to reach 1,000 pounds. This is just SICK. Phillips should be charged with recklessly endangering another person and Donna is so into pleasing him and needs her head examined!

    • k

      Oh dear god. For real? Seriously, someone needs to arrange for and get them to some counseling. I understand that overeating and weight control can be tough for many people, so I’m not judging anyone who needs to lose weight (I mean, I’m one of those people myself), but it’s just unbelievable and inexcusable for anyone to want to deliberately pack on an unhealthy amount of weight in this day and age.

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