Arnold, Tiger, and other celebrity cheating scandals: Which one shocked you the most?

Last week, the geniuses at Taiwan’s Next Media Animation speculated that the Governator’s fondness for “groping” may have been behind Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s […] Read the full post.

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  • Sanjay

    I can’t say any of these really surprised me. What surprises me is that celebrities even bother getting married, particularly male celebrities who seem virtually incapable of monogamy. Why marry? Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn seem to have it figured out. They aren’t married and have made no claims of being absolutely faithful. At least they avoid the big “scandal” that way.

    • Cydney Partridge

      Jurt and Goldie’s behavior is why Goldie’s daughter is so messed up about herself (Kate) . She had to get knocked up by someone to come correct and get engaged and make a date. Huh.

      • tomm

        Goldie turned Kate against her real father, Bill Hudson. Also, Kate is desparate to be “Goldie Jr” and does sh!t rom-coms.

    • kremzeek!

      females cheat,too.let’s not devolve this into battle of the sexes crap

  • Tracey

    Why is Ah-nold next to Skeletor in that pic??

  • Shay

    I was shocked that Shania Twain ended up marrying the man, whose wife was having an affair with her husband, Mutt Lange.
    Now that is crazy !!!

    • kremzeek!

      with a name like mutt,what do you expect?

  • Cydney Partridge

    It was bad enough Maria Shriver had no choice to give up her career when Arnold ran (twice) but to find out while she was still home with a 3 year old in the house , he was knocking the boots of a staffer and knocking her up. She got the hell out of there (Maria) after she found out he’s paying child support.
    The only reason this came out is because someone had the goods on Arnold and he wanted to tell his wife before things got bad in the press with some media outlet dropping proof. She left and he’s still trying to put spin on this bulls–t he did. What is a shame is both of them are out of a job. Staying together for the sake of the kids? Wow.The kids knew this sh-t was going on in the house. Amazing how oblivious these two parents are.

  • Cydney Partridge

    You can be happily married. Just make sure the person you marry is in it to win it -the prize is ’til death do you part. Plenty of folks have done this. We live in a century where roles and responsibility is not clearly defined. So people feel no compunction to do whatever they feel.

  • Cydney Partridge

    Tiger’s golf buddies (Michael Jordan, C. Barkley are men who dated multiple women simultaneously) . How could Elin not think that wouldn’t rub off on a traveling husband? The shock was how many of those 14 women said they had unprotected sex with Tiger. THAT was NASTY and SHOCKING!

  • Cydney Partridge

    Oprah and Maria Shiver allegedly had lunch in Chicago…Maria could be getting the last word on this on Oprah’s last show. Talk about ratings through the roof.

    • Betty

      Will Maria talk to Oprah. HELL YA !

  • Tully

    John Edwards’ cheating shocked me the most mainly because of its cruelty towards Elizabeth (who was terminally ill). He seemed like a committed and intelligent guy but who knew. Sad.

  • Tres


  • ami a.

    Hearing about Arnold completed disgusted me and my fellow californians. We even invented a new nickname at work today: “the Sperminator” EWWWW!

  • shadow

    This isn’t that far back but Bill Clinton shocked me ! GEEEZ the President of all people !! I guess if he’s capable of it anyone is huh?

    • kremzeek!

      don’t forget kennedy.

  • Reality Check

    The problem is more that too many people’s minds are stuck in an immature Cinderella child’s fantasy.

    The reality is:

    . Women and men often cheat when they think they can get away with it

    . Women and man often lie to others about their sexual escapades and cheating

    . Women who are bad at sex or stop having sex with their husbands after getting married, often create the motivation for their husbands to cheat on them

    Oddly, a lot is not said about women that stop having sex after marriage or are lazy do nothings, so the husband goes outside to get laid. The finger is pointed at the husband, versus the married couple’s sex life.

    . Women and men who are sexually frustrated, will cheat, and then often lie to cover it up

    . Sex and love are 2 separate things. You can love one person, but have sex with another. It is reality, accept it.

    • whatevs

      You’re an idiot.

  • hesjr1972

    I totally agree with some of you. It does not matter about their political views, the famous family lineage (and infamous infidelities), how much money they have in the bank, or even fame recognition. Cheating hurts anyone regardless of their status in society. Yes, it is shameful that Maria Shrive had to find out this year that Arnold fathered a child with a former staff member over a decade ago. And yes, this has being type of stuff has been going on for centuries. But man, it still does hurt. The fact that Arnold and Maria’s seventeen year old son Patrick changed his name on TWITTER from Schwarzenegger to his mother’s maiden name Shriver is so heartbreaking. It is so telling with whom he is possibly siding with and for the whole world to know it is just tragic. I hope that Patrick does not lash out in public like he sort of done on TWITTER. Although he is a major public figure, Arnold Schwarzenegger should just trying to repair his relationship with his family (including the child he fathered with the former house staff member) and don’t worry about the public. It is a very, strong possibility that Maria Shrive will not take Arnold back, but in time hopefully she will forgive him. She will not forgive because it is the infamous Kennedy way, but because of their children. If their children at least see that Maria forgives Arnold then it could possibly mend an obvious strained relationship with his children. Until Arnold announced that he fathered a child with a former staff member the public never heard a peep out of Arnold and Maria’s children. It is amazing up to this point how well Arnold and Maria were able to protect their children from the media for so long that a lot of us didn’t even know they had four children much less teenagers. At this point, it is no longer about the marriage of Arnold and Maria, but fixing the mess this scandal has caused his family. I hope and PRAY that this will not severely damage Arnold’s relationship with his children (including the child he fathered with the former staffer). I know a lot of you are being negative and judgmental, but let us all stop badmouthing this famous family because millions of other families are going through the same thing publicly and privately. We do not have to support Arnold’s career, but let us at least support his family as well all other struggling families. For the kid’s sake.

  • kremzeek!

    the whole jesse james thing i saw coming.see,two things are very true when it comes to getting together with somebody:you can’t turn a ho into a housewife and badboys are no damn good.

    • 51 plus percent

      Has everyone lost their mind??? Isn’t this old news? It was hinted at when he first ran for office! Sooooo, his wife had to have known. On the other hand, who do you think you are, involving your shelves in someone else’s private. Who know’s, they may work things out like the rest of us. Hounding people into hiding is unnecessary, indecent and immoral. Then why, when it is obviously way out of line, do we continually get these kinds of stories???
      Because the Murdock/Fox theory of news is, the best way to have a news story first is to create it. (don’t know the name Keith Rupert Murdock? You will.) Oh by the way the airline ad is way over the top! They must be FOX contributor.

  • tomm

    Adultry is the biggest threat to the American Family, but the conservative do nothing, and always blames wives.

    OTOH, why do some women go after married men, as if they want to ‘steal’ what they think they deserve?

    What I hate is some saying “Cheating is no big deal”, but this is #1 reason so many screwes up kids.

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