'Glee': Brittany outs Santana in her Internet talk show, 'Fondue For Two' -- Watch

The camera makes people do things they shouldn’t, as we find out in the Glee sneak peek of Brittany’s new Internet talk show Fondue For Two. In her first episode, her guests are the school’s biggest gossips, Mercedes and Tina. But it’s Brittany who drops the bomb by mentioning — then confirming — the rumor that Santana plays for the other team. Perhaps Mercedes and Tina will be too shocked by Brittany’s cat Lord Tubbington sticking his head in the fondue pot to remember? (Probably not.) 

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  • Court

    I don’t watch Glee, but Heather Morris is really adorable.

  • crispy

    Am I wrong, or was that better than the actual show?

    • haha

      you are not wrong.

  • Ktct

    That was pretty funny. Love Heather Morris.

  • David K

    Raw meat into boiling chocolate? Is that a hint that Puck is going to hook up with Mercedes?

    • jamie cee


    • clever

      clever thinking..!

  • Crystal

    Is this going to be in the episode or is it web-only special content? The comments above are confusing me! (I think my cat’s been reading my diary)

    • Stacie

      This is definetly in the episode. The show is going to be about Rumors, so this is the first one.

    • Daniel

      +10 points for quoting one of her best quotes. You win crystal!

  • Dal

    OMG that cat was huge. Heather Morris is the best thing to ever happen to Glee.

    • Charlie Callow


  • K8

    I stopped watching because of the storylines being way overdramatic but I definitely miss Heather Morris’ Brittany!

  • FernLaPlante

    EW stop posting spoilers in your headlines.

    • Liz


    • Alissa

      considering Brittany and Santana have been fooling around for ages now, and Santana revealed her love for Brittany before the hiatus, AND a week ago Santana admitted she’s definitely a lesbian…I don’t see how that’s a spoiler. how long are we supposed to wait for people to catch up? after it airs should be fair game.

      • jen


      • Stacie

        I don’t think the fact that Santana is a lesbian is the spoiler, the spoiler could be that the one that outs Santana is none other than Brittany. We all know that Brittany is on the dumber side but to out Santana is really messed up. Obviously Santana is taking steps to come out, wearing that Lebanese shirt for Brittany last week was a first step, but the fact that she wants Karofsky to be her beard for now proves that she isn’t fully ready to come out. I think it’s clever that Brittany is the one to out her, but it still sucks.

    • fish eye no miko

      Headlines, nothing; this was on the MAIN PAGE. And it’s hardly the first time they’ve done this. Seriously, EW, do you really want to make it so that they only people know they can avoid spoilers is to not look at your Site at all? Cuz that seems like a really bad strategy.

      • Nerd

        Agreed. If EW was an extra on Glee, they’d be fired and never work in the biz again!

    • Ally

      So sick of people complaining about spoilers..so lame. It never ruins the show when you watch it- and if you don’t like them don’t come to the entertainment website- where their job is to get the scoop on the entertainment industry. So ridiculous.

      • DUH

        i’m so sick of people complaining about being sick of people complaining about spoilers… so lame. if you don’t like them, don’t read the comments section. so ridiculous.

  • kat

    LOL I love Brittany but I feel bad if that’s the way Santana is outed

    • abb

      brittany was saying she played for another team because santannah used to be on the cheerios but now she is in new directions. brittany didnt know about the other meaning hahaha

      • abb

        but ya, i still feel bad for her

  • sooper

    But it’s already well-known that Bri and Santana loved having sex with each other…. The continuity of this show is baffling.

    • bhud

      I chalk it up to the whole “I kissed a girl and I liked it” phenomenon of quasi-lesbianism. Its ok, even cool, for teens to admit being a girl and hooking up with a girl. But calling ones self a straight up lesbian is a whole ‘nother thing.

      • Mara

        Actually, the incredibly sexist Glee writers just wrote the “If sex were dating, Santana and I would be dating” or whatever that line was last season and all the wink-wink Brittana moments as a joke, and then only b/c of the backlash about the male gay storyline being taken seriously but not the female, did they actually start showing us Brittana hooking-up and having feelings for each other and making Santana a lesbian.

  • Rebecca Parker

    That was not even slightly funny.

  • Jon

    I stopped watching the show about a year ago, but let me see if I’ve got this straight:

    Kurt the young gay male, courageous hero and role model for all bullied teens.

    Santana, the young gay female: comic relief?

    • BRETT

      I wouldn’t go that far. Her struggles have been a focus of this season.

      • Emma

        Well, more like the focus of the last three episodes, but yeah, they are finally taking the girls-can-be-gay-too storyline seriously.

    • crispy

      Oh, I find puh-lenty of comic relief in Kurt’s outfits.


    I am shocked that Ryan Murphy would go the route of having Santana “outed” by someone, even if it is the ditz Brittany. They wouldn’t out Max Adler’s character, yet we are supposed to watch this go down?

    • Jackie

      They only two people who know about Karofsky are Kurt and Santana. Kurt said he believed in people being true to themselves, but he didn’t believe in outing other people, and Santana told Karofsky that they should be each others’ beards, so she wouldn’t out him either. I’m sure the truth about Karofsky will come out eventually, but not from either of them. Meanwhile, unthinkingly letting it slip that Santana is a lesbian is TOTALLY something Brittany would do.

      • BRETT

        You just excused Brittany for outing her best friend because she is dumb. Seriously?

      • Jackie

        I did not say it’s an excuse, I only said that it sounds like something Brittany would do. In the Sectionals episode of season one when all of the glee club kids were conference calling, Kurt asks Santana if she’s dating Puck, which lead to the following dialog:

        Santana: Sex isn’t dating.
        Brittany: Yeah, if it were, Santana and I would be dating.

      • Vicky

        It’s not an excuse, but they have written Brittany as causing problems because of her “limited intelligence.” Didn’t she give Sue the song list for one of their competitions?

  • bamabunny

    Knowing how Brittany is written, I doubt she means lesbian when she says she “plays for the other team.” This is the same girl who thought “adultery” meant acting like an adult and Dr. Pepper was a dentist. Maybe she thinks Santana is with Vocal Adrenaline, or it has to do with her and Karofsky?

    • Nick

      I agree. This a misunderstanding, she didn’t meant OUT her.

    • Vicky

      Oh, you could be right, she did think a stork nest outside her window meant she was knocked up. However, knowing the big storyline for this last part of the season, I’m going to go with she really does mean lesbian. Especially since she tried to get Santana to come out last episode with the Lebanese tee.

  • n

    MOST IMPORTANT: Where is Brittany’s cat Charity? Did Lord Tubbington eat her?

    • wg

      Thank you! I was wondering where Charity was!

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