On the Scene at the 2011 Tony nominations announcement: 'Book of Mormon' -- 14, Daniel Radcliffe -- 0


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Gasps filled the room at the 2011 Tony nominations announcement this morning when hosts Anika Noni Rose and Matthew Broderick finished reading the list of nods for Best Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role in a Musical without mentioning Daniel Radcliffe, who was so heralded for his toe-tapping turn in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Most critics thought he was at least assured a nod, if not a win, for playing J. Pierrepont Finch — a role that scored its two previous actors, Robert Morse and Broderick himself, Tonys. There were even whispers about this being Radcliffe’s second snub, as he also went unrewarded for his Broadway debut in 2008’s Equus.

“I do feel bad, you know,” Broderick told EW backstage about Radcliffe’s omission. “It’s a bad feeling when that day comes. I’ve had that myself.”

“You know, every year somebody is left out,” added Rose, throwing her hands up in the air, “It’s hard, but there are so many things in that show that are nominated. And he’ll have another chance, because he’s really very good. He’s what, 21?”

But today all wasn’t about tears and WTF?s. The Book of Mormon, the rapturously reviewed musical by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone earned 14 nominations — the most of any production — including Best Musical and four nods in the acting categories. How to Succeed garnered eight nominations, including Best Direction of a Musical and Best Choreography for helmer Rob Ashford. And EW’s top Broadway production of 2010, The Scottsboro Boys, notched 12 nods — one of which went to Rose’s close buddy, Colman Domingo. “We have been good friends for about 13 years, and it was amazing and awesome to say his name up there on that stage,” she told EW with tears in her eyes.

As for their other BFFs in the running, Rose and Broderick claim to have a lot of them, but aren’t mentioning favorites. Though Rose has some kind words for one actor she doesn’t know: “Jerusalem’s Mark Rylance — who is not a friend of mine — is phenomenal up there. Great, great, great names this year.”

For a list of the nominees in all 26 categories, click here.

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  • Kate

    Still upset about the Radcliffe snub. Boooooooooo.

    • Get Over It not Potter

      This ain’t Potter baby!!! There are plenty of talented and way more talented folks on Broadway than Daniel. Yeah, he was good but not better than the others nominated.

      • Ben Linus

        No worries; I bet he feels better everyday he goes home and counts all the money he has and will continue to receive through Hayry Potter sales in the past/present/future. Radcliffe has got more money up his left nostril then Ferris Beuller has in his retirement account.

      • paige

        no he was better than Nobert Leo Butz’ FEATURED role in Catch Me if You Can… speaking of: Aaron Tveit snub anyone????

      • Gina

        Aaron Tveit snub? Nah. I saw that kid in Next to Normal and I saw very little acting there. It reminded me of practically every Spring Awakening cast member, where they also don’t act. (Save for a few exceptional talents.) And I’m assuming he hasn’t become THAT good in [almost] 2 years.

      • Jason

        Sounds like you have a bias against him just because he played Potter. He drove the show, without him the show would have fell flat IMO.

    • Liz Lemon

      That is very disappointing. He and the rest of the cast are brilliant in that play. But at least the show itself got 8 nominations and I’ve heard the “Book of Mormon” was really good. Even Emma Watson just saw it recently…after she saw Dan’s play of course.

    • Mel

      Gee, he couldn’t possibly not be nominated because there were other actors who gave better performances could he? No, never, he is a movie actor so he must be deserving. God, how completely stupid.

  • Bin Laden

    I’m not surprised! All these crappy awards shows snub talented and deserving people just to get more press. People will talk about more about the snubs than the nods.

    • Dr. Linus

      I disagree. I think they’d get more press if he was nominated considering he’s the star of a worldwide box-office phenomenon. Usually people complain that award shows give undeserving nods to more famous artists in order to gain publicity. Also, your name is stupid.

      • Stacey

        And given the press is back on about the finale of the Harry Potter series this summer. So it would be the logical tie to show that he is moving on, get press. All the reviews I read said he was probably the best thing about the production. I’t’s almost like it was a snub, snobbish attitude because he’s so young. And so tied to the Harry Potter phenomenan.

    • Get Over It not Potter

      Idiot, they would get more attention and press and ratings if Daniel was nominated. He didn’t deserve it over other actors. Get over it!

      If you haven’t seen every other Broadway play this season, then you need to STFU.

      • AB

        And you have? Seen every other play on Broadway right now? If not, then YOU need to STFU.

      • Davey

        I’ve seen every musical this season except Anything Goes and Radcliffe certainly deserved to be nominated over the two actors in Mormon.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    He was really excellent in How To Succeed. I thought he was a shoo-in for a nomination.

  • ObiHave

    There was so much backlash after CZJ’s win last year that this may be a vote against the “Hollywood” invasion of Broadway. It’s petty and self-serving but then you’re dealing with actors.

    • chris

      I don’t doubt that there are actors better than Daniel. He is young and still learning. I do take offense of him being tagged as part of a “hollywood invasion”. Daniel is definitely not “Hollywood”. He loves and respects the theater – obviously busts his ass off not to fall flat on his face with each showing.

  • Hollis

    Glad Tony Sheldon was nominated as he’s fantastic in Priscilla. But the show was snubbed, as was Nick Adams! Obviously the Tony Committee doesn’t know how to have a good time! Priscilla is the most fun on Bway and I’ve seen almost everything else nominated!

    • Bobby’s Robot


  • JenM

    I wouldn’t be surprised about this if he hadn’t already been nominated for every other award (Drama Desk, Outer Critics, etc) this season. It just seems like such a deliberate snub. I saw the show a few weeks ago, and he was just wonderful. I’m not sure he would have won, obviously there’s a lot of talent out there this season, but to leave him out completely is just ridiculous.

    • kristine

      I just saw the show last week, and Dan was amazing. He blew me away. I do think he deserved a nomination, just like Tammy Blanchard and John Laroquette got.

      I also saw catch me if you can. I thought Aaron Tveit did a great job as well. His voice is phenomenal.

  • Michael

    It’s very simple. Radcliffe’s a nice kid…..but he’s not a very good actor. It was understandable early on in his career but his improvement over the last ten years has been minimal. The NATURAL talent just isn’t there. His Potter chums Grint and Watson aren’t great either but at least they’ve improved enough to reach a respectable level.

    • Al

      Did you even see him in How to Succeed? He was fantastic.

      • JenM

        Agreed. I was surprised how good he was in How to Succeed. He could sing and dance, his American accent was stellar, and he was totally adorably funny. I went in thinking he was probably a little too young for the role, but he was just really, really good. Maybe not good enough to win, but certainly good enough for a nomination.

      • tipsy

        he`s turning into Christopher Nolan of Tony`s but he isn`t giving up. His Broadway work has been praise twice already (this and equuus) so he obviously has what it takes for longevity. besides, with awards and everything, it`s better when they come right on time than too early.

    • AB

      You’re wrong. I saw him in Equus and he was very good. I haven’t seen Business, but to say he hasn’t improved at all is just narrow minded and biased.

    • Kay

      I’ll agree that Radcliffe’s acting skills aren’t at their best in the HP movies. But I saw him in Equus, and he was phenomenal. It was a really twisted, manic, enjoyable performance that was so far from the stiff delivery he does in HP stuff. I haven’t seen How to Succeed, but based on all the fabulous reviews, my guess is he is as good as everyone says. Seems like a snub to me.

  • Andrew

    I am disappointed that Daniel was snubbed and I was also disappointed to see Laura Osnes (“Anything Goes”) and Aaron Tveit (“Catch Me If You Can”) snubbed.

    • Zo

      Ditto! Love, love Laura Osnes and also have heard wonderful things about Aaron’s performance.

      PS– ACE?

  • MM

    “Heralded”? Most of the reviews I saw gave him an A for effort and enthusiasm, but didn’t seem to think there was a whole lot of meat to the actual performance. (Granted, that may partially be the fault of the material.)

  • TorontoTom

    I have absolutely no interest in The Book of Mormon. The same guys did Avenue Q and it was quirky and off-beat but not at all memorable (now, Wicked on the other hand…)

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Wicked is good, but old-fashioned. Avenue Q and Book of Mormon are the where Musical Theatre is going now.

    • Aaron

      Oh, look, it’s 2004 again. Enough with the “Avenue Q” vs. “Wicked” bullsh*t. And while you’re certainly entitled to have no interest in “The Book of Mormon” (which I have not seen, so I cannot speak to its quality, although I share your sentiment about not wanting to see it), get the facts straight: it is not by “the same guys” as “Avenue Q.” Only one of the co-composer/lyricists of “Avenue Q” worked on “The Book of Mormon.”

      • AB

        Seriously. Avenue Q and Wicked are 7 years old, and while Wicked was good, it’s not brilliant. Avenue Q was clever, but its not brilliant either. Get over it.

    • paige

      wicked sucked

    • Gina

      Correction: only one guy from Avenue Q worked on The Book of Mormon. The guys responsible for South Park[‘s movie musical] worked with Lopez on Mormon. Also… Stephen Sondheim loves Parker/Stone’s work. Just saying.

  • Zo

    EW, shame! I figured you’d have a “surprises/snubs” like list that you do for every other award show nominations. I think there was more coverage last year by you too…
    Hopefully as the show approaches we’ll get more of a critic’s perspective instead of just the list of nominees.

  • harlemboy

    I loved The Scottsboro Boys. Joshua Henry was extraordinary and richly deserved his nomination for Best Actor in a Musical. I wonder if any other production in Tony Award history has received so many nominations after having closed. The Scottsboro Boys lasted only two months on Broadway, but it deserved to run for at least two years. Great show.

    • minniehaha

      I agree!

  • Zo

    How about commentary about only four Best New Musical Noms instead of Five, leaving out say, “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”?
    Or Vanessa Redgrave but not James Earl Jones for “Driving Miss Daisy”?
    Happy to see all the love for “Anything Goes”! Hope it extends the show even more! Go Sutton, finally with a role deserving of you again!

    • Gina

      I think that’s what I am most upset about – Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson not being nominated for Best Musical. I didn’t expect it to win, but a nom is deserved IMO.

    • Bud

      Benjamin Walker was robbed also. He was incredible.

    • minniehaha

      I was thrilled to hear BBAJ didn’t get much in terms of nominations. It was racist and at best a bad “family guy” episode.

  • cameobrooch

    If DR should have been nominated, then which of the five nominees should not be on the list?

  • seattlelady

    I was brought up on musical theater and was in NY a few weeks ago and saw HTS, Anything Goes and TBOM. They were all very different styles and all well done in their own right. I came away thinking that HTS was the most entertaining even though it’s a revival so I was already familiar with the story, (something I think helps the performers in BOM a bit). I was a little underwhemled with Sutton Foster’s performance. I thought she was a little head-voice talky-twangy and didn’t hit those low growling, from the gut, notes in Blow Gabriel before hitting the high notes in the way Lupone and Merman could. This may have been intentional, but I thought it was a mistake not to go there. It was great to see Joel Grey. At 79 he was sweet albeit a little limited. John McMartin as Whitney stole that show in my opinion. Mormon was funny and refreshing, but after all the hype I guess I wasn’t blown away like I expected to be. HTS was overall the best because every facet of the production was a hit with me. The sets and use of color with both lighting and costume set just the right tone and vibe. There was no mistaking that at the 50 year anniversary it was now appropriate to amp up the retro 60’s vibe a bit and the timing was perfect for the show given the success of Madmen and also the national surge in popularity of all things mid-century. As a first timer in musical theater I expected the dancing in particular to be taken down a notch to accommodate Radcliffe, but it wasn’t and he performed his difficult coreography better in my opinion than the male leads in BOM, who I think had it far easier. Something exhilirating about Radcliffe’s performance is the connection he makes with the audience and how you can feel his joy being on stage and working off a packed house and other actors as opposed to a green screen. It is a fresh take on Finch and I think that is why purists aren’t convinced. Dan plays Finch as more of an innocent, naive guy who it’s is ok to like or excuse his manipulative behavior because he is young and inexperienced and I think it works. Additionally the male ensemble was fantastic. A very strong season for the male ensemble in these 3 shows in particular. Oh BTW, I am pushing 40, so I am not one of the hoards of teens or 20-somethings swooning over the now grown Potter.

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