Jon Stewart raps Fox News with uncommon beat

There was nothing common about Jon Stewart’s critique of Fox News most recent political furor last night. Yes, he played clips of Fox’s biggest stars lambasting the White House for inviting the rapper Common to a prestigious poetry event, since they claimed some of his lyrics were misogynistic and celebrated cop-killing. Sure, Stewart then followed that up with archival Fox footage that seemed to undermine their noble ideals when the shoe was on the other foot. Par for the course, you say? Yawn? “This isn’t even fun any more,” Stewart himself lamented, referring to the footage his staff finds of Fox’s personalities contradicting themselves. “We’ve actually started burying these tapes around the office just to make this sporting.”

So that’s when Stewart took it to a new level. He demanded a beat and brought the libs to their feet. With a rap so wack that even his enemies would not dare attack… Yeah, yeah, check out Stew-Beef, dropping some mad words.

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  • Karate Pants

    Geez, Labrecque. White guy in Dockers much? Wack means bad.

    • LOL

      Stewart gave Fox and Hannity the beatdown they deserved. Bravo Jon!

    • Mr. Holloway

      Maybe he thought “wack” had a positive connotation even though it didn’t necessarily sound like it did, like “bad”, “dope” or “stoopid.”

    • An educated citizen

      Why do you hate white people? Racist?

    • SG

      If wack means bad can’t that be “in a good way?”

    • tom

      this really supports that idea of restoring sanity and replacing it with cheese

    • john quarles

      at least he tried–wacked–lol–its cool family–sometimes we need to know that we can still joke with each other about races lets just not hate each other

  • CandaceTX

    when they create these faketroveries – it makes them look silly. There are plenty of legitmate issues to be discussed, but this is what they offer their viewers.

    • cj

      It’s a COMEDY show!

      • Tdub

        I think Candace meant the Fox “News” segment, and I agree with her point.

      • Jerry

        I think CandaceTX is referring to Fox News, not The Daily Show.

      • An educated citizen

        But he’s a celebrity…so he must know everything.

      • Tommy

        I think cj is referring to Fox News.

    • haha

      I think Candace is a supporter of cop killing, how do you like my Hannity logic?

      • CandaceTX

        I don’t really appreciate my name and cop killing in the same sentence… not even in jest.

  • Muslyn

    The thug has the right to his words and thoughts. The White House is not a place for this person to be. Have the Topeka Church people there for a poet reading too!! That is full of hate like Common’s words. The WH house and ms. Obama had NO COMMON SENSE!!

    • Tee

      Do opinions taste better when they are spoon fed to you?

      • Elizabeth


      • An educated citizen

        You should ask yourself that question. Obama is a disgrace to this country. And don’t bother calling me names. Your opinion means nothing to me. I educate myself on issues, I don’t let celebrities or talk shows do my thinking for me. Most of you would be better off doing the same.

      • Jay

        @an educated citizen:
        You say you like to “educate yourself on issues”, but have no clue what you are talking about.
        Maybe you should try to learn a fact or two, instead of taking someone else’s opinion and beleiving it as fact

    • Jay


      You just labelled yourself as an ignorant moron.

      If you knew ANYTHING about Common, you would know how stupid your statement just was.

      • Fooking Yanks

        But…Fox News fans ARE ignorant morons. What did you expect?

      • Yannie

        Well said jay. Well said

      • An educated citizen

        @Fooling Yanks…Name calling….REALLY? That’s a very intelligent argument.

      • An educated citizen

        Explain that to the wives of the three policemen killed by THUGS a few month ago. (Google St Petersburg FL)

      • Jay

        @an educated citizen:
        And what does that have to do with Common? Oh thats right… NOTHING

        Were you born this stupid, or did you have to work at it?

      • CandaceTX

        Common is about one level harder than Will Smith. Of all the rappers to try and pin this label on… Common was not the right choice.

      • tom

        at least we aren’t fapping to jon stewart like his fans

    • Well…

      Did you watch the videos? Were you interested in the truth about Common? It doesn’t sound like it. If you’re going to let a news channel think for you PLEASE don’t repeat or perpetuate the ignorance on a message board, comment section, anywhere.

    • crispy

      Uh, Common was a Gap model.

    • Whites Only Allowed

      So it’s perfectly A-OK with bitter loser Palin, the cheerleading Hater In Chief Of America, that her best buddy whom she has appeared with and supported, Ted Nugent , the draft-dodging chicken-hawk burnt out aging one-hit-wonder rocker waves two machine guns around while viciously raging onstage at the President of the United States that he’s a piece of s*** and to suck on his machine gun??? Then he calls our Secretary of State a “worthless b**ch. That’s okay with you Mrs. Palin isn’t it….I’m sure you approved just the same as when you smiled and smirked while your adoring audience, some of whom held stuffed toy monkeys with Obama’s name on them, yelled “Kill Him!”.

      Now THAT is the definition of “vile”.

    • JOHN DOE

      LOL, this guy is one of the softest rapers alive. He has not street cred. He is a poet. I like his music, because he does not talk about the gang stuff. I bet Hannity never listen to any of his songs. He just took out verses.

  • Dave

    I’m tired of Fox News telling me how good Americans are supposed to think and act. That’s the most anti-American sentiment of all.

    • An educated citizen

      GOD BLESS AMERICA !!! Another example of someone who can’t think for himself

      • tae

        @ educated citizen 1. For you to be so highly educated and fact checking you obviously didnt do that before you commented on this article. 2. if you would ever so kindly look up common’s work you would see that what fox is saying is a heaping load of crap that is not only ignorant but a little racist imo and 3. For you to attempt to rip everyone who disagrees with your stance a new one behind a computer no less you inch ever so closer to becoming one of the biased ill informed screaming headed incompetent wannbes you claim not to be

        Thank you have a nice day

      • LindaT

        @educated citizen, how exactly do you “educate” yourself? Would love to know the sources of your “knowledge”, because you sound like Sean Hannity. (Or are you secretly Roger Ailes?)

  • Duke

    There are still plenty of racists in this country. White crazies scare me just as much as black thugs and Islamic fundamentalists. Fox News is like a disease. They spread hate and fear to an audience that has no place following politics. Uneducated and naive, these people are fed a constant stream of misinformation. I am beginning to feel sorry for Fox’s viewers. They will never realize the simple joy of enlightened debate.

    • jim

      and where did you get your education?

      • Sam

        At least he has an education. If you watch Fox News, it’s obvious you don’t have one.

      • Fooking Yanks

        But…Fox News has BLONDES! Not just blondes, but blonde BIMBOS! Who obtained their educations from the school of Mesucky Sucky.

      • K

        Let’s be fair, Sam. Plenty of people who watch Fox News have an education. They just might not be putting it to the best use when they don’t stop to think critically about what’s being said to them and the various critiques of it that show up in other media venues. My mother refuses to acknowledge that Jon Stewart is ever right about Fox News; she’s convinced he edits the FN clips played on the Daily Show in order to take them out of context. Even I wondered whether that clip of Hannity talking about Ted Nugent was cut off before a “but”, as in “No, he’s a friend of mine, but…I wish he had used less violent speech when talking about these other humans who just happen to disagree with him.” But no. Of course not. I found a longer clip from that show, and Hannity basically yells at the guest and continues to support Ted Nugent, and responds to the guest’s hope that Nugent never appears on Hannity’s show again by saying that he will, in fact, bring Nugent back in the future. And so…Jon Stewart makes a really great point here. But many Fox News watchers will refuse to acknowledge it because they don’t trust liberal critics enough to even make an effort to investigate their claims. It’s a shame.

  • Well…

    We need to stop thinking of Fox News as news at all. I’m sorry, MSNBC and the like are not the “Liberal” version of Fox… they don’t lie outright… they may have left leaning viewpoints sure, but Fox isn’t just “right leaning,” it’s negative conservative. Filled with lies, half-truths, and misleads the public that tunes in to think it’s actually reporting facts. GET OFF THE AIR!!!

    • Zak

      If MSNBC isn’t the liberal version of Fox, why are the majority of their viewers liberal? I’m sorry, but both channels peddle in misinformation.

      • Dave

        Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • Well…

        I will admit they are liberal-leaning (hence the viewers) and use their time to call out the outrageous antics of the right, but they are a COMPLETELY different animal than Fox News which lies to it’s viewers and uses fear to scare them. It’s disgusting… something that MSNBC, bias or no, isn’t.

      • Vanilla Ice

        More lies come from Fox news than MSNBC and CNN put together. BTW, if want to read a newspaper that is the twin to Fox, it’s the NY Post…hmm…both are owned by Rupert Murdoch.

      • Matt

        There’s cavalcade of incidents were Fox news reports on a story (say, State Workers protests) and shows footage of an earlier, more violent event to push their agenda.

        There is a difference; every channel has pompous talking heads, but Fox also constantly misreports stories that just-so-happens to coincide with their narrative.
        There’s a difference.

      • Vanilla Ice


        I so agree with you. Since you brought up the repub/tea bagger/Fox news fight against unions…who do you think the NY Post (owned by Rupert Murdoch too) blamed for ABC canceling soaps All My Children & One Life to Live? No, not dwindling audiences or new technology….UNIONS!!!!!!!! You can say one thing for all of them, once they fixate on a topic its like full throttle x10.

    • DGH

      MSNBC never uses fear thats a good one. You might be able to fool yourself into thinking that but normal people know both networks rely on their viewers to be followers and beleive any crap they put on the air. I find it funny that libs cannot believe MSNBC is a liberal version of FOXNEWS and only FOXNEWS viewers are morons. I’d like to put viewers from both channels in dark room and throw away the key.

      • Well…

        Okay, please site some examples of when MSNBC has lied or mislead their audience. I’d like to hear them. Here are some from FOX News, not counting this recent Common flap; Fox continues Sarah Palin’s lie that the Health Care Reform bill has “Death Panels” that will decide if your Grandmother dies, Michelle Bachmann claims that Obama’s trip to India costs $200 million, a lie that they reported as fact because they “read it on the internet.” Fox News fails to stop anyone in their tracks on their air that reports Obama is a Muslim. (not that that matters, except that Fox loves to hate on Muslims) More?

      • gazmo

        Can you let us know something MSNBC has lied about?

      • James C

        Show me one time in the last year that someone at MSNBC has lied to the viewers. One time. In a year. (When it wasn’t formally retracted.) Watch Rachel Maddow for a week, and she’ll show you an average of at least two a day on Fox News … and that’s only because she picks the biggest ones to call out. Anyone who truly compares MSNBC to Fox News is a deluded fool. MSNBC = Fact-based. Fox New = Fiction-based (i.e., Bible-based).


    We get it Fox… you hate b l a c k people and you can’t stand it that an African-American is President and killed the world’s most hated terrorist. Watching these jealous insecure losers biovate is HIlarious. haha

    • EW morons

      Wow. You’re smart. Your president killed Osama. Yes, that’s it. Keep telling yourself that. More name calling too! Boviate. Wow. I’m so impressed.

      • Jack Faust

        Did you mean ‘bloviate’, little fella?

    • BG 17

      Even their stablemates The Simpsons know how to call it: Fox News – Not Racist, But #1 With Racists.

      • An educated citizen

        You get your info from a cartoon?

    • An educated citizen

      Are you for real. Just because OBL was killed during his term doesn’t translate into Osama…oops Obama being responsible. Can’t wait to see what names you call me. haha

      • Liberal4Life

        How clever. You learned that Osama and Obama rhymes.

  • Commonsense

    Common’s lyrics are probably some of the most tame in the industry. o.O Did these people just see “rapper” and immediately think he spends his spare time putting hoes on leashes?

  • JMB

    Oh, Stew-beef, I love you.

  • cj

    J-Stew, you’re a genius! Well done!

  • Ma’at


  • cam

    Reciting Johnny Cash’s lyrics then showing Bush giving him an award was brilliant. Exposes pure racism plane and simple. Cash’s lyrics are far more “gagster” sounding then anything Common ever rapped, yet the difference is Cash is White and Common is black. Racism is the only explanation for anyone to get all up in arms at Common going to The White House and applauding Cash going there. And I say that as a huge Jhonny Cash fan. …excellent beat down on Fox. If only their viewers could realize the hypocraisy, lies, petty distrations, outright hate, and narrow closed minded propaganda their being fed by that “fair & balanced” channel.

    • BG 17

      I loved the Hannity – Nugent love as well. No double standard there…

    • CandaceTX

      “If it ain’t all-white, it ain’t alright”

    • kel

      real talk!

  • Carmen

    Love Common and Jon Stewart could do know wrong.

    • Carmen

      ….arg long morning

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Jon Stewart = Truth. FOX News = Lies. A comedian is the Murrow/Cronkite of our times.

    • LoveBug68

      Which is the saddest statement ever. It’s true, but oh so sad! The 24/7 news cycle is pure evil!

  • DavidJ

    Jeez. Even as a diehard liberal I recognize there are many legitimate arguments to be made for their side, but these constant, petty, ridiculous attacks make it hard to take ANYTHING they say seriously.

    • LOL

      Fox: Where the Truth Goes to Die ®

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