'Bones' season finale: Did that seriously just happen?!


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Watching tonight's episode of Bones was like waiting for the last wobbly bowling pin to tip over. And based on the outcome, we were either going to be happy -- or very pissed. So which are you?[SPOILER ALERT]

I think in the back of our heads we knew that Booth and Brennan had sex in last week’s episode. I mean, why all the buildup if they didn’t do the deed, right? And while we spent the entire episode waiting for confirmation of what we already felt in our bones (Pun!), I don’t think anyone could have predicted that the huge final twist was that Bones was pregnant.

I completely expect reactions to this news to be mixed. After all, it feels like we pressed fast-forward through the best part of a growing relationship — and, in this case, a relationship we’ve been watching grow for six years. I think I’d feel a little cheated…if it weren’t for that final frame.

You see, those last twenty seconds, as Brennan broke the news to Booth while Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” played in the background,┬áhad what I call the Power of Booth. It was one of those moments — like the final minutes of the 100th episode and when Booth rescues Brennan in “Two Bodies in the Lab” — where a single look from his puppy dog eyes just makes you melt. And when Booth’s stunned face turned into a joy-filled smile, I lost it. To be fair, I think some of those tears were because I had spent 58 minutes watching them solve a murder in a freaking bowling alley when all I wanted to do was find out what the heck happened last week. (In the oh-so-appropriate words of my friend who IM’d me toward the end of the episode, “Oh you bastards, you have 12 mins to pop out a baby and to TELL US WHAT HAPPENED.”)

But the rest of the tears, readers, were happy. Happy because Angela and Hodgins had a healthy baby. Happy because they gave it a middle name that was a nod to fallen squintern Vincent. And happy because, well, this is Bones and Booth. We know they’re meant for each other, so…why not?

Of course, so much is left in the air. Will Brennan’s baby make it to full term? Was this a dream (probably not)? Will next season jump ahead some amount of time so we don’t have two pregnancies over two consecutive seasons? No one knows what’s down the line.

All I do know? Despite everything we’ve been through with these crazy kids…they still get to me.

What’s your take, PopWatchers?

UPDATE: Read Mandi’s Q&A with executive producer Stephen Nathan!

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  • Danielle

    It’s so funny… at first, I felt it was a little bit of a cop out. Then, like you, Sandra, that damn Booth grin and I lost it! I’m very happy with this ending… LOVE it!

    • Remy


      • bonesfan

        she did not do that she slept with him thats why shes pregnant and dr.brennan isnt the kind of person to do that. i have resources

    • potterspoet

      that smile did me in. it was the perfect response, not too over the top,just happy, and hopeful.

    • joy

      Ok I just felt cheated. That I know and they better make it up to us next season because I am totally like “WTF!” They didn’t even tell us for sure they slept together. I mean what happen in between, did they ignore each other for like a couple of weeks or what. I just really like what!

      • Javabooknut

        I understand your frustration. I was like no kiss?!!! It felt like a fun middle of the season ep for most of the time. And last week we didn’t see any actual intimacy, affection etc. But I think since she’s pregnant w/his child they kind of did tell us they slept together. I now understand why D. Boreanez said we might be happy and feel like throwing a shoe a the tv at the same time. Something like that. That’s how i felt.

      • Bob

        I’d like to know who wrote and performed the song “Bowling is my Kind of Game”?

      • Wanda

        this is their way of telling you they slept together

      • @Bob

        Me too Bob! I thought “that’s a fun little ditty and I would totally download it”.

      • diana

        ITA, no kiss, and Brennan had to TELL him the baby’s HIS? Didn’t care for that, but I’m not complaining. They’re together at last! I hope Brennan agrees to marry him, ’cause you know he’s gonna ask and she’s gonna be reluctant. But he’s already got a kid out of wedlock. Not fair to do this again to poor Booth.

      • trish

        I agree. I was watching and felt like they skipped the entire middle of the story. Like being led blindfolded up a beautiful mountain and then being told to jump before you get to enjoy the view. It took the relationship from zero to 110 without the enjoyment of us getting to watch it progress. No awkward “1st” kiss. No first date, etc. I love Bones, but feel a bit cheated at the development of the relationship.

      • Ashley

        I actually felt like it was perfect. I think if we’d had to watch them go through all that awkward 1st kiss and first date and all that, it wouldn’t have been very satisfying. In effect, they’ve been going through that stage for 6 years. We know how they feel about each other, they know how they feel about each other, why go through all that? This actually propels their relationship forward. I like that this show doesn’t conform to what every other show does, because it’s not like every other show. This makes it unpredictable. We would all know what was coming if they’d followed the traditional dating route (i.e., first date, first kiss, etc.), but now we get to see how they’ll react to this totally new situation, which should be hilarious considering how different their viewpoints are.

      • phoenix

        I am actually surprised another way. I really didn’t think they had sex after her going into his bedroom. I couldn’t see her go from crying and upset to… sex. She was having a weak moment, no longer impenetrably unaffected. The smile with Angela to me was about being with him, not necessarily sex.
        I think we will get to see a lot of interesting new developments between them, certainly this helps push them together instead of dawdling along. But the whole Hannah mess still sits poorly with me. If it was all serious, is Booth ready? Is their candle fire wish time now? *sigh*

      • jorjanna

        “BOWLING IS MY KIND OF GAME” by Asleep at the Wheel, on the album, “Country Goes Raffi”.

      • bstone@ca

        I am fine with the mystery of their night together…I have difficulty believing they could have taken that monumental step and not shown any reaction in conversation or body language (with the exception of them being arm in arm after Vincent’s body drives away)…Assuming they are some type of a couple I would hope/expect them to be walking closely or hand holding after celebrating the birth of baby Hodgins. The other part that bugs me is the improbability of these two characters having an unplanned pregnancy…Booth is already a dad who wishes he was a full time father. Bones is entirely too rational to have unprotected sex…That being said-I love them-fully absorbed by The Power of Booth. Can’t wait for next season. I hope Bones can still go out in the field.

      • bkwurm1

        Reminded me of what they did on X-Files. Yeah, I feel a little cheated and confused. I’m not still sure Bones didn’t just go behind his back and use his prior donation to get invetro done.

    • thatgirl83

      I was stunned at first. I had to replay the scene several times and while I felt slightly cheated out of seeing what actually happened I thought that the scene was perfect. Brennan’s hesitation and nervousness, Booth’s obvious shock/heartbreak when she told him, then when she said it was his and his stunned look grew into that proud/happy smile I just melted. I’m so happy for next season.

      • MARIE

        cant wait for next sason.


      • TheGeekyBunny

        i know at first when bones told him that she was pregnant at first he looked devastated. Like she went with someone else and had their kid. you could see booth loved bones and her having someone else’s kid he seemed heartbroken then bones said he was the father. then kid smile suggested that he’s been waiting his whole life for this time with bones. his smile melted my heart

    • nicole

      it’s about time I think the show will be even better you never get to see what happens after the happy ending! the chemistry they have on camera is wow! bones and booth the things they will go thru with having a baby relationship is going to be awesome can’t wait

    • Phyl

      I agree on the smile!! I play the show over and over again just to see his slow realization smile again at the end.
      I don’t believe we were cheated out of a “grand passion”. I think we had six years of the “grand passion” and when they finally had sex they are at ease and comfortable with each other now.

  • Liz

    I’m dying I’m so happy about Angela and Hodgins baby mixed about Booth and Bones’ but those puppy dog eyes….

    • Dorothy

      the song – sounded like Asleep at the Wheel to me but I’m guessing

  • Deanna

    I loved the last scene where Bones told Booth. So sweet! I’m interested to see how Bones deals with pregnancy. Not only the physical side of things, but the emotional as well. I’m really excited for the next season. And Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins was adorable. <3

  • Ana

    I’m still not sure if I liked it or not. But the Power of Booth does do wonders.

  • Polly

    Sex that happens offscreen? Are TPTB really that stupid? You don’t build up a relationship to have the get-together happen when you don’t even see it. FAIL

    • Sue1

      I loved it. It’s about the relationship, not the sex.

      • Jen

        I’m not convinced their is a relationship. I just haven’t seen the chemistry they once had before the 100th. To me it feels forced and fake.

      • Lilly

        I don’t understand why so many people need to see them in bed together. I liked that they left us fairly sure but not confirmed until the end. If they had shown us them as a couple, the reveal at the end wouldn’t have been as interesting. Happy for most but not as good.

      • diana

        I agree, I didn’t need to see the sex scene, but an ILY and a kiss would have been nice.

      • E.

        @Sue1: Yep. It’s the same with Mulder and Scully.

        People still want to see those two have sex even after all this time. It’s silly really.

        @diana: Definitely. But I’m not complaining, at least the episode itself turned out well.

        One thing I’m confused about though, is what was up with Booth’s behavior during the ep? He just seemed so distant through it…

      • melissa

        I agree…besides my imagination is much more creative then anything the writers could come up with !

      • KCatty

        Amen. I’ve watched the episode several times now, and if you look closely, you can tell from the get-go that they had been involved since the night Vincent died. From the “making whopee” comments at the bowling alley to the glances in front of Papa Bones, there isn’t a hint of awkwardness, but rather open flirtation.

        With that context, the final scene is perfect… Bones so afraid that everuthing would change. And the “You’re the father” comment is just so Brennan. They could be married and she’d still say the same thing!

        I have been pretty disappointed with Bones’ finales in the past, and with this season pretty much as a whole, but with the past couple episodes, I am definitely looking forward to next season… and I suspect that with the pregnancy, Booth will be “relying on” Sweets more not just as a confidant in dealing with a hormonal Bones, but also as a partner in the field… no way is the FBI going to allow Brennan to go out on missions!

        For once, we got a Bones finale that was well done, with lots of clues for those paying attention.

        And Adele at the end? Perfection.

    • Jenn

      yeah, it didn’t work for the x-files (scully’s child turned out to be mulders in a “oh-just-so-you-know-off-camera-they-were-sleeping-together” reveal) i’m surprised they’re doing it with bones.

      • Jenn

        …upon reading that again, i realize that sounded totally wrong.

      • Polly

        I know what you meant. I remember the XF all too clearly.

      • ChaCha

        They jumped the same shark that XF did.

    • laylagalise

      I have to say I felt cheated that I didn’t even get to see a kiss… but I’m happy with the outcome.

    • Jazzy

      They didn’t show it because the Emily actually IS pregnant. Makes it tricky to shoot sex scenes.

      • Carolyn

        Emily is really pregnant so I knew that a Bones pregnancy would have to be written in the script. The fact that the baby is Booth’s is awesome! They could have made the baby be by someone unknown! About time!

    • sherry


    • Stacey

      Do you guys not get the fact that Emily is VERY pregnant already and they kindof had to gloss over some things…

  • Kelly

    Also kind of happy but thought it was a bit of a cop out… Kind of leaves me with an unsettling feeling…

  • dupontgrl

    I lost count of how many times I screamed, “What?! What?!” Holy cow, amazing.

    • Rachel

      I have had the OMG jaw wide open look going on for the past ten minutes can’t seem to shake it…. i think none of this is real maybe im hallucinating from lack of sleep i mean 6 damn years ive been waiting for this all the dragging it out and all the wondering and they just blatently throw it in front of you LIKE SERIOUSLY!!! after all our time waiting and you give us 20 seconds at the end of the episode and now it’s not back until september!!! i think i’ll go crawl into a corner and die now….

      • fireleopard

        I KNOW!!!! this is going to be one of the longest summers ever……… I want the season seven premier right now….. but I have to wait.

    • Mel

      Ha! So did I! My friend kept asking me what I was yelling at and I couldn’t answer her I had to go back and watch previous episode. Not convinced they had sex. Bones still had the donation, right? I can’t remember if he even went through with it. Regardless, it’s going to be a long painful wait for the season premiere. NO XF ending!

  • psales

    I know a lot of people will see this as a cop-out, but I think this is a good thing. Imagine all the scenes of Booth being the uber-protective daddy we all know he is going to be, and Bones being so uber-rational….lots of good dialouge that can happen there. Sure, it would be nice to see them actually have some more intimacy…and maybe that will finally happen onscreen now that the cat is out of the bag

    • Jiji Moran

      Time to remember that Booth has a son named “Parker”, but he doesn’t see quite often. So, he’s been a father before. Just saying.

      • KLH

        But he’s never been a father with Brennan before. He’s already protective of her as a partner, just imagine how protective he’ll be now. It’s going to be fun watching them with this.

  • Stacey

    I love it. I love how unothodox it is. They aren’t official; but this makes them connected forever. I can’t wait for September. Finally we get a angst free cliffhanger!

    • vienna

      omg yes! angst-free cliffhanger!!! seriously though, i cried when booth smiled in his boothy way. it was magical.

      • Acacia

        I wouldn’t exactly call it a cliff-hanger..more like jumping off a cliff! XD

      • Tracie

        Apparently that’s how Stephen Nathan described it to Ausiello

    • Justin

      Well put, Stacey.

  • Gaby

    I haven’t watched it yet but I had to find out what happened and when I read what happened… I literally fell off my couch!!!

  • dupontgrl

    I actually think it’s an interesting twist. We’ve seen them get together, but it was all in Booth’s head. And now that we know it’s real, we have to guess and look for little hints here and there.

    • emilyr

      i agree…we saw them hook up in booth’s mind and the sex/relationship was as hot as we expected it to be. it was cool that it was understated and private when it really happened…in the show…i mean i know it didn’t “really” happen. =)

  • J T

    Very interested to see where they go with the B&B relationship next season. And I was SO afraid they were going to have Angela die after delivery, so when Bones went in there I held my breath until I knew she would not be dead (stupid need for season finale BIG moments).

  • Emm

    This will be the most talked about season finale… “Boom Baby Bones”

    • Sporkfairy

      Yes – there really has been a lot of foreshadowing of this possibility. That Brennan wanted to get pregnant and have a child (last season and this), and preferably by Booth. That Booth did as well (a couple seasons ago, in his alternate reality).
      The bunny gift purchase together. The Bam Baby Bones comment just weeks ago.
      I’m really looking forward to next season!

  • Jen

    At first it was huh? what? where? But now thinking about it can you imagne the wealth of scenes next season. Bones is scared out of her mind and also knows Booths feelings on marriage if a baby is involved. I think the writers suceeded in a coup, heck I’m friggin glad they had sex! I can’t wait to watch Booth become Bones ultimate support through it all!

    Also, kudos to the show for the baby beanie acknowledgement to babes gandpa, Billy Gibbons, excellent!

    • dk

      I totally smiled about the baby beanie–cute moment and good continuity props to the writers!

      • Debbie

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  • Kayla

    Emily who plays Bones is pregnant in real life but I didn’t know if the writers were going to write it in or not but I am sooooo happy that they did!!! The look on Booth’s face and then the smile…I couldn’t help it but to scream YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Can’t wait for the next season!

    • Caecilie

      Loved, Loved everything about this episode the long hair took me back in time and it being set in a bowling alley was just crazy fun. I also smiled a big grin when i saw the babies hat,and of course when Booth gave us that sexy smile.

    • Lee Strickland

      I agree with Kayla. I was wondering who would bring that subject up. I am really happy for Emily and wish her well. Yes it will be an interesting new season.

    • Margaret

      I thought she was, she looked pregnant with that shirt she had on. I still had no clue that was coming though! LOL! How much time lapsed between last week’s episode and this week’s episode for her to alredy know she’s pregnant??? LOL!

      • trish

        Emily is pregnant in real life.

      • Manda

        I was wondering the same thing. I don’t know, at first it didn’t seem like it was that long after the penultimate episode until you watch the end.

      • Sha

        The writers said one month.

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