'How I Met Your Mother' finale: Guess who's getting married!


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When EW spoke with How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan last week, she warned us that her show's sixth finale would leave viewers wanting more: "I think the fans will be really happy because it will be satisfying and frustrating all at the same time, which is what you want out of a season finale," Hannigan explained. You weren't kidding, sister. [Note: Spoilers ahead!]

In typical HIMYM fashion, the last moments of tonight’s episode answered one question while raising several others. (This really is the Lost of sitcoms, isn’t it?) You may recall that Season 6 began by flashing forward to a wedding at which Ted will act as the best man. And, as we learned this evening, one of the people getting married at that wedding is none other than an apparently reformed Barney Stinson. I’d insert a Liz Lemonian “Twist!!” here if this revelation had been more, well, revelatory, but I think it’s safe to say that a lot of fans saw it coming. (After all, the groom was basically guaranteed to be either Barney or Punchy, and who really cares about Punchy?)

But here’s where things get interesting: The identity of Barney’s future bride-to-be is still a mystery. Chances seem good that she’ll turn out to be either Robin, who’s clearly still got feelings for our pal Swarley, or Nora, who resurfaced tonight right after Robin and Barney flirted with, then abandoned, the idea of getting back together. Of course, she might also be a character who hasn’t been introduced yet, or even a character we already know but who hasn’t been on the show in awhile — Britney Spears’s Abby, perhaps?

Knowing Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, we can expect this matter to be settled in a timely fashion. [Pause for laughter, followed by resigned sighs.] In the meantime, let’s speculate: Who do you think will become Mrs. Barney Stinson? And what did you think of the finale’s other revelations — namely, Lily’s pregnancy, Marshall’s possible new job, and the long-awaited return of Ranjit?

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  • Reiser

    FIRST! AND tonight’s episode was amazing! Loved it and can’t wait to see what happens next season!

    • wrong role

      23rd!!!! This show is yuppie garbage

      • Mark

        And The West Wing was liberal propoganda, Roseanne a fluffer for Reagan democrats, The Dukes of Hazzard the only show rednecks could relate to. My point is WHO CARES? Every demographic has a show now. Why does that bother you so much?

      • GP

        Yuppie? Seriously? Is this the ’80s?

    • Color Me Impressed

      Please let Victoria return and turn out to be the Mother! That would be amazing!

      • sad

        sadly it cant be Victoria even though i want it to be as well, couple of the earlier episodes clearly made it out to be some uni student at the place ted teaches

  • Ace

    It’ll be quite disappointing if it’s anyone but Robin. Nora was just not anywhere near as badass as our beloved Ms. Sparkles.

    • Ace

      I guess, to paraphrase Hillary, “Who really cares about Nora?”

      • Suzanne

        I really hope Barney and Robin get married ….she’s perfect for him.

    • kate middleton

      It’s definitely Robin. No one cares about Nora, but they have to throw her in there as a red herring. I guess Barney and Nora will date next season for a while. It’s pretty clear that Barney and Robin are meant to be together. Thank goodness Zoey’s gone at least.

    • Liv

      I agree. I love the dynamic between Barney and Robin, this episode just solidified my love for them as a couple. Who cares about Nora?!

    • TQB

      Nora seems nice and all, but she had better just be the catalyst that gets Barney & Robin back together. SPARKLES FOREVER!

    • Ann

      If the writers were smart, they’d make Barney and Robin be the couple getting married. They’ve spent too many years building up Robin and Barney’s relationship, from the first time the played laser tag together to this moment, for them to have him marry Nora.

      • Tony

        I think Barney is going to appear to marry Nora and change his mind at the last minute for yet another season. Why else ask ted how does the tie look, it shows doubt and uncertainty

    • BenG

      Is everyone forgetting the episode mid-season where Robin meets a guy in a clothing store? They meet again at a bar but Ted screws it up by pretending he’s Robin’s girlfriend. At the end of the episode, Ted’s voice-over makes a comment about this not being the end of that guy in Robin’s life…it sounded like they end up together…

  • banana

    How about that Castle finale? Dayuuuuuum!!!!!

    • Ann

      I don’t watch Castle, so I have no clue what you’re talking about, so go find a Castle forum to comment on!

    • Margie

      Well,I love Castle but I haven’t seen last night’s yet. Please don’t spoil Castle on a HIMYM site.

      • Hermione

        Well, I don’t think banana really spoiled anything…. but, whatevs!

  • Amy

    I loved it! I knew Lily was pregnant from the moment she threw up. I have a feeling that the wedding with be Barney and Nora and that Barney’s half-sister is the mother. However, either Robin will break up the wedding or the bride is Robin. I hope the bride is Robin!

    • Danielle

      Don’t forget that the mother is Cindy’s perfect-for-ted roommate!

      • Damber3222

        That is true, but with all the almost run ins with the mother I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out Cindy’s roommate was also Barney’s sister. They did say that she was in college when Barney had dinner there. It just seems to add another layer to everything leading to Ted meeting his future wife.

      • Ann

        The mother better be Barney’s half sister. This is the only ending that would satisfy me. I don’t want Ted to marry some random person.

        Also, @Amy….I like your idea. Maybe this is Barney and Nora’s wedding but Robin breaks it up before he makes his vows…that would be the season ending cliff hangover for next season…that would be awesome!

      • Jess

        and remember he called Robin in the opening “Aunt Robin”-I know some people use Aunt/Uncle for friends of their parents, but if Ted married Barney’s half-sister and Robin married Barney, then Robin would be the Aunt of Ted’s kids.

      • Daw Johnson

        It wouldn’t make sense for “Aunt Robin” to be anything but “your father’s friend Robin.”

        If Robin is the actual aunt to Ted’s kids, then they’d already know who the mother was and the story would be meaningless.

      • To Daw Johnson

        Then WHO would already know whom the mother is? The kids? I think they have a pretty good idea of who their mother is. Ted is just relating the story of how he MET their mother, not giving them her identity. We, the audience, are the only ones who don’t know who she is…Robin, Barney, Lily and Marshall already know her. And I do think it’ll be Barney’s half sister and it will truly make them BRO’S!

      • Jennifer

        But of course the kids already know who their mother is, the whole (supposed) reason for the show is to show the kids HOW he met their mother!

      • Vince from NYC

        Daw – I think the kid’s know who the mother is, they just don’t know how he met her.. WE don’t know who the mother is. Ya with me buddy?

      • miss k

        Oh boy Daw Johnson, didn’t quite think that one through, huh? It’s a safe bet the kids know who their mother is.

      • Tony

        I don’t remember Barney’s half sister what episode was she in

      • Ann

        @Tony, we have not seen Barney’s half sister. She was merely mentioned in the episode where Barney met his father. The father was showing pictures of the family to Barney and said something to the extent of “That’s Carly. She’s in college,” while pointing at a picture of her. We haven’t gotten to see her yet and I bet we won’t get to see her until Barney’s wedding.

    • Liv

      I knew Lily was pregnant as soon as she got sick too! I still cried though when she told Marshall! I can’t wait for next season!

      • Sapphire

        Me too to all of the above! What a great episode!

      • Bebe

        Diarrhea isn’t a symptom of morning sickness, is it?

        Also, it was too bad Zoey wasn’t in the Arcadian when they blew it up. She needed to die.

        And that whole “And that’s how I met your mother… PSYCHE!!” thing with the flower and the coffee shop was so lame. This show needs to end. Soon.

      • Sarah

        Dear Bebe: stop watching the show if you want it to end.

      • atun

        Bebe – shut up

  • Shannon

    Great episode!! I think it’s going to be Robin. Ted always seems a little sad in the flash forwards to the wedding and I think he is sad that all of his friends will be married except for him especially Robin and Barney who were so against marriage. Plus I just really love Robin and Barney together.

    • Andy

      Couuldn’t agree with you more Shannon! That’s what I have thought all along, will be the result of the wedding

    • Prithvi

      I am pretty sure its not Robin. Ted told us there is a story of Robin and her secret crush.

      • Al

        Next season will lead up to the wedding. There is time for Barney to date Nora and Robin to date her secret crush but still have them end up together.

  • Kristin S.

    Not very helpful to put a Spoiler Alert up with a picture of Barney to go along with the article…

    • Duh!

      Why are you reading the article if you don’t want to know who is getting married? The title says “Guess Who’s Getting Married.” What did you think the article would be about!?

      • Kristin S.

        I already watched the show, just pointing out the obvious fact that there is no point in even reading the article when the picture gives it away.

      • Kerry K.

        I don’t know Kerry, they often have photos from the episode not related to the spoiler or even the hot topics of discussion. This picture would tell me nothing but Barney and Nora were standing in the street. If he were standing there in wedding attire at the altar, that might be different. But it’s reaching to say a picture of two people on the street is a spoiler of who is getting married. Especially since there weren’t that many options to begin with.

      • Kerry K.

        Still to early for me – that should say “I don’t know Kristin”.

    • Jace

      People always need something to complain about.

  • Em

    I really don’t want it to be Robin. Because I think that if it is Robin, something will go horribly wrong with the wedding. That said, I think that Nora is a good match for Barney, almost as good as Robin was, but I would be really surprised if it was someone else. Nora seems probable; I wouldn’t like it if everyone was paired off.

    • kat


      I thought they already showed Robin in the fast forward wedding in a bridesmaid dress? Or am I just getting confused with Lily and Marshall’s wedding?

      • Kendra

        That was Lily. She opened the door and yelled for Ted. They haven’t showed Robin in the flash forward wedding scene.

    • kitty

      i hope that it is Nora because she is better for Barney. Robin is funnier but Nora is better because she allows Barney to be more mature. She was the healthiest relationship he ever had

      • atun

        nooooooooo :( but i guess barney could get married with nora, but end up being uncertain and probably robin would stop the wedding, too. notice how barney look when he asked ted about the tie?

        or maybe it was just the famous cold feet? :|

  • J

    I TOTALLY fell for the “That’s how I met your mother” bit. Then I showed it to my brother and he fell for it too. Nice one HIMYM.

    • Clayton

      I did, too! Got an f-bomb out of me

    • Mocha

      Same! I was like WHAAAAAT? And then I realized the coffee shop was definitely not a wedding.

    • Victoria

      I completely and utterly fell for the same thing. When he said it I instantly was cursing myself that I didn’t have DVR so I could pause it and scrutinize the girl to see if I liked her.. haha… Suckered 100%

      • Laura

        I knew Lily was pregnant the minute she threw up. And I think that it will be revealed that Barney is gay and he will marry a man who is not on the show yet.

      • Jean

        Swarley? Who is that- Barney? Where did that name come from?

      • Samantha

        Jean-Swarley is a nickname for Barney from season 2, I think. A girl wrote the name “Swarley” on a coffee cup for Barney and the gang teased him about it the whole episode. Nice flashback EW!

      • Jacob Harrell

        Barney goes gay on there, he better go gay with his half brother, Wanye Brady.

    • Liz

      I fell for that too, and I didn’t see Lily’s pregnancy coming at all. I was tearing up, especially after Marshall talking about his really bad year. I want Barney and Robin to be together and I really want another Robin Sparkles appearance.

  • Crystal

    Hope it’s Robin and it also makes sense with the show.

    Ted begins the story of HIMYM with meeting Robin, wouldn’t it make sense that it’s at Robin’s wedding he meets the Mother i.e. if he’d never met Robin he wouldn’t meet the mother?

    • Serge

      That’s a great point. Makes so much sense.

    • Johnification

      It would bring a sort of overarching purpose to the whole series…the story begins with meeting Robin right after Lily and Marshall’s engagement, Ted’s fervent search ultimately reforms his womanizing friend who, in a depressing twist, actually gets to the alter before Ted!

    • kate middleton

      Yeah, that’s a really good point. Fingers crossed!

    • liz

      It could also be Nora… had he not met Robin, Barney would not have met Nora–who met Barney because she is Robin’s co-worker.

    • Ann

      Yes, this is what I’ve been thinking all along. And if the series end on this, even though it’s predictable, it wouldn’t matter because that would be the most satisfying ending to this series.

    • Laura

      What mother?

    • Lisa

      But isn’t Ted supposed to be Robin’s “best man” if she ever gets married? Wouldn’t it stand to reason that if it was Robin and Barney, that Ted would stand up with Robin and Marshall with Barney? I mean, I want it to be Robin but I just can’t stop thinking this.

      • Mitzi

        Maybe Ted is the best man for both of them.

      • Toni

        I still think it could be Robin and Barney and he’s both their best man. When Lily came out and said that the best man was needed. Next Ted said “I hear the groom needs me.” He didn’t say hey you’re best man is here. He could be there for both of them.

      • kitty

        if he was the best man for both of them he wouldn’t automatically have said ‘i hear the groom needs me’. soo….it’s not robin’s weding

    • Color Me Impressed

      This is an excellent point! That would really give the whole show a greater sense of meaning.

    • J

      That’s so true! If you think about it, it doesn’t really make sense that Ted would start the story with his meeting Robin, unless Robin was the reason he met the mother.

    • pancake

      hmmm…dat makes sense. gud one…

  • Darlene Aguilar

    I LOOOOVED IT! I always thought that Robin and Barney had a lot in common so I really want them to end up together. I’m also glad to see Barney maturing (unlike Joey in Friends who they had to create a spin-off for b/c he was the only one who didn’t grow up). This show deserves an Emmy.

  • James

    Barney will marry Robin (even though i’m rooting for norah) Okay first of all not only do you see them joking about the idea of getting back together, in the exploding meatball sub episode Norah is nowhere to be found when Barney is “dying” and the person closest to Barney (right next to his bed) is Robin, his future wife. Coincidence… I think not.

    • will

      Good point.

    • Stacy

      also the look on robins face when barney says challenge accepted, showed she didn’t want him with nora.

      • Shannon

        I don’t think it should be Robin. Robin and Barney were terrible together, why would it be any different now. I honestly think that look was her missing Don, and thinking if Barney and Nora could have a second chance why shouldn’t they? Don was by far the best person for her in the whole series. Also what about that mystery crush that Ted alluded to in Legendaddy?

  • Amy

    I was 99.9% sure Barney was the groom. Still, seeing it actually be him was really cool. I can’t wait to see how we get to this point even if it takes FOREVER. I would put money on Robin being the bride because I think they have hinted at that all season. Barney and Robin are good for each other they just need a bit of maturing and I think Barney will have a relationship with Nora which will get him there and Robin was in a relationship with Don and will probably be in one next season with that guy from the club. Eventually they will get back together. Also, I think the Mother is Barney’s half sister. I think that would be awesomesauce. They have already mentioned she is in college which would fit with her being Cindy’s roommate. I am so happy Lily is pregnant. I had tears in my eyes for that one and clapped. I know it is going to be slow and frustrating but can’t wait to see the journey to the wedding.

  • Sam

    Did you notice Lily wasn’t showing at all? That would mean it is 3 mos from now or about a year.

    • kate middleton

      You mean at the wedding in the future? My guess is that it’s at least a year or two down the road, so that baby would have been born. I would even say it’s 2-3 years, but that would require HIMYM to skip ahead perhaps because I think they are doing two more seasons and stopping after that. At least that was the last I heard a while back.

      • The other kate middleton

        But it said “a little while later”. 2 -3 years is not a little while.

    • Liv

      I was guessing it is far enough away that Lily already had the baby and said baby was probably at least a few months old. Did anyone see if Lily and Marshall/Ted were wearing any color coordination? If they were matchy matchy then Lily is probably the maid of honor thus making Robin Barney’s wife. Anybody?! Anybody?

      • murley

        the fashionista that lily is, there is no way she would wear a dress like the one she is wearing if it wasn’t a bridesmaid dress. i think the bride is robin (and hope so too) with nora as the red herring.

    • Marianne

      I think I read the wedding takes place one year into the future. So even if Lily was 1 week along, she would still have a baby within a year (considering it only takes 9 months).

  • William

    I feel like making it Barney’s wedding to Robin ties the entire show together nicely. If the mother is a family friend/schoolmate/whomever of Robin’s from Canada who comes into town for her wedding and therefore meets Ted, the story of “How Ted Met His Children’s Mother” would logically start with “And that’s how I met your Aunt Robin”, bringing the entire show full-circle.

    • kate middleton

      But we know the mother was Rachel Bilson’s roommate in NYC as of 2(?) seasons ago. I do hope it’s Barney and Robin’s wedding though!

      • Brie

        No, it was her roommate!

    • Amy

      Someone mentioned in a previous article that Ted always refers to Barney and Robin as Uncle Barney and Aunt Robin. It would seem then that they are married and the mother is a family member. Does he refer to Lily and Marshall as Aunt and Uncle? If not that would solidify the Barney Robin theory.

      • Nate

        He does refer to them as Uncle Marshall and Aunt Lily.

      • Stephanie

        I was thinking about the same thing. However, when Ted talks to his kids about Aunt Robin, she is always by herself. I remember in one episode, you see that the kids made drawings of the them and just Aunt Robin (i.e. at the zoo). I would love love love Robin and Barney to end up getting married, but who knows?!?!

      • Maddie

        I remember that episode too, and what I got from that episode is that she wasn’t an actual aunt, ’cause wasn’t that the one where she was dating that single guy with a kid or something?

      • Dianr

        Plus isn’t Robin’s career supposed to have her work overseas for more than one week

  • Jacoby

    It is Nora… In the episode where Barney and his dad go fishing his dad says that settling down is a CHALLENGE and that you have to meet the right girl. Barney then says that he met her already. Then in the season 6 finale he sees Nora and immideately is smitten. Barney asked her to have coffe (which in the episode means that your trying to get back together,, according to robin) she agrees to coffe and at the end she says its never to late. and barney then says “Challenge Accepted” and it then shows the ending scene of Lily saying (Best man your being summoned by the groom) and it then shows barney as the groom. it is barney and nora because ted is supposed to be robins best man, and it shows ted talking to his kids about robins crush (guy at the clothing store) the guy says that girl got engaged, so thats the end of that. Then ted says, its not, but more on that later.

    • Kevin

      As mentioned Robin’s best man is Ted and Ted is the best man at the wedding so Barney and Robin get married.

    • kate middleton

      I think Robin will date the guy from the clothing store next season and Barney will date Nora for a bit. Then they’ll get back together toward the end of the season.
      Hopefully Ted is MIA all season. I find him insufferable….but I am glad that Zoey’s gone at least.

    • Allison

      But maybe Barney just thinks he’s found the right woman in Nora, and it will take a relationship with her to realize that it’s been Robin all along!

    • lesfull

      I don’t disagree with your logic, I just think that show would be better for having Robin and Barney end up together for all the reasons mentioned above. But since it would make so much sense to have Robin and Barney end up together, of course the producers won’t do it.

    • Jessica

      YES!!! We can’t forget about the guy at the clothing store (Ummm hello hot Uncle Cooper from One Tree Hill) And Ted specifically said that wasn’t the end of Robin and cute guy’s interaction.


    • Amy

      Nora and that other guy will just be around to show Barney and Robin that they still love each other. Just a device to keep the mystery going.

    • Trent

      I’m Pretty sure it’s Robin. Remember in the exploding meatball sub episode. Its ten years in the future. Barney would be married by then and if Jacoby’s theory was correct Nora would be present. But she isn’t there. But you know who was? ROBIN!

      • pancake

        i agree…

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