'Hawaii Five-0' season finale: What happens now?


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SPOILER ALERT: It’s a popular form of cliff-hanger among character-driven procedurals to end a season with the team divided. But Hawaii Five-0 took it to an extreme last night. After Chin’s crush Laura Hill, who worked for the Governor (Jean Smart), was killed in a car bomb, McGarrett figured out that she’d been the one sending him those envelopes with evidence from his father’s tool box. That key he could never place? It unlocked a drawer in the Governor’s office, which McGarrett broke into. Turns out McGarrett’s father had been investigating the Governor before his death. (Or, at least that’s what I got out of it.) She was connected to Wo Fat. The Governor had started Five-0 so she could keep an eye on Steve. When she discovered her assistant was feeding him info, she had Wo Fat take her out — and Wo Fat was framing McGarrett for the murder. 

Steve bolted as the cops came to arrest him, but instead of running away, he loaded up on guns and headed back to the Governor’s mansion. He wanted a confession. Unfortunately, right after he got it, Wo Fat stun-gunned him, put two bullets in the Governor using Steve’s gun, and placed the murder weapon back in his hand. HPD arrived to find McGarrett, in full ninja wear, with the murder weapon and the Governor dead. He was taken into custody — by Chin, who’d been offered his old job back at HPD with a promotion to lieutenant.

As McGarrett was getting his mug shot taken, he saw Kono being booked for stealing the money they took from evidence to save Chin from Wo Fat earlier in the season. As for Danny, he was supposed to meet his wife and daughter at the airport and help get them settled back on the mainland before joining them there for good, but he didn’t show — because it’ll be up to him and Jenna to save McGarrett’s and Kono’s asses come fall.

Watch the episode’s final moments below. How do you think this plays out? At first, I was angry with Chin for going back to HPD, especially when I saw another cop in the police car with him, so he couldn’t have done it just to help McGarrett escape. But then I realized having Chin on the inside will still help Steve, even if he’s in a cell. (Kono, too.) So I’m choosing to believe Chin knows what he’s doing.

I thought for sure once Danny’s ex told him she was pregnant with baby No. 2 that she’d be the next victim, but she wasn’t. Good for her. But I still wouldn’t miss her if she doesn’t end up returning to Hawaii. She has to, though, right? I mean, there’s no way Danno is going back to Jersey because we’d miss that weekly Scott Caan-Alex O’Loughlin chemistry, and it wouldn’t be in Danno’s character to not live where his wife and kid(s) are. If I had to make a prediction, I’d say he keeps her in Jersey while he works on freeing McGarrett and Kono, because it’ll be too dangerous in Hawaii. Then, she returns in November Sweeps with the kids in tow — and dies then. The kids stay with Danno, he gets to grieve for a season before finding a new love. Everyone wins. Your turn.

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  • Jay

    I like this show because of the action. Each episode feels like an action movie about cops condensed into an hour long series episode.

    with that said… how is it that this show pulls numbers that Fox’s Human Target never did?
    Human Target had the same feel, and was superior in my opinion

    • Bobby’s Robot

      I liked Human Target better and watched it til the end, but those Hawaiian locales sure do look great in HD.

      • Jas

        Re: Hawaii in HD – agreed!

    • hello

      Because not everyone shares your opinion. IMO, Human Target was a real stinker and didn’t deserve to ever air, let alone get two seasons.

      • 5-0 Fan

        Could disagree with you more. Human Target along with H50 were my 2 favorite shows. It was great fun with a terrific cast. It’s tragic that it gets cancelled while all thoss putrid reality shows stay on the air.

    • Major Payne

      I don’t know if anyone caught this, but when the Gov was deleting the recorded message they NEVER showed her “confirm” it was deleted before she was shot…..possible Fall season evidence

      • Charlie

        I believe even deleted and confirmed voice memos can be retrieved from an iphone with the proper techs. The magic touch screen in their office should have no problem with this one.

      • daveindc

        Just rewatched episode: You’re right — Governor fumbles around with the delete button and never actually completes the action prior to being shot. Good catch.

  • dm

    thanks for throwing a bone to Hawaii 5-0, EW! I know you guys are all in love with Castle, but Hawaii 5-0 kicks a$$ and the season finale was amazing! I thought I had the plot figured out in advance, but did not predict that twist with the Governor. Great cliffhangers for the 4 leads. Looking forward to next season!

    • JerriSJ

      I completely agree – I am really getting sick of getting Castle highlights constantly and none for Five-0. Seriously – Castle is incredibly redundant and I wish you’d at least give Hawaii Five-0 equal billing.

      • Char

        I completely agree with you. I cancelled my subscription to EW because of their incessant reporting on Castle… and their complete ignoring of H50. The cast of Castle can’t compare to the outstanding cast of H50… better plots, too.

  • Nadine

    Love this show. I suspected the Governor from the beginning. Jean Smart is an excellent actress. Yes, having Chin on the force may help Steve and Kono. In the old series, did they ever get Wo Fat?

    • Jeremy

      Yes in the final episode McGarrett caught him. The final scene was Wo-Fat sitting in jail cell after McGarrett said, “Aloha” but it showed Wo-Fat pulling a file out of his boot.

    • Tego Livi

      They caught Wo Fat twice in the original series. The first time they had him, he was traded back to China for an American prisoner or two. Then Steve got him again in the finale.

  • Jodi

    Great recap/spoiler! I think most of your ideas are great, not sure about next November yet – but awesome cliff hanger! I got hooked into the show 1/2 way thru season so hoping I can catch up online with what I missed. Yes, I think Chin joined HPD because he knew what was going to happen, and will work from inside to help. At first, it looked like betrayal – but I don’t think so. And Jay, you are right – each episode feels like an action movie with cops condensed into just one hour – awesome! Sorry I missed Human Target.

  • KRS

    Most of the finale details had been leaked way in advance, so the only thing that surprised me was that Rachel was pregnant – and it wasn’t a good surprise, either. Rachel’s married to another man and she and Danny are sleeping together? What a nice lesson to teach their daughter. Doesn’t anybody on TV have morals anymore? Very disappointing.

    • Amy

      Still, glad it is Danny’s and not Stan’s because we’ve been there and done that one too many times. But yes, I was disappointed they were sleeping together before she left Stan. I didn’t think Danny would do that.

      • Spike

        If I was Danno, I sure would! Dude’s only human

      • pandapaws

        it has always been obvious that Danny’s whole life was devoted to gracie & Rachael. his devotion to them made him my favorite



  • erin

    Agreed 100%

    And hey, Mandi! How about doing this full time next season?

    • mmc

      Mandi, I would also love for you to recap H50 next season!! And we need a new bingo card!

  • Jeremy

    My guess..between the time McGarrett got the guns and went to the Governor’s mansion he had a plan in place when he got caught (McGarrett knew how this was going to end so by getting caught it brings Wo-Fat out in the open) and left the plan with Kamekona to get to Dano and Jenna. They were left out of the loop so that way if things didn’t work out they can honestly say they didn’t know what McGarrett was doing. (Just a Theory)

    • SB

      The CIA lady seriously needs to go. What is her name? Oops… thats right not even worth remembering. She said it herself “I didn’t think I got a vote” I agree. You tell em McGarrett.

      • Lori

        I agree Jenna character has no chemistry with the rest of the cast. She is out of place.

      • jennine

        I like Jenna Kaye, I think she’s great, and just what they need. I hope she stays.

  • GaryfromCinci

    I have a feeling Steve isnt that stupid to go in the Gov. Mansion without a backup plan besides the iPhone recording the conversation. Did McGarrett also wear a wire that would record the conversation? Chen working on the inside will be to the teams benefit. Danno will keep the fam safe in Jersey while he and the CIA agent crack the case and clear everyones name and get 5.0 back on, or they will rename the show CSI: Hawaii.

    • Earendil

      All they have to do is check Steve for gun shot residue and they will realize he was not the one who fired the gun. There is likely some on his back, which would corroborate his story that he was tazered and laying in the floor when the Governor was shot.

      • Lori

        He wore gloves therefore no residue

      • Diane

        Wo-Fat shoots with his left hand, Steve with his right. Should be able to figure that out post-mortem. Also, I don’t think that the writers should take the easy way out and kill Danny’s wife off. He obviously loves her and his daughter, which is very appealing. Be original.. let them have a good, complicated relationship. Love the show!

    • TROAR

      Watch the final episode again. The Governor misses the delete button when she tried to wipe off the conversation. Think about the conversation again. It is enough evidence to clear both Kono and Steve.

  • Rebecca

    Get rid of the whole Danny/Rachel romance…. Can’t stand it. I mean, in the pilot he hates her, then they are all civilized towards each other, (Which I assume was for Grace’s sake) & next thing you know they’re having an affair? WTH? I’m telling you, she’s just gonna break his heart. She couldn’t deal w/ his job the first time, how is this gonna be any different?

    • Ramey

      Something else that bugged me about Rachel and Danny: When she’s waiting for him at the airport and calling him to see why he’s not there, instead of saying “I’ve got something to take care of,” why didn’t he say, “THE GOVERNOR IS DEAD AND STEVE IS IN JAIL!” That would have explained everything. Seriously, couples never talk anymore.

      • ps in seattle

        I’ve noticed that Danny always minimizes the danger and drama of his job when talking with his family, he’s always very calm and soothing on the phone to them while everything around him is boiling, probably so they won’t worry about him. He never gives them any details, and I think that’s his way of keeping work and family separate.

      • jlopie

        At that point in time, he didn’t know the Governor was dead – he didn’t know that until he drove up to the mansion and saw Chin hauling Steve out in handcuffs!

      • Christopher

        He was on his way to the mansion when she called him. He didn’t find out the Governor was dead until he arrived.

    • pandapaws

      without danny & rachael there would be no romance and let’s face it this show is harsh. it needs some. this is my favorite show but i did not like the finale. it was too much at one time in too many directions

      • Marie

        I agree there was too much going on in too many directions. I think this will turn out to be Danny dreaming since everything that is happening involves him somehow and he is the only one with a cool head.

  • Lee

    Great recap. Please continue to do it next season. Hawaii 5-0 is definitely my favorite new show of the season. I really wasn’t expecting it to be this good. I like everything about it: it’s suspenseful and thrilling; it’s funny (with that “fat” Hawaiian guy who sells shaved ice); it’s psychological or character-driven (it really analyzes the characters); and it’s current (it shows crimes that are happening right now–especially the crime coming from Southeast Asia). Finally, I think Danno makes the show.

    • pandapaws

      and with rachael & grace it makes him REAL. the show would not be the same if he lost his main focus of his family. how many men would move off the mainland to be near their child. not many. it’s what makes him different & special

  • Jack

    Jenna has to go…they seem to be giving her half of Kono’s dialogue. Not much for Kono to do anymore. There’s no need for her, and she’s certainly no replacement for Grace Park.

    • wizard62

      I think they needed to bring the Jenna character in so she could help the team once Steve and Kono both get arrested.

    • eva

      I agree Kono is a much better character then jenna. I honestly thought she was going to be the one that got murdered in the episode!

    • Sandy

      I like Jenna…she is very smart and is helping the 5-O unit in ways Kono can’t. Kono can kick serious butt, whereas Jenna has the brains!

    • pandapaws

      i agree she needs to go. they are not doing kono right.

  • Linda

    I thought the finale was fabulous. Alex’s acting was especially great. Chin will try to help from within the HPD. Obviously, Wo Fat has people within the department, in order to have Kono’s involvement with the stolen money, brought out now, months later. This great episode was only marred by the soap opera-ish touch of Rachel’s pregnancy. Totally unnecessary, and it affected the flow of a very tense and otherwise affective episode. Yay HF-0 !!!

  • Sue1

    Agree, VERY nice to see H 5-O get some ink. Nice recap and good finale…I suspected the Governor from the minute I saw her with Wo Fat. Agree too, Jenna and Rachel can both take off for the mainland.

  • Barack Palin

    Great finale! I loved how they brought back the old lady who saw Kono to identify her in the police lin-up; it just reminded me of how “Seinfeld” brought back the old lady who Jerry mugged to get her marble rye. The moral is: never underestimate the memory of an old lady.


      Me to!

  • Barack Palin

    I also want to say how disappointed I am that the producders didn’t get Drea de Mateo to play Danny’s wife. I mean he’s from New Jersey-they could have had such fun with it if they wrote a-la “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” or got a Snooki type. The actress they have is just too classy; how many Brits actually live in New Jersey?

    • Ramey

      When she said that Hawaii wasn’t her home, and that Newark New Jersey was her home instead, I howled. I love this show, but honestly, this was a serious casting mistake.

    • SPF

      I think they were referring to Newark as the airport, not the city they live in. And please, please stop thinking NJ is all about The Sopranos, The Jersey Shore & The Housewives. Two of those may be reality shows, but that doesn’t mean it’s reality.

      • Lori

        Thank you. She did mean NEWARK AIRPORT!and I’m really sick of people dissin my state. We are the Garden STate people. We have the beach, mountains and beatiful country and farms. I’m really sick and tired of people thinking nj is just that strip of turnpike along Newark airport. Not to mention NYC 15 mins away (if u live where I do and it’s a beautiful town). don’t believe how TV protrays us…it’s a charactature and I’m an Italian jersey girl. And nothing like the sopranos, nj housewives or the jersey shore idiots. Who btw are mostly from NY

    • EpicNuggets

      She’s Australian bro.

      • jacob

        When will the last episode of season one finaly happen i might have mist it but i would like to know because it left me hangging and its my favoret show

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