MTV casts a hypothetical, live-action 'Daria' movie. Now I want them to make it for real


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I’m not quite sure why MTV chose yesterday, of all days, to reveal its dream cast for a theoretical live-action movie based on Daria — but I’m not complaining. On the whole, the network’s casting choices are inspired, especially when it comes to their leading lady: Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza, who knows a thing or two about playing smart, sarcastic, and deadpan, was basically born to play Daria. MTV’s picks for Daria’s parents, uptight Helen (Annette Bening) and hot mess Jake (Will Ferrell), are also nothing short of perfect. And I had to restrain myself from clapping in joy when I read who they selected to play Mr. DeMartino, Daria’s stressed-out, bug-eyed history teacher: Christopher Walken. Can’t you just hear him bellowing “CHEESE LOGS” in a fit of rage? 

If only this were a real movie! It’s been nine long years since Daria went off the air — and since the show ended, there hasn’t been anything comparable to it on TV. Today’s cynical, high-school-aged social misfits have nobody to look up to, unless you count the pepbots of Glee (and I’m guessing those cynical misfits wouldn’t). So why not turn this hypothetical idea into a real, live movie? I know I’d be there on opening weekend, especially if Aubrey Plaza were involved. And if they went with Lizzy Caplan instead of Ellen Page for Jane.

Do you think a live-action version of Daria could ever work? What do you think of MTV’s casting choices? And do you agree that Daria‘s musical episode puts most other one-off musical episodes to shame?

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  • HD

    I don’t really remember the show but one joke that has stayed with me over the years was Jane saying “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down,” and Daria’s brilliant response of, “not if you’re a diabetic.”

  • Woot

    Wow, Aubrey Plaza would be brilliant as a live action Daria! This needs to happen!

  • lefty

    Seems random, but I’d be really okay with it if it happened!

  • Kellee

    MTV please oh please make a Daria live action movie. I love Daria and has seen every episode even have my dvr set to record Daria on the Logo channel.

  • Jesse

    I don’t care if they make a live action movie of Daria, but I would KILL for the return of the cartoon. Since they graduated in the final episode, I guess it would need to be “Daria: The College Years”, but maybe with updates for the Twitter and Facebook generation. I miss Daria’s biting social commentary. Please, please, please come back to us Daria. (And as an aside, I miss stressed-out Helen Morgendorffer’s yelling so much… JAAAAKE!)

  • Stephanie

    How about Sarah Drew, the voice of Daria herself?

    • Captain

      Sarah Drew had a role on Daria but she didn’t play Daria. She’s far too perky for that. Tracy Grandstaff voiced Daria.

    • Kylie

      Tracy Grandstaff was the voice of Daria. Sarah Drew was the voice of Fashion Club member Stacy.

  • Lilia

    Please make the movie for real MTV! I would love to watch this!!

  • Michael

    Sorry but Aubrey Plaza is the wrong choice for Daria, however, she’s PERFECT to play Jane. I could see Kat Dennings as Daria

    • brittany

      Blah, what a horrible choice. Ser has a horrible voice and is way too curvy to play Daria. Aubrey would be awesome as Daria, watch Parks and Rec if you doubt it.

      • Shannon

        Agreed. I love Kat Dennings, but Aubrey’s got the perfect vibe. Kat appeared on Conan recently looking very preppy chic and with her gazongas amazingly hidden from view, but the girl’s a voluptuous bombshell. She’s brainy, quirky, and delightfully odd, but Daria she is not.

  • kate middleton

    Yeah, Aubrey Plaza pretty much IS Daria. I haven’t thought about Daria in years….oh high school.

  • Captain

    Love pretty much all the choices except Dianna Agron for Britney. The girl cannot act and is too dead inside to play a perky idiot. Katie Cassidy, Heather Morris or Candice Accola are much better choices.

    • Shannon

      Yeah, I don’t really see Diana Agron as Britney either.
      She’s too icy as you said. I’m not familiar with Cassidy or Accola, but I’ll take your word that they are better suited.
      I don’t know about Heather Morris, though. She’s great at playing ditzy, but she does it in a very cool, deadpan kind of way that Britney never had. We’re looking at a complete and utter squeaky, whiney idiot here. No names are coming to mind, but I’m sure there are a few young actresses capable of pulling that off…

      • Ace

        If only Vanessa Lengies were blonde…

      • Shannon

        That’s where wigs and dye come in. Bring in the stylists and anything’s possible.

      • Captain

        The more I think of it, the more I love Candice Accola for Britney. She totally has that perky, cheerleader ditz thing going on. Take Carolina Forbes’ IQ down a couple of notches and voila.

    • reamy

      totally agree captain!

  • Typ0

    A live action Daria would be awesome! The Christopher Walken casting is freaking brilliant. As soon as i read that it clicked.

  • Shannon

    Daria reruns appear every now and then on Logo and I really miss the show. The casting choices are brilliant (Aubrey Plaza!!!) and it would be awesome if MTV could put a sock filled with Ragu in the mouths of the Jersey Shore cast and bring back their progressive, inventive programming. In fact, all is forgiven if they bring this Daria movie idea to life!
    The show’s a cult classic for formerly cynical teens such as myself and it’s still enjoyed by many cynical-minded adults (such as myself), so this needs to happen!

  • Allison

    Will Ferrell? Ugh. No.

    • Shannon

      Aw, why not? He’s great at that whole mood-swinging man-baby kind of thing.

  • kitty

    Agreed Lizzy Caplan is so Jane

    • Shannon

      Googled her and love her look. Ellen Page rocks, but Jane always had an arty elegance, an alterna chic with a warm, mama bear quality. Ellen would have a great rapport with Daria, I am sure, but I don’t see her as Jane.

    • sarah

      love all the casting ideas. i think emma stone would be good as jane. she really pulled off the sarcasum in easy A

  • Allison

    Adrian Grenier as Trent. NO! Trent is charming. AG is…not. I can’t stand him.

    • Shannon

      Don’t like AG either. Trent is kind of an idiot, but a cool idiot. A seductive idiot. A nice idiot. He’s like Jordan Catalano, only without the long, luscious hair and douchebaggery. I could see Ian Somerhalder playing him.

    • Biz

      Yeah Adrian Grenier is NOT Trent. And this is coming from an Entourage fan.

      I always thought Dave Navarro looked a little like Trent but he’s too old now. Maybe Jared Leto, he’s a rocker and everybody loves him from MSCL.

      • Nicole

        Love Leto and Somerhalder but I feel like they’re both way aged out of playing Trent. My vote would be Ethan Peck – he’s just as hot but more age appropriate.

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