'The Voice' Battle poll: Which duet was best?


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The thrilling blind auditions are over, but The Voice‘s first Battle Round delivered as much intrigue and suspense as the singing competition’s initial episodes. Teammates had to collaborate on a song, but that teamwork was undermined by the fact that only one of them would survive. Throw in a quartet of celebrity-guest mentors, and there was plenty to see.

But whose song was best? The judges seemed to agree that Vicci Martinez and Niki Dawson’s rendition of Pink’s “Perfect” was the highlight, but there was something cozy about Patrick Thomas and Tyler Robinson’s smooth cover of Elvis’ “Burning Love.” EW’s Hillary Busis thought Casey Weston and Tim Mahoney were a tad too Disney ballad with their version of “Leather and Lace,” and Frenchie Davis and Tarralyn Ramsey did the worst job of pretending to be partners on Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

But which performance did you like best?

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  • Deidra

    After seeing Frenchie and Tarralyn slaughter “Single Ladies”, I had to turn the channel. I know that Christina said she was challenging the ladies’ powerful, soulful voices with the uptempo song but WHOA this was NOT a good fit as neither woman’s great voice was showcased. Very unfortunate.

    • GS

      Single Ladies is not a good song anyway which did neither any favors to start. But then they sang it like they OD’ed on Exxlax there were so many runs. I’m glad I stuck it out b/c it did get better after them. Both Tyler and Patrick were good, Casey blew the Tim off the stage and Blake was right that CeeLo should not have put Niki and Vicci together b/c both were GREAT!

      • HS

        Casey sounded more like a goat than having good vibrato. Tim was much better!

      • yesrgyer

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        —-he was chosen for being country and not for giving a better performance. He was good but Tyler was perfect.

      • Didi

        HS, you should listen to the original of the song then you know why. #justSayin

        I agree she didn’t sing it as well as Stevie Nicks ofcourse, but yeah, who does.

    • OverPerezHilton

      Its too bad you didnt stick around and watch the rest. It was a great show and the other duets were fantastic.

      • debi

        this show just keeps getting cheesier & cheesier…the antics of the judges alone are so corny i won’t be watching any longer.

    • CL

      Yup, sort of curious why they had Taralyn opening both the first and third shows.

  • Justin

    Loved the first two eps of this. Last nights was fine, but they should have picked Taralyn and Tyler. I’m already pissed about their decisions. Not sure if I can take a whole summer of not agreeing with more judges.

    • Javabooknut

      Actually agreed with the choice to choose frenchie over Taralyn. Taralyn had a bad attitude and actually screeched in a couple places in her effort to top Frenchie. Didn’t really love either but preferred Frenchie and appreciated her mature behavior. Everyone else did it as a duet besides them. I was dissappointed in the choice of Patrick as I think he was chosen for being country and not for giving a better performance. He was good but Tyler was perfect.

      • Andrew

        TOTALLY AGREE about Patrick. He was ok but Tyler blew him away, I was team Blake, I’m reconsidering that now.

      • psychoanalyzer

        Yes! I actually wish Tyler had gone to Cee-lo’s team and not Blake’s because I knew even before the winner was picked that Blake was going to go with Patrick, simply because of the country thing. Tyler was fantastic. I also think pitting Niki and Vicci together was a bad idea. Beautiful voices and both class acts! I was embarrased for Frenchie and Tarralyn — I don’t think either did well and both were over-the-top divas. I also questioned Christina’s choice of help, Sia. I don’t believe for a minute Tarralyn or Frenchie learned a thing from her.

      • Justin

        I think Taralyn was just sort of bitter that they chose to put Frenchie and her together. I was actually really disappointed with this pairing. It was like “hey, we can only have one powerful black woman diva here.” I would have liked for them to go against people of lesser talent, so they both could have possibly moved on.

      • psychoanalyzer

        I felt the exact same way, Justin. The more I thought about it, the more I guess they were coming from the direction of putting two women with very similar singing styles together to duke it out. It still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but I mean, it is what it is. I do think they were the two strongest, powerhouse vocalists on the show, and the producers wanted to cut one of them.

      • RobT

        Tyler dressed wrong. Patrick has a better chance in the overall and that is why he was picked. I know it’s called the voice but if you want me to not look at them this show should have been broadcast over the radio

  • alice

    Voted for Casey/Tim. Casey really surprised me. Good, smooth voice nice to the ears.

  • jw

    Vicci Martinez had a star-making moment in that battle song. Watching and listening, you could see the emotion and power in her performance build. In all, the battles were fascinating to watch and worth listening to.

    • Julia

      Completely agree. She sang/performed from her soul. Amazing to watch.

  • Andrew

    I actually prefer the battle rounds to the blind auditions. I enjoyed them but never found them as enjoyable as everyone else seemed to.

    The first battle with Frenchie and Tarralyn was def. the worst but it was still fun to watch and kinda tense, which I wasn’t expecting.

    • psychoanalyzer

      I kind of think the producers and Christina hyped up the “tension” between Frenchie and Tarralyn. I got the feeling that Christina wanted the girls to get really competitive. To me, it made them both look back, but I had to roll my eyes at Tarralyn trying to one-up Frenchie. Had she not acted that way, I would have been all about Tarralyn. But in the grand scheme of things, I’m glad Christina picked Frenchie.

      • psychoanalyzer

        * bad not back

      • lesfull

        Yeah, in the end if you try and keep your performance low key in the practices you will not do well changing it up at the last minute for the performance. Tarralyn demonstrated that when she tried to go over the top and failed horribly with her screeching. I didn’t think Frenchie was great but Tarralyn got what she deserved.

  • Vanessa

    Tyler should’ve definitely been chosen and in my opinion, Adam’s duet team did the worst.

  • Flip

    I am so glad that Vicci and Casey got through! Out of the 8, they were my faves. Disappointed that Tyler wasn’t picked. Wonder if it had to do with his sexuality (it’s a valid question given Blake Shelton’s recent run-in with GLAAD).

    • Anne

      Or you know, that he’s a country singer and prefers country singers because it would be easier for him to coach? Since the show was recorded before the whole twitter thing I doubt the decision is a follow up of that.

    • allie

      That “run-in” was totally blown out of proportion. GLAAD jumps the gun on a LOT of stuff!

      • OverPerezHilton

        agreed completely!

      • Nils

        I will never take anything they say seriously again. They did their cause a HUGE disservice with this mess.
        Dragging someone’s name through the mud without real reason and without doing ANY research before going ballistic is non-excusable.
        I know they just wanted some quick free publicity and attention, but this is not the way to get it and we can see in these comments how much stuff like this sticks, true or not – out of proportion or not.

    • Verity

      I’m more inclined to believe he chose Patrick because he’s country. That GLAAD thing was all a misunderstanding.

    • ajmalzx

      I guess I’m the only one on the internet who actually prefer Patrick over Tyler. I found Tyler’s a dime in a dozen, good singer but there’s plenty of guys who sing like him (or similar style) out there. Patrick got my vote because I like his country voice/twang.

      • Nils

        I don’t think you are.
        It was a close call and really more a matter of taste than of who was better or worse.
        I actually couldn’t decide, liked both of them.

    • Jeremy

      Ahhh, there it is. I knew someone was going to try to make in a gay/straight thing. Honestly, I believe like most of the other posts have said: Blake picked Patrick because he is more country. Blake knows country, so it makes sense that he would want someone on his team that he knew what to do with.

      • Flip

        Let me guess: you’re straight.

  • Juan Carlos

    Blake choosing Patrick over Tyler was the only decision I disagreed with last night. Tarralyn tried to one-up Frenchie and failed. Casey and Tim were great but Casey does have that special something in her voice. It was shaky, but solid. Vicci and Niki were SICK! But Vicci had a little more passion and Niki kinda ran out of gas at the end.

    • Verity


  • Verity

    I agreed with all of the judges decisions with the exception of Blake. Tyler totally dominated Burnin’ Love and should have gone through over Patrick. I was actually proud of Christina for picking Frenchie. While Tarralyn has a strong voice, she completely over sang Single Ladies and made it unrecognizable. Plus her attitude was horrible. Cee Lo definitely had the toughest decision of the night but I think he made the right choice. There’s just something about Vicci that makes her stand out. And I have to admit, I was impressed with Casey considering she had never done harmonies before and didn’t even know the song. Her voice was beautiful so I was happy Adam chose her to go through. Great episode!

    • Squishmar

      Casey’s harmonies were beautiful! I couldn’t believe she said she’d never done them before! Does anyone think she looks like Haley from Idol? I love Casey’s sweet little talking voice, too!

  • mia

    The only one I didn’t agree with was Blake picking Patrick over Tyler. Patrick did sing well but Tyler has star power in addition to a great voice. Tyler makes you want to watch him and listen to him.

    • Really???

      I didn’t see the star power at all. But to each his own. The only one I saw star power with was Vicci. She has an incredible voice and sang with so much emotion.

      • Kat

        Why does squinting and fist pumping equal emotion? Antics don’t necessarily mean someone is feeling the song any more than anyone else. I got emotion from Casey, who didn’t move around a whole lot on stage, but who performed the heck out of a slower acoustic song.
        I would have picked Frenchie, Tyler, Casey, and Niki (only because Vicci’s recording of “Rolling in the Deep” shows an imperfect animalistic vibratto). Vicci is adorable, though, so that last decision was definitely the toughest of the night for sure.

    • Anne

      I actually thought the opposite – I think Tyler sang better than Patrick but was very nervous and stiff while Patrick worked the stage better. But I do think Tyler should have been the one to stay.

  • Wally

    I think that both Blake and Adam got it wrong!! I think that Tyler ROCKED that song!! ANd Casey was good but she sounds like every other pop princess…Tim has a unique voice and i would have loved to see what else he had…

    • Tint

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Whatever Blake’s reasons where for picking Patrick over Tyler I will never agree with his choice and what was Adam thinking when he picked Casey. She sounded more like a goat (as someone above already pointed out) from trying too hard to be “Stevie-like”. Horrible, horrible… That round should have been Tim’s.

  • mscisluv

    Blake absolutely got it wrong. If Tyler had been on anyone else’s team, I think they would have gone with him, but Blake stuck to his country comfort zone and made the wrong choice.

  • CL

    I’m so in love with Vicci’s voice and stage presence and WAR DANCE!!!

    • Mrs. T

      Ditto! Love Vicci!

    • Nils

      Agree too. Vicci rocked the house.
      Best of the night.

    • Booo

      I didn’t think Vicci was better and she’s not going to win the show. And her so-called “wardance” reminded me of how toddlers bounce and squat when they learn to dance. I told my husband that I thought Niki was going to win not just because her voice was better, but because Vicci looked silly squatting around the stage. Of course, Cee Lo’s choice was the third wrong one of the night for me and I doubt Blake, Adam, nor Cee-lo’s choice last night will win the show.

    • Squishmar

      I’m a huge Vicci fan, too. All made up like she was… she reminded me a little of Joan Jett. I love Vicci’s passion (and voice).

  • Jess

    I agreed with all the decisions except Adam’s. Casey is adorable and has a lot of promise, but her voice is very hard on the ears — and she still needs to learn to put a lot more nuance into her singing instead of belting things out. Tim had a lot more nuance and made a huge improvement over after coaching.

    With regards to Patrick vs. Tyler, I think it ultimately boiled down to who has a better instrument (Patrick has a naturally deep and large voice, which worked to his advantage), not who used it better.

    • lynn18

      What was Blake thinking. Tyler was a Wayyyyy better singer than Patrick. I think Blake chose Tyler because of the Country thing and he felt more comfortable but that’s not what this competition is about. Blake is stupid.

  • vicci rules

    Hope Vicci wins the whole damn thing. There’s something about her – she’s such a rocker and that voice! I’m seeing a Vicci/James Durbin duet in the future. Anybody?

    • CL

      Who is James Durbin?

      • Chichi

        Adam Lambert without the talent and 50 more pounds.

      • Paula

        Stupid, hateful comment.

      • Booo

        LOL at Chichi! Awesome!

    • Squishmar

      To vicci rules… Yeah, I could see that… and to Chichi… I could really say something mean, but I won’t… because I like both Adam and James. You know, you diehard Adam fans really reflect poorly on Adam when you say $hit like that. Of all the blogs and posts I read, it’s the Adam fans who are the nastiest. It really makes Adam look bad.

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