'Something Borrowed' dilemma elicited more than laughs at my showing. How vocal was your crowd?


On PopWatch, we often talk about crowd participation at the movies — when we like it, when we don’t. I don’t recall any of those conversations ever involving a romantic comedy. That’s because usually you just get the laughter. We all go in assuming we’ll get a happy ending, so we don’t let the requisite moments of heartbreak along the way affect us enough to elicit else. Why get worked up? 

Spoiler alert! Whether or not you enjoyed Something Borrowed — and EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum definitely did not — I think you have to appreciate that audiences, at least the 95 percent female one I was in on opening night, did invest. That’s because however self-centered and unlikable they made Kate Hudson’s Darcy, and however much they made you believe that Ginnifer Goodwin’s Rachel and Colin Egglesfield’s Dex had felt for each other but never expressed it before he started dating her best friend Darcy, there’s still some tiny part of you that thinks it’s wrong for the maid of honor to sleep with the groom. The audience let out an audible gasp when Dex first kissed Rachel in the cab (even though it’s something you see in the trailer), but it let out a louder one when he later told Rachel he loved her after waking up with her a second time. That’s when it became real: We all had to ask ourselves if we thought it was too late for them, or if we believed that whatever fallout they would experience from family and friends if they chose to be together wasn’t worth giving up what could become 50 years of happiness together. Half the theater applauded at the end of the movie when we saw Dex waiting for Rachel on a bench two months after he called off his wedding. Half the theater didn’t. I wonder if anyone felt like that relationship would have started with too much drama to be healthy and had hoped it was Ethan (John Krasinski) sitting there instead…

If you’ve seen Something Borrowed, was your audience more vocal than at your average romantic comedy? What other rom-com moments have you witnessed eliciting an audible response other than laughter? And are you hoping for a Something Borrowed sequel? The extra scene and “To be continued… ” during the credits seems to suggest we could see an adaptation of Something Blue, Emily Giffin’s follow-up told from Darcy’s perspective. We heard someone yelling Ethan’s name on the street in London, and having not read Something Blue, I assumed it was his stalker (Ashley Williams). It was pregnant Darcy. What did you make of that? Again, as someone who hasn’t read either book, I was like, “Wait, are we supposed to think the baby is actually his? Competitive Darcy thought Rachel slept with Ethan so she got him drunk in the Hamptons and slept with him, too?” Spoiler alert! That didn’t happen. The baby is Marcus’. When that relationship fizzles, Darcy flees to London to crash in Ethan’s flat (because they were so close in Something Borrowed?).

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  • YHG

    The audience was very vocal for Jumping The Broom. A lot of LOLing but also, singing, “ooohhhs”, and talking back to the screen.

    • Ted

      Big surprise there…

      • f11

        Racist much

      • meer

        Mandi: You do not let out a gasp. You breathe in when you gasp.

      • Joe

        @f11: Ted isn’t being racist, he’s stereotyping. Also, he’s correct in his sarcasm.

      • besimon

        Don’t know if it’s a black thing to talk back to the screen. I thought it was a NY thing. My friend, Alfredo is not black and he always talked back to the screen. I’ll take NY over LA. Here people don’t even laugh. You can hear crickets.

      • Squishmar

        @besimon… I’m from L.A., born and raised (a Valley Girl, actually) and 10 years ago I made my first trip to New York. I loved it. I can’t remember who said it, but the difference is best summed up like this:

        “L.A. is the kind of place where someone will shake your hand, say “Great to see you!” but be thinking “Fu*k You!” And New York is a place where someone will say “Fu*k you!” but be thinking, “Great to see you!”

      • Maggie25

        @meer: “let out a gasp” is a very common turn of phrase so take it up with the English language. Also, I think gasp has a broader definition than just breathing in.

    • Kristen

      My Jumping the Broom audience was pretty loud too. Some of the comments were funny and added to the whole experience.

      • Chris

        Crazy black folks.

      • anonymous

        @Ted and Chris…please shut the F up. Thank you.

      • jasmine

        People actually went to see Jumping the Broom?

      • Ace

        Jumping the Broom got MUCH better reviews than Something Borrowed, jasmine.

      • Joey

        Jumping the Broom made more money that Something Borrowed this past weekend LOL

      • toni

        You can smell the fried chicken in the theaters too! Pass the hot sauce, suga!

      • jenny

        Ok toni is actually a racist, yikes

    • LOL

      People should be yelling out “America loves crap!”

      • L

        YOU love sounding like a broken record.

      • Se

        Or he/she just loves saying things that are true.

    • Cygnus

      I can’t imagine that the primary demographic that Jumping the Broom was trying to reach would be loud and shouting in the middle of the movie.

    • Laquecia

      And that was just in the White House screening room.

    • Sharellelafontanaynayisakleenexialeetyraboonaicious X

      O Lawd, my fingers is tired jus fom typings my name.

      • Sharellelafontanaynayisakleenexialeetyraboonaicious X

        Your name is my name, too!
        (Your post had me fallin ova laffin sos hard!)

      • Katie Fitch


  • Alex

    That sounds like an awful experience. A bunch of ragging women whining about some awful movie. I’d rather be water-boarded.

    • Liv

      They should just get back in the kitchen right? Eye roll going on here.

      • Alex

        It isn’t personal, it’s just that women never have anything interesting to say. Just once I’d like to be around a woman that says something even moderately funny or cool.

      • Kat

        LOL Alex. You sound exactly like all those women bemoaning the “fact” that all men are shallow jerks and they keep getting stuck with crappy boyfriends and there are no more good men in the world and blah blah blah. It’s quite possible the problem is not women…but YOU. The alternative conclusion is that you live your life surrounded by a bunch of tween girls rather than actual women. I mean, I’ve known some DUMB women, but even 80-90% of them had interesting things to say sometimes, even if I disagreed with whatever they were saying.

      • Charlotte

        If you get out of your parent’s basement Alex, you might find one.

      • anonymous

        @Alex….don’t you mean “Just once I’d like to be around a woman”????

      • Bob

        So, Alex, you much prefer the company of a man?

      • @Bob

        What Bob, would be wrong if Alex did “prefer the company of a man,” is it just that hilarious to suggest it? You comment makes you appear just as narrow minded on the subject of gender as Alex

      • Desmond’s constant

        Poor Alex. At this point, you probably hate it when a woman tells you she needs a private detective to locate your penis. But that doesn’t mean that what she says isn’t funny. Or true.

      • anonymous

        Don’t be a bitter betty Alex. All women are not the same. Of course you probably wouldn’t know that, as I’m sure the only woman you’ve ever been with is Miss Rosey Palms.

    • Jackie

      Alex, if you’d rather be water-boarded, I know an ex-president that’s got some time on his hands.

      • JoMarch

        @Jackie – LOL; thanks for the good one.

      • allie

        Or a current one…. don’t for a second think that Obama didn’t allow water-boarding as a means to get people to talk. You don’t think we found Bin Laden by solely legal means do you??

      • Ana

        Thanks a lot for trying to prove Alex right, Allie.

      • Emma

        Hey, Guantanomo Bay is still out there Ana. Whether you like it or not, Obama isn’t perfect either.

    • Greta

      I volunteer!

      • Squishmar

        To waterboard Alex? LOL!

    • bbv

      Ugh. Listening to these catty women drone on about rom coms. Beyond embarrassing.

  • Jenn

    I loved the books, and assumed most of the people at the theater were there because they were big fans of them too. I’m surprised that most of the people at this screening were shocked at the ending. I haven’t seen it yet, but the book makes Rachel a very sympathetic character, despite the fact that she is sleeping with her best friend’s fiance, hard as that is to believe. Maybe the movie doesn’t convey that.

    • Brenda Barrett

      Yes, if you’ve read the book, you know that Darcy is thoroughly unlikeable and kind of stole Dex away from Rachel. While I liked Giffin’s novel, I cannot stand Colin E. so I will not see this film. Horrible casting!

      • Summer Bay

        I know he’s a pretty face…. & that’s about it really.

      • Captain

        Agreed. I was so happy when they fired him on Melrose Place. He is one dull man. Of course, the shallow girls were sad cause they couldn’t see his abs anymore.

      • jackie

        White boy be FINE!

    • Sara

      I saw the movie, and loved the book…it really doesn’t paint Rachel in the same way. She’s a little sympathetic, but honestly its not nearly well written enough to understand why she’d risk even this shaky friendship for the guy. The fact that he’s mostly a pretty face and kinda seems like a jerk doesn’t help.

      • Kelly

        That’s exactly what I thought! Had I not read the books, I wouldn’t have been very sympathetic toward Rachel. Where was the lost ring scene? That really would have helped. Also not sure if movie Claire was an improvement over book Claire, though aside from Ethan’s declaration of love, I liked movie Ethan.

    • Phoebe

      I read the books and I just couldn’t get over the fact that Rachel was sleeping with her best friend’s fiance. I really felt it was icky of both Dex and Rachel to carry on the affair behind Darcy’s back. If they hate Darcy so much then, why be her best friend/fiance?? Made no sense to me in the book. It was well-written though, because I read it to the end, but I just don’t get why people can sympathize with Rachel.

      • Yesenia

        Thank you. That’s how I felt and couldn’t explain it to the group of women i sat with to discuss it. They all loved the book and I could not get past the fact that rather than come clean and admit they are in love, they carry on an affair. Obviously threre is no “right one” in this situation since they all did wrong but they chose to be dramatic and sneaky and for me- unlikable.

      • Emma

        Agreed. Also Rachel waited all those years only to make a move now? Sorry but that’s not okay.

      • GS

        See I felt the opposite. Darcy was so unlikeable and everything was so much about her that I was cheering for Dex and Rachel. And Dex made the move on her. She had pushed her feelings down b/c Darcy had swooped in and taken over. He thought she wasn’t interested and he got sucked into the Darcy hurricane. I thought Darcy got what she deserved. I’m not willing to spend $10 to find out if she was redeemed in Something Blue cause she was probably still a bit**.

      • candaceTX

        this is how Maury Povich episodes happen

      • NAM

        I HATED Rachel! And it was so obvious that the writer, trying to make her a little more likable wrote Darcy as HORRIBLE. Honestly I hated this book. I liked Darcy. She was so much more interesting then boring, poor me, Rachel

      • katy

        I feel exactly the same way. Hated the book. And just because Darcy turns around and does the same thing does NOT make Rachel and Dex’s betrayals okay!

    • Ryan

      Honestly, this was a horrendous adaptation, which is why I had issues with it. Scenes were created that never existed (i.e. EVERY Scene with John Krasinski), they left out Hillary completely (who I loved in the book), and by changing those dynamics especially (not to mention scenery, the fourth of july weekend, the whole conversation and Darcy catching them) the movie was very bland. In particular Dex, who is much more understandable to me in the book because the time frame is longer, the conversations more in depth, and his back story is more fully explained, comes off as cold and awkward in the movie when in the book he’s calm and self-assured. Dex in the movie was none of those things. John Krasinski was the best part hands down, he just wasn’t anything like his literary counterpart.
      They really should’ve just called the movie something else since only the names of the characters were the same.

      • Alison

        Ha, ha….”Something Else” instead of “Something Borrowed.” That’s funny:-)

  • petuniafromhell

    I think the reactions where mixed because they didn’t stick to the book..first of all, Ethan was never in NYC..the Darcy and Rachel characters were kept true to the book but the didn’t really go much into the actual relationship between R and D…the only think that saved the movie (sort of) was John K as Ethan.

  • Lauren

    Having read the books- I mostly felt bad for Rachel. Giffin didn’t do enough to make it sound like it was actually the best choice for her. She belittles herself to the point that she remains the booby prize for Dex. She’s not an empowered female going after what she wants- she’s really just falling for Dex’s charms, late as they may be. Maybe it’s just me.

  • Jay

    pfft…women. and ya’ll wonder why guys make fun of ya’ll. Now if you’ll excuse me, i have some explosions, car chases and fight scenes i must cheer on!

    • Nerdista


    • @Jay

      … yet you’re reading the comments.

  • Jenn

    Frankly I am tired of anyone being amused or entertained by cheating in a relationship. It isn’t funny, it isn’t ok.

    • petuniafromhell

      And war, drugs, murders are not amusing, but unfortunately, they are part of life and so are infidelities in relationships, none of the above are funny or ok but s^!t happens.

      • Jenn

        The movie is billed as a romantic comedy. Most of the time movies about drugs and war and murders are not marketed as “romantic” or “comedies”

    • Aniston

      I’d like to see a moved called “The Other Woman” where she gets what’s coming to her and dies a bloody, violent, horrible death.

      • Tracey

        LOL Natalie Portman is in “the other woman” and she makes out just fine once the dust settles

      • jj


      • Ben

        Can people please stop adding LOL to their statements (most of which are not even remotely funny)?

    • Ryan

      That’s what I always thought too but that’s what makes the book so good. You wrestle with their moral dilemma while understanding it. It’s a very strange feeling.
      The movie doesn’t come off like that at all. The movie makes it what it is when you strip away any feeling: a cheap affair.

  • Dash

    i haven’t seen this movie but from the trailers I had assumed Ginnifer Goodwin ended up with Jon Krasinski. I’m glad you’ve spoiled the ending and now I don’t have to go see it.

    • TimW (No, not that one)

      Maybe you looked at the headline asking how people who ALREADY SAW the movie reacted to it, and didn’t think anybody would be talking about what actually happened it. Maybe you missed the words “Spoiler Alert,” in bold, right before the actual spoiler. Maybe we should start posting “Moron Alert” after everybody who whines about spoilers when there are clear warnings.

      • uhmm..

        I don’t think Dash was being sarcastic when he/she said ” IM GLAD you spoiled the movie “


        TimW doesn’t get sarcasm and thinks people who use it are just whining.

  • PrincessBride

    Wasn’t the best rom-com ever (I still vote “While you were sleeping” for that title), but I thought it was better than a D+. Yeah, the whole fiances cheating on each other was disturbing – shows you they definitely shouldn’t marry each other, but should they really be in a relationship until they grow up? John K. was the only voice of reason – he got fed up with both Rachel and Dex! At the end of the movie I didn’t care so much about Rachel and Dex – I just wanted to fly to London and comfort John K!

  • MultiPass

    could. not. pay. me. enough. to. see. this.

    • Colin’s Hot

      Your. comment. was. majorly. irritating. your. English. teacher. must. be. hyperventilating.

    • HPotter

      Actually, if somebody pays me about a thousand bucks I am willing to put up with this torture..oops..movie.

    • anonymous

      And yet you will read an article about it for free…

      • Gazza

        BOOM. And I would watch the movie for free if they only showed all the scenes with John Krasinski in them. Heck, I would even pay for that

  • Jackie

    The best audible response I ever experienced at a romantic comedy was when I saw ‘Love, Actually’. In the scene where Mark goes to Juliet’s house with the cue cards, the audience was completely quiet until it got to the card that said “To me, you are perfect”, and then collective sniffles could be heard throughout the theatre.

    • Liv

      I had the same experience my group also squealed with joy when Colin Firth showed up for his lady friend. Still one of my favorite movies.

    • LostMom

      Oh geez, I love that scene. Just got goosebumps remembering it.

    • Snsetblaze

      Now that’s a good romantic comedy … though I did not see it in the theater.

    • Mvster

      THAT was a well-written movie. A classic. Loved every character.

  • Kristin

    The audience at my screening was really invested…even the guys. There were cheers, laughs, and gasps throughout. No one seemed to know what was going to happen (unlike my friend and I who have each read the books a couple of times).

    • Charlotte

      Yeah, the audience was pretty invested in it in my audience as well. Ethan was almost too awesome in the movie. You wondered why she didn’t end up with him.

    • Marissa

      The audience was vocal in my screening, as well. There was a few “I knew it!”s and “Oh, my God”s throughout the showing. I read the book so I knew the outcome but I suppose for those who didn’t read the book the movie was somewhat unpredictable.

  • GeoDiva

    Need to read the books to understand why Darcy shows up at Ethan’s place in London. Also, it seems like the movie didn’t do a good job in conveying the relationship of Rachel and Dex and how Darcy just took over.

    • Brenda Barrett

      Sounds like it. If you’ve read the book, you know that Darcy high-jacked a potential romance between Dex and Rachel. The two of them getting back together is really just course-correction.

      • Ace

        You also know that Ethan was childhood friends with Rachel AND Darcy, which is why it makes sense for her to go running to him in London in Something Blue.

      • lovedbrmb

        Luv seeing Lost references I miss it so much!

  • SLT

    there was no crowd participation at my showing of “Something Borrowed” and personally, I loved the movie. I liked how they were pretty faithful to the books overall (except for the addition of Ethan’s character to parts that weren’t his). I wish I would have known there was a bonus scene to watch for or I would have stayed thru the credits! I’m hopeful they’ll make the sequel but won’t be surprised if they don’t. I didn’t really like the fact that Ethan confessed his love for Rachel. Maybe it’s because I read the books so I knew that wasn’t part of the plot but it just didn’t feel quite natural (though John K. was brilliant at making it feel somewhat believable). All in all, I give this a solid B+. Also, I’m starting to have a girl crush on Ginnifer Goodwin. She’s adorable!

    • anon

      Yes, I wish I had known about the extra scene. It seems like they combined the characters of Hillary and Ethan. I never pictured Marcus as such a doofus until I read the sequel book, “Something Blue.”

    • Captain

      She was so much cuter in He’s Just Not That Into You.

    • Anon

      I was so distracted by Ginnifer’s god-awful wig, I could barely concentrate on the god-awful movie.

  • Mother Nature

    Hadn’t read the books, and wouldn’t have seen the movie, but friends wanted to go. Our audience (and it was a packed theater) was really invested, and very vocal. The Fatal Attraction shots got a great reaction, which I thought was funny. I really thought she would have ended up with Ethan–far more deserving character than Tom Cruise 1984.

    • Batman…girl

      Haha, you’re so right about the Tom Cruise 1984 comment.

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