'Celebrity Apprentice': And the winner is...

Image Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

In what may just be the most important decision made by any person all year long — at least in terms of decisions involving 7UP, Def Leppard, and the Harlem Globetrotters — Donald Trump named his latest Celebrity Apprentice champion. Was it country crooner John Rich or Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin? My full recap will be up soon, (UPDATE: Dalton’s Celebrity Apprentice recap is now live!) but if you’ve already watched and want to sound off on who won, then read on after the jump for more! [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Sunday’s Celebrity Apprentice finale.]

In an episode that began with two men literally rolling out a red carpet in front of Donald Trump as he walked down the streets of New York City, and continued with Gary Busey hijacking the live show so he could talk about his Omaha Steaks kite, Marlee and John fought to finish on their 7UP Retro ad campaign. In the end, however, only one could win. That one was John Rich, who overcame not greeting Trump and the 7UP execs, and announcing Def Leppard a full 20 minutes early, to be named the Celebrity Apprentice and win $250,000 for his charity, St, Jude Children’s Hospital.

What do you think? Did the right person win? Who won the last round of NeNe vs. Star Jones? And exactly how many close-ups were there of Lisa Rinna’s breasts anyway? Hit the message boards and let us know. Also make sure to check out my casting suggestions for next season and click on the audio player below to check out Marlee and John breaking down the entire Celebrity Apprentice season on the latest edition of the InsideTV Podcast. Come back later for my full recap, and for more reality ramblings all year long, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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  • Paisley Quinn

    John Rich deserved the win, for sure, but Marlee was also outstanding. John Rich had the better commercial for 7 up but Marlee had the better live show. Tough choice.



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      • LKay

        @Meatloaf… Of course Marlee had something to do with the live show – it was under her watch and she chose them over the band. Plus there was no mess up with the timing – unlike with John.

      • cg

        Geoffry was holding the boring can backwards!!!!!

    • tom

      ummmm sympathy vote i think! TRUMP I THOUGHT YOU KNEW BETTER!

      • tom

        ok kept reading….my bad….YEAH JON!


        He did that is why “John Rich” was the true winner!!!!!!


        If DONALD TRUMP had any sympathy Marlee would have won.

      • cg

        Yeah, it’s all about sympathy (NOT). What a dumb comment.

    • Marlee WON!

      Marlee raised the most money and in a day too! This is the 2nd year a woman has kicked butt and lost. Donald is mysoginistic without a doubt.

      • lynne

        I thought Holly was robbed last season. Brett got the sympathy vote, but I think John Rich deserved to win this time. I thought Trump seemed very taken with Marlee, but had to concede that John’s whole record was better.

      • etm

        ITA, Lynne

      • Me

        Personality plays a role, too. Holly was not exactly a nice person. Part of playing the game is collaborating with others. Exhibit A: Star Jones making an enemy of nearly everyone, leading to her own early exit.

      • Robert

        I thought Marlee should have won too. The fact that everyone likes John Rich doesn’t change the fact he made two game-ending mistakes on the task. He didn’t greet the executives, which is an oversight deserving of a loss right there. Furthermore, purely through his own fault he totally botched the Def Leopard intro.

      • mark

        Marlee proved that she knows wealthy people and called on them for one show to raise a bunch of money. That’s all she did. John Rich, by a “country mile” was clearly the “Apprentice”. Hats off to Donald for hiring the best person not the sweetheart underdog!

      • Ron Jeremy

        I think Marlee would have won if she wouldn’t have mocked JR when he was trying to sing that song.

      • Toni

        What the heck are you talking about? Are you talking about the end? She was not mocking? she was signing the song to hearing impaired??? Hmm???

      • Jeannie

        John Rich did a bang up job … in every instance we saw it. Aside from raising $1M in a single challenge, I don’t think Marlee matched him very well as a Project Manager. She let Meat Loaf take over these last two challenges (aside from Geoff Holder, the commercial was a bomb); had her team fumbling around for a while because she didn’t delegate; had a can that looked good, but wasn’t attention grabbing; and when you think of all the other challenges — she contributed here and there, but not in large ways that John did throughout.


        Marlee and her team raised one million dollars but LATOYA and STARR JONES raised most of it. I’d like to see her raise it without them. She took all the credit because she was team leader without giving her team a part of the credit.
        Marlee stated she worked her ass off to win money for her charity but so did everyone else. She gave no credit to John Rich for his hard work but he acknowledged hers.
        Her speech about being deff and going to Hollywood ext… was pathetic. I thought she was there to raise money not gain fans by pity.
        Not once did you hear John Rich talk about his personal career. He was there for the right reason. He didn’t have my vote until the last show when Marlee showed her true self.

      • Jim

        Agreed, when it comes to picking between a man and woman, he always goes for the man. Hmmmm

      • @ MIRIAN

        Marlee brought in most of that money

    • LD

      We were surprised John Rich found a hat big enough for Trumps inflated head.

    • Marylou

      What to do to downloud the song sang at the final……so beautiful

      • Elizabeth

        saw the CD at target over the weekend

      • Meme

        It’s on itunes.

      • Meme

        its on itunes.

    • tom

      sprinkle in a few gay guys it will work….no offense meant….i am gay….just think it would be fun to watch!

      • Jacqueline

        I thought Richard Hatch was gay.

      • Selvie

        really not sure how well this works to compare, but I sttuter and I’ve often seen people mention that that might be related to Tourette’s because there are some similarities in how it presents itself. And personally, one of the things that annoys me about the portrayal of sttuterers in TV ( well there’s also, you know, the horrible negative stereotypes, the tendency to portray it as symptomatic of negative character trait of your choice instead of a disability, the making fun of, the magical curing and all that but apart from that) is that I can often spot a fake sttuter immediately and other sttuterers are even better at it. If you live day-in and day-out with this kind of thing, even though the way it presents is always highly individual and differs extremely from person to person, you do get a kind of feel for what it’s like and can often see when people are doing it voluntarily or not putting any pressure behind it. As a result, I would *really* want to see sttutering characters played by sttutering actors, not just because of what has been mentioned but because that’s the only way to /get/ it to be realistic (and even if the sttuterer in question doesn’t usually sttuter all that often, I think it’s a lot easier for a sttuterer to fake-stutter when they normally wouldn’t and make that sound real in fact, it ironically enough often becomes real! than for a non-stutterer to fake a sttuter).It does get tricky if they don’t just want a sttuterer but someone who will sttuter on X, Y and Z words in order to facilitate this plot point. Then again, I would argue that a disability shouldn’t be reduced to a single plot point anyway (why hello, Doctor Who, I am looking at you!)I imagine this isn’t all that unusual for various disabilities, in fact that people with the disability in question can often tell when it’s being faked. And, you know, I find the fact that crip drag is used *anyway* very telling namely, that it doesn’t matter to the people developing the TV show/movie whether PWD find it realistic or not (or are tempted to throw their TV against the wall on account of the horrible portrayal) as long as the currently-abled audience laps it up..-= Kazb4s last blog .. =-.

    • tom

      how about APPRENTICE: help the homeless….bring in 16 homeless people to try their luck…..hell in this economy I would sign up! AND I WOULD DEFINETLY WATCH!



      • Charles

        they pretty much did on the last Apprentice.

      • Diane

        They weren’t homeless, but the contestants a couple of seasons ago were mostly unemployed.

      • anonymous

        If you are homeless … No TV. How can you watch?

      • revcat

        Great idea!

    • TJ. Church

      Marlee being in the Final 2 was a mistake!

      • Fern Isaacson

        I agree Marlee Matlin had no business being in the final two!!!


        I agree!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!

      • max

        She didn’t deserve to be there? Then who should of? That’s a silly statement. Also, Mirian, you have something against Ms. Matlin apparently.

    • Diego

      Marlee cannot bank on that one million dollar event. Rich made sure to address this issue, and told Trump that through out the show he raised just as much money as his competition. The explanation for Rich’s win was obvious to the business perspective. There were three requirements for the task: to create the can, to create the commercial, and to host the promotional event. Rich won 2 out of 3. Also Marlee, was never officially fired.

    • c

      Country music is the ‘demographic’ you fools, Country is the only music that is still profitable.Fans still buy CD’s.
      Of course they had to have Marlee in the final or Trump would look bad for firing a deaf woman earlier.
      Come on people ,start to think for yourselves, its the same thing with all reality TV and it has become boring.

      • rick

        Youre su h a douche bag

      • @ c

        When you think for yourself, you come off as an idiot.

    • LittleMo

      Lynee and etm: You both are dead wrong about Brett and the “sympathy” vote last season. Holly already runs a non-profit foundation with her husband which gave her a profound advantage over Brett when it comes to raising money for charity and running a charity from the ground up. Brett had no experience at all yet he hung in there week and week BEFORE the hemorrhage happened. There is more to “hiring” somebody than who made the most money and remember Holly lose twice as project manager and Brett never lost as the PM at all. When you take somebody who has, and continues to have, oodles of experience at doing XYZ (Holly) and put them up against somebody who has no experience doing XYZ and the person with no experience manages to hang in there with the person who does, who really came the furthest? It’s the person who hung in there. Brett deserved to win and I’m glad he did.

      • etm

        Point well taken. I just meant that after the horrible health problems Brett had just pulled through there was no way Trump would not “hire” him.

      • etm

        And I was glad Brett won too.

      • Sweety

        Completely agree with you. Also Brett was always nice to everyone where as Holly was not.

      • MirandaJinx

        I was so proud of Bret last season. He had a charismatic personality that allowed him to get along with many different people and influence them to give money for the projects. In addition, he was determined and stuck it out until the end. This really isn’t that important, but I hope they reissue Bret’s and Holly’s Snapple flavors even though their season’s been over for a year. They were both great flavors, and Bret’s didn’t taste like diet at all.

    • cole

      I agree it was a difficult choice. But I really think that Marlee should’ve won… Her can design was much better and fit more with the brand… Also, her commercial told more about the product and was a better one overall. And John did mess up on the live show… Not having Def Leppard there on time was a big mistake although clearly not a huge deal in the grandest scheme of things.

      • ann

        yeah but he didnt let that bother him and got out there and sang


        Marlee’s commercial has horrible.Latoya as wonder woman was lame.
        John Rich is an artist overall and knows how to capture the audience. When it comes to business you have no business without an audience. John Rich didn’t have to say 7up it was LOUD and CLEAR!!!!

      • Valerie

        I’ve worked as an executive in marketing and brand management for 20 years. Marlee’s can was good, but it didn’t stand out on the shelf. John’s can was excellent. Marlee’s commercial was terrible. It was cheesy, unfunny, and a jumbled mess. The idea was good (make 7up the only thing that we should keep from the 70s), but the execution was terrible – made it look like 7up was one of those tacky things. John blew the timing of the Def Leppard concert, but he fixed it and that’s all you can do. Marlee’s issue was the contract, which she had Meatloaf fix. So John wins 2 out of 3 hands down, and fixes his mistake in the 3rd. No question in my mind that John wins.

      • Valerie

        Oh, and John’s commercial was outstanding – very funny, good execution of problem/solution, memorable, good display of product. The audience loved it.

      • Mark

        Marlee’s can design was definitely NOT better than John Rich’s. You couldn’t read the text on Marlees can and everything was waaaaayyy too busy and didn’t work together at all. It looked like a bunch of shapes vomitted all over the can. JR’s can was a perfect fit for not only 7-up but the retro branding of the 80’s as well. The task was to RETRO brand the can, which JR did brilliantly. His can pops off the shelf whereas Marlee’s blends in with everything else. And John’s commercial was easily b etter than Marlee’s tacky looking mess. It looked like it was done by some high school media class or something. Plus Marlee failed as a leader the entire season. JR shined as a leader. Given who the final 2 were, it was CLEAR who the winner should have been even before the final task. And for the record, I am a HUGE Marlee Matlin fan. But on the Celebrity Apprentice, she did not deserve the win and Donald picked the right winner. John Rich.

      • Meme

        Marleigh’s can was good…so good it is on sale from coast to coast, same as JR’s. To me, both commercials tanked. Neither commercial was good, funny, or interesting in anyway. In the marketing aspect (the commercial, and can design) of the challenge it was a virtual tie…the 7UP execs said so. So then it came down to the presentation and Marleigh won that, and yet JR still won??? Donald Trump is a mysogynistic.

    • Snowhite

      Marlee was definitely better. Jon Rich is only as good as Lil Jon makes him. His constant clambering about his charity only made him seem disingenuous. Rich was there to boot his career, like everybody else. The only way Trump shouldve picked Rich over Marlee was if Lil Jon came with him. Fun show to watch either way!



      • alan of montreal

        oh god, Mirian, grow up

    • cg

      Some observations: Marely’s stank face last night, when John got praise, undid a lot of good will she had built up. She was a petulant child. And while she raised a lot of $ she was not a good namager. Star is the most arrogant, self-deluded being on the planet. I don;t think there is one person who likes her. David Cassidy’s response was juvenile and ignorant. Oh yeah, going to jail for tax evasion is real payback for calling David out for being a lazy, useless, teammate. Marley may be joining Richard.

  • Dan

    Marlee Matlin was fantastic and did the Deaf community proud. With that said, John Rich probably deserved the win.

    • etm

      I enjoyed watching how expressive Marlee was when she signed.

    • cg

      I did not enjoy her childish pouting last night.

  • Cranberry

    The right person won. That was an epic battle…both did an amazing job…but John Rich was brilliant.

  • sam

    john rich. ehhh. big noob.

  • ugh

    when he said: i’m gonna do something different tonight – i thought he was gonna sign marlee’s name. two great people made it to the finals. i’m headed out of buy some 7up in a zebra stripped can tomorrow!

    • spindle

      the difference was he did announce the loser with “you’re fired”. He never announces the winner is

      • zstrongz

        On the last episodes, it’s the “you’re hired” bit.

      • Carolyn

        he never says you are hired cuz he does not hire the celebrity

    • Ginny

      what did trump mean by that “i’m going to do something different tonight”? I didn’t see anything different happen!

      • ann

        he didnt tell marlee she was fired

      • Bo

        That is what I have been wondering as well! Kept waiting for him to announce a tie. They held the confetti drop and Ivanka kept looking to The Donald for a cue…

    • Mae

      I did too since it took so long. I thought it marlee was going to win he shouldve signed “you’re hired” or say “the winner is…” then sign her name

  • Pablo

    What did trump do differently as he said he would?!?



    • Lynn

      The thing he did differently was that he did not tell Marley she was fired. He just told John he won.

      • RLG

        I kept waiting for something different, too. I thought he always did it this way. HA

        I still dislike Star. What a phoney.

  • len

    Wow. I am shocked that Marleee didn’t win! Though I was rooting for John.

    • Deb

      What did he Mr. Trump mean by “I am going to do something different??? Thought he was going to let it be a tie….

      • kkineman

        he didn’t tell marlee she was fired

      • n

        I was wondering the same ?? and also about a previous comment directed at Lisas’ …..

      • Mare

        I agree — I thought we thought he was going to say “tie”.

  • Paisley Quinn

    Nene got yet another chance to bring the ghetto. Crazy b_tch, that one. Maybe there is a big heart in there somewhere, La Toya, but I doubt it. As cunning as Star may have been, at least she kept it classy.

    • Marlee WON!

      Star has no interpersonal communications skills whatsoever. Her dealings with NeNe told the whole story as to why she didn’t get along with the women at The View.

      If LaToya who had disagreements with NeNe can find a way to work with her, then darnet Star being the so-called educated professional should have found a way as well.

      NeNe was correct. Star is a conniving little b*tch! NeNe called her exactly what she was and Star couldn’t handle it. NeNe is tough but smart. NeNe is not “ghetto”. NeNe is a smart woman but she has the street smarts. Every successful businessman didn’t graduate from Harvard or Yale. There are men that only have high school diplomas but own successful contruction businesses etc…

      NeNe keeps it real. If you can’t stand the heat, then don’t mess with her LOL!! You go NeNe!!

      • Jan Shaffer

        But how many times did Star say…”as a professional woman”…GAG.

      • JR earned it!

        Star may be hard to get along with, but Nene is nowhere near smart. She IS savvy…she knows that all she has to offer up in order to be a celebrity is to be loud and obnoxious, and she is so desperate to be a celebrity that she brings loud and obnoxious to a whole new level…but that doesn’t mean she’s smart. Nene “brings herself up” by bringing the competition down, period. She lost control in her own show when Phaedra joined RHOA and had the exact same tantrum on their reunion show. She doesn’t like educated black women because she ISN’T an educated black woman (and before ANYONE decides to scream from the rooftops, I am a black woman!). She doesn’t know word one from “keeping it real.” “Real” life is dealing with people you don’t like, not throwing tantrums because they don’t act the way you want them to. She has no strategy at all and just can’t play in the big leagues, where strategy wins out.

      • LKay

        NeNe lost credibility when she walked off the show without letting her team know. She said she did it for herself, but she still should have let the team know.


        YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE NeNe for being so real and above all honest!!! It is not classy to bring up your ethnicity or race that is a pathetic cry STARR JONES.

      • Dee

        If “real” is showing your ignorance to the world, then NeNe won hands down. This black woman was embarrassed with NeNe’s ghetto behavior.

      • Michelle

        I agree. With NeNe, you always know where you stand with her. There is no beating around the bush. She tells you exactly what’s on her mind. With Star, she will smile to your face and stab you in the back! I would hardly call that class.

    • jezoebe;

      Star may have interpersonal issues, but at least she kept herself classy. NeNe had no class whatsoever. Keep it real my eyeball! There’s a fine line between keeing it real and being a bully. And NeNe was a bully through and through.

      • Johnny Combover

        What I found interesting was when Trump took a poll of the contestants as to who they thought should win, Nene didn`t raise her hand for either finalist. What a class act.

    • Jeannie

      Star? Classy? Hmmm … I disagree. Just because she dresses and speaks well, doesn’t mean she’s classy. She came across as a brown noser, a back stabber, and a condescending control freak who belittles people to get her way. Nene may be loud, but Star is unnecessarily mean. I think you get a better idea about a person when you better understand their intent.

  • joyce smiley

    I am SO HAPPY for John Rich! He not only played well tonight, he played great all season and every challenge! Marlee is okay, but she was not very good at taking charge of her projects and that was not good. John was right in there on every project and filling the gap when no one else could or would. I have a whole new respect for the Donald as well as JR and wish Marlee well. Probably the best Celebrity Apprentice so far! Cheers, JR!

    • lynne

      Yes, best season ever. Also, arguably the most entertaining reality show this season. Gary, Meat, NeNe and Star: crazy fun.

    • Pammie

      I am so supportive of John’s victory. He played strong the entire season and truly deserved the win. As a nurse I am so appreciative of his committment and love to St. Jude’s Hospital. Children’s lives are saved every day directly as a result of the outstanding work done. Families are also cared for and we must all remember that no child is turned away for treatment because their family cannot afford the medical care; there are still some great things in this world. Love you John!

      • Sweety

        Awwwww your comment made me cry! I couldn’t agree more

  • Mark

    Wow. What a big shame. John totally bungled that final task and still won, while Marlee, who should have won, got the shaft. I wonder if Donald did this deliberately for shock factor, because Marlee was so clearly the favorite.

    • lynne

      Clearly whose favorite? Most people I knew were totally rooting for John.

      • etm

        Seemed like most of the other celebrities were rooting for John too.

      • Carolyn

        most of both teams said John Rich should have won

      • Robert

        Yeah none of which changes the fact John botched the task. I liked him, but the critique still stands. Like Marlee or not, think she got lucky or not she made zero actual mistakes on the last task. She demonstratively did not botch it. John did. It’s not hard. He’s lucky there’s no scoreboard, because he would have lost. And I do like him, but he lost that task hands down.

      • Robert

        this was a big fraud by trump.marlee clearly won but trump gave it to john anyway. this will be the last year I watch this trumped up show.after he bungled his task how can anybody say that john won. he pretends to be a country gentleman but he won’t even take his hat off when he enters a room. st.judes is a great charity. but john does not deserve to win this. marlee was cheated.

      • @ Robert

        While Marlee did not have any huge mistakes in the final task (personally, I preferred John’s can and commercial), the winner was determined by more than just the final task. It was a reflection of the whole season, which John Rich clearly won.

    • John

      I couldn’t root for John. He’s been so smug all season, I’m actually tired of hearing of St. Jude.

      • Carolyn

        you would not be sick of hearing the name St. Judes if you had a sick child dying of cancer….just sayin’

      • chaka

        I have a 5 year old who is a childhood cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with a tumor that had a 97% fatality rate 30 years ago. It is thanks to St. Judes that a diagnosis of a Wilm’s tumor now has a cure rate of around 97%. I will pray for you John

      • tanya

        If you ever are personally affected by a child with cancer and never grow weary of hearing of such an amazing place as St. Jude. If you have a heart @ all and ever darken the doors of St. Jude you will leave a totally changed person, I assure you! In honor of ZACH L., I am so thankful for St. Jude and those who support it!

      • lilly

        your so right Carolyn, as a parent with a child that was givien NO hope, that is here now 10 years in
        june I resent people with atitude against St Jude.I was a sceptic about that place, and everything they say is so true, everyone is treated equally there.. I was amazed at how the employees quickly learn you and your childs name, if only hospitals would send their workers for a month of training at St Jude

      • Sweety

        Reading all your comments and hearing so much about St Judes makes me want to work there. I am a student nurse aspiring to specialize in peds and hopefully one day I will get to work there and give back like John did. He truly deserved it and I hope and pray that St. Nudes will continue to be showered with millions and millions in donations so that they continue to treat every child

      • Sweety

        Omg!!! Auto correct on this phone. Sorry. I meant St. Judes

    • Paula

      No, John was NOT clearly the favorite. John was strong through out the entire series, whereas Marlee, at times, was not.

    • tom

      Ummm if anything latoya got the sham….she was consistently told how well she did….won her challenge….yes the second part of her coming back was for show….but she did dahm well….sorry not all of us scream….like star and nene or however you spell it

      • Brandy

        I agree I thought she did very well and have a total different outlook on her now and respect her she has grown.

    • Mark

      Ummm…While I love Marlee Matlin, she was NOT the clear favorite. John Rich was BY FAR the one that was predicted to win, even from the very start of the show. Marlee did good on ONE task and John did brilliantly throughout the entire season. He was a true leader where Marlee faltered seriously in her organizational and leadership skills.

      • Brandy

        I totally agree John was awesome through out the show. Marleee relied on everyone else to do the work for her. The right person won just cause Marlee knows some rich people so what.

    • curtis

      I think a lot of the final decision came to the charity since John and Marlee basically tied. A kids life over hearing. I teared up seeing the kids at St. Jude

    • Jeannie

      The final challenge was broken into three tasks … John may have bungled the concert intro, but Marlee didn’t put up sufficient 7-up signage nor did she seem to incorporate 7-up in the globe trotters performance, the globe trotters did that themselves. Also, she didn’t fare well on two other fronts — her can and her commercial were not perfect. They voted for John’s can, but never said who the winner was for the commercial. I wasn’t wowed by Marlee’s tasks, I was wowed by John’s tasks AND his ability to bounce back.

    • Aerin

      Totally agree that Marlee should have won. Why did they even bother with the last task, which she totally won? Better can, better commercial, better event. Rich seriously screwed up the live event, and the task wasn’t about fundraising, so he should not have gotten any credit for that. The fix was in. But then, it’s the Donald’s show, and he will do whatever he wants –– fairness doesn’t enter into it. Hail to the Chief! (Not!)



    • Amy

      They were signing like Marlee was. As in signing the words to the song.

      • Carolyn

        they were signing applause….duh!

    • Anita

      As for “waving their arms”, if you’re being serious, and don’t know, those kids were signing the song, along with John and Marlee. And at the end, when no one applauded, they waved their hands in the air. That’s how deaf people “clap”.

      • Kendy

        that’s right, I’m Deaf myself and that’s how Deaf people clap. They can’t hear the hands clapping so they use the hand wave because it’s visual.

    • carlyjo

      uhhmm, you’re kidding right? In case you’re not, they’re singing the song in sign language d u m b a $ $. That’s how deaf people communicate.

    • Kathy P

      They were signing along with Marlee.



    • Sarcasm

      Nobody here picks up on my name!

      • Toni

        Wow! you thought they were Hawaiian? I guess you can’t read? It had a caption saying New York School for the Deaf. OMG…. wow. That is so disrespectful that you would mock them! hmmm…

    • maya

      That’s sign language for applause.

  • Patty

    Another of Trumps stupid decisions! Of course he picked the “man” to be celebrity apprentice!!! Even though Marley clearly won the 7UP challenge, Trump picked John Rich. Figures, the woman does all the work and the man gets the rewards

    • Jim

      Marley did not win the commercial. JR’s commercial was better even though he had a time lapse prior to the live entertainment. His commercial and can design were much better. As for not picking a woman, I think the women this time were an embarrassment to professional women given their behavior and back-stabbing. If you recall, Marley made very unkind comments about LaToya and gave her absolutely no credit for giving up MJ’s shirt.

      • DeAnn P

        Marleys commercial was HORRIBLE, soooo cheesy. I can’t believe the 7 UP folks would really want to show it. The only saving grace was the original “Uncola” guy.

      • Bobbie

        Couldn’t agree more, Jim. On the one hand, you kind of have to give Marlee props for being able to survive the pit vipers, but on the other, I don’t care for the way she chose to do it – basically, she found someone to pick on, and tag, LaToya was “it”. It left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, and that’s about the same time I gave up on the women’s team altogether and put my money on Rich. WTG, John and St. Jude’s!

      • Sweety

        I know I still cannot believe how all the women were so terrible to Latoya. Even Marlee it seemed like they were all ganging up on her.

      • Juneau

        Marlee TOTALLY gave credit to LaToya for giving up the MJ shirt. She said so in the Boardroom. I don’t know what you’re talking about. But Marlee lost fair and square. She picked the team of losers to help her and Meat Loaf totally ruined her commercial. I think more people think of David Cassidy in the 70’s than the stupid Bat out of Hell album but Meat is all ego. They should’ve called David to help. Maybe he would’ve brought the Partridge Family bus.

    • Paula

      John did A LOT more work than Marlee, hands down. Look how see sat back, as project manager, and lead meat Load lead the way. John Rich proved himself ALL SEASON long. That’s why he won!

    • Fog cue

      Fill your fat face with bon bons, Fatty!

    • Me

      You have to remember that they take the whole season into account, not just the final task. I thought Marlee was weaker throughout the season. Her leadership skills were seriously lacking at times, particularly in the task when she let Meat Loaf run wild. John Rich was consistently good.

    • Mark

      Wow…while I’m a HUGE Marlee fan I’m thinking you must have been watching the Celebrity Apprentice from the alternate reality where Marlee actually had some leadership and organizational skills. Because the show that everyone else saw she was seriously lacking in both all season. While I give her props for the amount of money she raised she was not deserving of the win, thus the reason she didn’t win. Had nothing to do with her being a woman. John Rich was a consistent leader throughout hte season and deserved to win. As for the final task, John’s Commercial was by far the better of the two and John’s can design was by far the better design of the two. John DESERVED to win.

    • Brandy

      He picked the one that deserved to win what work did Marlee do lmao she always relied on other people barely had a thought of her own. She didn’t even deserve to be in final 2 let alone win!


      That is a poor comment. I’m a woman and as a business owner I disagree. You sound like STARR JONES using her race as an excuse for her loss. PATHETIC!!!!!

    • maya

      Sorry, but as a woman who watched the show, I completely disagree. JR deserved the win. Marlee had her moments, but she wasn’t as good overall. And, she raised the money with the help of her team, but took the credit herself in the end. The best PERSON won.

  • Wow!

    Star’s dress was almost as ugly as her personality.

    John Rich deserved to win. Marlee did a great job. Funniest moment, camera catching Niki Taylor mouthing “Crazy” behind Gary Busey. Biggest mystery, where was Dionne? Biggest star to come out of season? Lil Jon, with Hope a close second (the person in the Playboy slot usually goes home first….she stayed long enough that people will remember her name).

    • lisa

      Though Marlee was passionate. Couldn’t agree more re: John Rich deserving the win. Lil Jon was the biggest suprise winner to come out of the season. Biggest loser this season is Star Jones.

      • Juneau

        Clearly the biggest loser to come out of this season was Meat Loaf. Screaming, crying, lousy ideas.

    • elizabeth

      Wow, what was Star dressed as? A purple people eater? I thought her wardrobe was actually lovely all season…but this was way out there.



  • Tii

    John Rich was the right choice-Marlee was good but not as good as John. He was so down to earth, a hard worker, intelligent… He was the best.

    • Toni

      Tii what are you trying to say ??? That Marlee is not good because she was deaf or is there something else to why she wasn’t good? Sorry, but I thought she did brilliantly! I love both John and Marlee. I had hoped Marlee won because then that would show the world that deaf people CAN do ANYTHING!!!!!

      • Alouetta

        Toni I don’t think Tii said that Marlee was ‘not good’ just that John Rich was the best. As for charities – I think keeping kids alive trumps (oops) helping kids hear every time.

        marlee can continue to raise money and make sure that kids in Africa can hear. This doesn’t change that. I didn’t like how she got her back up about John Rich receiving donations at his event. Very small of her.

        GO JOHN RICH!

      • Toni

        She was upset because John made it sound like fund raising is part of the job when she knows it wasn’t. She was upset that it went one step farther. She would have done it if it was expected, but she was doing what was asked of her from Donald. John just stepped one up and I can understand her reaction EASILY. Not small of her.
        Also, being alive and being able to hear are equal! I am deaf, so thanks for making it seem like we DON’T matter!

      • tom

        she was deaf….got it….does not mean she should win….jon was much more tactical…in control…and a leader in every task….she sat back…..and honestly was scared of star and nini…..when they were gone maybe she got in her groove….to late sunshine…deaf or blind…or one legged!

      • etm

        Toni, you really have a huge chip on your shoulder. You read wayyy too much into these comments and look for insults and innuendo that just aren’t there.

      • chaka

        actually, I would rather donate money to a childhood cancer cause than a deaf child because I know that that no one ever died from being deaf but you have a 100% chance of dying from cancer if there’s not a treatment that works.

      • Brandy

        She shouldn’t win just because she is deaf, that would show the worlkd that we pick people out of pity. She always relied on others and I wasn’t very impressed with her at all. She is a great actress but she wasn’t the best this year John totally deserved the win hands down!

      • settinitstrsight

        No, I agree with Toni. Alouette was insinuating that being deaf is not as bad as having cancer. Personally I think they are both horrible things. My sister lost her hearing as an adult and watching the way people treat her now because she can’t hear (Like she’s stupid or stuck up) infuriates me. I don’t think one can compare diseases or ailments until you have experienced both personally. (Which my family has.) Both charities were helping children live fuller, longer, healthier lives…both are equally deserving of money. That being said St. Jude is one of my favorite charities… but That doesn’t mean that Marleigh shouldn’t have won.

    • Ryan

      Marlee wasn’t as good a project manager as John. She often let her teammates take control of the challenges when she was supposed to be in charge.

      • tom

        right and thats when you get fired!

    • Carolyn

      Marlee made a big mistake when she made her big spiel at the end and said IF she won celebrity apprentice, that would be the last word they did not hear…she should be working that hard for her charity win or lose….she never had the foresight to raise money if it didnt mean to help her win….John did….and his spiel at the end was …..I did not come here to hit a homerun…I came here to hit a grand-slam…and he did that too….Marlee is an actress and a good one…she did not do a lot and rode in on the coat-tails of her other team members…..Mark McGrath was right….John won the whole season, not just one night

      • Nicole

        Marlee should have won. John Rich, to me spent the whole season kissing butt, and to botched the final event. Trump has a real problem with women, case in point.. Holly of last season. Marlee had this won in my view, but again that is onlymy own.

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